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Jesse Jackson Jr. And Other Disability Scammers

Nov 15, 2012|

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. who has been missing from office as investigations have been proceeding on misuse of federal funds has reappeared with a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. Jackson has stated that he would be willing to resign from his office if he is allowed a disability pension. Howie was horrified and asked for stories from listeners of other disability and welfare scammers.

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What's so let's talk I I think in the in the it in on error by Jesse Jackson junior who was this is this is media. This is a unique story that's going on here that he's in the the issue he's using a disabilities. He he he. Part of his plea bargain is that he gets a disability pension I I I have never heard. A congressman who got a disability pension did did. The Gabby Giffords can get a disability pension -- -- were shot I don't believe so she probably got a pension because she was should should serve for a few years. But a disability pension. So let's talk about people who -- who've gotten it will do you know people who have a -- of this bill I mean I know there I know and you don't again I know there are a lot of people that really have disabilities. But there's a question for. Yes. -- Gary different probably got a pension to she served -- -- right Jesse Jackson junior he cited served a few years to eighteen liar I wouldn't just be getting a pension what does he wanna quote disability well that's what I'm asking sandy I mean who was ever heard of such an an outrageous demand. I've never heard of this thing because he's too young talented team to take potentially was -- now is that -- events I think if you've got eighteen years and you could you could be getting something I mean it wouldn't be the kind of huge -- that he might have gotten if it'll last that I don't usually -- so essentially you're a certain age so I don't think he -- -- -- -- and last season's unless it's a disability pension meaning. But if you ever heard of congressmen getting a disability pension nine era. And ever heavier and I'm pretty sure Gabby Giffords and -- and I'm pretty. Her she is neither remember there's a guy had a -- field guy and Hastings -- used to be the congressman from the South Shore before Barack. Gary Studds and he always used to war say yeah he always was campaigning. 22 after you left congress he was campaigning to war cut down on the congressional pensions and he used to use to show show that it's up from his pensions -- I'm getting more now the number pioneered. But I ever got as a congressman -- he retired you know fairly young age sixty -- so when did you you know and -- into his eighties. But. But -- let this whole thing about -- about. You know America I mean this is another one of the big rip offs and that's going on now is is are these disability pensions and and that people are just let checking out in their -- There retiring it and these incredibly early ages and is especially in the public sector you know it's not you know you want. There have been cases where politicians have tried to get their wives on the police department and you know I mean the forty year old 040444045. Year old women with three -- four kids. Trying to get on the police department and you know damn well but there -- you suspect. That -- what they're trying to do was set a mop together a to get together and disability -- Now there was a guy and when there was a guy downwind. Who was who going Malamud disability long long time ago. Cop this was this for several years ago and he he would gotten a couple of degrees -- open the private private investigator's office. And they realize -- you know his pension was kind of small because of the the salaries for police officers have gone up so much. Since he had gone out on his quote unquote disability. So so he he he petitioned I guess that was in the town to come back on the force and you know with -- should have known better than to let him come back but they did. And so they so -- you've got -- undergo new training because were used in you know different more advanced weaponry now we have different techniques etc. etc. see you back to the academy. And so the first -- gets out on the gun range Shia shoots and and guess what the that the the check from the gun. Knocked him over any injured his back and that cash darn it would Chanel what he was back on disability only hire. Higher level. Mean it's just is just outrageous and and again I were I can remember. When people used to go out and and claiming with claiming that they had these physical disabilities an idea I've watched him be convicted in federal port. You know I I saw a guy once at City Hall claimed that he slipped on a patch or vice. Inside city. He went to prison. Saw a guy who claimed the had suffered an accident on Friday afternoon. And and -- -- the -- here's pretty slack. I tell me about it that would be it's not Betsy and thank you think about it. Only your way into considering the its -- here it's what yeah it's it's slick from Greece is what it. Our coat it and so called I've got -- month. Well the ago. I remember guys -- in the horse and disability about knowing prospect disability it is if you lose some if you lose some digits suppose or some some fingers I guess it is. That's kind of big price to -- and I. They is this guy claimed he was claimed he was injured on a Friday afternoon and they -- he was in deep pain and -- ward neck brace and then they got pictures of standing in line at a bank this was pre ATMs and he was standing in line after the -- to get to -- make sure you have enough money for the weekend. So now everybody's going out on the middle support. Now and that they just they've I'm sure that's that's what Jesse Jackson's good -- you know people who were -- quote unquote disabled. Everybody's depressed. You know they're very. I have depression you know how he killed work inside somebody's mind right. When it comes down to two -- no crazier than you. Right. Want to see inside your mind. So whatever you say they've got to take your word for. Yet chief for -- like to keep working but I had a dream last night that. They took my service revolver and I just started shooting people. You think. That's your hope you're. That matter for thirty years old Europe and Europe on forever. 18774694322. From officer mark is there is there a tax difference between disability and pension. I I think I'm. I think. Yeah right rush you're next with how we cargo ahead -- And how -- proclaimed is my filly out of our program communities. Good -- so don't want to accomplish like an -- Tomo felt. Never enough evidence I guess they they believe they ship the they -- the report over to the probate they -- the report to the DA's office like pocketed the day today the DA's office. And they said they shipped it to the Probation Department so I guess walk to find out from -- that tonight with a probation department's command though. Unbelievable. Take an -- another disabilities canvas just 62 years old new -- early and so security basically out of about 30%. But if we can get a lawyer and you can claim that you have a disability and early and get the full amount on the -- -- -- Georgia. I think guys I think the thing is you're better off with a disability now that that discuss mentions that I think if you if you want with a disability your top by your top level is 72%. -- you don't have to pay taxes on. Where is the 80% you have to pay taxes. So that's -- sorts I mean it's better to go out on this debate it's it's more it's worth your while especially his taxes go up to go out on a disability. How did this really isn't the America we grow up and as a. Now it's no it's not it's just like it's. I mean it's there there were pockets of America like this split only pockets you know. And and most people -- most people look down their noses at people who pulled this off now. Now you know everybody's trying to work the skiing. You know at least we can remember when we run on the base society here. Now I know I know it's kind of depressing the Ross thanks Ross 1877469432. To try to turn it around. And how you turn around corruption and use that that the whole I think the whole. Edifice has become palm one now and -- have to start do you have to start over again. And it's it's hard to start over with a democracy and then that's the problem. Sheldon your next with how we cargo ahead Sheldon. In their -- and. -- next with how we cargo ahead bell. I well that you know I am on disability religion memories of the an affectionate housing. Congress how to handle and I got a guy Adam Hall from me. That someone has some young news is if you -- late teens or don't want. Somebody asked him how he got his disability. Law. Money you find the right doctor Europeans and the -- walks but. -- on -- opened them all play as it is game day and night. I mean it's it's it's -- like. You know what's bill it's like they Italy Italy got you know they put the law on the book and Florida you know -- tried to do prosecute Rush Limbaugh doctor shopping for pills. You know it's it's a lot more serious to -- doctor shopping for pension that's a lot more expensive for society at large is that. And I noticed that kept it I mean he should work like now these days -- -- in places crappy music video game. And you know it was a little -- Probably you know what -- you probably comes for a family he was probably getting crazy checks the -- was eighteen. And his mother was probably -- on a depression disability and that's the that's the the -- family -- You know. But it it is just unbelievable on an episode of the people little like that Obama as well we're in trouble. Thanks for the call bill 18774694322. Now we can just give the depressed people medical marijuana and avoid disability pensions. Yeah that's gonna. I think is sometimes marijuana depresses you mean and again and what does -- and phobias sandy with the for the fear of going outside. You can get you get marijuana for if you if you have act wealth. And reform -- or gore or whatever but gore phobia you can give me you can get medical marijuana for that -- -- you don't people get so stoned. They get scared to go outside so I would think -- -- phobia willow would only be. It would only be made worse. Aggravated by medicinal marijuana -- call Mike you're next with how -- cargo that might. Reality I don't know what you you open the western part of the state we have an officer go out on a disability pensions are strapped. And the stresses because. He kept eating people up. Sense in what until after everything was all said and done that we found -- -- beat the pension -- you -- -- pension for criminal charge they can't -- euphemism of the disability. Right exactly yeah we got a guy here in the eastern part of the state -- he was a firefighter. -- speaking of Mars -- he was arrested for expo he was arrested for exposing himself in the afternoon and he worked the night shift. So he didn't tell anybody you didn't tell the chief for anybody or anybody does at the firehouse that had been arrested. So he. And that might guess what happened to my. He he he was up on he was up on one of latter trucks and he he fell to the ground. Suffering. Suffering a career ending disability. -- just have to wonder where it's you know. Where where where does what the next -- as where we're demagoguery and I love your point oh I don't know what these people are gonna -- when we run out of money. Yeah no I I don't I don't I just hope they don't come I just hope they don't commit in my neighborhood looking for looking for a provisions. And how -- --