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Israeli Mayor Says World War 3 is possible

Nov 16, 2012|

David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, says Hama waited for Obama to be re-elected and World War 3 looms

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Liberalism is worst nightmare. In Boston from boss then for people with brains. We are now joined by David Rubin he is the former mayor of Shiloh best known as the West Bank. And founder and president of Shiloh Israel children's fund. Dedicated to easing the trauma of picked up children who have been victims of terrorist attacks. Mayor Ruben thank you so much for coming on the -- report. Good to. And there were getting press reports now obviously. A major Israeli offensive has been taking place over the past several days. Hamas is raining down rockets on Israel. Israeli forces have moved into Gaza. What can you tell us why did the Israeli government feel now is the time to move and is Israel now on a war footing. Well it wasn't sure if that Israel decided now's the time to move. These rockets from Gaza have been falling on Israel from the -- -- the organization for several years now. And and bright enough to the American election things started to heat up these days it started doubling and tripling the amount of rockets that they -- by in an editorial. -- -- Obama to be elected. And vote so it it could sweep the proportion that -- Israel this could not stand it anymore and and needed to respond. It's and we've known that this that they would could be coming. And I've been reporting it for about a year they have now that. That is -- going to have to respond and respond to the big -- soon. Mayor I'm just curious. Why do you think who it -- did Hamas deliberately wait for after the election and then say now Obama has been reelected. Let's start raining rockets upon Israel. I don't have any proof of that. It's a very strong possibility. That they know that President Obama is much more sympathetic. Two to the Islamic. Cause it's so -- say he did quite chummy with the Muslim Brotherhood. And and collected principally of expense of the Muslim Brotherhood. So. I think they were a bit concerned that Romney might get. Got elected and then when they -- that Obama was elected so they figured okay. Let's turn -- the screw the little bit. Now the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt right now are now saying that they view their. The fellow Palestinian Brothers has allies as friends they're gonna come to their aid. Are Israelis fearing a wider war that could potentially drawing in Egypt. I don't think they'll need to. Egypt has its own problems right now after. After the so called Arab Spring and there revolutionary need to. That he Egyptian economy in shambles. I don't think anyone -- get involved in the war with Israel right now and in fact there's there's still officially. People that they will officially have a peace treaty. Even though their record ambassador. So Alibaba I don't think that the Egyptian president jumping in militarily. But politically that certainly jumped -- We are talking to David Rubin the former mayor of Shiloh and the author of the Islamic tsunami. Mayor. In terms of Obama's foreign policy in the region one of his big. Arguments that he majoring the campaign. Was that he's made the world safer. He's made the Middle East safer. This he's he's brought about more stability in that part of the world. How to Israelis feel under an Obama foreign policy do you feel. That Israel is safer and at the region is safer because of Obama's policies. Well those statements that you just quoted would be comical they weren't so outrageous. And it's just the opposite. The Arab Spring has been an unmitigated disaster for Israel. And for stability in the Middle East and for American foreign policy. There's one country after another has fallen. That this Islamic. -- Egypt -- Libya. And the being attacked on the American embassies evidence that. It's not it's not a foreign policy. And the senate for years that says. Put an equal with the stability in the Middle East and it's it's been investors. The relative. It. Extreme Islam. That it is taking country that the country in the Middle East is a great threat to Israel and the great threat to the United States. We're talking to David Rubin he's the former mayor of Shiloh best known as the west bank and the author of the Islamic soon nominee. And mayor Ruben. You have a war now a civil war in Syria. Turkey's becoming increasingly Islamist. You've now have Israeli troops are moving in and the west -- forgive me in Gaza Hamas is raining rockets upon Israeli cities. The Muslim Brotherhood is aiding and abetting Hamas. Is there a possibility now over regional war is are we looking at a potential world war three says scenario. Well it's certainly a possibility. Effective that there are about quote the 200000. Missiles. Being pointed at Israel as we speak. Large proportion of them come from the coma -- -- in the face and that Israel is involved in the war with right now and itself. But in the north they could full terrorist organization. Has been at least a 100000 little of their own. I'm being pointed at Israel Syria. Is another good stable situation where you have civil war going on them both of those. Parties and civil war opposes Israel. And that could lead to -- with that being run by about brotherhood and love brother certainly is. Could be does the father of modern terrorism in the Middle East. So I think that that it's a very unstable situation I think that the war however. Would be for the Israel be pressured. To agree to a cease fire and I think that's what -- -- within a few days. I think there will be pressure. From the EU and European Union from the Obama administration for Israel to agree to a cease fire. That would be disastrous to do worst possible thing that Israel could lead to. There's -- -- -- obviously in Gaza. That they need to go forward -- afford the ground troops. And then the sort that dog and do everything it needs to be done to protect Israel could. Mayor Ruben how long do you think the operation is gonna take. I think it's a matter of weeks. And give a ticket if Israel agreed to with the fire within two weeks. Then you will feel the continued. Instability. In the Middle East you'll -- -- continue to at least in Gaza and Israel. You will you'll see. If there -- a couple of months and moved into after the cut from the -- Starting again. That that's -- two weeks is not enough for Israel needs to would be for several weeks. Could take control of parts of Gaza again and -- Gupta on smuggling and they're coming from Egypt. And if Israel would not on the grew I don't. That is not going to happen. Is that about some of the flood again smuggling on the -- And wolf a fire in there and once again. So that it will take a few weeks. We're talking to David Rubin he's the former mayor of -- best known as the West Bank. And he's also the author of the Islamic tsunami. Mayor Rubin. Are you in danger personally -- -- we're hearing reports now rockets or even descending upon Tel Aviv. Are you personally in endanger free did you fear for your physical safety. Well I happen to travel for utilities for it and third from the the other cities where we will we are right now. You know with certain -- Partially described which is and -- Who -- from the area and that that the region that. That's known to the world that the West Bank. Paradoxically. We are we are safer than a lot of other places in Israel. People we've we have to being on the road trip and we have other kinds of challenges. -- but as far as missile flying in from Gaza. With some distance away from the that we. We do could have doldrums and into the front bill that recently. You can give -- where -- -- -- -- Fallujah where we're quite update though what's going on and did it affect the whole country out there available where country about the size of New Jersey. So every one of the fact of whether the war. And you mentioned the my organization Shiloh Israel children's fund. That helped so that the children. Every time there toward every time there terrorism in any part of the country. The children here affected. And there and then it's up a -- out the beat goes selves and but obviously I'm involved in getting the word out to people. Belt what is really going on here and and help in the country -- -- strong. Mayor Ruben let me ask you one last question. Does Israel now feel alone. Do you feel encircled. And do you feel what you won't truly have a real friend and ally in the White House. Do the Jews feel again that they standalone in the world. Well frankly I think benefit if we feel that -- is it's a good thing. Because we need to be realistic. There's the individual would reestablish. With the understanding that. That only Israel can stand up for itself. And you know it still all of the prosecution of two you is we -- realize that we have to stand up to a poor old country and -- and we have to defend itself. And voted by the don't the enemy's camp relies on in the United States or any other nation. And two we certainly can rely on President Obama unfortunately. I'm not a politician. Currently and I don't. I don't need to. They didn't. That night for the public it's the fact is -- President Obama has not been positive for Israel. -- I hope that he will be more positive effect in terms. But I'm not expecting -- however we do know that there are a lot of people of the United States consent without. And and to recognize the importance of Israel and and we appreciate that. I stress that to you it's not just me it's not just this program there are tens and tens of millions of Americans. Who view Israel is our closest friend we love Israel we know how important Israel is in the defense of western civilization. Is your sentiment that you feel that Obama has essentially turned his back on Israel do most Israelis feel that as well. Well it's not an accident that would serve it would carry conduct -- long ago. About what the President Obama is pro Israel and DiPietro. -- was in the positive for about 3% for the -- And it's ranged from three to 15%. Of Israelis have believed that President Obama has probably thrilled. We could -- go -- long list. I wrote about all this in my book the Islamic tsunami. Israel and America -- of Obama. It is there's just no question that these are pro Israel president is allegiances and his alliances -- -- but. Stronger. With the Islamic world that with Israel unfortunately that is benefit reality. Bullet but it's I am well aware of and in that -- -- threat than many Americans who stand with. And a lot of the support for the Shiloh Israel children's fund comes from the United States from individuals in the United States. Who go to what web -- by the way the web site but could dispute that -- -- Shiloh is real children that -- Though he's won by. Right that's perfect audio only Israel children or. And and people get more information on the web what -- doing here. And and development book and went and this commitment through in general. Leader and the with Israel. David Rubin is the former mayor of Shiloh best known as the West Bank. He's also the founder and president of the Shiloh Israel children's fund. Dedicated to easing the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorist attacks he's the author of the Islamic tsunami. Israel and America in the age of Obama. Mayor Ruben thank you so much for coming on the corner report and please stay safe. -- This is Jeff corner here on the corner report 61720666868. Israel is now engaged. In military operations against Hamas. An all out war may be borrowing let me ask all of you this. Do you believe Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas. Should America stand with Israel and do you agree with the mayor David Rubin. How does Obama turn his back on the Jews. Is he siding with the Islamic world against Israel 617. 2666868. Jeff corner on the corner report I'll take your calls right after this break.