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The New Electoral Math

Nov 15, 2012|

The math is in and if every welfare recipient voted for Obama that would have given him 75% of his needed vote in the last election. These statistics jibe with Mitt Romney, and Howie's belief that Obama bought the election with gifts.

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I don't know idea how you was go for the 100% when you know 30% just 30% of the 100%. I don't ever want don't wanna work anyway. That's that's were at they've just gotten addicted to was told to welfare I mean. You know I don't know if this was the poignant or daughter for war for you know LBJ -- thought that that throwing money at people. Was going to -- in Hubert Humphrey and the rest of those ninety Democrats back in the sixties we thought that this was going to war. Make make deport people line. -- somehow while. More responsible. And and -- more middle class you know that the problem is you know what's it if it's a cliche upset that a million times I admit it. But it's true that whenever you subsidize. You get more. Right. If you will subsidize. Tobacco. Which we used to do I think we still boot to a certain degree. You get more people were on the back now. In their selling their allotments. You know because the government's involved in the government is is. Keeping the prices artificially high. So in the 1960s we started. Subsidizing. Bad behavior. We started subsidizing illegitimacy. Before we started subsidizing illegitimacy be the the white illegitimacy rate was I think 2% and the black illegitimacy rate was 30%. Now the whole nation as a whole. Is 40%. A legitimate. It -- 40% illegitimacy rate it it's. The B white. Illegitimacy rate is above what a black illegitimacy rate used to be in the black illegitimacy rate is up to 70%. This is not good. You know you you why you did you do need a it's it's better for all concerned. From the -- lease on up to the society at large to have people growing up in intact families but there's only four peca is the government's supplies. The there were the rewards people rewarded for having a legitimate children you have you why you're tired -- and moms department mom's apartment. Have an illegitimate kid you pitcher wrong place just like a section eight just like bill. And bill. You know bills bills tired of working bill. Claims he says he he has a mental disorder OC OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder any gets that he BT card. It's wonderful I would want to bodes well -- -- well. The it section eight housing and he gets free anti depressants and it's just did that's that's the way it is you know. And then when you have a crashing economy. People begin to say well you know you know what I can't find a job soul. I'm gonna go out on disability I'm gonna I'm gonna claim I'm I have a mental problem of course it's always a mental problem because. You know when it in the when this hoping we're starting up people. Said G will Obama have a I'm gonna claim might have a like I suffered whiplash and -- -- -- right I felt awful lap while. We all went out postings -- they took they started to having private detectives followed -- will follow these people around in the team without a neck brace that CMO lifting weights like the Boston firefighter even though he wasn't convicted. So -- but now everybody's got a mental disorder. And that the mental disorders increased also when 1996. When the the Newt Gingrich Republicans in congress. Said I wanna recommend that we're not gonna be paying any more money for a for four of people would have via alcohol and -- drug addictions. Junkies and one hopes. So guess what everybody became. Mentally. Same checks. Used -- usually the Weiner was in the junkies -- even miss a single -- The check was still sent the local workers or you know -- ever done. It's it's just the it's it's it's out of control and now it's now it's bankrupting the country. And and you you know. The Democrats seem to think that only have to do was keep soaking the rich. And the so called rich billionaires who was in -- again that's anybody making over 250000. Dollars before taxes. And guess what. There aren't enough for most people we're gonna have to go they're gonna have to go lower and lower and lower and activate more and more money and the more money they take out the private sector to support their -- bitterly about constituencies. The that the board the economy is going to seize up. -- and how many how's the market bonds and so the election it's down 5%. Today it was a good day it was only down 2030 points. 1877. And again like I said. Movie Richard -- me just region this year I don't believe this. Sources tell fox 32 news that congressman Jesse Jackson junior is willing to give up his second congressional district seat -- peace given disability when he steps down. How good congressman get disability but. Have never heard of such. Jackson junior was reelected to his that's like giving some idea carnival the disability mean Heidi you know you're basically working for yourself. Jackson junior was reelected to his tenth term last last month but sources he applied for disability. Package. What could be is only income if you resign and it's expected to take a couple of weeks for congress to approve or deny the request. He was just elected to his tenth term -- so what he has been in there eighteen years. You only need six years in there to -- best for a pension. So we episode so -- pension is not enough for me he has to have a disability. What is he a Massachusetts judge. Now his wife. Alderman Sandi Jackson is being investigated because she's a consultant for Jackson's campaign operation quote unquote consultant. It is paid 5000 dollars a month. It's obvious you've heard this one before remind you of any Massachusetts state legislators who were paying their road. -- 6000 box which they would then turn around and and pay on the mortgage for the for the -- wants house. A Rolex Watches also part of the case against the congressman our sources say that the federal agents want to know where Jackson got 42000 dollars to pay for watching purchased for the woman was having an affair. Who by the way is not guilty. And then I told you about welcome here for the story. Hours ago when. -- to charge 5% obamacare surcharge and cut employee -- -- to deal with the cost of legislation. Is -- nice. -- 40% surcharge. With obamacare due to be fully implemented in January 2014. The owner of the South Florida based the Florida based owner of the of the several -- restaurants said I've got to pass the cost on to the customer. Yes he does he does the past cost on the customer. And by the way I was telling you what a couple of days ago that the that it was I found it ironic that that. Petraeus -- wife. Who was holly Petraeus that she had just gotten a job at Elizabeth Warren's. Agency the chief form the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Which has been written up in the Wall Street Journal over 70% of the people who work at this agency. Make over -- 100000 dollars the secretary to the director. Of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Makes a 167000. Dollars. -- would you care to guess how much General Petraeus his wife is getting after a nationwide search at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I'm hesitancy is probably over a hundred isn't well. Yeah I mean the the odds are 321 that it's over a 100000 dollars -- three out of four or make over on top as the iron nine. That would be very Los it and she makes -- nineteen. No no she makes a 187000. -- dollars a year. A 187000. Dollars a year. She became a member of the CF. PB implementation. Team why. The I'm a member implementation. On January 12 2011. She is now the assistant. Director of the office of service member affairs. So wondering is if she's the assistant director. Makes a 187605. Dollars I wonder what the director. Of the office of service member affairs medics. She will continue her work to strengthen consumer financial protection for service members and Elizabeth Warren wrote while -- of all she page was hired by Elizabeth Warren. The office of service member fares will work -- par. They need to make the best financial decisions for them complaints and questions for military families are monitored and responded to. And federal and state agencies coordinate their activities to improve consumer protection measures for military families. In other words. She doesn't do much. 18774694322. As Chris Matthews discovered a new code word as you discovered a new dog whistle press -- new dog morsel. -- -- The surprise of the outcome we knew this was going to be a close race we felt we had a very good chance of winning it. I think the surprise was some of the turnout. Some would turn out and especially in urban areas which definitely gave President Obama a big margin. Not to win. -- Cynthia -- -- visiting professor of journalism that the University of Georgia Joan Walsh is editor at large for salon and author of what's the matter with white people by the way -- -- question seems act again tonight anyway the LA times is just posted a report. One Mitt Romney's press conference call a conference call -- today with top donors it says -- quote. Attributed his rival's victory to quote they gifts. The Obama administration had given to blacks Hispanics and young voters during Obama's first term. Obama Romney argued had been quote very generous close quarter quotes rent to blacks Hispanics and young voters Cynthia you know. I once heard a Canadian election guy with a French Canadian -- Hussein they Los elections of the Brittany it. People want to stay as party candidate because of ethnic voters that he's -- French stunning list. This guy Paul Ryan who I don't think is right for prime time yet by any means talking about the urban vote no they want to. The other side because they got the most votes. Because they won fair and square which is the first thing Ryan said why -- step what is don't headline they once fares -- by saying always the black vote. Basically that's what he's -- Press let me just say. Does this -- no but what's going on down in Florida with Allen west's recount. Currently in saint Lucie county where where he was leading all night and then suddenly be easily vote start pouring in after midnight in the saint Lucie county. In in parts of saint Lucie counties they -- turn out. Purchasing Lucie county they have a turn out of 141%. So that it's naturally something that's great. Now we're gonna have a recount. At this do it this does that there's does that -- This fact qualify is when Chris Matthews fair and square victories when you get a 140 yeah. 141%. 703 says he always brings Joan Walsh -- when he really wants to race. What a -- there's a problem with Chris Matthews says there's a problem with white people. Chris Matthews claims again I must I gotta keep reminding people new -- Chris Matthews claims he lives in DC. He doesn't live in the District of Columbia he lives in a couple -- why eight. Suburb in Maryland. Lily why. 1877469432218774694322. Our Petraeus is wife is so guilty and makes him not leaks abscess. But she you know again I mean she's she's very angry at her husband does have been sent over the last few days but I'm sure she wasn't angry when she got to put them Petraeus is her last name and though Elizabeth Warren. -- which he has. -- -- and -- impact now on -- that hack. Gays said -- General Petraeus -- -- what's your 187000. Dollar a year job. 1877469432. To -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- -- Ali. Yes -- is cracked up. It is just here or. This ridiculous situation. Or. -- We think. If we take -- west. And back up with some the world packs quite up to George bad Altidore. Or it is possible -- You know it's now what's in the hands of the the courts and how many recounts they order but it it seems. How do my part about part about sort of -- troubled. For presidency call the next guy could be machine just Spain. Well I don't you know we talked to John fund about that and you you know he's he's pretty much be the expert on voter fraud. In. It in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Excuse me the night goes on and and you know. I don't know I don't know John fund said that this is like an urban urban myth -- issue should call out an Internet math or. John fund has been following voter fraud for number years he used to work for Wall Street Journal how were we review. If you don't I think you know you know again I'm gonna take John I haven't got time to you know -- check out every every every -- on the Internet but -- if fight if fund says its you you know that -- George Soros is not steal -- the votes and it's not George Soros is corporation. Then I'm gonna take him at his word I mean I'm not seeing them not stealing elections I mean I I think they I think they did steal it from Allen west. In this I mean it. You know it's just it. But hopefully that thing is it's not it's not a race thing either you know I mean they -- all of this election proves that it's it's not just a racial pulling its its moral at. It's more or less if you're a tax paying. Legitimate. Person black or white or in this issue of your Republican. They're gonna come after you with -- the with the with somebody who's not legitimate. Who is who was willing to be manipulated by the likes of George Soros in the Democratic Party and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And then now they got this dead wrong running against them and has apparently beaten them until until we can somehow get this election results overturned. In the port in a port saint -- Thanks for the call -- GM your next with Howie Carr gore had -- Hi how first time call. Are gonna say and if this. Political climate right here I don't believe that overall rating could be Barack Obama given out constituency in the way things are and not say why I say that. I'd say that because I believe. -- she targeted at all the other people the people that grew up in the eighties and nineties right I mean let's face it I mean. We won't talk about while there I mean. Are great I would wanna trade places some of these people but -- same time they're not ordered that congress did not want the bad and sixty degree how. They're not -- -- with a kitchen and don't be Cuba but the bad. Did not going without and I believe threaten my fitness I think it's right there haven't felt enough pain yet. But at the same time that's going to -- because. Simple economics big gates detect -- feel some restraint on the wrote an -- well you know. But I think that bought which adult completely wrong I think Mitt Romney was a good candidate. I just think if he's wrong because. When this all stuff but it will all support mr. acceptable for a lot we gave you you don't wanna be watered down version of their. Right exactly that's -- that's the point you you have to give people a choice. -- -- if you don't give people a choice they gonna stick with they gonna stick with what they know. And you -- you there's no possible way. Bit -- Republican can out pander the Democrat. Just like to just like traffic is now. Price of China I -- you at the bottom line is if you if this continue to -- all. These people will suffer. Vote for the and when that happens they'll be looking for solutions. And you've got -- -- you gotta have a viable -- -- viable solution don't put a vacation and out there. -- there's a there was no TV -- -- -- mentioned as someone told me but I never saw the show from before my time but there was little show called you asked for. And that's that that's the that's those that if they admitted TV show about this election it would be US four. These people 50% of the of the population asked for that asked for what they're gonna get they're gonna get Obama here. There they're going to get a stagnant economy. They're gonna get a a printing press. Printing press treasury. That's going to debase the currency even more than it already is the based and it's it's going to come to a very. Bad end. And then you've got big generation have people don't know how that they can scratch and wore jeans and work. Stand up they can go client to the doctor is in a psychiatrist all that motto -- there's no money to pay them they're gonna. Have to work to gro garden do everything with people -- upper sixties and seventies know how to deal. They don't how to deal I would wanna beat them -- -- -- money if that happens. Thanks for the call Jim 187746943221. But see they've been told apparent height and you know it is -- so away at some point they're gonna have to be told. Would guess what there's no more money. You are gonna have to war the what what happens then I mean. You know what it what are what are they gonna -- not say they have they have worked then in and god only knows how many years what are what are they gonna do. 18774694322. Who's just another story about the great economy that weren't by the way up -- it was unexpectedly. High number of people filing for unemployment today. Unexpectedly. Over 400000. -- all the fault of -- This just the you don't in these these stories are so Harman that they -- only been many times even make the business pages anymore. Kmart the discounting pioneer owned by Sears is in the throes of a man shot out of stores after a bad 2011 Christmas. Sears Holdings that were close up to 120 Sears and Kmart locations as of January there were just over thirteen hundred K -- in the US and territories 800 few more than a decade earlier. Today discount these old Big Three has been doo -- lies down to Wal-Mart and target. And of course a Sears is this is Sears is on its is is is on the ropes. Survival for Kmart as a matter of degree the stories are relevant and its customer bases hurting. So you know and again prices going up but. Came. At Jennings. Because they're they're gonna they have to pay for these this obamacare. 18774694322. Gem and other Jameer next with Howie -- go ahead Jim. -- I -- today. That is sort of make a couple of points euphoria. Wonder what went straight to I want is my combat veteran two on conservative. And I agree -- vote for Mitt Romney or do not believe. In any of Obama is our policy -- well. Well with that said. I'm one of the call it what the other military vote -- account went down fifty feet. I think is that. In today's age. There's more people being saved on the battlefield more than. But a lot of people come home as a hidden wounds they these. -- conine yet. These veterans are coming. And they get help to alleviate. And there are so they're valid partners I differential security disability -- -- -- we have. We're -- -- under Robby made this 47%. Climate. A lot of veterans -- that a lot of active duty military special. Frank -- the military. They keep that like -- went outside of that what Lisa. Right right. No I am it was it was a birdie four I mean he he should have differentiated the between the between the military and social security and people were unemployed as of as opposed to the professional -- abouts. Right in the you know -- -- and white night the survey released reception you stand up and unfortunately a lot of people they see -- inflicted wounds. You -- post -- stress disorder PPI. -- -- -- help the preventative there I'll be but they're not. They wanna work that they they sacrifice for the cut this country. It's in they might be -- You know I'm not working. But look to no fault of their own. And I just think it's -- -- It's a sad sad day in America win a year ago. When people put. Veterans into that for action against. And when are you sure broke 5050 in the military. The situation I was sure that Richard -- would double what 5050. I know that and I know that a lot of people were trying to. I thought -- I admit had a pretty big lead among veterans. It I'm -- reacted and so. The below the problem was is that Obama. You know -- Deal which was talking about even said in the third that the pose with the third election. Or it won't two who were probably did he he mentioned the 47% these say when you're you're put in the veterans in that category. If you run and a I think that's stop with a lot of people and I think a lot of people today. I you have. You know of veterinary issue date throughout the country could commit suicide and I think when people but talking to vote -- -- stops at veteran from going out and get help. I think that's perspective -- that day I think. That I need to change. Thanks thanks for the call Jim 187746943225. Voight says there are already getting half our money when that runs out they'll come for the other half I had to a lot of people feel that way and that's why gun sales are run through the roof. 339 and GH unemployment numbers don't surprise to me my husband's position was eliminated the thirsty before election wish -- one don't know what we're going to do. Seven they want don't to understand things must get worse before they get better for everyone unfortunately that's the reality of the matter. Now I I agree I I agree. That say come -- unfortunately in your a lot of people you hear people saying that -- you know I mean just will screw it you know this is what they want this is you know this is this is at let them you don't let him pay the price. 18774694322. On how we are -- -- 187746943221877469432. To just -- into -- somebody down in Florida and -- west district. -- -- -- -- stored in the district opponent I got moved to figure that districts cut that rearranged and he moved to a new district. Apparently the us secretary of state and for release -- he or she is a Republican has ordered three independent investigators and to saint Lucie county today to examine the the the votes. Especially the early votes the so called early votes which the Republicans -- and west seem to report double counted. And the secretary of state has a right to -- ordering via hand count all the ballots. And those guys have that they also that the Soros. Pete. For 15100 people to going to war saint Lucie county that's forty figured they could get that they can get. West you know that I regimen mark and Tony that's that's Republican. The other two counties are more splits but saint Lucie county tends to be democratic so that's where they that's where they decided to war. Sent people door to door just paid passions bust the man. Put them up and motels paid for their meals and -- going door to door. And then you have this monkey business going on the the -- at the with the early ballots. And again he was he was ahead at midnight by 2000 votes and then they started counting the early votes in the misty was down point 2000 this is in and the Democrats -- -- there's no voter fraud aren't you are right there's no voter fraud. 18774694322. Five OH how we can you get Richard Simmons on the showed analyzed marginally short shorts. He's -- base that base this. We'll talk more about this later put the that the cops this poor woman that that was she was freaked out that it's that saw this guy this despite superb in the Prius he's a convicted criminal. You know she -- he steering pattern through the through the opened the war. And and in he's not wearing any pants she says he's not wearing and he claims he's -- was wearing briefs these black briefs. Until the cops companies to -- while we wearing an -- -- let me go get him. So no words he wasn't wearing them when cops came to put the war but that he showed him and it was like a Speedo type thing. He was where. -- until the -- -- so Mike boat that goes down their last night knocks on the door -- Senator senator come out. Come out and in the yours apparently hurts their. Our problem that our gem that's knows. Man you what do. He was the most liberal member. Of the states senate he was -- Fabian socialist. Are gonna reach some craft was right to it suits you know it's sick it's disgusting news that Regis -- again here. Talk about Russell right before they came sandy yesterday right before ugly that the via. The people up -- the the -- channel 25 crew came now he was on this thing called the Arlington west that's where moon bats hang out that's their blog. And they were good they're they're into apparently like he's the president of the flower club buddies and the growing up a rolling his own garden. And he's talking about Brussels sprouts. I'm reading this is a direct quote from Jim marginally about two hours before via TV crew or -- yesterday. I serve them on national. Puddle of Greek yogurt. That had a small. Drizzle. Of date molasses. The contrast between the tangy yogurt. The rich. Earthy sweetness of the molasses. Some creepy about that. Isn't there. Really didn't I don't want any of this stuff. I don't wanna hear a guy who -- who has been the charged with Lou would Lou would behavior around women talking about the puddles and drizzling you know I don't need to hear that. I'm -- wrote Peter you're next with how we cargo ahead Peter. Thanks salary about from beginning was -- And I want doctor I had an idea about that 47% of what we can do. But first want to. Mention Franklin quote. If you find what side he says the poor should be uncomfortable. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. And then not today I mean they they don't have the the food stamps anymore they've got to credit. Right. The -- is is doing every making it to make them -- comparable. -- I don't Phil Gramm is not too popular these days because of his role in some of the financial deregulation former senator from Texas Democrat turned Republican. But yeah he got a good line when he was running for president 1996 he said we've turned the safety net into him. Right that's exactly. What exactly your the stable than -- -- that I get an idea of the boat. But I understand that your normal to me stage decide who -- vote. In some stage don't allow Belmont college. Right in some dough and some states have voter ID and something I don't some states have same day registration and others now yes right. And it is should be for a long time which where we've we've got over here in America. That -- enormously only wanted to well. And it was because they were the only ones was skin in the game. We're talking about this yesterday yeah yeah -- -- Mike port all the people on public option -- the world. And Peter you. Chris Matthews is Tennessee -- -- -- dog whistle. Boy that be great here but I thought. That's not gonna happen -- we got to find a new way to do all we don't know what people even out yet. Thanks for thanks for the call Peter 1877469432. To gather at that that is a point that's often overlooked that you know. They say well the founding fathers were racist and they were Texas does you know slaves couldn't vote and women couldn't vote. But he yup it that's that's true one. And also white men who didn't own property couldn't vote. Because they didn't have skin in the game to use a phrase that was not. Not used in in the eighteenth century but is used today Paul you're next with how we cargo ahead -- Alex banks I was within your comment about Pia. French ideas thirty or forty -- restaurant it was going to be adding in obamacare tax yes earlier this week I saw him. They -- activity about. Boycotting. Littlejohn franchise it is I think it was Applebee's for the. Yeah Applebee's yes they're refusing to. Offer health insurance benefits to all of -- employees. I know he's thought about working in restaurants before a small business. All of my life and it's hard in the margins. And you really have to pay attention. And and when it's actually going to win that when the -- that -- you insist. Bet these corporations just willingly hand over all this money in these. Part time employees. All of these benefit I have no idea what are they being what are after. Paul went let's be let's be blunt about this white people go to Applebee's they go to Applebee's because it's cheap right. They don't court because it's particularly delicious food it's cheap and also if if Applebee's. Is is forced. 21 you know provide obamacare insurance and has. You know has become public policy expert though. I mean so the 999. Medial that there advertise them on the NFL game tonight. Is gonna turn into a 1599. Meal and guess what. How many can you -- people are gonna go to Applebee's and pay 1599. Think -- thing people are or aching from that that benefit are going to be the same ones bitching added that it has been -- gets its. Well one thing you know what I thought about that they're Republicans and how they have to reach I. I'm on number one -- hate -- point did you know moon -- in charge Howard Dean when he was running. -- Democratic National Committee he's the guy who started. You know work real hard to play and run good candidate and what -- then red state is he really happening in. Accredited media that you know -- that the Republicans have to get to did -- try to build some kind of border and. That was done on my Tip O'Neill here in Massachusetts in the in the legislature back in the thirties he would he he knew we couldn't beat a Republican but it run a Democrat every time. Spend it any try to make it the same Democrat so when the Republican retired or got another job Byrd died or moved to whenever. The Democrat would be the favorite 'cause he was better known having run and take an hour off they picked off 55678. Seats every two years. Pretty soon they were the majority in 1946 and they've never looked back. You know that's like I got a -- director Paul thanks for the call him now card.