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Generals Under Fire

Nov 13, 2012|

The FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 documents and assorted e-mails that contain “potentially inappropriate” communication between General John R. Allen and Jill Kelley, the Tampa woman whose report of harassment by General Petraeus’s mistress ultimately led to Petraeus’s downfall. Howie asked should General Allen be fired and was joined by Col. David Hunt of the Fox News channel who was preparing for an appearance on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor at 8pm.

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As you know today now what has come out that general John Allen. The commander in. Afghanistan who succeeded Petraeus in Afghanistan. Now it turns out that that -- they're saying that he wrote twenty to 30000. Emails. Inappropriate emails to war Jill Kelly that can't be true -- is going to be that. You know they just kept writing them you know you know how you're right back and forth than you know at the age to keep -- back and forth to somebody. You'll end up with a trail of eight or nine at the bottom and maybe that's another figure in this can't can't be. He can't. 20s30 -- just can't. And and I don't know what the story is with this Joseph Kelly by the way Joseph Joseph Kelly okay so she was is so. Paul abroad well. Fought that choose make -- move on Petraeus and that's where she sent the emails. The threatening emails -- at the FBI involved the FBI agent who got involved also apparently fell for jail Kelly. And he sent terror pictures of items he -- Christ himself and a -- Leading goal he only has pictures were above the waist line naked above the waist line. It's that a blow like -- and now we -- now we find out that this this general Allen was also writing or appropriate. Emails. Soul. I mean she looks okay. But. Issue the Cleopatra of the 21 century I mean you know Cleopatra at all those -- you know Romans. Jump them jumping for her you know was Julius Caesar marking Anthony at senator. Immediacy what what is it what is is -- that good looking I don't know. Because it would take I think I would take abroad well overrun over Kelly I think she's in -- I think broad well as in better shape than and then Mack-Cali. But anyway so now now she's now she's all mixed up in this thing and this this is just a giant. A giant disaster here. And so was -- Sandia what's -- poll question and one of the results thus far. Should generally down before. Now missing. 67%. -- they think he should be fired. Right. Eating had asked the -- appropriate 20000 on I mean that's a lot differently and I just said I don't think it's 20000. I don't know if it's more than more than one. Then it's a problem. He would beat you just can't say it's 200 that's still well. That's that's bizarre well and gassing used to go out. I mean people. Lot of people write the I I know I understand there's you know code of quote military conduct while I kind of stuff and and I know that you know on now I know why Petraeus is saying that this thing that -- start and fell until after he it took over the CIA chief because he could be court martial. And I you know I as has -- has a four star general government court martialed for. Adultery. I'm just ask him I I don't I don't. I don't know the answer that question and and I I suppose that they would that -- you know sometimes you have to make an example of someone I'm thinking about private. Maybe slow back during World War II you know guys had I had a breakdown and and they they shot them. And you know comment on the market issue Petraeus but -- -- -- -- release in them -- McCain I mean he's that he and you know he saved America's bacon in and it -- probably only temporarily but. He had the surge the surge worked I mean he's I would say he probably is the premier generate general of -- -- generation. In and -- -- and I you know throw the sky and of Abbas. 18774. This'll be the sweet things they don't understand. On this. By the way the -- as a I've been following this pretty closely you know with the -- -- being down on Florida men having the I can get I can get the papers right across the street from New York papers and your apps. Plus now they have Wi-Fi my -- just I can read all my thumb up on this. But what I don't understand is. If Petraeus. If this woman. -- -- well broke up with Petraeus which was the which is the story right he she broke up with them. -- she broke up with him. What hell did she care if peace -- -- -- cat around looking for what confer no mistress. I EGO Kelly -- issue radium these things. Can somebody tell me that. Here's another question I had you know -- maiden name has its clients. And name ring a bell Krantz. -- Burton Chico grant's. First big time -- to turn against Whiting and Stevie. Testify against them used to be a truck driver that herald. Tibetan women when he testified I remember being in the in the old courthouse and post office where they had they had marshals with the automatic rifles patrolling the halls in case anybody tried to get it. Could Chico Korea could this could could Paula for a will be Chico Krantz is -- Inquiring minds want to know. Oh yes. 1877469432218774694322. And how is it. And how is it that Eric Holder. And the the house majority whip Eric Cantor a Republican. How is it that they knew what was going on months earlier. Then the president of the United States again the president of the United States trouncing gardener he likes to watch us. It's just the in this is that this is just a I don't put. I mean I'm enjoying it but I there's just so many angles here it's hard to wise it's hard to keep up with -- everything. Joining us now is colonel David Hunt tees he's he's coming down here is going to be on the O'Reilly Factor tonight that this sort sort this thing out. So is gonna be with us that your first year -- was try to make us some sense of this colonel hunt is there anything new today. On the on this where everyone what are what are you what I mean what what we call the scandal. Walker I want to make sure that -- it and -- they're extremely. Inappropriate email. And there and no pictures aren't that -- number one. Now that we know we're not we had lunch in case you didn't here I am cold I had lunch with issue with the heat she -- boyfriend I with my wife on. At at at my a have Mike on those -- beach club on sat. And don't get out of -- the party that. That does not speaking to. People -- -- -- -- -- couldn't stop. In the sense that. Our present company excluded of course but he excluded and thank. I'm I'm Robert but the try to prepare but I would Alan I have I think I I have to think about Akron. You're you're you're much better. Everything to me right now it's -- PI is now spent more time. In the anchor -- well how. They did. The white child. Period it progress. Charlotte is a much more has much many more amenities than bin Ghazi Libya does. It does but they got a bit. It's ridiculous -- -- in the tanks and war. You know colonel what ever happened to usually -- Peter King was raising this point the other guy you know. The FBI is supposed to minimize. You know with the Indy Indy had discussions that don't involve the direct crime that they're investigating. -- -- Yeah I mean I don't like that you don't you you you listen to some good mob tape in court all of a sudden it comes to an end. You know -- the last line is you was there when he told us about that and you are all this are going to be a great story and they cut it out because it has nothing to do with the crime the guy is charged with. So so I wanna -- is -- How does being under the desk with Paul abroad while -- have anything to do why did they minimized I mean I'm a mom I guess I'm mama. Greatly amused by the story but what does that have to do -- that he. Not adding I think it's here and it just does an audience. I got carried away. Applauded this is like. -- It took so long but -- entered -- Darby figure. Opt -- by the FBI and I don't think they did very well in happy and I think that like that even taking this case. I'm kind of written and we're world. Warren -- how come how come no one's told us about any Warren to me -- Yeah I know it's easy to get into email accounts. But he you don't why -- you don't technically have to have a warrant. Yeah -- -- -- I'm sure -- one's integrity go into. Our. There email -- but that got into it seems that that's been there. I think the CIA director there were no secrets. It should have been dropped. I think that this problem Allen has. These college while to get the commander in Afghanistan. Why they nominated in NATO command of the marine force got it took the -- spot. Yeah that -- military issue. Upon corn belt Greg Johnson back to -- 134 conduct unbecoming. That's a military issue. 'cause you can't do that that was so buried under. No problem. Besides the period interest of everybody of the trip Albania where our director. So that's why that's why Petraeus says that's why Petraeus and and Pam align our Paula are saying that that the affair began after he left. But I mean how are you don't colonel how how believable is that she's run around about 101000 miles from home with him in. In Afghanistan you know media you know you know the old sports saying if it's on the -- it doesn't count but I I so I assume the same thing applies in the military. It should not that Bob and Doug and of course again. -- a lot I mean it was two years yeah they're they're not because of the trailer at the vulnerability. And that we have Betancourt -- other ranks. Other opportunity fields. The last eleven years. And can cry in Iraq and Afghanistan. Border area. The culprit is it gives them to try to get scripts and cover it -- come out particularly. What -- Even go to make good speed portraiture that they -- were -- -- -- out what. This is terrible apparently. We've actually been brought it to the object here -- and -- that ball doesn't. It -- on -- About it and it's bad it's tragic. But -- W and other -- I nobody heard the last street drop on us when you get out emails get pictures. He got what what do -- with Jon Stewart. -- -- You got the I director admitted that some or all evolved from scandal I mean it is under the water and honored -- -- Because it if it's as if this did not give the government don't get any better. Tuesday Kelly does Joseph Kelly have some love potion number nine or something that she spread around and I don't know why I don't get it I don't get a. And maybe -- the regular rider about -- I don't think I'll go out with the bureau spent more time one on all of the prayer. And they get a big government. -- -- -- The Quebec what the -- about the talk about the group -- You know what I Wear right now Ali Syria and Israel of an issue. -- -- each other Golan Heights. -- That can make a you know pretty serious. Right and armed and what is it 5101000 people refugees a day or leaving Syria because it's getting worse and worse. And now now the two the two sides -- the rebels. The the rebels slashed your products and the the -- whites -- from the Asad regime there there -- when they capture via the up close there there were just X acute. I mean that's they weren't that's a pretty big -- I mean again and nobody wants to going to Syria but that's a pretty big problems that that being overlooked here. Why did not to try and prepare. For a depressed wouldn't talk about. Think I agree or the government involvement that we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like up beyond what weeks. And now. All of a sudden. What it called -- it was cool. Now that the priority. Your credit score and everything else it's -- obvious I'm Iraq and conspiracy. Under pocket I'm leaving. Maybe here -- here -- -- are ridiculous. And it should restrict hope we don't while Petraeus -- -- white balance act like the guy all of the pictures. -- email to distract us from big things like. It do you really think do you really think there's twentieth 30000 inappropriate emails. I think there's twenty or 30000 emails. In now and how. I think -- some of them I -- continuous talks. Where they added that they went. It would get returned. It -- got it got pretty neat things out against long. I I think that it's conceivable without contradictory account emails. At a -- -- and and get it in the pot. Talking. About that that the only be able to -- so it's like you know we're -- emails. -- None of -- now other preach about. 978 says I had to noncommissioned officers for my unit kicked out for conduct unbecoming an excellent and sodomy for heterosexual oral sex on base with civilians. I think you're not -- democratic. And they -- says -- my eleven year stellar army career was ended by adultery. That they're different what is the double standard. A lot of people might accept. It I I think it in the Petraeus and our -- stock I think it's gonna come out of the traders. Once every repair your comment. About. And that Allen it was beautiful -- be sure pocketed an adult and -- -- -- eerie you know luckily all pretty -- reports are. The -- that it's all -- is because what you call as saying the doubles and -- too obvious but as a matter of importance. I don't like to fresh -- and actually compare. I I -- the spirit to your inaugural up or we're only -- of the Golan Heights they're rich. It really take up the Golan Heights shooting experience popular -- And Syria's been shooting back that's. Which you talked about which area are blown up I don't -- so people I've governments all -- not real problem Libya also it was serious. What -- the Chinese sleep when they thought they follow the story. It's Johnny didn't didn't appreciate out okay because there could. We're -- look -- -- -- involved you know people you ever -- cut contract. But prepared this kind of and energy. On somebody acts like. -- don't people don't get worse than we do the -- A -- real killers and true. Fire back and the French big big part in the book but that the Chinese think -- which of course every aren't being polish. Why are turning -- -- the -- -- important matters. And looking at barber. What they did nothing illegal. About what Petraeus was doing there wasn't. That was -- banquet. And it's all get it's all. Why does the FB why does the FBI continue to be involved in -- and here's another question for. You know you'll remember the the they have people they give people a few years back here calling up and a guy I want it takes to surrender himself was a killer. -- this colonel he was a killer you call the FBI office he said anomaly kill somebody if if you don't come pick me up I'm at such and such -- -- -- guy goes. Yet sure. And hangs up the phone and and the guy goes on that weekend he kills three more people the pick him up pitch liking right. They did but yet Jill Kelly calls and says cool I got a nasty email. All of a sudden. It's it's what they used to call a federal case there really there -- their hop all over this thing. -- seven month long investigation for me for a nasty email. I've believed by my -- -- They sure -- -- BI agents. Try to live up here oh yeah Dolly is how Beckett start. And at Connecticut and -- when they opened up the case. They didn't they weren't also I think it's. We got to be sure it took its addiction to Chile right pick -- agent fit for warm front of for a local white poor. I think it just got in the -- The problem my apple is once they realized. There's not a bear. Initiative and it didn't care what it and it happens all admired skating as. The FBI was dropping interest rates. But be sure but FBI guys. Go to a couple of members of congress. Right he's he's a load when you're the New York Times is -- I -- I'm not. I don't care yeah I don't I don't either -- -- think -- on its -- -- your your appetite I believe the facts are. But the bureau. Does not gonna do it because they want in any event there and that agent opened it back up. -- some members of congress. I'm sure that's the Eagles to. I -- he goes to a congressman Dave Reichert. And then record goes to -- Kantor who's the number who's the number two guy in the in the Republican leadership which is run in the house. So that kind of interest I had maybe come out that the bureau was doing what you're not complaining about. That -- picture was FBI jerk. You know wouldn't get out of battling all -- is under investigation -- -- and and and some others -- It no longer you know that that's -- -- there. Well -- -- FBI agent jerk. And I got no. Lack of some place. But with no shirt -- that -- -- a let down and keep it. Yet. And that that was part of the problem. -- well but as well I I couldn't believe that all the new. I think what else do all of -- number that there was something going on well maybe we find out president. In new but for me they're both against certain about the legality we know the president do a job that's. You know what -- drag our feet try to find out -- -- do it fit Petraeus such orders is our biographer. Well wait we'll try to try to -- reserves right in our military intelligence. Which it restaurant -- To restore. Was always -- -- -- is a possibly you remember -- remember how long they knew the Kennedys want to get -- And anyone over and he had a meeting he had a meeting with Jack and Bobby at the White House and and that speculation is always been that he brought along the audio tapes that they -- of Jack screwing the Nazi spy and got -- Charleston down in Charleston when he was -- under -- -- military training right. Now is it possible that that they they figured well you know what if this guy Petraeus who's a Republican. And and may be a potential candidate. If he ever gets out of line. Will have this will have these emails to -- kill him wet so in other words the prep may be the president and older were playing the role of. I don't I think that's critical and invalid I don't think that Beckett. I don't think that I don't think -- older I think if there weren't competence. Of this administration good guys and -- -- I think we accept a strike at bank. That Charlotte FBI guys the ones that prevent it your all doing the right thing which is not being considerate of crime. Where there was no crime at the trailer. The historic. Give your -- opportunity. Out secret -- If I don't equate all the litigation. That's the liberty honorable thing to do. And you know -- anywhere in the present except. Inside the -- You know returns serve 37 at the outset look I think that's a lot. Allen. Is like thirty more years -- service. The great -- and it was about to be that they don't you know like. What would be a ball here and here. We don't think this would only think this is the first time either of these guys were involved and -- like this week -- No but but again. So I don't think that the problem we're gonna -- problem. What can I believe that CIA directors and our commitment what do you know FBI Secret Service summit of the betting. Agent. Right -- I know there's some guys some I was right in the Wall Street Journal but he said he worked as you know we had a minor position at the White House under butch. And he said they asked him all kinds of intrusive questions about his marriage and whether he was cheating on anybody in all this kind of stuff I mean. Why would they say -- do you think they asked Petraeus and Eli are one. I don't think they have to -- go to the -- -- it was a speechwriter. You know yeah you know what administration so the main thing about her background check. I I I clarity yet and it took a year or background check off the -- without my help. We got more people writing and mark from Brockton says how we might National Guard unit our first sergeant was forced to retire due to inappropriate conduct with female subordinates and don't forget the state commanding general forced to resign. Duke rape allegation -- that both rip those were allegations were a couple of decades old. I'd I'd get -- I think they're both I would at least a short. At the governor's. That a lot of people make the trip out to be or are all here. I think you mr. I think it was. Opposite. Redirected to get a lot of credit the discourage. And creating some people -- out artists and never is we're here a little bit stretched. All but I don't think she can get away with. Being that it's a bit much hubris. Is much arrogance. It's something apparently. -- walking -- but you gotta go better than short -- Annual trip to email. That I want it to -- like I think probably all male. Yeah they're gonna not like having ghetto culture off. Well look when you're an obvious. And it ago I got a lot. That's right what stays and what what happens Palm Beach days in Palm Beach just don't picture. OK so why so long -- this thing gonna go one that I think. You're kidding this law. I may have why I think blog well that would think something her father darting into daddy's gonna say something like we have -- -- Talladega a crisis minister and a lawyer. Michigan Abbe -- on to music she hired a couple of big time -- Washington lawyers why why did she need to hire lawyers. We are part got on -- I think first sack of all she needs them to put in that can help Haiti Alan -- -- -- -- -- I thought I broke I thought they -- but they've been sued multiple times it's in the units in the Tampa papers today. All I think it is -- their delegates want an Alpha Bank the banks still got some money. And I could provide a lot for our spirits company. Have a great candidate would -- -- a big big amateur. And what are. What's up what that admiral that showed up at the kid's birthday party on Sunday I mean what was he looking for trouble our hardware is name -- -- did they appeared they aberrant behavior about senior officers. Is another book -- I think you've got. It's because the future because -- attract the sort of wondered because of all of -- finding and the accurate emails. Amber at these tracks. From various things like a wag the dog -- way. I think there's a lot to insects. And I -- and I also think he's gonna see. Some punishment on all Petraeus and Allen and resolve the that it will start based. OK colonel we appreciate -- -- whether it's and I will see you tonight on the the O'Reilly Factor on fox. You know I I -- police and I've by mine keeping I'm keeping my nose claim. Thanks for the crawl space for -- at 1877469432218774694322. Could could that it could today Petraeus have quit to avoid testifying on bin I don't think so I don't think so. -- just saw her picture and show up Joseph Kelly is guilty Paula -- well is saying. They're both GOP. And -- guilty but you know I mean again Ottawa. This issue is Joseph Kelly that that much about them but pol but she's got all these -- everybody in the in the general command. You know while falling all over themselves to get dinner she -- the -- 18774694322. Shares -- -- show -- -- -- too. -- -- --