Gift Giver

Nov 15, 2012|

Yesterday Governor Mitt Romney blamed his election loss on the promise of gifts the President made over and over again such as free tuition, increased welfare and phones. Howie thought Mitt was right and Obama welfare promised his way back into the White House.

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The you know what the what Romney said yesterday's story broke late in the day when we were talking about he beat the carts seemed appropriate that it was breaking at that moment. And do we have a -- of Romney talking about Romney talking about the how Obama won the election. President's campaign hit. There's -- members of the based coalition. Give them extraordinary. Financial yes from the government. And and I don't work very aggressively to try them out of and the and that strategy worked. Associated what's the poll questioned one of the results. Do you agree with an -- that Obama won the election -- promised giveaways. Yes I do 91%. Think that made him and that. I -- I don't see how you can how you can doubt that I mean it that's that's what it's that's that's what it all came down to you know when. All they weren't they were talking all what's so -- is so terrible what he said and you know other than usual way. Moon bats were writing in on the message boards of the New York Times what you got the story first last night. But won't what -- what else that he did he run on. Now Bobby Jamal by the way the the governor revolt -- Vienna. He absolutely rejects Romney's explanation of the lost absolutely rejects it. Let's see. Jen -- did not hold back he was in Vegas -- involved did not hold back and we have it will be sound from -- well -- That is absolutely wrong Jim -- -- two points on that one we have got to stop dividing American voters we have that we need to go after 100% of the voters not 53% we need to go after every single vote. And second we need to continue to show that our policies help every voter out there achieved the American dream which is to be in the middle class which to be able to give their children the opportunity to get a great education. Which for their children is to have even better paying jobs than their parents. So I absolutely reject that notion that description I think it's capsule we wrong. If we're going to continue to be a competitive party -- when elections on the national stage and continue to fight for our conservative principles we need to messages to get out loudly and clearly one is we are fighting for 100% of the votes and secondly are all -- benefit every American. Who wants to pursue the American dream period -- exceptions. What are but what if you know and again. I don't think bid -- was right about the 47%. -- -- it's not 47%. -- its EU having to debate the people who don't pay taxes that the government that includes. People in the military and includes young people would include people wants some people on Social Security. But but I'm saying that but I believe that it's it's up around 30%. Of of the people. Are gonna vote for Republicans under any circumstances because they have no interest in working -- that's the way it is I mean. Any end the problem is getting worse. I mean just. Just -- every day. You you can see stories in the paper about what about the people who have no interest in working the did this this is amazing the story about Jesse Jackson. Did junior beat the congressman from Chicago. He is he is now -- you know there in a plea Bork in Europe they're plea bargaining in the case and and you know usually the plea bargaining in the east this kind of cases. Would we won't send your wife for his wife is a it is there is an Alderman in Chicago. And that you eat we won't -- to wipe away shall have to plead guilty but does she can stay with the kids and you'll have to do time. Now. What Jesse Jackson junior is demanding is that he go get to disability pension. What he's to -- to work. He's depressed because he got caught trying to buy it but Barack Obama's senate seat. You know the -- Hands of millions of Jesse Jackson juniors out there who have no intention of ever doing anything and I think I think match right. You know -- and I argued amended gavel over on this quote it's where my favorite. Harry Truman quotes. You know what exit when the Democrats going more conservative and he was pretty conservative himself he wouldn't he wouldn't be very welcome and Democratic Party today for a number of reasons starting with the atom bomb. But. He used to say if you give them the voters a choice between a Republican. And a Republican they vote for the Republican every time. And in this case you don't if you give the voters a choice between Democrat and a Democrat they're gonna vote for the Democrat every time. You can't out -- the Democratic Party. Then and it's it's it's impossible and I Barack Obama is just he you know. -- what is where's that quote. Worst of that give me the quote from Dan rather about real. This isn't sure what -- talk about a guy that suited shouldn't be talking about real built a guy whose career ended when he made up a story. Am I -- I need to be optimistic that the rebuilding process in the Republican Party. Might actually results in a change in their idea about obstruction and -- Well hope whose father of two to believe I'm an optimist by experience and by nature. But I do think it's odd to camps I hope I'm wrong about that I've been wrong about what sorts -- -- -- and may be wrong about that. But the Republicans they're number one need is to get in touch with the fact based world. That the -- in their home in the position being pictured like. A man who respects to the officer -- and so -- out of touch. There's unrealistic who's -- -- runs for four years sure you don't. Doctor no obstructionist. And with -- Kennedy went beyond his comments today sane world notes because Obama gave things -- kinds of people. In denial and we should have some compassion is tough to lose hoosiers welcome to always talk. And the like to believe that governor Romney when she refusal from our troop shortage of credit. And said -- -- at the end the end there risen any money. Just like there was no Texas Air National Guard reports that the -- reported on for sixty minutes. There is no money. You know you wanna talk about. The fact based world the fact is we can't afford. To -- wanted. Playing scene at a clause to everybody. Everybody who doesn't wanna work and we care and we can't invite him millions more people who don't want to work and I just give him a free ride. 1877469432218774694322. 77 forces H&R company I told the moon back coordinator showing for the united way and I'm not kicking in my usual 250 this year I told Barlow right told. Told -- Barack would take care it. 617 big part of that 30% as public unions exactly. Tax the rich and give it to me Mike part of choices even Tuesday. One thanks for this phone your hard work and truck driver and not jobs being being. Well and get that one. 18774694322187746. -- 4322. I think -- you know I think that's what that's what they did you know what it would have thought Roosevelt used to -- -- Roosevelt's guys used to say. Tax and tax. Spend and spend. Elect and elect. And that's that's what thereof that's what they're going back to. And bid that's that's why they that's that's why they're giving giving ever giving stuff the people and it's -- it's just not. And there's so many there's so many examples in just. It is there was the founding father who said early doors well I think it was Alexis de Tocqueville Europe he was a French writer of the nineteenth century who visited. American wrote the famous. Block that democracy in America and he said that. That the -- the the republic would stand until the moment that majority of people realize that they could. That they could though -- the public treasury for their own benefit and I think yeah. Unfortunately that we've about reached that point and I don't know why I don't know if it's hopeless situation right now but it's it's certainly pretty -- By the by the way 11 -- thing. Before you start taking calls we have four lines now wanna talk about this but you know. I want apologize yesterday for not doing a better job on the on the -- on the press called the Obama press conference by I. You know. I had a problem with the Obama press conference was like I felt I was sitting there in the room by myself in the office. Chris wasn't Chris was in the of the studio once again he was Poland stop when I was there by myself. And listening to Barack Obama maybe you can identify with this. It it's like it's gotten to be like. Having a dental procedure with known overcame I was in pain I couldn't -- I couldn't bring myself to watch -- -- -- -- problem listening. I didn't even and finally last planet went back and I looked at the -- looked at the transcripts of the thing and I looked at the stupid. -- leaping questions that they were asking. The that the CBS S -- will you meet with Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney doesn't -- question. Nobody cares that question the New York Times what about global warming. -- -- to me that's a religious question when we asked about the holy trinity your spots on Rama the you know I mean who. Global warming is a cult he doesn't when he -- -- -- of the original global warming you what you wanna believing you've got a First Amendment right to your religion but don't waste question it was like peace. It was like these mainstream journalists. You know work were they they they -- running up a bit which like the fourth quarter of a football game in the teams the team what a ball has a ten point lead so to sport you need to scores. So what are they gonna do the gonna run up clocked Annika passed the ball because it's an incomplete pass it's stopped clock so we just keep running it into the center. With the each open questions. Just let Obama get out of out of the room without having to really answering questions about. -- -- With the generals and the only one west at least yesterday it was Ed Henry from fox. And I think it was a but the -- it was a Dennis Miller said last by -- said. Greg questions ahead you're you're going to be Yang audit by the IRS. But I just I don't know -- I'm gonna have to do better. Actually Cindy's gonna have to do better Cindy I'm gonna put you in charge of listing all the I don't another short straw because like I I just told to -- I. I can't stand the pain. It's it -- think I plan. It's too much it's too well at tied to listen to -- -- you know and his team. Is. His imperious. Attitude. And just be his his arrogance and his smog goodness. -- it just may be at all. 18777. May want H don't worry you saved us what torture. Yeah but they you know again I didn't I. Most of the time I can I can put up with you know somebody who truly obnoxious I can I can you know take notes and you know tell people what. What cuts for column all that stuff and make. Trenchant observations but. This was this is bad this bad I don't know what I can. -- 187. Heard Denny's is charging of obamacare surcharge to every bill yes indeed they are they girl was introducing a new war meal moon bats over my hammy. 1877469432218774694322. 207 I know exactly how you feel when you play cuts of that guy talking I have to pull off of the to pull off the road. 18774. Hours press conference is gonna draw. Due to file for SSI. -- latest big guy at the Boston city councilman. Barry Hines he was the must some of the mayor he was the city clerk. And he if he he filed for disability. And you know what he -- he claimed that he had been driven and that had been driven basically the Great Depression by having two of the listened to. People liked apple Romeo and Freddie -- on. For all those years in your way and all of us that it. You know we were sitting down on the floor just like it with the counselors and Barry hindsight I was one -- I should a patient filed for disability that haven't dated. Hines didn't get it. Unfortunately he had maybe a card that might that -- not be required. 1877469432218774694322. What do you think was met was met right about the his analysis of the election it was a Jim Ball right at the gym balls just trying to be too nice you know it's each date. The the the problem is the welfare state and it's -- it's. The people who try to stop it back in the sixties. They have the right right there you know. They really did the whoever they were when I'm sure there were some southern Democrats to basically no longer exist Muster in gerrymandered black districts. And and a few Republicans tried to one stop. But the welfare state works is what's destroying this country it's much much -- -- If I mean you're you know he's -- you know in cultures got something that I them autograph them demography is destiny but. I think it's well it's welfare and you know and he and in it and it's addictive. Once you have them. If you eat -- you know was this from from your own PM your own your -- circle of acquaintances want shoot. Once you haven't worked for certain amount of time. It's very unlikely that your gonna come back to work special wing ideas it's not your skills of atrophied pitcher it's just that your mental. You you know want her mentally. Capable. Of you know buckling down and going to work five days a week it's like it's like that amazing statistic on the people on assessed the guy. 1%. Less than 1% of whom ever return to work force technical necessity. Belliard -- with how we cargo ahead bill. Yes hi how I -- doing. Get this the first time I've been able to populate Tempe election -- nine days. -- as exhibit here as exhibit. Yeah. They have the main -- when asked why didn't have -- I'm going to go away to -- like November 6 I partied I went dormant I was flowers downtown Hartford. 3 AM in the morning I would want to problem I had a lot of blood splatter ball. Did did you know Jo-Jo Jo and Joseph Kennedy has just. Yes he yes he did bill -- report about the by the current deficit to have to find stuff out. Well Kevin Java computer epic all the porn that would be available to you if you guys have a computer. Section. It I don't put my dvd -- put -- -- about pink -- email that I -- -- but dvds over the mile 2995. Beach cutting into my that's not jeopardize. Porn imported without power and stuff like that. Build bone to war -- bill you're wasting your life if you haven't worked for thirty years it's not too late to get right with Jesus and to get right with the taxpayers of the cost of the United States of America. Well I'm Betty -- -- an atheist number ones you don't never existed you just never existed number two on the Liberal Democrats. And I would title because of my own EDS has a compulsive disorder I'm entitled to emphasize -- and food -- certainly Obama -- MI EBP targeted Federer it's Federer. And don't preacher pills. And -- like -- think of -- -- section -- -- and I can't I could try to get the job of. You can't you go are you calling me -- Obama phone by the way. I'm going on hopefully -- Obama could do about it yeah. Attitude given Obama foam like everybody else. Kind of -- Obama taught how to get a Bobble well. What did you why don't have a social worker. We're social worker what why are you repeating everything by the -- That I don't think any problems. -- -- I had a good democracy and the late 1980s without a condom without a condom. Thanks for thanks for sharing that bill and you know I'm glad congratulations on the victory of your candidate. What a bell what -- -- -- when the country runs out of money. What are you gonna do when the country runs out of money which is probably going to be sooner rather than later. Well I'm concerned about an -- could I have ain't going 27 years to -- without a condom. Okay we're gonna move on on that on that note thanks for the call. 187746. Months I know people think. Though CD go to hookers seriously -- that kind of you know and abdomen and them. And almost in repeat people think we pay bills that call we do not pay bills now I'm at bat coming and happened to -- island areas to. Well these ECU like he said he's been too busy party last nine days because his his camp that that's exit. That's exactly the guy that Mitt Romney was talking about yesterday is bill. John your next without point -- go ahead John. In an hour and a lot this year romance -- Yeah I would have their -- and you know I can tell but it -- never on the web Rob Bironas spiritual well I was the only in the Q would that. You know I'm -- -- that -- of this country. Yeah my iPod that's sort of a true. Now also been a 101 portable German honorable senator in the 82 airborne over towards jail. And you know artistic integrity unit when they -- asking more questions and and I -- that -- doesn't -- you broke our Obama now like. You know I like your preference on our marriage and -- Ahmadinejad terrible and I expect -- have been -- You know what you do -- view. But I wanted to you actually go right there's not right it will hopefully be that I do my. The best -- and I'm not perfect and I -- John answer me this eat that the last four years have been disastrous. For the youth of America I mean they're -- they're having more problems giving jobs than anybody else. Why would why would they vote to reelect this guy whiz have been the worst the word of the economy since the since Herbert -- It's just been released traction because you know when he hit it rather odd questions I watch him at our guys back in her mind yet pastors are bridges that values and that this spell -- side. And he's that like Bridget like an -- -- don't get -- and it. You know our revenue and without that because it up that it biblical and it broke my -- but yet. A more -- on on that you'd archer is out then that you're going to be able to handle. I'm beginning to think the four horsemen of the apocalypse lower EBT cards. SSI. Section eight. And with the third one BSS -- You know thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Bill is a real person. Believe it or not. This he really get all those entitlement I think he does I think he does. 18774694322. He's not a plant everybody -- -- business. Bill had the go watch -- would judge wapner. 1877469432218774694322. Is that I used an organized city -- but said that the kept repeating themselves Hy why why. But and -- was OC whatever upsets of compulsive disorder or just it was some kind of urban. -- speech. Whom this Elizabeth your next with how we cargo ahead Elizabeth. Hi Howie I think that people are misinterpreting. What Bobby Jindal saying -- -- I don't think it comes across well because it sounds like he's attacking Mitt Romney. Well but you know saying is the truth is compelling. And in the -- I didn't want Romney won the first debate was because she was telling the truth in Obama didn't know how to respond with a that Obama the liar. In the second and third debate when he -- -- hotter recuperate for having somebody like isn't so directly and he needed to keep coming back but the truth you know. Introduction legalism but that he'd he'd just spot that he had made his points in the first debate the first debate almost one that's most watched and so most of the people watching the second and third. Are people who watch but then the first one so he doesn't wanna come across has being mean because that's the worst thing you can be on TV as a mean bastard. You don't need to be mean to be on. You know impact people what they care about you are on they don't like you don't think you know I can give you up for stopping you'll be happy vote for me. Knowing that the future everything is gonna come crashing down around those books because -- Oprah and incompetent at this point. When the economy collapses and which -- You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama is not like -- partner for Russia status to other people say this -- not like at a lot. I mean -- an example like it's somebody breaks injure or do you stop instead of dealing. Because you don't really nice guy it's his ball won't stop he made it. Obama breaks into my house and -- -- -- belongings. And then run around at that some other neighborhood in district -- and I -- comprehend how -- work all day. Thought so. Right well he would say he's more like Robin Hood. Popular with stealing from the government. Between stealing from -- he ought to give it back Iran's. Obama is like something I'd never seen before and like you can't analysts think the -- sixty viscerally it'll. Interestingly enough my youngest -- really that little boy or innocence from -- -- the senate we're going to approach of well. We're not I was first running I was driving home from what economic kidnapped. And my youngest sons that you don't rate Obama on the radio youngest son said mom her not awkward that's why I'm bad about that and -- -- -- -- American -- hit yeah. He was he he was prescient Elizabeth thanks for the call 18774694322. How we keep repeating your phone number do you have OCD. So I was I was I was pot that's probably more on to rent it was pot this is a you. What was in the -- points started this but when I was a rookie. How late blooming rookie in the -- field it was almost hold them to repeat that number. Quite often and the ovation at the -- -- callers to put that that's sort of gone by the wayside because you'd did you don't have. Well in some some market's bottom and yet diaries but mostly in Boston it's it's all computerized so it doesn't matter just the -- picked up for your not to. 18 -- it at least bill is entertaining Josh is just the -- yet know why I'm IE you that's exactly right he is -- bill was media. Bill is. I would say and I don't want to get a swelled head. But BO is a is a part of the show. Safer for you know just it's crazy as he has won 8774694322. On our car. And I and you know he's. I. -- -- 187746943221877694322. Two of the what's of the York BO Donald sound cut about her her conspiracy theory here. About. A law -- warrant shall bottle of idols Kelly O'Donnell Anwar warrant -- -- with the the guy who's was looking to war. Bit the tough streets yet from from saints abs and Harvard. -- look in the punch out. Tag Romney the tough street kid from Belmont hill. Might have had a bad day but this is this. This does not disqualify her from being secretary of state and there -- intelligence failures after intelligence failures after intelligence failures from Condoleezza Rice. Was up for our you know a similar position. And Democrats made some noises about getting in the way of her nomination but they ultimately voted her hand so to answer your question. No not that I'm aware of this is -- nomination actually been blocked based on something like that sheriff -- my theory of the case is they really want Scott Brown back in the senate what they're trying to do. Is block. Susan Rice so that the president will then go to John Kerry Wood chief may be his first choice anyway but that you go to Senator Kerry. Opening up that senate seat in Massachusetts. To an election. About a hundred I'm fifty days after that opening a curse. It could have anything to do with the fact that she went out there and lie to. To the American people mean. Each you know when you when you're on every station they call that and TV -- road block you know I mean you couldn't escape if you were watching those those shows that Sunday afternoon September 16. You heard her law. I mean doesn't that count for anything. And I mean and Obama's defense I mean isn't it to -- defenses at the you know what she just said what she was polls. Socialist whole lot race. By the White House again sort of the past supports the White House. -- mean nobody but himself to blame for the he destroyed her reputation. Right exactly in he would he would he admitted it's as much. So I yeah I think it's so I mean I'm sure they would like Scott Brown back in the senate but. You know I'm begin this -- to buy a mama I'm gonna dominate in the on the losing side of that that I mean it -- -- last night when. She said she -- -- pound Africa issues. That. That Kerry won't take secretary of defense more I think about it you know the more -- doubt he will mean look at that's. -- -- -- -- -- OK but he's never he's never -- that the biggest thing he ever managed. Was the the book the of the Boston shipyard that that Dutch. You don't think carries a fine since might prefer to be the wife of -- secretary of you know. Of defense and therefore iron doesn't matter what he really wants. But it -- sandy if that's the thing and it he has to keep -- title of some kind terrorize he's not any good you know it's like you know in the old days the gigolo had to be -- counter at duke. Now did you go lol. Now he's been mr. secretary of he takes the job. But it's only for always be senator analysis is just a higher positions only four years. You know where is being the being he could be the senator. Forever and the senate I mean there's no there's no heavy lifting involved in being a senator and again. They look at what they're being the secretary of defense to mean even if even if you were you know cracker Jack manager and he knew what he was the one. Mean. You you're dealing with Afghanistan that's marketing and well you got all these spam problems. With these general so and admirals being forced out. Yes you have these cutbacks even you know even if they had don't reach the us sequestration. Level where they have the automatic cuts this guy that's gonna have to be cuts in the military because of the budget deficit. So I mean I just don't think it's gonna be a pleasant pleasant jobs for the next few years. And John Kerry is all about pleasant. Pleasant jobs and pleasant surroundings. And a fine wines. And and long lunches. 18774. About it some of the beginning I'm beginning to think he's not gonna take the defense -- even if it's offered to him. 18774694322. Day and your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. And pay hourly -- many I think it's ironic that -- youth soccer complain about people who don't like to work you'll person takes more time off from the elements -- future but that. I hate ice when I came back to work BM I said -- and I'm gonna take every holiday that the teachers law. And I am and I will mature in two years when your import about lessons I. Ben ami and Boston bureau just used -- the switch over to the FM dial. All that I well what I saw me it's app right I think -- it while it is true that Obama or about twelve campaign evolved out. -- in a certain constituent groups I don't think that's why Romney lost Romney lost because. This election will referendum on the Tea Party that's why -- Austin and Mandela and Ohio and Murdoch in -- and he'll argue here. The bit. Lately that Jon Huntsman lots while I would have voted for John Huntsman and a majority of American sort of more jobs. Yeah you know they'll let me go back to let's go back to -- what could -- you know -- what Harry Truman said give people a choice between a Democrat the Democrat -- for the Democrat Jon Huntsman was a Democrat. -- -- In reality. And the reason -- lost was because he made a bonehead statement and and debt all while Murdoch. I mean they did nothing to do with the Tea Party. There's too many -- had cheap -- try to take over their Republican Party thing Jindal right. They need to get back to what the real Republican Party is about what is the Republican Party. It's about real fiscal conservative and stay out of woman's vagina and that's sort of. Well -- that you do you really think that the report the majority of Republicans care about that right are we saw we saw Mitch McConnell we asked them down in Tampa about the about Aiken and he had the sound -- look on his face do you think he liked what Aiken said and then what Murdoch said. -- -- --