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The Boston Herald has gone off the deep end

Nov 13, 2012|

The Herald editorial page is calling for the GOP to become more moderate when it comes to immigration reform.

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The bunkers. -- Republicans head for the hills and the Democrats -- coming. Democrats are coming. Good morning Boston. Jeff -- are on the corner import. Liberalism is worst nightmare from Boston for Abbas then. You know a big fan of the Boston Herald. I agree with them on 90% of the issues. I think it's -- needed could conservative corrective to the Boston Globe and the rest of the liberal media. In this state. So I don't want you to think I'm bashing The -- because I'm not. However. Their lead sorry -- second editorial. In today's edition. Immigration reform -- S eight. It just it stunned me I had to re read it like three times. I can't believe the Boston Herald. Is now peddling amnesty. And this is the line that is now coming. From many Republican outlets are pro Republican outlets and Republican media commentators. You now have all of these Republican pundits. Who suddenly in the wake of the Obama reelection. Are saying that the GOP have to run to the exits and embrace amnesty. Embrace called comprehensive immigration reform. Is not -- in order to make themselves more appealing. Two I Hispanics to that team host to minorities. And so on -- reap -- -- I'd have to read it to you because in marketable email that's arena do you. That conservative Boston Herald. I remember this is an unsigned editorial this -- much as some. -- commentator. Giving their own personal views or her own personal views this is the official position of the paper. This is what they write. In support for comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty quote. There will be fierce resistance from the most conservative members of congress. But ignoring the presence of twelve million illegal immigrants in the United States. And tolerating an antiquated system for legal immigration. Is no longer an option. Either practically or politically. And the editorial goes on to say quote. Republican leaders would be well advised. To consider not just the wildest voices in Washington. But -- most persuasive once say Senator John McCain on quote. Mr. amnesty. Mr. comprehensive immigration reform. Now this is I don't understand us and may -- you to listeners can educate me on this. Why is it when did Democrats lose elections have you noticed. No one ever tells them. The liberal media is elites liberal pundits. Liberal commentators. They don't go around and say known. You have to embrace abortion. Yeah. -- life issues more you have to moderate your positions on abortion. You have to moderate your position on gay marriage you have to be more pro life more traditional marriage. More in support of gun rights and the Second Amendment. You shouldn't be pushing the class warfare card so much. Have you noticed whenever Democrats lose elections. 2002004. 2000 and then when they got shellacked in the mid terms no wonder ran out and -- old dear leader. Dear President Obama dear leader. You've got to stop spending. You go to start cutting taxes. You should repeal Obama care. You don't want you should be a little bit more pro life and more sensitive to the traditional values and views of middle America. They never say about. What do they say. We didn't get her message. The people are stupid. Americans don't know what they want to ignore them it's a question of branding it's a question of packaging. They were driven by hate. We have to state Democrats we have to stay true or principles. Yet. When Republicans lose an election. All of a sudden we have to become more like Democrats. Conservatives have to put water in their wine conservatives have abandoned their principles. And so. Bill Kristol now comes out from the weekly standard and says well maybe we should raise taxes on millionaires. Charles Krauthammer noted says -- all week you know the ticket back to power we have to embrace amnesty. Dick Morris comes out the guy who kept predicting a landslide. The guy whose job it is to predict Atlanta to get to prognosticate and predict elections completely misses the ball on the election. Is completely wrong -- actually -- Republican landslide. A Romney show lacking and now he says mole com. We should embrace amnesty here is Bill Kristol talking about the need for higher taxes cook's -- a baby. But I think honest debate fresh thinking of believe that the leadership in the Republican Party and the leadership of the conservative movement has to pull back. Let people float new ideas let's have a serious debate don't scream and you have one person says you know what it looked to the country -- raise taxes a little bit -- millionaires I really well I don't think. Now -- own a little owned small hole. Let's raise taxes even a little more in the middle class just a little just a little bill. And maybe give us some more amnesty just a little bill. Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to three million illegal immigrants in exchange for a promise to build a fence. Defense was never built and what happened to those three million illegal immigrants to be able Republican. Did most of them become more conservative. Look at California. The facts prove themselves. The facts speak for themselves. The more amnesty was given the -- California turned to blue and went to democratic. California was once Reagan and Nixon country after amnesty it was gone why. We have to be candid. We have to be candid among ourselves. Why do people vote for the Democratic Party. Because the Democratic Party is the party of government. Look when you vote for the Republicans. You're not -- who want free stopped a Republican that's the party to full force we're gonna give me free stuff. They may cut my taxes yes. They may put more police on the streets yes. They may protect us from his -- fascism yes. But they're not gonna give me health care or free education or free housing or more food stamps. That's what you get when you vote for the Democrats. That's why many minorities vote for the Democrats. Because they want free stuff that's just the fact. So why unions vote for the Democrats many of whom are white -- or soldier after being racist on my being racist I'm being honest. Why -- many unions in the midwest and Ohio and Michigan why did they vote for the Democrats they want stuff. They want their bail outs they want to wage increases they want their benefits. That's why they vote for the Democrats. Why the wall these environmentalists so west white -- for the Democrats. They want our government grants they want to -- Solyndra as they want to -- solar panel subsidies. They want stuff. So you'd think by just becoming more like the Democrats you're gonna get more votes. The Democratic Party will always say look how the Republicans capitulate. They don't mean what they say. Do you honestly think just hypothetically. Hypothetically -- -- -- in August they take the Boston herald's advice. They go plan and date a John Boehner is now for what he's in Boston. He's doing a little trip in Boston and you -- of Boston Herald he says one now. You know why -- right. I just read the Boston Herald. You know why we got to listen to John McCain. We wanna win the next election the Latino vote that's the way to do what I'm gonna give amnesty to almost a Porsche I don't believe the fighting congress for amnesty. You honestly think in the next election Latinos and Hispanics are gonna say while -- Yeah -- won't hit just you know what and you even -- orange. You're a minority -- you're orange -- you're a minority -- -- a minority you know what we're now gonna vote Republican. I live well also a public posts. You think that's honestly gonna happen. Or are you more likely gonna see. Because they're gonna point to some guy in Texas or some guy like me Jeff corner on the -- EC -- seat he's against amnesty. That's what are Republicans really think deep down you're just pandering to you don't go with them go with us they are still full of leaders. That's what's gonna happen. And so what this is about to think about this. Do Democrats. Really care about the best interest of the Republican Party all these Democrats are not coming -- we've got a moderate turbulence. On abortion on gay marriage on illegal immigration. Yeah the Democrats get up every morning thinking how to get Republicans elected. They wanna create a socialist country. And they're trying to do the Republicans. Into being very useful idiots. And so my question to you is this. How has the Boston Herald lost its mind. Should the Republicans and conservatives. Now embrace amnesty. As the Boston Herald is now advocating today on their editorial page 6172666868. Joan. Welcome to the coroner report. Well it was. Aren't quite a bit. And -- earlier about the pre -- -- it is. -- like what it -- people. A wonderful job marketing what they're going to do you really great wording. That it. Check. And act. -- order and and -- it at under and Republicans who are up for example you were. Talking about pre op. A -- and not be. -- -- Elect. How much actually caught one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or are. Actually high. -- -- -- -- -- How exactly not free and Joan in the end they're gonna end up paying it themselves signals to people understand. And you know Joan you touched on something cooks he and I talked about this on election night. Joseph Stan Allen once said you murder one person it's a tragedy. You massacre a million it's a statistic. And I think the sixteen trillion dollar number what we keep saying all sixteen trillion dollars in debt. I think people think it's such an astronomical. Number they can't comprehend. And who cares is just out there just sort of sixteen surely in big deal. You're right we have Republicans and conservatives have to say what exactly is this doing for you. Why have Democrats done for you what have Republicans done for you. And I have to say that Democrats are masters at this game know is they always feel your pain. Exactly edge and -- They are great and they out now. Don't much like your paper we got a work out. Or not. All your right not the way we turn on one another will look at this I mean just look at this you lose one election. And let's be frank with Mitt Romney was a moderate he was no big conservative he was governor for four years it was and Rick Perry. She wasn't that. He wasn't -- a second coming of Ronald Reagan you. And Mitt Romney was not some ferocious right Winger on Beacon Hill it was a moderate so he was a moderate running as a conservative. The American people I think sense that he was a bit in authentic. And we keep running moderate after moderate after moderate. Scott Brown lost Mitt Romney lost Richard to say laws like a rundown -- list. Gerald Ford lost against Carter Bob Dole lost against the Bill Clinton. So every time we run moderates we lose. And yet we keep being told be more moderate. You know why because that's the way the Democrats keep winning John welcome to the quarter report. -- -- -- Not too bad thanks and our government allow public security or at an air lifelong Republican -- -- a year. Ideologues out -- are what. Basically be encouraged people -- -- -- the search spewed forth the electorate. And they're gonna -- correctly -- social or should the Republican. Stood behind or. Generations that are outdated antiquated and so Republican leadership realized that -- and that the person who are socially at all. Incorrectly conservative become much more moderate socially it's -- democratic and have -- John let me just turn it around on you last use. A squad brown. Pro abortion. He writes he got slaughtered. Re saying gay and he's gay he's not just game yes game. And he got beaten by Tierney and not only was -- beaten by Tierney. It looks very much like that vote. From a lot of the evidence was very likely stolen. And where is the LG BT community. Via you know what I'll allow you look at are illiterate you look at Massachusetts of people are -- -- up. -- -- -- -- from a barometer of the country I've got a current state is by looking at issues and Massachusetts and trying to translate that to -- and you transfer that allied with that and I grew saint capsule right where is guilty. What. It would put those. John I gotta go on a break -- let me just say one final thing I wanna get your quick thought on this look at Romney. Romney was pro choice for much of his career. You are moderate -- he was pro gay rights and look what they did to him to turn them into a monster. Again -- I did I guess. Well we'll disagree without lottery luck on the social issues. You know again as a social bottom line -- -- -- at twelve nobody can people don't have tiger because the people. The other one religion out of it you know big time charts and we value the trouble and there. Thank you for that called John. Bob pom Jane -- bill hang on I will take literally all of your calls right after this break. Corner on the corner report. Boston's. Bulldozer. We've been ordered people underdog in -- -- or electorate. And their right especially all of a socialist Republican. -- -- -- Generations that are outdated antiquated. -- I think you control the border first. You create a pathway for those people living here you don't say got to go home. And that is -- -- a senate position that I don't fall off. Figures you know what it just. It's got to be resolved the majority of people here if some people have criminal record you can send them home for people here law abiding participating for years the kids are born here. You know its first secure the border. Pathway to citizenship done. -- Unbelievable. Unbelievable I was -- Quietly went on many issues look at him he's quote evolved. Now he's saying Republicans need to embrace amnesty yes build defense first. But then basically give amnesty would they don't understand it's these conservatives are committing political suicide they're cutting their own throats. Because it's not 121000001 of all the real numbers twenty million. Number one number two once you get twenty million. With a pathway to citizenship. Under our immigration laws they have a right under unification family reunification. To bring in their family members from all over Latin America. You're gonna see 40304045. Million new people in the United States new citizens. Texas is gonna global. Fla is gonna go blow Ohio and Pennsylvania will -- permanently blow. If you honestly think many Hispanics. Are gonna suddenly say all the Republicans. Helped pass legislation signed by President Obama. Giving us a pathway to citizenship. All we're gonna reward the Republicans and help reelect them and the power. You're dreaming intact in the collar. Most Hispanics admitting it in the exit polls and from all polling information. The reason why they voted for the Democrats 71%. Had nothing to do with amnesty. It's because they see them as the party of government. And they say we wanna hand a helping hand from the government. We believe in the big government liberal approach. That's why they voted for the Democrats. Amnesty was only a small part of it so you gave many more amnesty many more. Of people potentially access to citizenship and legalized status what do you think's gonna happen for the Democratic Party. You're just gonna get bigger you're going to see a one party regime. And now John Boehner. Is saying it's time to have a quote comprehensive approach to immigration reform. Folks this -- surrender. This is full scale panic. One election defeat and suddenly you're evolving on all your key principles. That's not conservatism. Got to me that that's opportunism. And I'm telling you the party's gonna pay for it big Tim thanks for holding -- on the corner report. But more concede -- twenty. You know we don't worry is that they have bad I mean I'm not -- -- -- -- -- I wanna hurt disputed western culture that's why local American don't want you so much is what -- real recently about. The economically -- you know you and I. Currently here immigrants coming in only. You like -- Somalia. Act in. So -- and so what -- -- -- probably. It'll occupations and any debate he -- these economic troubles so long since stopped again. I'm -- look you shouldn't apologize. Notice how defensive everybody gets there's no reason for this. We are importing all -- heavily Muslim population. An increasingly Third World population. Were importing poverty were importing low skilled labor. We don't need that we don't we are slowly impoverish in this country. And the working and middle class is being decimated. You're bringing in people who were willing to work for 56 dollars an hour and in fact many people being brought in from the Middle East. Nobody wants to save as many of them are on welfare. -- coming here and is that live off welfare. Frankly many of -- -- -- some work but I'll tell you this many are on welfare food stamps. They're bankrupting our education systems are bankrupting our hospital systems they're coming here to live off the fat of the land. Now you want of course they wanna be legalized then it's all Kosher. So yes. If the Republican Party can not stand for the borders of this country. For the national sovereignty of this country for the rule of law for this country then you're no good to me. Guys I'm telling you. You embrace comprehensive immigration reform you embrace amnesty you will see a third party. And Jeff corner will lead the way I'm warning you Bob gold baby. -- just witnessed this that this is the proverbial person yelling at the eight yellow fire. And everybody run into the exit it's absolutely phenomenal. You stop and think about this for a second you actually think the Democrats. Are gonna let. Republicans. Get one. -- -- On these people -- walks you know target date they're gonna take and -- gonna demagogue. The Republicans no matter what they do that kept that Republicans Madonna turn around they're gonna say they gonna go for the amnesty thing. And it got to grow up like that that meeting head out and bit sorry. And they've -- the political -- of the Republican seat they don't really mean what -- in the Arctic valuable.