Nov 14, 2012|

In his first press conference since the election, President Obama was annoyed when a reporter said the senate was not looking kindly on the possible nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to Secretary of State because of her role in the Benghazi misinformation tour. The President said "If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me." Howie posted that Benghazi could be Obama's Watergate and asked for callers impression on the Administration's handling of this snafu.

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Who is more attractive pol abroad while she'll kill me. Paula brought it at 55%. Currently it's been up for a little bit. Really that's that's OK okay so people thought that the -- Kelly might actually win but I. I EI my -- I'm voting for Paul brought well especially. Especially after the at the sound cut the the sound cut that from 911 that they played I mean. -- Jo Kilroy there's something to I I know it doesn't mean she thinks she's a diplomat issues think she's a -- and she says she's inviolable inviolable I've never heard that word before. But let's -- -- took hole cut before he before gifted to the press conference despite -- it. This is finished Joseph Kelly you know will be read the reporters this is the she's she's holed up -- error. For close -- home on -- -- on right on the bay in Tampa nice area pound. But -- it's reached the she broke the house have been foreclosed twin sister is broke and she has she's been foreclosed on. But she she calls of 911 NC wants -- she wants them to scatter the the the riff Raff from fourth -- Ottawa that diplomatic community kind of thing if you had it only exist secure in another country not appear in your own. Right Willis also you know she's the first. You know she got a -- which it says honor that's one of those words -- on -- -- area is another word for it means not nothing lead to -- the -- them is nothing it's kind of like a resolution. -- better resolution here from the city count. You've got a resolution okay comeback when you got a law from the city council -- -- legislature congress spoke at the upcoming mobile communal -- resolutions in the communal speaker honorary mr. artery that. But she's such it is she serious she's she's. She really believes that she has some kind of clout because she's -- lottery something. -- He then took place. I don't think it helped Kelly. I have a guy in my backyard and do not leaning in and somebody ought to look at. I don't I don't -- it. Why he got known it all younger guy like it'll -- Eric. He -- act and what I got my back on my home. And I'm like yeah you know. My knee at impact -- -- out. I won't I won't. People aren't gray shirt and I think dark jeans a -- up a -- and thirteen banking and got a car parked at a aren't shocked crack -- I don't hit -- -- -- my neighbor on an account what my pocket. And you look at at what and I parent hard copy or a girl and got back and forth and -- -- Now he walked into it and what an can -- called. And he won't -- Well. I don't know that I mean. Waiting there. I would -- I'm -- I can't I would. Click on the honorary uncle and all hell -- in probability they'll. Actually it's not a lot. Talk about you get diplomatic -- -- about the ball. -- -- -- that -- -- on the up his Alley you know. And I don't. Aren't -- about pilot does -- Control. You would. Diplomatic police station. Oh man. What would -- areas. One -- it is your house no -- the early in my house it's it belongs to the bag cutesy Dave they foreclosed on I'm just I'm just living at that. B is like here really moved to the office building that my husband and I my fat -- my eyes on downtown because. That's been foreclosed upon as well. Maybe she should go to console since it's an honorary consul. All right so once 978 says that she's a twin that makes her hot there. Yeah I -- I don't know that I don't get I don't bottle I've never heard that that theory that just because somebody's at -- them makes them higher. There but again to they're both broke they're both they're both postponed called broke the idea they'd be there room. There and bankruptcy and some financial judgment runs in the family. I guess it does and you know I mean that they're her husband's at her husband is a is oncologists a surgeon I mean he she should have some though Buckley is at yesterday's. Kind of fat firsts and see too many overweight doctors speaking of doctors by the way before what we'll talk more if you -- he would. I don't know the I don't know the Wellesley doctor drew was having had a bit of a problem that the whole whole foods the other day I assume you've seen the the photographs of that of the videotape the surveillance video paper for smashing through with hitting a tree -- -- -- And she was she was. She was wasted at the and 8:45 in the morning going. Extra visitors for office -- -- -- emergency room at Newton Wellesley hospital and now they've changed the story Nash who's heading home from new wells -- all like much it was -- she's she was changed historical day. Seoul. Where did where did she take on the foreign load as we used to call it that. Police him amusement -- I don't know you know I don't have a prescription drugs that she herself prescribed for -- else against the rules. But you know why they're there aren't any bar -- between between where -- between Newton Wellesley and and the whole foods like him and that -- -- Can go anywhere. Which the school for Pargo on I mean you know. You know I thought there was only one day of the year that you're allowed to drink in the morning you know and get away with not be you know looked askance at -- Thanksgiving morning -- -- only if you're going to but he took a local high school football game and this of course was not Thanksgiving morning. She was there to pick up -- Turkey. She was 82 weeks in this was last Friday -- their pick up a Turkey the Thanksgiving was thirteen days away at the time and she was buying her Turkey already. Well you buy it but you don't you order a pretty excellent pick up until the week before. A little you know I just how they do it -- whole foods I'm just not find that your keeping an album time you go ahead of time to -- the Turkey just don't pick it up see. I think she's getting -- -- -- she's going to be able to beat the rap because she she I think she's -- real would be to -- by reason of insanity she was listening to NPR. She see she told cops that she was listening to NPR when Chia when she went bananas. I'm just glad she wasn't trying to recharge for Prius it wasn't a Prius and I'm sure her other cars Prius. I'm just -- wasn't trying to recharge your Prius -- she probably were forgotten to what take out of batteries. -- the big battery charger and a that you were wrecked the I was charging station. And I and I would hate that I would hate to have -- have to repair because they don't leave me no -- park when I go to the whole fruits while ago. -- will talk more about her later on to. 18774694322. Obvious sport now that you can keep both Kelly and brought while I don't want either of them. He asked the guy was my house today he was there one guy knows one of the 21 of the treatment. Tyson who were -- I was like Chet asked about the question he said he would prefer. Should broad what was to wall divisive four she's forty she stool BCI like -- young like Monica Lewinsky. They should be able Monica Lewinsky was he said the beaten here he said the only matter how old were. 18774694. Is this why is this woman a friend of crash -- actually she may be crash memories personal physician doctor power. When -- first -- with doctor how what I was thinking of doctor right you know optimal ordered doctor sham power you know -- -- issues Wright issue was really driving like The Three Stooges that's for sure. 187746943221. While that's Wellesley doctor drive Subaru shops -- whole foods and listens to NPR classic -- that. Yes saint patty's day you can drink you're yeah you're right say it's 413 is right you can drink early announcing at Saint Patrick's Day. If you're going to a parade one of those stupid breakfast. But other Saint Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving the only nation entry in the morning and get away with it. 18774694322. That's the toll free number about how our show tonight. Barack Obama just had his first press conference. And eight months and I didn't that they asked him a pro forma question about -- Ghazi and and then that was it and he just kind of -- that off -- And then they want to you know -- -- pocket let him mention the the phrase middle class about eight million times during the course of the press conference but. But finally they doubled back around to. -- -- To bin -- and and it's and a specifically Susan Rice. -- and there was a press conference held earlier today by by senators McCain. Graham and Kelly a shot from from New Hampshire. And that they were they were demanding answers about about you know what did the what did the administration no one when did they know. And and -- you know they and they they said that the -- we're gonna make it really tough on Susan Rice if she comes the the UN ambassador she's nominated for the secretary of states to -- And the reason they were were if they they were saying that of course -- -- reason that they were being. Coming down hard on Susan Rice. Is because she went out there on the Sunday afternoon it had happened September 11 what you believe was Tuesday in September 16. Sunday the next Sunday she went on. All five of the of the chattering skull shows. And you know ABC NBC CBS CNN and fox. And and and said that it was all caused by the by by the video. And so. So they asked them based at what's what's -- what's up with this you're gonna nominate this woman even though she and and so Barack says. Well she she the cheap -- testify she she she won on those shows and a it and she answered those questions to the best of our ability to the best of her ability at that time. Which which is not true. Mean that's not true they they knew immediately. -- that it was a that that it it was the an offshoot of al-Qaeda that attacked the the embassy. And then and so then so then he gets. All huffy you know he's he always likes that he always likes to set up much -- Red hair you know. So he says well if -- if if Senator McCain and senator Graham and others wanted to go after her than they ought to come after me. So he doesn't include Kelly a even though I'm sure he knows the Kelly Ayotte was the third one at the press conference because she wants to make it seem like 22 was nasty nasty old men or semi old man. Are in in query and Graham Graham nastiest case our rock our kicking on a you poor woman of color. You know but that's the case. That's not the case and again she. She was not -- or -- they did not tell that they either told her a liar they didn't tell her what what was really. What that what the truth watch this there's only one -- -- local the only two options here they knew that it had nothing to do with the video. They either again I repeat they either told -- lie. Or they didn't tell her the truth about what was what was. What it really happen and they and they sent her out there and -- and she lied. In -- rapid fire succession five times to the unit to the American people. Yeah looks 617 looks like Obama's press conference worked out about 160 in getting worse well he keeps talking about raising taxes. The the people and the people of the millionaires and billionaires you know the people making over 250000. Those that those are billionaires to those that those of the billionaires. If you make over 250000. You when your spouse together Europe billion your brilliance. And you know he's he won't compromise on that because he otherwise. The middle class field Wednesday now they raise all this money and I guess it's worth what one. It's worth maybe one and Monday night when 110 of the that it would handle 110 of the deficit at this point to have lea. They major impact on the deficit to raise taxes on the so called millionaires and billionaires people making over 250000. But you know he just throws that out there and they just -- that the guy is it is he has learned a thing you know. He's eighties he's like the birds in France in Somalia. He never forgets he what does that say he never forget he never learns that he never forgets. 18774694322. Let's say you can drink early -- checking out storm damage. I don't think he was drinking early now I know you know I it would be better he was drinking but he did that mean. Breathalyzer test and I don't think I don't think the state cops I mean I know they try to cover up that hole at -- the results of the -- The investigation of the accident involving crash Marie but I don't think that would I don't think that would light and medium medium mighty. 1877469432218774694322. The CD's that this coma telling the truth here what what is. What is the problem here why can't they tell the truth and you know it's it's very interesting too that. Though we we have McCain we have -- let's let's play the McCain. Cut here let's let's play the McCain. From about up from the press conference that. Front runner now force secretary of state you told CBS. Last night that you'll do everything to stop her confirmation. Why. She's not qualified anyone who goes on national television. In defiance of the facts five days later. We're all responsible for what we say in what we do. I'm responsible to -- voters she is responsible. To the senate in the United States. We have our responsibilities. For advice and consent. That I was on face the nation that morning she came on and told that. Incredible story right after the president of the Libyan National Assembly said it was al-Qaeda we know was al-Qaeda and pitching -- and changed her story. So can you help me understand the senator can you know this better than anyone in the CIA talking points that were prepared on September 15. The same data at rice was on all those Sunday shows and face the nation. That's said that currently available information suggest the demonstrations in many -- were spontaneously. Inspired by the protests at the US embassy was the failure with the UN ambassador where's the failure with the intelligence coming out of the CIA. Well within three days. There was additional information which clearly refuted that that's why we need to select committee if -- select committee says that. She was not -- guilty of misleading the American people. But all these conflict consulate and -- guys in which turned into a death house. And somebody has to be held response understood and Susan Rice is the press the United States didn't Susan Rice say that she moved all the information was not in and she did not know everything that was to be known in -- -- What you would want her to say. Not not when not believe that she percent of the cases absolutely this was a flash -- thanks. You look at the reruns -- because I have who have been there that morning from. You know she didn't she didn't say that you know we don't know she said it was caused by this video in this -- mob this spontaneously. Gathered to watch. To seek some kind of retribution on another great Satan for a for for allowing this Egyptian copped to make this it's stupid video. A Portuguese got -- sat I mean that's where it came down and here listen -- been mrs. Obama's response here this -- from the press conference just now. Plus Senator John McCain and senator Lindsay Graham both -- did they wanna have Watergate style hearings on the attack. On the US consulate in Benghazi and said that if you nominate Susan Rice to be secretary of state they will do everything in their power to block her nomination. A senator Graham said he simply doesn't trust. Ambassador rice after what she set about in -- I'd like your reaction to that in and would those threats deter you from making nomination what does that. Well first of all and under comment at this point on. Various nominations at all put forward. To fill up my cabinet for the second term and those are things that are still being discussed. But monitors server about Susan Rice she has done an exemplary work. She has represented the United States and our interest in the United Nations. -- -- skill. And professionalism. And toughness. And grace. As I've said before. She made an appearance. At the request of the White House. In which she. He gave her best. Understanding. Of the intelligence that had been provided just wasn't very good. Senator McCain. And senator Graham and others want to go after somebody they should go after me. And I'm happy to have that discussion with a but for them to go after. The UN ambassador. Who had nothing to do live in Gaza. Bloom -- was it was certainly making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received. -- strong and that was march her reputation. Because outrageous. And no. -- ever ever. Who who would besmirch your -- I think it is important. For us to find out exactly what happened in the Gaza and I'm happy to cooperate in any way you tell the truth if congress wants. We have provided every bit of information and we ask that you not and we will continue to provide of the nation and got a full blown investigation. And all that information will be disgorged. To congress disgorged we're. And I don't think there's any debate in this country that when you have four Americans killed that's a problem okay we -- get enough. And then you know you don't press conference with the McCain in him and amnesty and it and Kelly -- the the reporters. We're taking a cost by Palestinians. Ports -- confrontational stance -- what you need this for. He mentioned the -- Republican president they were and so something like the world these. These high school on the in the in the edge on ball and magic of John Bolton had gone out life on five shows. You think they get that approved the media would not be saying we don't we don't that need to. You know what's wrong why are you going after -- -- John Bolton and you know why -- you what why you know he just he was doing what he was -- panel thinks it's just it's pitiful. And then again the pro forma question at the came from the AP the first question. But then nothing -- no questions were asked about the -- guys a year about the or about the approach Petraeus or he has until what until fox. Crap out got a -- shot the likes me the -- there's no there's capsules we know. Interest in in confronting. His wonderful us among the so called mainstream. Media. 18774694322. Sounds like you're doing a good great job brownie. I you know I I've got a story -- region later today the New York Times has finally you know what the New -- that it's an amazing thing. The CNB -- hurricane was four weeks ago. In the New York Times finally discovered today. But this this. Power agencies squads like public power -- agency that said that's that's not get much done. That were put lights back on Long Island. Is -- is is basically controlled by a Governor Cuomo who was been denouncing the agency that some it's an amazing thing for two weeks. He got a free right he's going up theories that he's denouncing white I think it's call Long Island power authority. And finally today they replaced. Hey you know what he controlled -- Better late than never New York Times we'll get into that later on toast let's take some calls on this. You know Obama's trying to -- try to -- this announcement saying that machine. I don't understand so he's basically saying that that. -- he say he is early wasn't -- earlier defense that he knew what was her as a during the debate. His earlier defense was he knew all was terrorism. Right. It -- Candy Crowley tried to help him out that's what -- that's the point he was making even though we just mentioned it vaguely in in passing. Yet now he's saying that. Susan -- four days later. Had every reason to believe it was operating on the best intelligence but it wasn't terrorism so I mean witches it. Mean again the story has changed yet again. Jason your next with how -- cargo ahead Jason. It's you know it's like any other reaching takeover. It went to keep flashing back to the video of Saddam Hussein when he had when he took over he had almost cabinet members and general everybody in one world. Any -- that that was a plot against any took them one at a time and shot that. Forced the other membership there so not only did get rid of this opposition. He also -- on burying. One LT from Iraq. Obama not taking the ball back and shoot them but he can -- Taking out everybody that opposed him and he's putting his own people just like every operational takeover. In history. They sure have they sure have eliminated a lot of generals or their on the verge of eliminating general -- we've been even -- -- -- -- you know you might he might think would be loyal to him like -- the black general. From the African command you know he I mean he's gone toe pick -- busted down to start he got busted two stars down you know. Yeah he's he's cleaning house and he's putting people in and who's going to be able to oppose. That's a whole thing and nobody's seen this has already -- I mean really beat the timing of this trouble now. Pitching what the big politically correct. Ridiculous. -- I don't understand. -- thanks thanks for the call Jason 18774694322. -- how -- car. -- 187746. Times more regulations through. Basically. Like it boiled down the -- press conference -- forget all the class warfare talking about going after those those -- billionaires who make 250000. A year before taxes. You could say is it you boil it down is nothing to see here folks move along -- -- -- it's it's okay you know now you know what the Libya left wing media now as saying. You know one Condoleezza Rice talked about the weapons of mass destruction to when she did not what you was popular yet the differences everybody. But there were weapons of mass destruction. In Iraq when she was saying it most the -- the vast majority of Democrats in the senate vote to authorize an action against Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein wouldn't let anybody know. -- let anybody visit the the country to war in the inspectors visit the country to confirm one way or another whether the war. WMD's. In in the desert. And here. We already according to the president. According to the president he knew about the terrorism. They are to be a day or two after you're or the day after. 9/11 he knew that it was a terrorist attack yet she was yet she was sent out there. And and was given either faulty information or she bought right. 413 says Obama is like Baghdad Bob nothing wrong here as the Marines are running around behind him. Yeah they know -- let's listen to what. Here's by the way. Petraeus is now point to see it it depends on who who you -- which which story you read on the wires but. He's either point to testify tomorrow. Or -- Friday about the about Ben -- And Charles Krauthammer had a very interesting point last night on -- on faux. I think the really shocking news today. Was that. General Petraeus. Side and hoped he could keep his job. He thought that it might in would be kept secret and is he should stay in his position. I think what that tells us is really important. It meant that he understood. That the FBI obviously knew what was going on he was hoping that those administration officials would not. Disclose what had happened. And therefore hoping that he would keep his job and that meant that he understood. That his job. He is a reputation his legacy is hole. Celebrated life was in the hands of the administration. And he expected they would protect him by keeping it quiet. And that brings us to the ultimate issue how bad visions as you know on September 13. That's the thing that connects the two scandals and that's the only thing that -- makes the sex scandal. Relevant otherwise it would be an exercise in sensationalism. And it could fly erosion and nothing else. The reason it's important -- here's a man who knows administration holds his faith in his hands and he gives testimony completely at variance. With what the secretary of defense that -- the day before. Had the variance with what you've heard from station chief in Tripoli and leave everything that we had heard what she influenced by the fact that he knew his fate. Was held by people in the administration at that time. -- I see is as I said yesterday and it occurred to me just as we're talking about it I mean this is that it is this is a very. Similar to the situation back in the early sixties. Beat Kennedy's. President Jack and attorney general Bobby his brother wanted to get -- It's wing a German spy when he was in some kind of navy officer training school down in Charleston, South Carolina. And so he he had that that was the sort hang over the Kennedy said they couldn't get -- they couldn't get rid of about. -- They have a sword hanging over Petraeus has had so we he had to go along with the program. I don't think he's gonna I don't think he's gonna really. You know tell Leah. I don't think he's gonna tell us senate this they were every meets with the senate and house -- it's committee together. I don't think he's gonna tell a lot because there's probably big -- -- afraid of retribution. 18774694322. Bill Kristol said that's he was told that the editor about the weekly standard and he's a regular on fox. Innings in his neo con and he's a you know he's he's he's you know he's he's been kind of about squishy at. If you will go over and over the last couple years but he -- somebody told him last night diary yesterday. The Petraeus when he first appeared before the the the investigators she said that. Do you want the do you want the real story you want the official story. Meaning. Meaning you know there's the era the good. The real story of the official story is at variance with the facts which I think we can all -- 18774694322. Ultimately unfortunately I think you won't say much I agree he should tell the truth even if he's court martial -- plenty of opportunities to make money later. 617 says space it's Stevens killed himself well I would be that would be the -- that would be even better when like Vince Foster he kill themselves Carl your next with how we cargo ahead Carl. -- it portico and so where does the American people well -- -- wake up there in real lives that were being pulled around -- knows. And Obama about what -- -- on -- -- you don't have a situation like and president United States does not know what's going on. And yet he's gonna conduct a thorough investigation. Which is -- they felt. It is it he's gonna he's going to interrogate himself and then after he finishes interrogating himself -- no cross examine himself. To look for roles in his testimony. And so the American people. -- layers and layers and books and layers. Are. Excuse present situation. Just in case it happened -- -- work -- the United States of America government. You. Can't be it will be. Brought up by president let you have. You'll remember the old let -- show Mission Impossible right they always said that if -- you know if you were captured. The secretary will deny any knowledge of your actions that -- goes back forty. Forty plus years you know. -- stroke so you don't think they would broke the trip out of the box. Yeah -- perfect situation for you gave this guy -- game -- about this relationship. Don't you think what we get on the and now he's gonna tell the truth he -- showed out fruitful here. Yeah well I don't either make the argument to that easy you know few allies it is you know he is set his in it's it is. Integrity is. And his truthful -- rhapsody has been impeached by his -- About two is to a spouse. How car.