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Pat Buchanan says Benghazi is a cover up like Watergate

Nov 15, 2012|

Pat Buchanan was there when Nixon came down, so his thoughts on Obama's bumbling on Benghazi is stunning.

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Welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff Cohen our. Liberalism is worst nightmare. We are now drawing. -- may be the premier columnists in the country. My hero. I think the finest author right now Pat Buchanan pat my buddy how are you. -- -- -- -- Pat I got to ask you what do you make of the election results. Already a lot of the GOP establishment people are saying it's time to embrace amnesty. It's time for their part party to move more to the left what say you. -- what they're saying in fact it is. It's time for us to sell out to people who were little treacherous construed biased and fought for us. In order so that we can go over and win some votes from the from the folks who voted against us. I mean that is first of all would be paper trail and secondly political -- Do they seriously think they can compete with Barack Obama. For the folks who believe in government and who believe in government programs and who believe -- extending its power and -- So I think there. There are very upset they're concerned they wanna get back into power and they're ready I -- and willing to do anything that you have to do to get back into power. And they simply are manifesting their own character. Pat didn't in your book you're the last one -- the masterpiece suicide of a superpower. You predicted. That the Republican elites. Bitch -- this country through open borders and free trade. That we were going through a cultural demographic transformation. And that this would mean the end of the Republican Party. Do you think the GOP is now in his death throes. Well I do in his -- -- is -- in the long run we're all dead. And I think the Republican Party is all on the way to its demise. Take just quickly -- -- should -- -- open borders immigration has bringing into this country poor people most all of them from the Third World now. Who immediately move on -- government to payrolls in government benefit rolls for health educational rest. And they tend to vote for the party of government and didn't vote for the party government. You're free trade has -- industrialized America we lost six million manufacturing jobs in the last decade. 55000. Factories such lot of folks in Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin have. -- vote for Reagan was Reagan Democrats should call. So I think if you want to future of America when we looked like California. Demographically. America will look like California. Politically. And in California there -- 38. Democratic congressmen took fifteen Republicans there's not a single Republican in statewide office and both legislatures are now 21 democratic. And Republican Party is down to 30% of the states that's where America's -- it that it continues its current immigration policies. Pat I got a call on coming out in tomorrow's Washington times. Where I say if the GOP establishment if Boehner and grant and and others Graham and McCain. If they embrace amnesty and Seles out it's time for conservatives to form a third party. Do you agree with it and you think it may happen. Well I think it may happen to doctors and former for an actor Nixon alumni association and folks that extra question. Look these folks who want to control the borders and control immigration. And maintain the country of their father's and grandfather's. And really gets some time for folks who have come here relate to move up out of poverty into the working class and middle class. This immigration movement is extremely powerful. And it believes deeply and it's it's abandoned and betrayed by the Republican Party it's not gonna follow the Republican Party it will walk away from. And where it will go whether -- toward a third party of turkeys to move members of the -- I'm not sure but I do believe essentially what you. You'll have a champion rise up to defend the interest of the group because you know politics abortion vacuum. And someone will rise up and began to speak out and represent your views and stand up for them against Republican establishment and they were right to a. We're talking have Pat Buchanan. Columnist. Former presidential candidate best selling author his last book is suicide. Of a superpower. -- The president had a press conference yesterday. He ducked the questions on -- -- what do you make of being -- what do you make of the General David Petraeus having to resign. You worked in Nixon's White House do you think there's a cover up going on pat. We -- do. Let's stick to present you -- -- defense which -- -- you whenever. Spoke from the vast intelligence that was provided to order he says Obama's. That was five days after the open Gaza massacre. Died that evening that night what was going on this seven half hour battle on an offer to compound. And -- the safe house. Which there are trying to rescue the ambassador and mortars -- everybody knew it was a fire fight the terrorist attack and they were kinda wipe them out. And here posters to rise five days later Jeff. Or five -- -- television shows putting out a party line that this was just to protest over a video that got out of control. Spread generic stage said -- -- went with the best intelligence that was provided her. We've provided. Intelligence on a protest that never happened. And present the best of depressed to the United States new five days after this event a stroke totally false and fake story. Who made that story optic -- to Jay Carney two days after the event. Two two that broke Petraeus himself went up on the hill and said you know protest over -- three days. It changed -- this five days and Obama went after the UN he's talking about it. A video protest. The point here is. What somebody did was concocted a story just saying in effect we couldn't appropriate plan for this. It was not planned unprepared this attack was also spontaneous and therefore they're not responsible. Yeah I think a cover up distraught or -- I think it -- to other wholesale massive incompetence. And the intelligence community or widespread demand actually break through the administration. -- and use -- mean you were there when Nixon was forced to resign. Do you think what Obama is now doing bring Ghazi -- is this potentially impeachable. Well the difference where they. The Watergate break in -- -- -- that was their historical day it happened in the friend called open passionate. Look at that to myself this is our job to. When the bridge -- occurred five gas. They would in the air and they tried to put a big bouquet and tried to put about Larry -- -- okay. That'd take time but it told you there's typical political joke of the problems. -- you -- -- crime and all the guys involved -- -- -- were -- Came running over to -- as to talk to their friends and things to say let's say about us. Yet everybody implicated. And these folks went up there didn't tell the truth church where they have all the perjury charge this and so far more serious matter it's a pre planned terrorist attack. Murdered an American investor for the first time at 35 years killed two aviation deals almost wiped out attache approach which CIA job. And this thing has been covered up but we're talking about an international offensive attack on. Not a felony of child -- but the line brought on in the cover up it is a far more serious matter. -- -- A lot of people have been asking me since the election and this is that I think maybe to 64000 dollar question I -- askew. They're depressed they're demoralized. Conservatives. Nationalists. America first -- we feel like we're losing our country. And they keep saying Jeff what can we do. Pat is there any rolled out do you see a light at the end of the tunnel. For conservatives or do you think this is the beginning of the end for the American republic. Well you know -- that same question. Yesterday as I was hoping you would ask that one. Because the true it is. We've got to sit down and -- -- -- it right now. If you look demographically. That you can see the end of the Republican Party. In California. In that the -- for the large estates California Illinois torrential rain in New York. Of course democratic. Enforced or six straight elections Ohio. In Florida are two or three biggest stage of going democratic national road now. And texas' tilting with the white population is under 50% Hispanic majority. High schools do so there's no network that is gone politically it's hard to -- -- the present Republican Party given our views and values. Can't really win a national action again apps and some kind of national about it disaster like to depression which brought in the FDR Democrats. In the in culturally and socially potential matchup but that's. The great cultural war that's been going on in this country that comes out of the revolution the sixties. Although as if you will that. That wanted to overthrow Christian morality and beliefs and it is a constitutional ideas and all the rest. That is trying out in the -- there's no question about it traditional christianity and traditional Judaism and -- the police attempted to those. Are now if you're talking about the elites and Hollywood and entertainment industry and academic community and you can park -- politics. Our views minority views and that area and the others -- they've captured the culture. And you can change politics through culture. And that's what's being done and it's hard to see how we turn that around at a time at all unpleasant look. You don't need tactic and it just solve the problems in its Saint Paul. He -- -- would convert to country to believes that the country has give a couple. I mean are you. Yeah Ari are you ready to oh lead to Buchanan brigades one more time and up. Robert seriously -- got there they are probably usual head down to taxes and maybe secede what do you think -- Election then I got up to stick to the protesters are characteristic of the secessionist option and a half a it -- it is that it does Obama was right terrorist -- as a Blue States and blue state guys -- at stake for all that stops. I was -- one final question. We continue to sort of uncover this corruption. In the Obama administration regarding being -- and it gets deeper and deeper. And -- -- refine spreads all the way to the top. If Republicans push for impeachment. Will. Bulldogs Buchanan. Lead the charge one last time. Well if they the Republicans in -- I wonder if they should. We're gonna have to wait and see what happens but if you were smashed -- wholesale. -- him and actually. It might be better to leave him in office and let that stand. You know our. Our weather and because we don't want to have Olympic Joseph Biden yeah. Look at this if you go to I think I have a lived there -- a problem but can a. We have been talking to one of the premiere and columnists in the country Pat Buchanan author former presidential candidate. Not that last book suicide of a superpower -- at the classic. I mean I ever congratulations. -- thank you so much for coming on the -- report published my friend. Pat Buchanan. What do you think it is -- rights should there be maybe a third party is the Republican Party doomed. Are conservatives now gonna become a permanent minority. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Is it over my friends. Or does the republic. One last shot Jeff corner on the -- report.