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Police Blotter Fax Friday, November 16, 2012 - Jail Buddies

Nov 16, 2012|

The two winners from this week's police blotter fax contest were a thief who returned his victim's waller when he realized it was a prison mate he had stolen from and a man who spilled hot oil on his wife who was giving him oral sex while he was cooking.

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Friday my name's -- Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. Or sixty. -- a great day and bought the runs. On supermarkets across the city. We're working -- bronco units. We were after price -- yours on twinkies. That -- the cupcakes are still for sale. On the auction the money goes to the Greater Boston food bank just in time for the holiday season. The bid now is 250 box autograph the hostess cupcakes. 617931168061793116. Days ago. Now it's time for police blotter fax Friday. As we do every Friday at this time we all week long we ask -- sin in your funny stories or items from your local daily or weekly newspaper. Can be some papers called their police column the police -- others call the police blotter could be STM a long story. We you can fax them to us at 6177793467. Or you can email to me -- how we car at W war -- dot com how we car at wrko.com. At this time each week we read the funniest ones in our opinion. And the two best entries of the week receiving nice. And my excess prize what do they get this week's in the. They're gonna get a gift pack up our wonderful -- reference at rock and cement block and flag which are. Return. Fabulous this time of year -- we get the service like we we do we give voice and we still have service flag OK okay and we also have a bewildering assortment of teachers -- -- from reference Edberg sportswear. -- -- means they're gonna get a T shirt flag com. I was like it stated they would no panic hostess cupcakes that does for the Greater Boston food bank so. That's where that's returns for some people won both the system this is the they courier these -- they career -- OK but they're tasting okay. That's mean this is for charity remembers for the Greater Boston food bank the first runners up who do not win the prize are from Raleigh, North Carolina. It possibly drop. That attracts thousands of people to a tiny town where some gas they put that possum and make clear. Box. And with holiday tinsel and lower it to the ground at midnight. That's called the past and drop. I'm mom among familiar -- Pete is that this tradition that Pete is suing the wildlife resources commission which issued the permit for the -- saying it's illegal and cruel. I was accrual that'll kill the possibly. While judge Fred Morrison wrote in his ruling citizens are prohibited from capturing and using wild animals for pets or amusement pleasure or. Hunters must afford wild animals the same right Patrick Henry yearned for give me liberty or give me death. And it's a -- catch a pass and kill it but you can't -- -- -- box to the ground and then you know what it for. We knew that caller from a couple of hours ago said the twinkies. Are -- They beat that news -- Why wouldn't work or from people. Loomis California -- prankster is changing the message on an electronic traffic warning sign in northern California. The science but to tell people that erode in the Placer county city limits will be closed for pipeline construction. Instead it red smoke weed everyday. I was last week in the sacrament to be is saying. That currently it's reading caution -- guerrilla. Placer county water agency senior. Engineer told the -- -- -- spill changed the message the unknown hacker community keyboard and had to bypass a few systems. It's coming down. With a smoker every day could be and at one of our new pot dispensaries here in Massachusetts. If it were only in Massachusetts fresh valley Pennsylvania. A 63 year old hunter will be okay despite hanging upside down after is trees team broke in the Western Pennsylvania awaits shareholder Bob -- Brush valley assistant fire chief out which in -- says James your order of Johnstown was hunting with a partner and brush valley township when the -- -- Yet to speak got tangled and he was -- in about fifteen feet up the spill is beer. I was partner helped yarder by trying to hold his head somewhat upright while -- for how. One out which of these firefighters who live nearby heard the distress calls and called 911 and others are arrived they eventually got him down after about sixteen. Do you see mayor I know your area. This sums push -- -- call line one you want to spear hunting -- yes they do want that thank for -- that's good that the mayor was available that despite despite his recent ailments you know he's been hospitalized but. He's a -- available to want to tell people what to do in the case of an emergency actually hunt are hanging by his head from history stand. While back to North Carolina sorry white supremacist but those people on the ridiculous costumes aren't laughing with you. During a weekend Ku Klux Klan neo Nazi rally in Charlotte. This speech is coming from they hateful side of the street were jammed up -- squeaky toys whistles and noise makers from a big group of counter protesters. -- and with every shadow white power the spectators -- Lotta them just like clowns threw handfuls of white flour into the air. The message from masses you look silly you beliefs. Said Charlotte. Shots Latin American coalition we dress like clowns and you are the ones that look funny on that must have been a thrill if you're trying gets done downtown. Charlotte last week and I can imagine. The cops shoot outs in North Carolina over Weston and now I have an action like Charlotte it's a lovely little city you know. That would dissuade me from going to town cops match nose job photos but Penn dot license photos to nab IED beef. Apparent pride his appearance earned a Philadelphia man a five year probation sentence that's because. -- Clinkscale south. Still Montgomery County man's identity in the man told state police that he was being hounded by bank for 6000 dollar -- he claimed he never incurred. The mantle police some souls identity and and to got a credit card is named state police and a credit card was used to pay the cost for cosmetic surgery. On a card holders knows. The procedure is done the patient came back to the op has to have the bandages removed but never return for additional appointments using photos taken. By the medical practice prior to surgery state police -- facial recognition program. They compare the photos with those of Pennsylvania drivers in the program -- He was picked up on his arrest. There were -- decrease in -- my estate will be in court on Monday trying to trying to appeal the decision by judge wolf to allow the sex change operation for a Michelle so. I think. I just is that the cosmetic surgery reminded me of that. Well this is actually and a police fired -- percent and it was written by your friend Laura -- from The Herald. Ole Ole man who had to steel rods surgically implanted in his hand at three punch to courthouse long response to his ex girlfriend slapping him of the restraining order. -- the steel -- out mailed them to her as a token of love. So even in jail he has he is terrorizing her. From Gloucester at the Gloucester daily times a woman returned from grocery shopping to find a towel folded in the shape of a penis in her car. Tell our most rolled up towels essentially the shape of the -- seriously right. I mean -- like big yet they have we're going to the the that they exercise club where workout there's there's a million howls that are rolled up just six -- -- the shape of -- you know still blow. -- -- the school that women parked in a Stop & Shop parking lot natural to call police to report. Finding a towel when she came back to her car she said she believes someone put it there because maggots on her car. Say she's a Zuma instructor and there's an ongoing you know -- between now there's an ongoing case -- mean regarding -- ball and -- is right. Or is horse colonel hunt now calls means of Malaysia and although it would be more appropriate for his home town of Scarborough options that they appear to -- him. Since the lion's share of customers to Alexis right so far. So this isn't Europe Providence, Rhode Island firefighters' battle to rescue stricken student 22 who got waged an eight inch wide alleyway between buildings. A student had to be rescued I'm Courtney Milloy was Tony to attend the university round and got stacked your feet in the air in a horizontal position. After trying to take a short cut rescuers spent an hour trying to free year free her at the thought she'd fallen off through the discovered she tried to. She tried to cut through between the two buildings and got wedged halfway throughout. They had to breakdown she get on their SATs she. -- they had to pretend law on the other could charge her. I mean I think they should over I don't mean charged -- mean they should get her bill. For what they have to do it again -- that's the most ridiculous thing Riyadh celebre celebratory gunfire at a wedding party in eastern Saudi Arabia. Brought down an electric cable killing 23 people. At the wedding cable fell on a metal door and 23 people who died were all electrocuted. All those killed were from the same -- thirty and is -- This -- the bullets came down and kill some people I was gonna say that. You know it sure real law won't save you from the law of gravity and -- and -- talked -- some counterfeiters. You -- about another. Person from an island. And you're aspiring to the Korean forgery should get one thing down pat notes tiger dead presidents apart day no man's. Learned this lesson the hard way after he used a hundred dollar bills depicting Abraham Lincoln. Instead of Benjamin Franklin on them. Our rights is the two winners the first one. Kansas Robert return wallet after recognizing victim from prison. Evidently it's sometimes paid has spent time imprisonment the person robbing you which top police said. A robber realized he'd served time of the man he was holding up. He apologized and gave back the victim's wallet professional courtesy the 51 year old males walking home from work now -- two young men approached him. One of the suspects have a large coming out it automatic -- and demanded a man's long -- who refused to give a supplement handed over as a wallet. And the guy realized she'd done time at him and he can hit back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he comes he comes back and he's walking up the steps to -- house with his wife to -- -- -- movie or something. And what he jumps on publisher's. -- white we have been waiting formed there he wanted to you know just once might these. I thought our own man. -- the guy the guy wasn't doing very well I'll tell you that when he saw white grandmother and. OK the other winner. Tee time loved by a woman almost been up for husbands and Willie as he cooked pancakes for T want to Willie. Well she gave him oral sex it's like that towel world open that woman's car. In the heat of passion he lost his grip on the pan and -- boiling oil down her naked back. She cluster with zewe is saying he -- start over again it I would be making pancakes for them for T he's cooking she's giving him. Of the Lewinsky. Yes he gets excited. Loses his grip on the hand volleys cooking and spilled boiling oil down her naked back. She clenched her teeth on his Willie and an agony he bashed her on the head with a hand. Both only admitted how they receive their injuries after intense questioning by hospital box. The man needed treatment was -- while I went over at least in what he's not a chronic kettle boiling oil he had highway on -- yankees is frying pain clinics. Not everybody can afford batter Howie this is now overseas and they're not differ on how to afford potter what Mike king Farouk a sudden that's that's that's a ballistics of butter and we're for it right there main idea. So my guess is no they couldn't afford potter. They're using -- well. And either way in the hot hot inspiring you know butter is still hot -- -- -- got to correct our it is famous as loyalists. I you know I didn't attend -- to keep the heat turned down when I'm cooking pancakes. But -- -- -- them on whatever you're doing -- and right so you do it melted butter into and -- -- that point that's gonna burn that you know hit some funny unsuspecting missed. Down the floor in front of Ian and perhaps okay. Colleague Carlo a week from today for another exciting episode of police blotter thanks for -- this case.