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Ann Coulter On The Widening Petraeus Brouhaha and the Apres Election Fall Out

Nov 13, 2012|

Howie's favorite talking babe Ann Coulter, author of Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama among mant bestsellers joined us to talk about the Petraeus scandal and life after the election. The future of the republican party was also discussed.

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Joining us now on the line as -- and Coulter. He's the author and speaker and a guest on cable news shows. And what. A big selling point -- they regular guest on how we at all. And a regular guest on how we car show that's right in your new book is titled the mud beat. And it's a -- in what are you what are you make of this this Petraeus. Scandal which is now mushroomed into war. So when someone calls at the Pentagon gave its would -- the good the Pentagon is that he is a web of swingers apparent. -- well I think the women in the military has worked out. Splendidly. I particularly like this -- I didn't take that much attention I'm only picking up the headline but both are good enough. And I love the message -- -- like that remember the apps are not broke off. And right in diapers. And my personal. But if it appears to be this statement what I'm missing part of the story with this with this broad well. Mr. entity in a braves over the them -- -- -- family friends. General Petraeus. Because I mean that I. Perhaps this -- This is this is no longer operative but I got to the camera and we front but not having an affair with General Petraeus she's happily married she'd seen in pictures that the entire family. It was just the wild insane jealousy that drives. Broad -- would start sending threatening email message to do what you perceive that they he male rival it is a little not. Yeah -- and the other thing is like I guess at last hour -- mean as far as I know according to the the reports I've read. But -- well -- the one who broke off the relationship with Petraeus so what does she care of Petraeus is Al. We -- that what does that what does she care. And it it and -- -- now married with children. So much before the military honor code it is. It is a little depressing though it though. She calls the FBI in the FBI agent becomes obsessed with heard Jill Kelly and stood start sending her rock pop boy -- emails of himself while without a shirt on. Yeah I gotta say come on deciding what to do to influence will be out email. It doesn't look that says that the. -- but again though I knew what to say you've seen the pictures of Joseph Kelly I mean that you did she is this is this as she you know she doesn't. IA -- I wouldn't compare historically to Helen of Sawyer Cleopatra you know -- -- How would you compare it abroad the. That's the standard for don'ts or here now. I don't know opera world -- well abroad what was fit hints and Smart and obviously because she wore mostly what she. She of this thing -- the sleepless the sleeveless dresses that she wore and I've ever seen too many women we're we're serious biographers going on with sleeveless dresses. And by the way did you hear what happened with the ABC affiliate in Denver. IQ I -- repeated but they they ran a a picture her book is all in. And somebody doctor did and so it became an obscene reference always and around the NB ABC. Affiliate -- it up with her picture with her standing beside the obscene be obscene cover. No iMac and have been chilling this scandal though like that they have been and it's paying close attention -- You know you that you get the constant drumbeat about how everybody does that every team having errors than. -- all powerful man which is a complete. Kinda hard. I don't think Ronald Reagan I haven't zipper problem. Drive and I'm quite sure Mitt Romney does not. And then suddenly the gamble comes along in the media abandoned very European attitude toward toward adultery and it. You could take the all right send people are quite fascinating that this sort of tawdry behavior. We'll see a lot of people say it's us it's it's a smokescreen for rob and Ghazi and I just got a text saying it's a smokescreen for a systematic voter fraud. You know when in various states including Florida and Pennsylvania and Ohio one. And it is you know that there may be. You know a grain of truth to that but the but it is still I mean that there's something about a good sex scandal with that that you know -- pretty hard not to war read the papers every. No I mean our pick of the daily news on Sunday and it's a big headline was war and peace PI EC. And the next thing that the yesterday the New York Post headline was the other other -- Yeah now these are great that this is poking and I'm -- that you know with Long Island low leaked that I. Worried the post election news that the would be news -- of -- kind of -- relief that came Kwan won it this is a. But it. Bridget all right do you think you would you Fire Island for offered per us calling your sweetheart and twenty in the in the at one. He's thousand emails and -- it. And it sent a note with the FBI agent is that the certainly. Sure right photo young but he was as the New York Times pointed out today he would he is a right Winger. And also at bats and he's the one who leaked he's the one who leaked to the information to -- congressman who like a Republican congressman who then gave it to Eric -- And that's why -- her new new of this before the election. Well I think I don't know but blackmailed per say but I didn't think. Its relationship to -- -- be on how to make -- huge -- into a completely different category of events instead that they did. Back up this -- some cock and bull story about the video being responsible for war. I mean it's abuse -- honorable man on what's. Apparently he isn't. That that appeared to have been a ball -- block it. And and if he's backing up that this crazy story out of the administration perhaps the reason he did it can't. Can any thought -- that today eighty anyone would believe that story from day one and beat that eventually the truth wouldn't come out. That that's being the case maybe he wasn't worried about about not going with the administration line I mean not didn't -- complicated conspiracy. The -- got a new guy in their Mike morale who's going to basically he's still gonna totally he's gonna told the Obama administration line I mean they've just. They've replaced Petraeus and now he's now he's out walking around got shot him you know god only knows what he's eventually -- say. It's going to be a long before -- hear -- And the other thing is -- wind wind did the when was the relationship between brought well end up Petraeus consummated because. You see if it was consummated when he was in Afghanistan then he's been he's committed a a crime against the military code of justice and they could be tried. Obama education send them back and have. There's no real judges try. Let you know that would be -- that would be a brief trial did do that be the other. -- -- sentence would be rendered during halftime of the -- Friday soccer game I rest. -- -- -- -- Much Iraq's and I and a bulldozer to push from over yeah. The way things work over there I don't think she would've gotten too far in the streets of Kabul with her sleeveless dress better Paula Paula -- It's so awful well one thing. To defend -- honor the military despite all the hand. Not that it needs defending but one thing I've noticed about. Every one I've ever met in the military is that there are few exceptions but by and large they have contempt for general. Because in order to become a general it's not so much sure. Valor in combat experience -- -- Petraeus wasn't in combat until he was sent over for the emerged on the environment what. There's almost no match yesterday yeah his -- I guess was that was a target practice. Right exactly yet yet that that it literally was. I'm ready to drop is gone and that shot in the. Which is still better than then the -- -- our next Defense Secretary John Kerry. Cut himself shaving her you know he did he did point out haven't seen any action so far in this was this was in his diary two days after. The date that he allegedly was wounded and put him for his first purple heart. That I probably didn't you -- -- since then sent to me it seems to go I mean once you get candidates. In general side higher output in the military woman it's a lot more politicking. And the walk lab typically it's McConnell on April. -- what. You know what it what's going on with colonel Allen west I was read the paper when I was down their last week it looks it looks pretty bleak for a minute when it also looks pretty suspicious way. Is should the government follow on this he was running against this this punk did wrong. Who -- you know as just just say it is got tons of money from George Soros and his minions to what the knockout -- west. And the Al west had the lead all night long through the three of thrall to counties that he that are in his district. And then after midnight suddenly in saint Lucie county all of a sudden. They started counting the provisional votes and guess what there were just enough votes. For this drunk kid Murphy to -- wise to it to push ahead of -- -- west a war hero Wednesday a very Smart guy. And that now what's that it looks like they've what it looks like they've taken out west off the board. Yes I think it's it's going to be just like Al Franken election in Minnesota yes it was still one and -- there's nothing we can do about it. This and why Republicans always have to win delegates best proof majority. Litigation proof yes yeah on SS yeah. And now it's it's just it's terrible and I'm sure Al west will come back and knock him off in two years after the the economy is. Has gone into another tailspin. Under this administration but still I mean what do what a terrible lot thing you know you've got to spend the next two years running around. Not getting paid not voting letting this guy have the franking privilege to scrap of Al Franken but you know I mean it's just it -- very it makes a very difficult for. Well it's pretty bad battle election night. And and really the only thing to say is. Well for one -- something had to be done about about these changing demographics and liberals would have you think that you know just to -- or persuasion may have changed. The minds of the American people and people are flocking -- didn't change anybody's mind they changed the electorate. I think they've put into effect in 1960 but yeah Romney won a larger percentage of the white vote and Ronald Reagan did. But in 1980 the white -- -- 88% of now what slot like 72%. And you -- more and more. And you know eventually we can probably get -- some of the newer immigrant but. They're by far a large coming from the Third World the Democrats in the we -- them into government assistance program. That's nothing -- in -- what they're going on the voting. For more government benefits and tax the rich and I want someone who who seems to understand that but that's the problem I don't think it's been Super -- And any other thing about 1980 was. Especially compared to -- 112 but I'm very hard to take up incumbent that was the model we are looking at. It didn't. Is that you know look what it was still in the pulling Mary and throughout. Throughout most of this summer he couldn't start the general election and then you run out of money list. Because if -- spent on the funny -- really until the fall Obama would bashing Romney Romney -- specifically not Newt Gingrich not expand or. In states like Ohio. All year of 2012 now content about the 1980. Jimmy Carter had a challenge from its Medigap. You want who have more of a primary battle and primary battle hurt and Republicans have got to get. In the early April that was a liberal third party Canada I mean and it was -- it was technically a Republican but Johnny Anderson was a liberal he was folksy Johnny Anderson the congressman from Illinois was taking votes away from more for my Jimmy Carter that he was from our right right. Whereas this time we got that eighty libertarian Gary Johnson and in some states like Colorado made different a lot of white males voted for the whether -- not libertarian. Armed but I lost colleagues that we got a lot -- little or congressional seats -- because of libertarian to -- -- -- here in Massachusetts. Let's just and then in the -- love she would've been a great she would have been a great. Person in the House Republican Caucus of black woman. Originally from Haiti it from you talk from -- A kid and she when she was well on the verge of victory until a few adults decided to vote for the libertarian. Yes yes they really do need to Republicans apple bought out. We need to find some more Ralph -- you know reality we need to get some some more -- -- Joel Stein didn't the word job you know all she was -- was -- around the country getting arrested -- at Keystone Pipeline. Line now. Up we've got to cut down on the primary schedule is geared to help. TV network ratings not to help the Republican Party to have these primary goal all along they've got to be wrapped up sooner. So that our eventual nominee is not still. Fighting off charges that you say. What they call about bolster Capital One of those Republicans attacking a puppet doormat. Right yet Newt Gingrich was Lou was Leo past master at go on after Romney for all the all the money -- made. Now that was good. Found it really help. Yet it -- -- -- in though what what what about the well what about the fact that that that that you know. The -- -- -- in the Wall Street Journal wrote that in some some ways there may be a silver lining here that you know that the economy is gonna be so screwed up -- two -- four years that the Republicans are gonna have to take the heat for. Yeah and and and you know -- and is as I said -- gonna blame that now on when the next climate you don't tumbles it begins the is he gonna blame George Bush will we know is gonna try to. Shot but the question is can even he succeed. Think that -- -- no it's true I mean anticipating a Romney win. I didn't figure it was going to be bad -- or about eighteen months of it may seem to be. Good under Obama at first that you need to work through. You need to work through bad mortgages you need to work through that -- Olympic problems. And also want people start hiring again. The unemployment rate we currently goes up a bit more people start looking for work at jobs are available so -- look bad under -- together did under Reagan -- the first. Eighteen months ago a year ago. But then we would have had a massive economic boon but the the blasted port twenty years. Under Obama will be exactly the reverse -- people are selling their app that's like Matt terrified of the capital gains taxes going to go through the roof if you have a small business -- -- that -- don't -- Al. If you own stock. Better for all before the end of the year until it looked like there's oldest investment activity going on prices will go down for stock and isn't that thousands. And a -- of purchasing but then. Well once. Once that's over it'll it'll be like that cash for clunkers -- a lot of phony government generated activity that we did not -- -- And now they're you know the trying to work -- these companies that are cutting down on the a number of hours that people work in the sub -- legal after the smaller companies withdrew more than fifty people cause there's too many laughter but you know. There's gonna there's going to be a lot at the average person you know is in the lower middle class and middle class. Is going to be making a lot less money because he's gonna have few more hours of these he has last year he's gonna have less chance to get a job wants obamacare kicks and and you know I just don't. You know I you know my my wife -- this -- building and when she she had a she had a good talent than that it was -- it was a woman's first job out of college and she was working at target -- hopefuls for -- You know full forty hour week a salary. And a target was one of the first ones that to move on obamacare or for whatever reason they kind of back to part time she had to move back and with their parents. How all these hopes that you know I don't know how she voted this woman but I felt bad for. But I wonder how a lot of these -- so there are gonna appeal these young kids who voted for Obama second time when when their jobs get cut down the temporary. It to. Under forty hours a week and they have to move back in with -- bad -- Yes well I'm secure because they were in good enough to vote for Obama to begin with. They will make absolutely no connection between the tilt yet and she's old UN I can still laugh at them -- -- I got out while I'm gonna laugh I was thinking about you know how comedy you know like you figure about -- 47%. Probably only about 30%. Like hard core you know people who just -- -- on the couch you get a freebie. What about that other 20%. Who who just happened to a suffered over the last -- almost 40% who happened -- suffered over the last. For years these -- people who voted for Obama again. What what what part of your have a job where you live than your parents basement do you not understand. And now it's now it's gonna just -- one like. Yes well apparently more important for them to do hate the risks. Aloha I don't know you wanna take a few calls AM and the author of -- And -- many other books 18774694322. Did you cancel out of somewhere it and so someone in my -- -- semi something did that the somebody cancel BO. Yes -- jesuit school Fordham university in New York that I can't say everyone else is more exercised about it and I am. I didn't really for one thing that does what art and they are at the most of the panic of school I don't know why but I get lots of college. -- the moon bats of the Catholic Church. -- yes suddenly I mean it's like something out of when Blair in the actor's -- Am not giving them a discount speech and I had been turned on a book signing at the union league club but already booked my notebook Fordham. No idea I got wind of some sort of -- got the cancellation I just thought great I can go to the union league. Billiard next with Howie -- and Ann Coulter go ahead bill. Although earlier Lauren. Whether big stages of school. I don't think there -- to -- but it. I'm good summer not I don't think he is I don't think Georgetown is. You really need that combines. I describe this about three book back in the Democrats had any brains they'd be Republicans that they -- go to college these kind of broke down. The sort of receptions like yet and what you can anticipates. Ultimately there are two factors one -- -- is just what are generally dangerous and the second when he as low SAT scores. She she adores me on the problems. I must say even Harvard Yale all the hiding in their equivalent. And kids have been much intellectual pride that stand up and screamed and -- war. But they want to challenge you 1 question I -- there and the kids the better schools are always bluntly to me. When I technical knowledge I'm speaking out and it has very low admittance. Requirement. About what we need a bodyguard. She. I got on the questions I -- so that we you know over the election do we stand a chance this guy is the Communists. And he's very very dangerous. How is getting try to -- the majority of one. -- really -- We have 32 who's present at not accountable anyone. Not elected. And they have guns step on this is we don't think coming. By way of policy bureaucracy actually. And regulating. And as -- -- that different thing they'll Petraeus did they -- open stood down when he gets hot. The Democrats they haven't been able to implement Jack Kennedy you know we look twice and having do we have a chance. Don't try to look on the bright side here at the you know -- they're doing some plea bargaining right now with not only with Jesse Jackson junior but also with his wife seeking and the is it was an Alderman in in Chicago they may they may get two for the price of one year -- and mom to let go. Well you know let's look daily at the glass is half full sometimes. The stuff. I am meeting on line what I'm most worried about it obamacare going into effect and that really will wrap -- the country and there will be no turning back. I'd been reading a lot today. About how he he may well be delayed and could easily be delayed and probably will be delayed. But as the State's top agreed that all of these state exchanges won't want to have to be set up America so much bureaucracy they're legal challenges from the Catholic Church. On the contraception mandate. So it may take awhile and I think people aren't going to like hit it will be in new went -- and I do think we have a very good chance that four years but. Again and I'm gonna say -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm in a statement from now until we start our nominating process. No members of congress. Four years from now that we don't know female candidates we can't do something risky in in the election that is our last chance -- -- America. I'm -- this was our last chance to save America. That was you know but there have to be -- -- analysis. And risk. And I want somebody who's Smart and nobody for amnesty I'm looking at Ted Cruz -- the new senator from technical extremely Smart. Mike and the new governor of Indiana. Ron Johnson that he he he party an extremely Smart candidate. I don't -- or -- senator from what confident we have the Smart -- -- don't get distracted by shiny objects Republicans remember. No congressman no businessman who has never held elected office. And probably not a woman at the moment is going to be elected president. 617 says you won't -- turn helping to win over a minute many libertarian voters may be a more true small government anti war candidates like a Pat Buchanan were running. Republicans would lose these votes. Well I love Pat Buchanan. I don't think Pat Buchanan solitary and -- -- he believes I mean he believes -- parts libertarians. -- -- -- Bet you do. I think what what could you be about fifty. Probably the -- libertarian candidate Republicans have ever run for whatever the -- during the debates if you want to above. Well and Herman Cain are always really bought on Romney Ron Paul -- constantly going after Newt Gingrich constantly going after bands are. Out of real businessman. Who instead I'd like being able to fire people who provide services stalemate. He had a he had market solutions they want descending back to the states which is of course the process for a we're getting government out of your life and not in your life. This up libertarian candidate Republicans have ever run. You know you thinking last night. I wouldn't be happened depressed and I'm in we have -- everything we talk. What -- the -- that we help help but I knew that for four years from now Romney would be the president I didn't I didn't. I could bide my time I just think they'll get it up for years Armageddon and that will get in Mitt Romney. But you know what that's like mentioning some of the Republicans I'd like right now looking at. Looking out for more years from now. The -- we are never gonna have Mitt Romney is apparently knows you mentioned the fat man. -- Have you given up on the fat man. One thing that that. A that I that bugged me out and I've defended on the hurricanes think that he needed federal money. I'm mad at some point he's come out and say federal disaster relief money was being held up my mail I got the lead Obama into the bank. What really weird we bothered me more than anything else and I think you do yeah Alex is that he won the game that -- I know let -- bugged me that does bug me that's there's a certain high school group previous to that the. Abbott Gingrich now that he was all explained to the crowd -- -- hang out of the people load began Hillary Clinton and it goes on meet the -- and called Paul Ryan the Medicare reform plan right wing social engineering and that's one thing I always liked about Romney he went. You could hundreds of millions of dollars if you want to hang out my hand them. Or go to cocktail parties with actresses he could have but he didn't want -- -- horrible sinking feeling that Chris Christie and they want -- that's a. Yeah he EI -- the game you know Wall Street Journal says he's all done as there is a Republican. -- -- a few years to be governor and he does have many great points. And governor I do think make better presidents and presidential candidates and senators still but but you know he's one of several at this point I'm. Are catching Toobin taken over in the techsters that the libertarian text -- seem to have taken over the one basket they wanna know how you stand on legalization of we'd. Yeah it -- we need to have dalmatians. Adding every aspect I want -- wanted to -- -- -- Armani. And. And they also won -- nor too big of Rand Paul in 2060. Early app finally right about libertarians in my book -- Barry Goldwater -- no big help to the Republican Party contrary. Can be liberal mythology about that by picking it pure and preparing him being out on the 1960 -- Civil Rights -- Goldwater nearly destroyed the Republican Party. We didn't win the state he want that the wedge southern strategy for another forty years on the Dixiecrat finally died opt out. Pure pure right wing anger pure income on on abortion rights that would. With Aiken and Murdoch purely as a mom libertarian is the predictions don't all work and really old vivid example -- -- he tried to -- that they libertarian position. -- he'd be with great diplomat -- in 1960 port Civil Rights Act and nearly imploded in an entire campaign he quickly backed panel. Do you get things done you know -- can't monitor around in -- in our Obama compensation. Details since. Around Christine Obama smooth. But look around and say yes but I would pure. -- -- But pity that he -- they -- on shows like this one you know to try to talk people in New Hampshire out of voting for Gary Johnson of course they rip them to shreds and called -- must latest Republican. You know like I mean you have to be you have to -- a 100% of. You have to you have to. Right exactly. In -- of ice and -- it will what's your father do what your father doing and he's so -- you know we didn't run for president so he's -- endorse Romney but on the other hand needed to run for president so obviously even his father. Has a as as some sort of the you know while pragmatism. Yeah you -- -- a look at. Right yeah after running once as a libertarian at bottom his lesson. -- expect that this might libertarian argument out there but you know gimme a break dancing on. Well we haven't Gary Johnson is even with the. Now if the Republicans gave on amnesty for libertarians will be the viable third party says 337. Well I agree with the sentiment the Republicans absolutely not -- caught amnesty look what it's gotten a sweep into the wall street journal of Michael Barone all of these. People swearing up and down don't worry Hispanic although the way of the Italians won't know they get. They continue percent 3% of the population when Ronald Reagan ran in 1988 to 13% in the last election. Reagan got nearly 40% of the Hispanic vote by the -- up 14% of the black vote. I think that's because those were American black then -- we've gotten a lot of immigrants. Hispanic and and black and -- the arms calling it Democrats are ushering them saturate in the Democratic Party by the time it'll pick up the decade to win them back into a freedom lobbying position but -- don't -- we don't. And Coulter thanks for being with us you're the author of -- -- and we won't be seeing -- Fordham University but obviously -- -- -- weren't sure in the. League club that night the argument of. Great thanks again thanks to bill what the Stockton next week on how we --