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Chump Line Thursday November 15, 2012 - Perv In The Prius

Nov 15, 2012|

Our favorite message today was a cover of the Jethro Tull classic Aqualung. Our version was dedicated to State Senator Jim Marzilli who has been caught flashing women again....

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Heading south for the winter don't be a chump call American auto transporters in the world ship your car for you go to -- cart dot com. Get and you're able. I would -- that's about it Graham. Proven. With a disability out of -- That's very go to like that. What is his disability did did -- Rostenkowski speaking of crooks from Chicago. Did he get a he had disability pension -- he was forced out he was stealing stadiums. Did it did any of these people get you know did any of these corporate New Jersey politicians like. The porch. Or were or Harrison Williams that they get a that they did -- pockets getting disability pension when he left in Massachusetts. None of these people got in the -- whoever heard of a disability pension for leaving congress. Under under a you know wonder not under caught out under a plea bargain it's ridiculous. -- I -- place that -- have prevented if something happens but -- over. You know and I think guys. So we need to -- we will make sure he is Japan but it's something like it never but it's going to be -- You know we keep talking about them all for his futures for national law officer innings count. How does that work out when congress is having hearings. About the mismanagement. Of your own department of public health. Which AE. Has approved a year compounding pharmacy that killed 32 people in the was doing phony drug tests on. On illicit drugs which as well which is that resulted in the release. Of hundreds or will result in the release of hundreds of drug dealers some of whom will already be well -- again. After they were released pursued getting back into their role. Habits. Personally yeah I'd rather Benedict Carey has done this they idolized John Corzine. Just -- Former senator -- That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. I don't think he'll be a successful secretary of defense takes the job. The question is does he know that I think that but I think the bigger question is. Will momma T get rid of him if he no longer has a an important. Pipe. I would say the answer is probably should will get so. I'm gonna say the gigolo is not currently the sun even though I'm on the wrong side about that with various laws. On well I'm not I don't want to be secretary of defense. We've gotten out and then all of a -- what -- -- I know that. -- people always. Then exactly. Exactly. I would say. What's this world coming to. When an X com ex state senator. Can't stand that is doorways -- doorway only wearing a short. While staring at a mother mother of two raking leaves in the yard next door. I believe he wouldn't say that bill was not a step up plant would be more intelligent. Bill gets mixed reviews I'm like Josh and thus the -- It's wonderful how did a lot of good Florida votes. And it's. That's the that's the voice of the new America. That's the voice of the 21 century American man who was never worked for thirty years. Probably why did you pick until the -- very pleased with what people. -- -- But it atheists. And an -- that means that you will aggressively don't believe in girl I'm I'm. I'm hopeful. That terrorism Glaus in the afterlife stuff like to see a lot of people punished. Some -- more on this floor right now deserve to be punished. And dark room by itself. Cindy was so well -- God it -- -- defending thing. Like when you offended or. Was a dark room. I was just I was I was it's sitting there reading some reading some clips for the show and listening to the to the press conference and I was just. You know getting a headache from getting pains all over my body actually for more listening to a the back -- I wouldn't get but that was -- you'll be back it would have. -- so why would you do it again. He's 54. I look -- it looked up as a birthday on the police report today. 54 years old and he's already on the pensions on the -- only 141000. But still that's pretty good at that ages and it. Especially when you're next on. The police came to him and he says. -- base of what's going on here -- where you were wearing any pants in the eighties the well itself or was wearing pants but some officer when you check me -- unified convicted criminal. Brain might Willie heartfelt. Remember and you have. Do. Yeah. What yeah it was. You're the patent and paying him. Went. Do you. Yeah. Good news -- straight you know it's JD lose. Maybe we can. Hey easy. 978 who -- rumors really think he has a Kennedy. It is the first time we've got to politician where being seen in public wearing wearing a long shirt no pants and it's Ted Kennedy back in. Back during the traditional by Easter weekend the 1991. Which ended in the arrest of his nephew on rape charges. Well Italy is imploding. They Barry's gonna get -- but no well he's right. Yeah things are working out great thing you know they're the board the Israel -- monster we have Warren the Muslim Brotherhood is threatening together. Killing thousands of people weakens Syria's yet that the Arab Spring is certainly worked out well. Britain and well no wonder where these back -- With a pretty. Yeah. OB a Prius the -- album. Taking credit -- -- well I -- attribute of children carry. At number one would expect when you -- -- -- -- poultry culled. That's all I always. And that is where all the. Yeah they have and the New Yorker Magazine supposedly has is great fact checking department and they were honestly -- across a story about carrier forget it was a story about -- And they said he has been dubbed live shot by senator Billy Bulger. That was BS I dubbed him why Russia that would that's one of my nickname some of the nicknames like stolen like I spoke up midget for Billy Bulger stole that from judge. He George there. Click here last -- line message I thank you for calling out retired U shout. Nikki and Johnny pockets of world mine OK that's it for the child like that a chaplain is the recorded voice mail message service of how we car show you can call leave a message of any or that there -- including. Weekends the troubling number if you like to leave such a messages 617. 77934696177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time each weekday. Heading south for the 13 don't be a child call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to sure cart dot com. Fifty million. We're no I wonder whether it back. Up her. Or -- the period. He was shot.