Obama Redux

Nov 14, 2012|

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said this afternoon in response to President Obama's come after me comment this afternoon "Mr. President, don't think for one minute I don't hold you ultimately responsible for Benghazi. I think you failed as Commander in Chief before, during, and after the attack," Howie wanted to know who else blamed the President for Benghazi, the economy, and your general malaise.....

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Steve your next with how we cargo ahead Steve. You know. Tallying. Yes she's making and giant mistake if she gets involved in Baghdad these things. -- you know let me explain exactly why perimeter away and Scott Brown got elected. It was a special election right it was in a presidential year it's okay so marriage yeah elective. Yeah this -- look what happened during the presidential year got swept -- is going OK you look at what happened in New Hampshire. Everything went democratic. Okay so what's gonna happen in four years how he -- should -- up for reelection again. I think she'll do just fine state. Well it's going to be a presidential year -- OK and that. Well you know a New Hampshire I mean I know New Hampshire that the senate remains in Republican hands in New Hampshire house remains in Republican hands. I know the two congressmen were swept out in the and and over the lost for governor. But it waited in Massachusetts. Is little different from New Hampshire I think she'll lie I think should be okay. I and you know what what -- why is it. What why is it a mistake to what to take a stand on principle Amaechi she she believes that. This woman went out and and and did not Talbott wrote to the American at all. -- so she's not so she's not she's supposed to worry about something -- yell -- high a so called tidal wave that's gonna happen in four years. By the way Steve you'll be really think do you really think what do what is the economy would be like in four years. How I'll tell you it's got to be a disaster. I think Barack. Exactly larger story okay one of the biggest reasons. Why Scott Brown laws would -- voted again. The confirmation of Kate yes. Yet as well he should -- she was totally unqualified. For the job she's I'd spend more time in courtrooms than she adds. OK but when -- -- liked that a case now well. That's tough block you know maybe some play this up -- -- somebody is unqualified. Steve he you know he Eudora I didn't think you're way ahead of you wanted to pander to everyone -- -- suggesting is that everything has to be GS pander to everybody. I mean again. Elaine -- in the lower part -- They Kagan is not qualified to be on the Supreme Court out. Just why does that. Go ahead. It's steadily. Is seen. As attacking a woman who especially a black woman who -- whereabouts link as it was given was never in the information. And while I power and you know why did she she lied okay. If if Condoleezza Rice can be accused of lying when even Democrats believe that. But now of course because it's a Democrat. We have to sell all its okay. Hey I've tired of the double lenders are already. Ali. I'll let you speak one more yeah one more -- statement. Okay you keep on making war. Fatal mistake in fair bet that Saddam Hussein would let any inspectors and saw an -- look who's there for each. Odds blacks oh yeah yeah CNN CNN seeing eye dog and his white Keane where there you outcry and relax anyway. I'd rather have there are only right -- -- -- was investigating Whitey Bulger to got great hands blacks. Please. 18774694322603. Says I think Kelley's office but bank and by the way 603 am guessing for -- area code. He lives in New Hampshire. I'm sure it lives in the United States of America 18774694322. Steve your next with power and cargo ahead -- I don't think there's any different being a problem the Bush Administration Eric Pat Tillman Waxman's committee. Bang you know they all couldn't. They also couldn't recall president -- all of sudden what it was was quoted. Was as a label does not interested in and we found out that. Tragically was killed. By and -- -- I mean I mean come on what I mean it is the I don't think the Republican within their own way to say that -- -- it. Out. Yeah so did did what we could Pat Tillman have been -- I know I don't know. No court in court and say that's the depth here there are areas there is all likely way towards a chance there was a -- Or fight going on and the the White House in the CIA in the Defense Department and the African commanded spot art. All these places all these. Defense agencies and and intelligence agencies were following it in real time and we equipment. Nobody did anything that's the difference. Mean Pat Tillman wept for friendly fire is just something that that happens. You -- India in the blink of -- It's always happen as general Stonewall Jackson was killed during the civil war by friendly fire the always been people killed by friendly fire I mean it's it's a -- -- -- Pat Tillman was killed but I. I don't think that there's any way he could have been saved I mean I think these guys could have been -- that's the big difference. Thanks for -- call. -- how can you compare -- to the two cases which are trying to you know make an excuse your work and top Democrat on. Points. 18 so what is this -- -- radio hour so this for a one I don't know 18774694322. Let's see. Maybe five people based based their of their -- vote on the on on the well Steve Christie must get the facts -- all the talking points rice's -- so you can't attacker so blame bush. Yeah Pat Tillman did not die due to bush in action that's street that's when that's the point that was Mike. You know. I mean don't you think if bush had known that Pat Tillman was in budget danger or anybody was in danger and Afghanistan they what do they what they were gone about form I think they wouldn't veto your next without -- -- -- veto. -- -- -- -- combat veteran myself. Yes that belt or -- -- -- short course in the obvious based national veto. Background -- already talking about yeah. Are people that it was by. Yeah exactly the way they always have you know in and that's the way and they all was well unfortunately. It. What a good -- I just thought of another guy who died from friendly fire famous guy Glenn Miller of the the big band leader right there were -- -- we there was a there was a plane there -- -- he was flying over the English Channel for -- the UK to France. And in the was a plane coming back from bombing Germany and it was it was seven problems have been hit by a jaish eighty aircraft fire. And so it dumped at sub Bob strategist by a terrible thing good bit of coincident bombs. Fell on Glenn Miller is -- kill but that's relief could FDR have prevented that I don't think so now. -- -- -- I actually watched that movie when I was in Germany. Spain like that these -- -- I don't know what it was made but it. Yeah I think it was in the fifties with go with the Jimmy Stewart it was it. Glenn Miller was he was he was a genius I -- he was barely edit would a guy but very very talent that go ahead. Gave it -- I want to say out of pocket. Why you're -- new episode I did last caller got real -- Beat all tell you you know I I was the Glenn Miller on the forty channel on magic radio satellite radio I turned I turned it on the other day. You know analyst and some would Ketchum Glenn Miller get my fix. Guess what it was holiday traditions first facial going to switch over to Holland did to Christmas music now I can't listen to it for a month and half. I don't care I don't care about Christmas music I wanna hear the bad -- you know. They alleyways got to change his spacious so -- Ali there's is that they'll Israel politically about yeah. We're not gonna get credit it's that Big Brother Richie oh how there's. For -- -- -- -- I think it'll perjured himself. And you know so it is just it's just start telling you get a get the Tea Party so we have -- I know. -- I I agree I don't think I I have no I have no confidence whatsoever the Petraeus is gonna say anything I think. I think they probably could make it even worse for Petraeus they they probably have. You know and now they got that now they've did go on in after all these months they finally decide what two days -- to go win two -- Paula brought wells' house in Charlotte and and take out all these allegedly classified documents -- -- Where I think we're big -- this investigation started in June. Smoke now how the -- all right. Right I know ball -- I know it's always nice to have something in your pocket on somebody that was you know it's always good. Yep thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Yeah 802 says hey Steve how many bush -- officials lied about Pat Tillman were rewarded with something like an ambassador's job and thanks for the lies they told. 18774694322. It's. Should they just do this -- my conspiracy to put more moon -- on it just happened that that's the way it that that's the way it broke down. I you know talk about it tenuous connection making waves making some connection between Ben -- and a pat till I mean that's just. That's some somebody is -- comes from the fever swamps of -- you know further left than. Daily costs are. The EU Democrat underground show on your next with how we cargo -- on. -- And I just believe it there's too many people like Steve in the United States -- thing. To go away because. I mean I do believe that. -- like -- like he says you're read as a legalized or not they end up that principles just to get reelected. Stay in office or whatever it. Just up to these guys -- do what's right -- on -- that's what's wrong. Right right people most people most of the time we're gonna do what's in their own self interest and I and I don't. Unfortunately. Unlike with deep throat mark felt I don't I don't see anybody serving their -- their own personal interest. By blowing the whistle on what happened that includes a general Hammond. Everybody -- was listening and that -- they're all gonna. They're all gonna dummy up because that you know again work. Where are they gonna be lionized shop of the gonna be lionized by them by the mainstream media I don't think so they'll be a drag over the coals. Are they gonna get a big big book contract like Valerie Plame so she could sell about as many boxes Deval Patrick did know she's no they're not gonna give anybody a big book contract because. You're going up against the what the what the publishers. That take his their political gospel which is that Obama's bright. Very long -- you won't carry out this stay away from it all of this because. It's politically that just to show the country's gone so well. I don't know well it's Steve's Steve is that the guy Newsom said Kelly they ought that was Macon political tactical error he's from he's from Canada. He should that's the only that's -- that's what he's talking about that's I don't I don't believe it's a mistake. I don't think for you it's in early elections for years away anyway I mean I think she's I think she's shown up. Sure a lot of courage I'm glad she Shaw I'm glad she's -- make me. You know making this a stand. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Lee your next with power cargo Headley. -- doesn't even have any radio station keeping calm in the great white north and -- and -- You know that's it. I think isn't it is that kind of semi monopoly and you you know that's that's what happens when you have even semi monopoly and Juliet says the via the product whether it's whether -- radio were rock. Or were cigarettes or automobiles it's it's not as good as it is and in a totally free enterprise. Kind of when I hear these guys like Stephen bell and the end yacht I just want to hack my remote controls so -- that I -- TV. Now my god man. Out. Though anger out they actually call at 187746943221. What's up with Obama meeting with move on got to work. How about that I you know I got to region this thing -- yeah. His meeting yesterday he had a meeting did you did you notice it was in the press conference that if you heard it. I had a meeting with some community leaders yesterday minutes on you me he met with you know. -- bishop. And you know some some guy from the chamber of commerce as a company met with all the left these yesterday. Big collective masses this in the Wall Street Journal the collective message of the left wing labor leaders and activists who sat with the president yesterday it was this. No compromise on entitlements because -- can keep going up forever to pay for them. Taxes can keep going up forever. Taxes can defy the law of gravity. Then back to the Wall Street Journal yet as President Obama knows all the higher tax revenue he is asking for would only raise EV two billion a year under the most. Optimistic circumstances. This is assuming again that the -- rich don't start disappearing which -- well. Then you know they won't they won't that be less necessarily less rich but there will be -- find ways around -- their companies will -- the will buy the house swarmed the companies will buy -- world live at the expense account purchases were increased etc. etc. what -- bank in the fifties and sixties. You know -- -- top tax rate was 70%. You know that -- were people were were the rich people pour them. Not only had maybe they had less money in their pocket but there rub their their companies were paying for route to their expenses. The deficit last fiscal year was one point 1000000000001. Point one trillion. And he wants to -- and he's part about raising 82 billion a year off the backs of the rich and that's before obamacare kicks in and the baby. Boom cohort keeps retiree. Everyone talks about Republicans and taxes is an obstacle for bipartisanship. But the liberal -- luge in that in tight moments can be financed by taxes alone is something mr. Obama needs to address if he wants a successful second term. I don't the Wall Street Journal is holding their breath for that to happen and neither my GM your next what powered car go ahead Jim. They are you wanna. Just wanna comment about. You know whether or not Obama doable this hole -- the trees if you tell you how have an alarm for years. If you give it to do stops somebody and you start right now on the ticket and I have to be a City Council member are planning board members -- like that it. It in -- noted because. Believe me within a few minutes did telling you who -- Aaron needle -- Right. You're you're immediately run to get the call -- the media to provide it to call in the chief no matter what I've debated within and I know about it because. He doesn't wanna be eating breakfast at -- next morning can be confronted by and not know about in the handed policy to anyone that -- That Barack Obama didn't know what their investigation first -- is giving themselves the three day. Right let's -- that's why it's so affable when he keeps talking about this investigation going forward about well who knew when they know the key. He's the only person that has to be questioned right in the right. Why you know it again it's it's just that he. It's another were and another red flagged it as a cover up going on that he keeps referring to this investigation. Right in you know -- -- I can't tell the other day no he's talking about as I see all these supporters behind them. It's an all you can do collapse Howard because he's talking about I think I guess it was in -- about the the Japanese -- -- the deficit. They need to but I don't I am not gonna let students. In middle class America paid for that how many students do you know our. That base tax in -- -- -- can keep its three hours from just on the job I mean that people are cheering and army all it does little listened to Rhodesia and. Did you did you -- today kept talking knees buckle at the middle class and pay for this eat eat eat he must have mentioned the -- the words middle class at least. A hundred times everybody gets every answer including been God's he had middle class cent. That's right you know what are -- the middle class when you look at the big picture we all -- Early the bulk of the tax really don't. These keeps talk about the the the via the -- what should pay their fair share -- -- the -- What is at the pop 5% are paying 80%. I mean at what point you know when we cut off the bottom 50% from paying any taxes -- mean. Don't shouldn't you know they always say you know you -- skin in the game they -- you know they always say that you know that you -- you have skin in the game you know you're -- -- at a restaurant you're -- be -- -- waiter -- -- skin in the game at work and for -- -- -- -- you're gonna be a better salesman right I -- -- would -- everybody -- little skin in the game here like they used to -- Thanks for the call. 18774694322. On Howie -- We want 8776. 3218774694322. By Voight says HE has to raise taxes on the middle class and he knows what they will do now is not negotiate with house Republicans than blame them when our taxes or in January demagogues forever. It with a gonna have to it that's going to be enough even if the bush era era tax cuts -- they do it they've been in effect by the way now for what ten years and we called the bush era tax rates rather than cuts. It you know that it's not going to be enough to get a -- they're gonna need to keep raising. Axis I you know I I don't know I mean I had and they may try to go after value added tax. At some point you know just put a national sales tax. Here's a here's one from my -- and email. This is the same administration both talks below -- that called they called him general betray us and he really thought they would have his back does not add up. Doesn't it doesn't it if you ever trusted them then than he was he was a fool I doubt he really trusted them he. He normal -- PE was just a tough spot he had no he had no choice but to war. You know this this is the this -- was hanging over -- hope for Wednesday a reprieve. You know he got a reprieve for a few months but he didn't get a commutation that's for sure. 18774694322. It's skin in the game it is no word be good at the inception of Republicans at the exception of the republic voting rights precluded not only blacks and women but also white men who did not own property. Apparently the founders understood both skin and the game. Yeah it's -- somebody said how about how about a minimum tax of 100 dollars per person way in the country whether you're legal or illegal. You know I would do anything to get to get people to pay that to get that the 50% of 47%. Pay taxes again am -- using. Mitt Romney was wrong to use that phrase the number 47%. Who want as a follow up that includes some people in the military Social Security etc. etc. But like to see I'd like to see let's let's round -- off the 30%. 30% of the people who. Who don't work I have no intention of working the bills from West Hartford East Hartford. -- I'd like to see them half the pace something. Now I would that would that seem only proper and fitting that everybody pay a little something. You know instead of just almost saying that the EB the billionaires. Be billionaires who make 250000. A year before taxes are not paying their fair share. Whoa -- how how about the people that are Barack welfare sucking up sucking up all the all the tax payers dollars in -- using BE BT cards for tattoos and and bail money about them or they are they paying their fair share. Ralph you're next with how we cargo at Ralph. -- -- Parliament mean yes and I'm staying here yeah and other -- I'm in the minority. And the conserve power and no matter where I go since and last night I was talking to my friend and he didn't even know. About bank what happened already knew the sex scandal whatever it is what Petraeus. Yeah he'd -- -- know that the ambassador he didn't know that the ambassador have been killed. He didn't know it in bastard killed in that three other Americans have -- A war we tell us on -- I just I just saw something on fox you'd do during the break they had a woman on from Staten Island. And she was complaining about how old -- she does still wasn't heavy power their sewage in the streets etc. etc. I mean. Be your friend I guarantee your friend doesn't know but could that the Staten Island and and parts of Brooklyn looked like New Orleans after Katrina. Right it's important because it because then the major networks aren't aren't covering it because it will make Obama look bad. I mean it may -- I -- it might you know if if if Bloomberg was still -- Republican. He would still he would be take a lot of crap. Whitney because you guys -- Public and -- I don't even know. I -- artist movie ever made was not that was leaving the Republican Party because it is the it. In the regulates them against any criticism by the mainstream media so they just they just look the other way -- went -- -- region the story about the Long Island power agency. You know -- it it's run its basically run by the state and the state these democratic politicians are packing it. Even though he had you know what you it's ridiculous and the mainstream media doesn't report it. I mean you know -- what what is your friend watch on TV or does he -- -- dizzy just watching videos on the Internet. You know he told me that you're watching -- news from -- view of and that he typically a lot of MSNBC. I I do not that they. -- yeah he's gonna -- lot of he's gonna get a lot of information on the hurricane and on and on bin -- on MSNBC right. Yeah that's what the costs of the part of the revenue that is I can't imagine they don't know that US ambassador diet. Andy Andy -- and I'm sure he doesn't know that Susan Rice went out and lied to war era. And and that the president this afternoon said that she made she did he didn't say she lied he she made a presentation. Based on information she had received so in other words. They gave her a lie used to go out and spin so that makes an -- that makes it okay. There an -- I criticize it for that. Bright and you know the you know do you ever notice -- how we always says IE idea I Obama always says -- when he's taking credit for something. But would he when he was talking about the presentation. He said she was asked by the White House but asked by may she was asked by the White House you know because obviously. It didn't work out for the best that it. So well so we can't have anything to do with space for the call Ralph keep the faith keep -- keep by. -- -- You know trying to inform your right MSNBC watching friends -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- You know Howie I'm sick and tired of beating my guns and I'm sure they get sick and tired of being young guns. To push back the frontiers of ignorance as far as Barack Obama's concern. And you know we haven't lost in my stuck with him perform well yeah. It's a depressing thought but it's true. Okay now the only way we can reverse this is that we need to drive the country after fiscal cliff. We need to cut the money that we send of the federal government by every means to most of us that -- entrepreneurs a -- has sacrificed. Will combine the -- -- the Al Plato. But these people who -- leeches and depend on the government they won't comply. And they are going to be fighting amongst themselves. And the average person that depends on the federal government does that's an American citizen. And they react to Tony getting free lunches. That's when you see them I gonna uprising against the government. And that's the only way we're gonna get rid of these ground rules we will not get our country back unless we bring chaos financial chaos for rushed. The mass media though -- such an. Real mark products I think it. These people just watching American Idol or Z you're the ones that are interest the news or watching MSNBC they don't they they don't know. What's going on they don't a year. What's going on. Thanks for the call us. And -- are.