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Chump Line Tuesday November 13, 2012 - Fiscal Abutment

Nov 13, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a listener who is sick of the term fiscal cliff so he is threatening to drive into a fiscal abutment.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go to ship cart dot com. It didn't you know with that -- -- what the meaning of the word sweet hard it is. -- -- that that Romney did not receive one. -- increase in the city. That they -- That's a very good question you're not supposed to ask that question lest you be considered -- racist for even asking the question. -- say. And better on it. It's a it's it's pretty amazing though that how how much things have gone downhill when the major American institutions like the what the military in the FBI I mean. I'm you know again you know we we all know that Eisenhower had a had a his driver three Summers -- was her name. He was he was doing her you know I mean but. There was not someone -- was discrete. You know. And they ended. The -- of an FBI agent taking a picture himself out of shirt on and sending it to who's to a victim. Alleged victim of a crime I mean that's just that's just so far beyond the pale like I can't even. Begin to to fathom it and and dole and please I I know but I know about. -- we John Kerry's going to be secretary that did you go look for him but he -- A couple of years ago. We're gonna talk about this at 6 o'clock and this is John Kerry's last two draws a senator and got my openness. We're gonna have that we're gonna have I told our Chris earlier today to get the John Kerry sound cuts -- -- -- -- -- Climb John Kerry. And I just stepped in some duty. I get that clip one more and I'm and it sure that we -- -- have the -- it to. These guys have had over that -- at the last forty years I got it. The water board. Very good heartfelt. Heartfelt plea to -- remove a cliche from Leo lexicon that the current lexicon. Supporting those names -- -- the -- 1000 emails live. Take him off the leader around 90999. You know in the -- Cindy you're gonna feel sorry when you find out that general Allen was just code that would that the most he was calling -- wasn't sweetheart. You know units -- -- aren't insured that you were trying to -- the guy out of town on our rail. I always this set couldn't hunt it -- -- -- -- that is good how good -- quite yet. This is from mumble but I would get my. Almost stove hospital he's been in the hospital received back from Italy spend more two weeks. Analysts what's wrong. By the way. Like the -- Kowloon. Restaurant for sending over usual fine spread as they do every Tuesday afternoon at this time. The Kowloon autism Boston's premier Asian mining experience this idea. It's it's on one more than -- and that we really appreciated it congratulations to -- of one's victory. In the -- Argus state rep Tracey was running unopposed. Big guy and a ballot that wannabe actor Arnold. But -- up boy it felt like I felt like having a ballot decade tournament after all all -- out. I'll be able to go up to general -- tells me I just. I would have been I would have been in and out I would have been drafted in and out in two years and I just I don't know why -- -- you know. General Petraeus has got he's got quite the record by the way that I tell you that you know I know the ghost writer of the book I do know the ghost writer the book -- and -- -- used to be one of my inference when I was the voice that voice in the editor that Winston-Salem journal. -- -- spoke to -- he says he sat next to me for some reason the police reporter sat next to the city editor on the desk and could be that it -- just because as we're aware of from the was a majority of I would have a -- and Vernon Vernon. This is the south you know you gotta gotta speak. Slow. -- with those shares up in the moonshine county you know we're dealing here with deputy fights and and sure Taylor's. So we'll be sure -- do. -- This -- -- -- from the journal you all got in a -- go one up bar. I wish I told I. That he was and who he never he was always a good reporter just he had to learn that in in Rome you do was the Romans. It can be again here we go and that's how we'll roll into the show. The Google TV because any old trees but there Ali -- food no no. I did I had one little piece of fried chicken today -- or rather hungry. But that's all ahead. In the we can't have you -- in the payload. -- Drawn him I don't even know. It's common that there may. Somebody asked me after seeing the picture of this we can 1004 they were looking over my shoulder -- -- saw a picture of holly Petraeus and -- What they held the overseeing her. Of course the answer was her father was the superintendent of West Point at this time I'm sure that it's just mean. CNB it's real Hisham isn't at -- isn't that the -- considered for forty years for God's sakes it's not seriously. A -- the picture of them -- when he was sworn in my guesses the CIA director. And and and Hawley who. Who looks a lot like mrs. Santa Claus. Is on one hand of the front bench you know which is reserve I guess for the relatives and close friends. And then their a couple of military guys -- bodies in the middle and then on the other end of the bench is it is. Paula Krantz. -- well. There's still pretty good maximum might be that this panel call us. And they got away. There would be pretty good -- that would be reality TV wives of the Pentagon. Girl for gal pals of the Pentagon. Mistress says of the military. And ordered it yeah separate periods. -- could go out here after all -- John Kerry and I'm reporting expert who. I'm glad that Obama the only person who is real -- really excited about the fact that John Kerry might no longer beer US senator. The guy has been a senator for 28 years and he and I would like to ask this question. -- The bully has seen. Other than marrying yet another -- Brinkley. Goal former gold digger who wise is who is worth close to a billion dollars that's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. What has he done -- twenty years. Other than preen. And and say you know why. That I get out their list. And say this whole global oil embargo. And. -- -- You know light -- -- it like here where. Patrick. Always had. A -- Martin. Yeah. -- It was nice to come back to Boston today through Logan Airport and you step on to the you step on to the the portable. I don't know what you call it the the the movement inside out of moving -- the moving side more government called an escalator but it's -- an escalator. The witnessed up on the removing sidewalk in the first four issue here is no longer marbles. It's -- Patrick. We felt such a wonderful stay here. Whether you're coming homered just as it is it. It's my home state we're going to be fine. We have such -- we have such a talent that population. And they're so good humored as you'll see as soon as you step into a cab. I'm in church. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling out retired -- shop. Seven anyone says holly looks more like up Ben Franklin. All right that's it for the chump like that in the chaplain is the recorded voicemail message service about we are showing call leave a message at any hour that there might including weekends the jump like number electorally such messages. 61777934696177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time each weekday. Heading south for the winter don't be a chump call American auto transporters they worship your car for you go to -- cart dot com. I hear that the clip one more time and it sure Whalen to that school record but it. These -- patent over quote what the last forty years I got it all waterboarding. Used shot.