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Deval heads to Washington? Joe Battenfeld from the Boston Herald says it may happen

Nov 13, 2012|

If Deval goes to DC, what happens with Scott Brown?

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Senator Kerry. It is an enormously talented. Man and be dedicated public servant. I have no doubt that he would make an extraordinary. Secretary of state. But he. Right. -- -- -- -- Many many many may help me busy is it gonna is not good for many -- Jeff -- on the corner reports 6172666868. There are now on numerous media we've. -- coming out. Saying that UN ambassador Susan Rice. Looks to be Obama's pick to be the next secretary of state it will not be Senator Kerry however. Senator Kerry is being looked very seriously. To now be Defense Secretary to replace Leon Panetta we are now joined by one of the top guns -- the Boston Harold. Joseph -- fell to discuss this and a lot of other issues Joseph how are you. You can't complain kind complain. Like I did I mean you're right Joseph. -- -- voice yeah I mean -- you said you're not good at predictions I'll tell you this buddy -- a lot better than I was. Like me and so you know. I mean you called for war and you called it for Obama you. Although he did say to say over tyranny but I don't know what are you may have objectively being right on that you know I know what I mean yeah I know went out. Surprises that -- it's not he's not a Joseph I got to ask you about John Kerry in her sources telling you do you think he's heading off to be the next that they had up the Pentagon. Well I'm not stripping right definitely is Obama's sectors sectors -- which is -- early -- In the big question here is you know she get confirmed it was in trouble over and of course she was very involvement so. That the present a few problems again up in cherry maybe attacked a plan for that. It's possible that I would regard the secretary of defense -- Jerry Obama as people may be. Just throwing that out there aren't many -- you'll better. -- you know they need obviously -- mean happy about sectors statement they'll make it seem like -- been considered for defense when he really and I'm not sure. That you really won't get -- -- a couple impossible that it started out there he's seen course suited or state that may. But you mean you lose and -- -- he obviously. Veteran of Vietnam. There could be a lot of protest considering how it left and protested. After he got back from Vietnam come from a veteran so. Yeah I'm not sure about defense but it are going to do it seems like they're looking to get them something in the point terrible probably takes something. Figured out is because we. -- you served in in the administration. We're talking to Joseph button fell columnist at the Boston Herald. Joseph you almost anticipated my next question. Do you think Senator Kerry does scare we want secretary of defense we know he wants secretary of state. Will we be happy with the consolation price. I'm sure -- take it is a big big huge job. In cordial a lot of trouble all year. It's sort of suited Burton. Obama are viewed here in -- place like Gary Hartman doing in this kind of the last few years -- doing. So I that you would take yet it is it was -- and just think it's just a couple pop his career. A year and several books and I don't think he probably rather do that than run for reelection and. Now the -- just why I mean he's now he's in many ways is the power broker in Massachusetts we just -- out of Elizabeth Warren everybody's kissing his ring. Is he board in the senate. Is that why wants -- there are sometimes. Yet he's been a long time I don't know what else. You can get done there. So. Sure beat you might do a little bored with the but he he -- lead. Is looking to do something help but think of a lot of time to be in the senate don't want -- get -- start treatment down there again. And at least initially went like Scott Brown did so yeah -- -- like these are big you would probably like to get out. As Joseph just hypothetically just for the sake of argument. Kerry is offered secretary of defense he takes. This will open up a special election. What a year political sources telling you do you think Scott Brown what's his future does he have another senate run NM. Is he looking to be governor. What do you think's gonna happen with brown and do you think Deval Patrick would throw his hat in the ring to challenge brown first Kerry's Senate seat. Look like bank of Nevada gets it's more likely I think Governor Patrick is going to be going to Washington or leave his job and trying period at this point. Harry is not only being considered for attorney general. Indian you know eaten with Obama I'd write happy election -- -- -- election down there. That really happened very often and you know it's not -- like friendly meeting that you are invited to. So I think. There is a good chance that key Obama wants to be attorney general and looked -- even though he says he's gonna serve another term to be noted last week. He started saying well all of course to -- I'd be honored to your blog join -- Obama administrate the it could be impaired and they'll for the love of country now. You don't serve. You know you. -- elite there and -- -- -- -- -- it's -- said that he would donate their job for him it would increase national profile to -- you really wants to do it well I think about. National office is -- -- -- that are anchors maybe more right for president in pretty good proof that it was quite. So he could be god and there could be actually somebody else who points. Senate vacancy that lieutenant governor is it going to be a lot of interesting things going on. In this state may even more interest in any actual election I think what happened election. I think there are a part that Scott Brown goes I don't think probably the -- pepper him with Iran restarted again. You go out and have the same problem -- -- -- before what you get tagged with sort of the national Republican. And all that. Right for governor you're much more independent I think. Yeah I think it would be much better suited for him and -- -- a better chance to because. We're get appointed to the senate hearing the -- in and it interim appointment. We'll have a huge head up and -- -- may -- Martha Coakley again maybe you'll ever get appointed. Lord somebody herb might tap water or some other elected officials so I think it'd be a lot. Better rates for him to run for governor not. That's what I expected to do. We're talking to Joseph baton fell columnist at the Boston Harold. -- -- fewer revising Scott Brown. What would you say to him would you say senator. Beacon Hill beckons go to Beacon Hill you can win a governor's race you can govern this state as a moderate Republican it's a natural fat. Is that what -- talent to do. Well look like about the need to know -- either because it didn't go to those who -- the Indians in guerrilla. Or a couple of so but I I would I would hole up -- if I were him I would wonder if there is debate NC beat you really -- running again. In in another few months it would be maybe June would be in the special election and might get a little too much you know in a row. It's hey and it depending on your running Nancy I think it depends on who would get appointed. That -- -- I'm and who are right arm is would would would determine whether he runs third. The firing a lot of for governor. And -- you're going to be much better rates for him tomorrow be actually want that job. Do you think he'd be in effect on governor I mean. His background his skills we actually be good at the job. Well you know he'd be perfect I think -- -- not much is still pregnant -- his message of bipartisanship. Because it all is run by Democrats. So become the next day you know I'm going to be a now the but I also work with them to. And I think anywhere of course worked there before and the state and the -- out so he's -- that they Al. So I think you -- of bipartisanship could work longer people now okay you know we've shown that they we have much. Better lower that provoked or Republican for governor and anything else so that probably would be your best. And also don't forget that bill weld is around I think bill -- might be looking for something to run again believe it or not. You move back to the former governor moved back to Boston and I think you have to throw it payments to. I think you'll eat right respect it may -- that they can become that maybe about what well runs or you can learn. Well restarted court against Gary before the week before. So. You know that's something that. -- -- things -- are suing maybe well runs for the senate environment runs for the governorship. Right exactly. My critics want prediction not gonna -- Since I'm not I'm not betting against you any -- -- -- I -- to I was not trying to start predicting what but luckily should be playing when number. My -- -- to predict that you're going to impact our corporate. We have been talking to Joseph Barton fell one of the top political columnist at the Boston Harold. Joseph thanks so much for coming on and a report or god bless you buddy. General Petraeus. You're not gonna believe what we have we got more information coming in on this deepening scandal. Glenn Beck has weighed in on it and at 835. You were gonna wanna tune in for this interview. I have former. Retired colonel Ken Allard he's a prominent military analyst you've seen them on fox you've seen them on and NBC. But he is a lifelong forty year old friend of General Petraeus. Nobody knows him better. I will have them on at 835. And I'll ask him the questions. That nobody is willing to ask stay tuned we got a lot more coming up. Jeff corner on the corner report Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the -- liberal bull.