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Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Cupcakes Oh My!

Nov 16, 2012|

Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread are disappearing from the american landscape because Hostess is going out of business after striking workers failed to meet an agreement and a deadline to return to work. Howie wanted to know what is everyone's favorite hostess goody.

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Will twinkies really disappear. Optimism has fallen slightly now seventy through. 73%. That's fine now I'd say it's fallen more than slightly if the if these reports of the runs on -- and the outlook stores that there were. You may check the traffic down the street and I -- site at Robbins shop in Munich on there right. Word you want were talking about these fine products here on that there. That are in danger or not it dangerousness. We'll talk about this in just a moment but the guy I did one of the last night in his in his monologue. -- favorite the economy is not good is not good at all. Hop and it the stock market going down fast and they generals biographer it is -- The economy's so bad a way to work itself Phil Jackson -- -- will coach for food got. Economy is so bad James -- what you don't Heineken to -- 45. Thank -- is so bad all abroad well that now being forced to sleep -- only three star general. It's. Not as -- back. MSNBC had to lay off 300 Obama's spokesman not Taliban. President Obama said Susan Rice. -- out the defendant that's. It's pretty good. She do that more often rapid fire jokes 18774694322. Hostess brands maker of twinkies and Wonder Bread and more announced this morning it is filed a motion with bankruptcy court to start liquidating the company immediately. Huge number of jobs are soon to be lost. Hostess brands will move promptly to -- up most of its 181500. Member workforce -- CEO Gregory Raeburn in the statement. And focus on selling its assets to -- highest bidders. Now we got eighteen million here from little Debbie what is table talk -- bed. In a letter posted on Ahmad Drake. Drake. Mr. -- -- we're we're we're we're jewel like typical -- Delray bugs. Drake cake mister mister Boggs. Missed I was terrible -- tasty cakes. A lot about this that you know more about -- that's -- go. That's city despite this is the letter they post on the website. Despite every once considerable efforts to save to move hostess out of its restructuring. When we began implementing the company's last best and final offer the bakers union choose chose to stage a crippling strike. Disaffected hostesses ability to continue to make products and services customers' needs -- post pushed most distinct wind down scenario that's capitalized wind out. Never seen -- capitalized. As a result we are forced to proceed in with an orderly wind down now it's not capitalized. And it's the sale of our operations and assets we deeply regret taking this action but we simply cannot continue to operate without the ability to produce or deliver products. -- this is odd because. You ought to think about the sometimes that you know when we were you were kids even into about the seventies. You know they would they would have strikes all the time there would be big. Crippling strikes. And you you know. But Teamsters world was going out there at the or longshoreman. We're going out make big they put the put newspaper after newspaper business in the sixties. In New York City they the Pressman what might quell mostly he was Irish immigrant was at a Pressman is union I think and he they put the papers but. I thought were kind of like behind beat beat beyond having strikes given the fact that the of the economy's in such a dreadful. Condition. There's no way to soften the fact that this will hurt every hostess brands employee all hostess brands employees will eventually lose their jobs some sooner than others. And fortunately because we are in bankruptcy there are severe limits on the assistant the company come off for you at this time. Any orders in the -- in process or canceled immediately. Wonder if you're only have a Jones for hostess -- maybe you should maybe you should be running down to the factory outlook to the art or that market basket because. It'll take awhile too -- to get to get the product lines back up and running again no matter who buys it. We have ripped any product in transit will be here has been returned to the ship we have retained a wind down again that it's capitalized again will continue. All on to assure that the business shuts down in an orderly fashion. It is unknown at this time what will happen to unpaid vendor invoices or whether sufficient funds will ultimately be available so moderates -- No word yet from the bakery confectionery tobacco workers and grain millers union that was leading the strike well update will update when their risk. And also want to watch is the response from the Teamsters union whose members earlier voted to accept the new labor deal offered by the company and have not been participating in the strike. Yesterday the Teamsters said the current strike put it in a terrible position were members will be forced to support destroy capable pulled them out of a job. Why would they cut their own throats. They they were asking for pay cuts I I didn't I didn't over the last couple days I haven't read anything about. About lay -- I mean I. I guess -- we're gonna have to -- -- eventually but right now there were asking for pay costs is -- better to be getting something than nothing. The Wall Street Journal says the operative sees the potential for new life a -- owner of the intellectual property. It's hard to think of being on his intellectual property and -- which includes everything some -- names to recipes to graphics could revitalize the hostess brands. New flavors limited edition twinkies limited edition twinkies. There's words you never budgets -- the same sentence. Products co branded with independent music groups. You mean so like instead of Death Cab for Cutie you would die you have the twinkies. The whole host. It's nutritional emptiness in the right hands could be its core strength said so this one. This this one. Branding strategist. Explaining that a buyer could be embraced the brands kitchen Checchi deliciously retro feel -- I don't think most twinkies and twinkies. Consumers know what -- she means and they don't and they'd and they don't. And they have only the vaguest understanding of what deliciously retro means. He foresees a potentially diverse crowd of bidders for the company its kind it's kind of iconic brand that might attract people who might not otherwise be interest and and owning consumer goods. And -- big disagree -- that -- ago I think the -- it's going to be of the showdown between. Between little Debian and -- dogs and drinks cakes in the -- -- 18774694322. Can we blame Obama since it's a union. -- vials were better. Twinkies won't disappear but look at the box it might say made in China. That's where unions don't get it they bite off their noses to spite their face. Hostess hostess brought outbreaks OK so hostess on strikes so breaks cakes are on the line through. Once again the Obama -- Obama writes vote to kill the goose that laid the golden -- I read one article quoted a dough mixer who was making seventeen bucks an hour Crimea river a dough mixer. 18774694322187. -- you say are you sad about this is this a sad day for. For America do you do you still you still -- these up beset tasty products of these tasty non nutritious. Empty calorie products. 18774694322. I must say I don't again when the one when they grumbled -- idea. I brought Obama. I brought home blow that piece of my game by I was eating too many -- -- in the given to -- to to to us from my neighbors. Appreciate shipment of my neighbors appreciated -- and to the kids appreciated. -- and I don't I don't need irony irony that's very much anymore 18774694322. Where's Romney whereas Bain Capital. They could save hostess. Yeah this is you know what that's true wait wait what does and does -- -- no hard feelings to that to the American people. We're gonna step again in saved hostess. We're gonna save twinkies. Rod you're next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- -- -- I've worked out for -- company in and out in the united. Some of our building our. Yeah it -- -- in the business almost four years but. In. I don't know you know at that your what was on the table to say whether not they wish they did singer. What. You know -- -- -- but -- if they give up their jobs I mean that that's. -- let's let's. Economics aside as an. I agree I agree. Bad out there Obama supporter I am a union edited that out there. Maybe you know ten years ago fifteen years ago or maybe fifteen years in the future you could say. No no way we know you're making big money and we wanna get paid but nowadays you can at the mercy of it but let me say that this seventeen dollar an hour dough mixer. I mean that I could be at work and -- sixteen years and I'm not been an apologist but. Seventeen bucks an hour is not a lot of Jane I'm expecting box our 25 years -- won't say it was right out of -- so. And I all of my little that. Rob but I mean did not know offensive to the people who work at the post despite -- does it does adult -- really require a lot of a lot of skills or could could you yeah it sounds to me like -- -- place at all -- or was somebody right off the street. I would have to agree I'd have to agree with the. -- I -- if you replace if you if you're that easily replaced than seventy boxes are pretty good oh wage. What what are what are your -- don't excerpt for 1015 years and -- spent -- oil and the good employ. I would hope that I would hope that you would be working to you get chips and get get to be the head dough mixer you know -- the element of the crew. Well exactly how we on the same. -- And clean toilets but I don't think somebody clean toilet chip making eight bucks an -- -- at a certain point lead you know. There. Believe me you know all. I understand the economy's bad and everything but the -- here is don't seem like it is. You're against a worker at times or never go to my my white sport from Milton Bradley for ten years. Which he said every year it was the same song and they had. Here's a quarter we're not doing so well that a player appeal or -- record for it to be in the magazines. For how well they're doing it's like what do you think it's -- story we weren't making any money when he -- order -- have been here and you. And and got a terrible one run thanks for the call Bob by 18774694322187746943. -- He says is a key this is from zero -- dot com. These are big Democrats that are involved in this I'm I'm I am really shocked to warn us. Let's see here. Because there wasn't it. But some just looking to see him. Here comes the hostess twist. Because Tim Collins of ripple what was a prominent Democrat opposition which allowed him to get involved in the first bankruptcy process in the first place -- was proximity with the Teamsters long term art rob. Dick Gephardt. -- consultant Dick Gephardt. -- former congressman from Missouri who -- bumper sticker patches Kennedy on his part when the when he got an all those accidents. So big -- parts consulting group just happens to be an equity owner of hostess in other words the traditional Republican. Scapegoating strategy here will be a tough when the -- off since the narrative lapses collapses when considering it was a Democrat who rescued the firm. Only to see it implode in a train wreck that is -- resulted in the liquidation of a legendary brand and 181500. Layoffs. He is Tom Collins 55. He is a Democrat in an industry of Republicans. One group or more but these Democrats. What do what other what other groups that he have one other group what are other commodity contribute I'll -- I'll check this out during the break 18774694322. When I was in grade school if you had little dead bees in your lunch that was -- next up the latter was rakes and host this was -- Really. That's 503 I didn't know that. 404 from officer mark the twinkies bakers union no longer rolling in the doll. Of the 50 wait I guess Jay -- won't be able to use the twinkie defense for Jeremy. And Jimmy Bulger. 18774694322. Drawn another rod you're next with. We cargo runs. I LE. It's such it's shameful thing here that you know some 181000 workers going to be losing their jobs because the union intervention but. You know in a sense item or bad because. If things keep going I'll be the only person who knows the whereabouts of the last. Between the -- Hancock county. Philip. All with who taught chemistry next door me and small private school -- There -- people will pop pop pop pop is blackboard. 34 now forty years ago yeah and and that the figure -- this time in fact become little crumbling solely. But what a trust these -- typically -- record glass sarcophagus like aboard ship oh yeah -- everyone contributed reports. Well this is still up there on top of the blackboard and it's forty years old what they keep a secret location all but said that. -- -- -- the feeling that that that that week he will be there when you and I are long gone and. When my friend when he when he did this he did it as a as a lesson and should not a typical patrol. And that acutely latch onto and -- and so it's been there he's actually been interviewed by the BBC like 2 o'clock in the morning. From all the electric -- in the proper but again get back to the industry at the machine that would lose in the all these workers. No it is it is a shame but you know it's really it's really strange you know when they started coming up with you know good -- the old fashioned -- You know I had never when I was sick when I was a kid it was all not that maybe not Wonder Bread Wonder Bread type products with a bunch additives. Campbell I couldn't when I started buying like by gaps or something like that you know would try to go upscale. I couldn't believe likened to days that they would be hard is a -- and that's what what this. I didn't realize what was what was wrong with it was gonna have all the crappy additives all the Bret I've been meeting for the rest of my life. Now it's -- they did all this stuff in bread you you know you probably get the rules the hamburger -- brown. Did have to brown up so nicely at McDonald's you know what -- put -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome into that but it is good I didn't know that we Edinburgh and -- keep the appetite or. Thanks thanks for the call on 18 sevenths twinkies are now being sold on eBay. Said he still much twinkies are going for an -- widget. Considering quick trip and the Stop & Shop our annual not now I just wanna know -- wanna know for a justice just pointed to listeners. -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- we -- just bought the last aren't snowball at that dusty. The net net Fitzpatrick they'd never going to be as saying about the great noble and that. Yahoo! it's a terror it's a terror what's next what's next they gonna stop. By the the the river in Chicago green on Saint Patrick's Day where are they got to stop putting green and the in the beer on Saint Patrick's Day. This is a terrible day for America -- and at. Yes I know and help thanks for the call. Five await breaks make made the best case I have to agree with that if I -- the pick I would pick breaks over -- somehow seemed. Seemed less artificial than hostess. Remember the ring things when they were really big before ring being juniors became the standard size in -- totals in those other things Drake said. Donald Trump could be. A white night. Let's seek to -- Little babies are still get -- idea -- I don't know I had never. Why -- little Debbie scandal. 18 I'd get out -- I think and iris love -- beats the I certainly and a phone from when I was when I was here when they were when they were bringing him in here. The Bradley hit they had they brought in cases this like six months ago it brought cases. And they had him behind. And behind the receptionist desk. So you know we left beef afterward but he also -- just you know it would only UH sold those receptions laughs yeah we agree the other clubs and we left at 7 o'clock so. We just go popped Roman and get the ones with like which were I don't know Wilbert what was a blueberry -- so that's one title. Bloomberg the Bloomberg often know little that peace Dan your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. On the view I'm -- away empty calories on. Crappy food -- -- for the increase let's go. Yeah exactly yeah yeah yeah. Mean if I got to choose between like between your election burger local. Right Republican if I would guess some of looks like a twinkie I'm going up to that the base that cupcake bakery and in now ready to get in get a nice fresh one and I don't care for cost three box it tastes a lot better now. They can go to court -- your fellow juror who went -- triggered a remote. Problem geez that's a good question sandy. When is Bruce Friedrich coming -- Oh I forgot yeah thank you DM form I let us also -- we got -- that we would admit it we wouldn't doubtless lead right past us. Well I mean and look at a Toronto is welcome that they because a one -- I can call. And drama and current and get treated as a god -- you -- -- an element of the emails again after -- richer experience oh. Yeah you see the -- -- -- in Maine today. Our hunt or for cynically slaughter so it wasn't he'd -- it was a day it wasn't the usual hunting thing was I was heart attack he was seven victory. Thanks. -- were called in and thanks for reminding us one -- rakes Swiss roles with a bong. They were pretty good. I think like those drinks they had drinks coffee cakes Arctic that was my favorite. -- check this out. Of the box of twinkies selling for 15100. All Kia Kia that's ridiculous by the never gonna get that. Look at this on -- box of hostess twinkie twinkie fresh ten counts. And count. 187. Honest how always. Honest how waste -- -- rescue fund for Paul the UPS guy. I wish honest how -- known about this like I -- -- and a good. A good supply of there's still tons a super Stop & Shop at the anniversary yeah let's. I have a feeling that I have a feeling that place was hit pretty hard. About nine I know the kind of people that book -- the twinkie shoppers there. I think that's. To win there they re did like four years ago was luck -- you -- in that shop. Six months ago and that's not that is an upscale super stop and up. I I CNB I got behind it to count them two EBT cardholders. And and they also had whipped vouchers and they didn't speak English too well either I'm gonna get you get to find that every grocery store in the state. Not every trees. But Roche Brothers isn't it as temperatures -- -- roach rose there there was a certain there was a certain place worry doctor was buying soup Turkey. After I beat some wild Turkey recently -- and that's the place mostly -- your next with how we -- go ahead. IE and there -- tricky question that the temporary impairment on the American market out twinkies it temporary definitely appealed. Start importing them from China or Mexico with the and that -- I -- do things. And Mexico. Yeah the other thing is I don't like it when I reached up like in the Wall Street Journal when they say it's gonna come back as a retro. You know what retro means -- it's gonna cost twice as much. Remember they used them buying gold beer. Was like this really cheap beer tasted good day you get five or -- You know and it was made Iran Borough of Brooklyn. And secondly hipster beer and it cost like as much cost more than Annika. Now how am -- talking retro equipment and wounds but it deliberate move by this. Yet you think so -- -- -- Well I mean you know again they don't have they sure don't have to worry about -- going bad on the the to go on the ship going to Alaska. You all -- about because. Should it. And Chinese rated. I. Didn't quite often and opera that yes the -- Chinese appointees. Thanks for the call Ed and its sister what about in the months. Elements is kind of a step up from what we've been talking about though elements is I mean I know it's it's you know it's obviously very sugary and not not really good to be eaten in large amounts but it's it's a little it's a little more quality and a no offense the hostess eaters Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. I was actually at the -- post this Rick -- -- the Braintree today in the year. Ago period -- yeah. It was. Okay well. -- usually it's a small. And be one person in the day you know at a park on a side street who walked all the way where the storm wise. Patiently it would be real plot but it was was the key here. And I'm just as guilty everybody likes six blocks as a -- that's what's so that it -- Variety we eight boxes of Orange cupcakes with the click -- aren't going out. -- -- that was the. You surely that must have been all that was left you would've bought them if they've been in the Hostess Twinkies widget. Actually that memory of that you know that. It's a cork in it to instigate the orange cupcakes. -- member of and Brothers with him. What you think you know we put them. That we drink beer and watched the game but you know talk trash other. An apple a gentleman. And a right. But -- going to be orange cup to what the squiggly -- in the middle. So guess that was the apple or orange Coptic what they adapt. We put out is that we put out his cool while it was eating the orange cupcake or not. Thanks for the call 18774694322. 603 says global warming killed most of us who know Al Gore was in New Hampshire this weekend. Twinkie disaster at the beginning of the fiscal. -- -- and I'm gonna go and get some twinkies and get the modest Christmas presents. 35 grams of sugar into twinkies holy bull -- 18774694322. On -- car. 18774694322. We just those -- that week. We don't have interns anymore caller interns got laid off actually it's gonna like co host this company around here but that we grab somebody else's and turned. And I sent him down to the super Stop & Shop down the street and again I don't know I am I don't know off the beanie left but we're gonna try to buy some. Developed for us yet it is for number one on -- that's -- anything hostess at laughed yeah. Obviously yeah I've just but if if there is anything -- we're gonna grab it in the well auction of often. Tonight. And I -- and then we'll do -- some next week to. And again it. You know it's is not one of those products shipped to worry about spoiling you know what -- longer half life by the way twinkies or plutonium. I'm -- you -- kinds. -- from Chelsea how -- makes it making up new celebrity hostess products. The John Kerry -- a quiche docked with crap. Work about it just that lets that be a little little. More. More genteel -- -- stuffed with baloney. You know so what says they can't wait for for a for a host this classics. Have -- that we don't cost a lot more than the regular hostesses like guarantee of their electoral like other every other kind of -- -- 18774694322. Twinkies classics. Etsy. Yet you know that somebody -- that there -- in the they're buying like tea house we're in that wal mart's. One week key house brand at Wal-Mart but. You know damn well that it's it's going to be hostesses to make they make things so. They'll be -- that they'll be run out what is expected someone says -- up in Maine. They they get they got a house brand twinkies too but. You know again it's until they until the brand is is is auctioned off and and they they can set up the production lines that. -- a few months without -- twinkies. 18774694322. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. Yeah you don't file on time with that are. I'm a former employee -- hostess brand. Us. Starting today you allude to that date for us. So what's the what are the top sellers. What are the current -- -- Targeted twenty twinkies I would say it would be number one. Doubled -- yeah. And I I kind of likes to be cute they were of little boys then you know. -- there was a Susie kill. To be cute just like what people basically. -- -- Those are -- plug. These today that you know it's just a what about those large -- -- surprise finding a lot of those aren't they seem to be popular with the listeners hear that artist thinks that. -- for Halloween and Thanksgiving has challenged the law. Yeah not normally orange. -- -- north skeptics out there in. In Concord New Hampshire's for the my daily listeners that have themselves they're still out there. Thanks for the call like 18774694322. Like I can hear all the new fat kid jokes coming now -- with like a fat kid craving a twinkie. 18774694322. O'Grady and other unemployed person -- for the welfare state we keep we keep the kid your fired. 18774694322. Is that is an -- though that. You know these these these this is all this company that's owned by a Liberal Democrats and yet that's yet somehow they. Somehow they acted just like Bain Capital. When when push came to shove. -- next with how we -- ahead Joseph. -- I have story about one debris when I was a kid. My mother. And so -- we don't want to break 'cause that's probably one and and I -- -- and -- Like that myself I was. Yeah I was just awful in the -- east now the audit and you know they always seem like it was still only when you brought it won't restore the first day you know and I used to going to score like most kids you know we try to trade things yeah well. Wonder -- you know they had no trade value at all what. That's. -- -- everybody and in this school he did so you know I mean not a good on a really good day I think it maybe like half -- embattled -- half point jokes they used -- yeah those -- I -- I could get maybe one almost but it wouldn't be tropical could be you know just what clean no you know will. How how come videos of the supermarket. Bread aisles were full of Wonder -- somebody was -- in the -- stuff that somebody liked it. Yeah I've never understood it I -- I always hated it I mean it's. What -- one time my mother finally broke down and she got some being data whipped right I thought it was an haven't. Yeah no doubt or India with a little girl with a little girl and figure out where I remember that yeah. Exactly you know it it it was just I mean. We couldn't even get of the -- -- he's just great stuff up and and one other thing we used to do real quick got a -- at my age but. Do you revel in the ring thing has -- to come wrapped in the oil. Now at least they used to come wrapped in -- and what I would do was that would get the cheap one musical on the world feel ones and I don't -- the good drinking. Put cheap ones and -- backup penetrate markets. And seventeen and don't. -- So thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Obama needs to give them a ring being bail out. Bill you're next with how we cargo ahead bill. How is -- cup victory at W in this country right now. Really what. What you've got 11. Bit out of Texas bimbo. -- this. Somebody mentioned that on attacks but I thought they were kidding the bimbo was good bimbo Brad that's -- that's what it's they miss bimbo Brett. It's -- all the are currently is actually Mexico. The only the only -- and currently. -- All I want I'd like Jimmy Dean since apparently he must be a good guy. Like any old. What will -- and opera and Internet and like a year ago yeah -- one of the other two. The -- -- and what Georgia I think it's friends partly. They just bought country kitchen okay yeah. In my brother works for our country kitchen. And sit and talk about this for -- All but shut down hostess. Was but it it's gone through bankruptcy I think this is the third time right. Right they picked up -- -- well UST. Yeah and like he was followed properly and they'll. They they get in general. The other problem in. That one out of Georgia yeah wants to -- straight singles. OK I gotta stop your right their belt thanks for the call on how we car.