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Chump Line Friday November 16, 2012 - Nancy Pelosi and the fiscal cliff

Nov 16, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the inquery can we push Nancy Pelosi off the fiscal cliff to see how far down it goes?

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Heading south for the winner albeit -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. And boy nearly. Award given on the auction. Hostess cupcakes. There growth we have. -- -- Not going away forever but they may be gone for a few months until the company has sold so 61793116. You know. -- they're. Tweaking -- etiquette and all that. But I. Don't. I am I am shocked that the the outpouring of hatred towards little bit easier than ever get some ago miles assembly one. As Simeone email attacking me for liking little deputies I'm sorry. I don't think I -- -- miles never had no real filled cream cookie. Though he hasn't but he says he's he votes he says. He he stopped cooking as much as he used to so now he's got -- he now he accepts this in order quality implements for case. Ornaments were cookies I don't know -- you know -- CNB. You know once I left Portland's cookies you know that yes I don't does a good win. Now my favorite but I don't even never I never heard the brand OK number two breaks for coffee cakes and sponge cake I I I told you earlier like drinks coffee -- that the best number three hostess for coffee cakes. -- he goes number six out at a at the bottom of the barrel little Debbie. How we I don't I don't wanna know you're if you think little Debbie is quality. Wow such snobs here the miles you better get in on this betting going on here and you know bid for some of the host this stuff. An appropriate that it and probably would and went ignored you know about it and we'll get together. Congratulations to my a two with the headline writers of my newspaper The Herald for getting Lou it into the headlines. For and then in the Mars only story. We're -- global. Entity. That goal. Opportunities. Where noble both local. And long time ago. Where -- the Mac. These unions killed everyone's. -- little -- -- -- Currently rush was speculating that they were willing to wise that it -- -- the whole list because they they that the White House. Would bail out hostess. He Macy's this in the style of GM and end -- nationalize it is worded in the online petition. They -- nationalized in the that's crazy. You nationalize hole -- you don't nationalize twinkies. And ultimately giving it to the unions that's why they're willing to lose their jobs that early. I think that's a pretty risky bet. Waiting for Europe cupcake company to be nationalized. News. Who voted but there. -- Probably at least some obvious but it may be -- BB 75%. The chocolate cupcakes are currently at 100 dollars York kidding that's great that's who -- fast it's great for the Greater Boston food bank. That's good that's very good so 61793116. Days ago. For the hostess cupcakes we got other ones that we also that we got chocolate later on we have chocolate cream twinkies -- Hughes. Without your deluding what you're auctioning silent about the uncle -- -- -- we -- and just -- we got other words we -- if you yup that. Go for these right now. Do. You. The news and news. News news. -- to. -- Chocolate cake. Layers the layers with creamy Philly. Susie -- Eight individually wrapped packets. And we pushed it -- -- over the this booklet just to see how wanted to drop it is. You know. Joseph Biden can't this and occasionally asked to take it day often when you want a few laps you can you can almost replace them getting in getting all the amendments confused. Saying stuff like we have the rule we have to pass the bill so we can read it I mean. Then of course -- the traditional -- talks jokes that don't really work with Joseph Biden you have to go with airport jokes. So twenty is gone. Somewhere Mayor Bloomberg. Mileage. And I had even thought about that you're absolutely right. Yes he's saying. Yes. -- -- -- -- -- I could have taken needed -- Your sponge cakes. Your coffee cakes. Your cupcakes. Yet Ding darden's. -- -- public hearing you know a good director's cut. I struck a figure out why they what what they didn't. Put him under oath. You know I mean what was not gonna come -- I mean this -- there's a thing called a subpoena. You know I mean if you're if you're Joseph the wall and and you know they think they they think you've been doing business with some sort of -- month. -- that they wanna get they get they'll they'll be doubly happy just give you a subpoena. But they weren't gonna give this general who who was involved with a botched. A botched operation and ends up in the death of an ambassador in three other Americans they were gonna give him a subpoena. The -- she's the American Napoleon gimme a break. The election what the -- My -- it was yellow. Were world glad to that it turns out that Elmo has had idea. His consensual. Homosexual relationship was with -- was with themselves. With that was that was that was a week. To to wall all PBS hands. You can't change the CIA inside. That this bit of Central Intelligence. Agency. Doesn't know what I held their own agency's building. It is very very Arabs -- And he you know I have more respect for the CIA you over the past few years with these drone strikes have. They they -- you -- for a while I thought they were just another bloated bureaucracy which I guess they are but they do have some people know what they're doing obviously like obviously. The ex seals that they hire in the the guys who died in I've been Ghazi but. This is this is not a good this this Petraeus when his body is is does not reflect well on them does -- on -- look like about the girlfriend of just talk about. Just as his general while Marco. Lack of candor shall we say. We keep -- going down those who don't know -- -- in that country is always the same pass through Ono -- Obama was reelected in -- we will continue without support mass amounts insanity -- -- Twinkies. Small symbol. Of all that is gone wrong in the American economy. An iconic brand. On the verge. Of liquidation. Appease those that page views of long lost world of whole world -- Why. -- it. -- Howling yes so the cupcakes -- 250 as long as you signed the box. That's that can be your rate cuts us. In ingredients. Justice. -- enough -- sugar water -- -- bleached wheat -- flour -- -- B vitamins I have some five -- Bono nitrate -- one rival -- -- to fall cast all whales are orange or high fructose corn serve partially hydrogenated. Hydrogenated. Vegetable and -- animals shortening sweeping Odyssey and or an oil. Beef fat -- contains 2% or less socially like. With -- and -- Absorb it all -- process with Al coli sodium and pyro phosphate baking soda cornstarch -- calcium phosphate way -- modified corn starch glucose making so that throws. -- rose -- fly or not I donated all of -- salt calcium carbonate corn syrups -- I'm tired. It's normally have through. That was your last jump -- message thank you for calling out because you. I'm glad they all those ingredient that's what makes it peso all these ingredients you know it's not just sugar and cocoa. And you know evaporated milk. It's none of them that got this extra stuff and there. What makes a good OK that's it for the trump like today that your flight is the recorded voicemail message service of -- car show you can call leave a message of any hour of the day or night. We may or may not play your message at this time each -- say that troubling number you like to leave such a messages 617779. 3469617779346. Night. Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to -- cart dot com. -- -- we -- -- support it over the fiscal quit but he wanted to drop but it. -- --