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Nov 16, 2012|

Disgraced former CIA Director General David Petraeus created more controversy over Benghazigate today when he testified that references to "Al Qaeda involvement" were stripped from his agency's original talking points and that no one knows who made the changes. Fox military analyst Col. David Hunt joined us to explain what this means for the investigation.

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There isn't there's another story today besides twinkies bankruptcy unity in the United States and that is General Petraeus. Is testifying behind closed doors behind the them with the congressional committees. And he's trying to explain what what happened with the with the -- And specifically. Howl -- The ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. Was sent out with all the fake talking points. Joining us now on the line as a colonel David Hunt colonel hunt the there. Right good so why I mean what. What a way to make objects you know I don't I don't understand you know it's -- Craig you correct me if I'm wrong here he said win when they sent them when they sent the talking points out they mentioned terrorism specifically. But in the terrorism group talking for the CIA talking points went around to all these other agencies and when it came back around the table and arrived at in front of ambassador rice. There were somehow. No no mention or only the barest of mentions -- in passing of of any al-Qaeda. Affiliated forces are killing the ambassador in the other Americans. And and the the nation's chief spy. And the Napoleon the American Napoleon is too -- above described them this morning on fox inference. Did not and does not Null or cool -- moved all the references to al-Qaeda how how is this a credible story colonel hunt. Now. The department of that the back to. Well whatever -- that we -- all of them. Is that this has ignored opposite today. And the region. Today not credible candidate and said. -- -- you don't have yet and US government. Statement on what -- we've got -- partly -- exactly -- a State Department acceptable to the regulatory body by it. Sorry but it's great you know four star general. Pending court martial art -- -- secrets -- he was out. You think is going to be you think is gonna be court martial colonel cousy you know getting us to massacred -- I don't believe that you only -- statement that when -- when she was embedded they were not in bed at. Now. Now it would it would it would you talk about four play at that too happy. -- -- -- The problem today. Is that. -- his statements. About people changing. The point in changing documents. Yes obscured -- -- on the fourteenth of September. Three days after it had betrayed it was a part of congress and and people like Peter King who admire and like men and that's what I like to consider the 14 September. He hit the trip to. Emphasis was. That's what the current economic entity it would take quiet and belt and the dvd. And now he's trying to Ali saying why -- they need to reach Bobbitt came about now for a long time on fox. And currently the doctor said well there's no question we will be flat. Don't know question on the 14 September Petraeus -- This is probably not an accurate attack it was yeah it was more -- don't know yet in the that was sports and hung up on. Who may have changed light stepped I think you got a lot of people why I think that we. -- Possible whites white bread which you read detention to give it to you back this thing up to trade system. I think at least -- alliance. I think that the transported by a congress that what congress he knew immediately and everybody else. It was a terror attack coordinated. Well Don Perry back they would drop a mortar rounds. Pinpoint accuracy. On four -- it caught what. The right -- Now or -- by your recollection I keep keep up with this stuff for all of our -- I've already forgotten that did the did he know what the time that they that they knew about his affair when he testified on the fourteenth of September. Absolutely. Absolutely that's a guy and then that's getting its and so. OK so he is so they had this they had this or sword hanging over his head or they could've had a sort of anal. What Petraeus knew that -- been -- that he's trying to break. Actress and words he tried it. With solicitation well we are these cars and your partner. Yeah with Apollo okay. But yeah and September 14 to -- aware that the government investigating. Manhattan is -- question. -- is Shia girls today by the way no -- you -- And -- that that's convenient. -- there probably. Is that we may Petraeus. Used to work here which applies. To guys who died in combat the ice. Did pull triggers the guys who told you -- a great celebrated. All -- -- was tongue in cheek he called the polls. I mean please I don't think some of the dictator built. Back. But you've got people. Who all these great praise on Petraeus -- During the surge. Saved a lot of people bought politically. And -- you've got this. It's not it's an appearance. -- -- -- -- but I think you've got you have it series of people in the administration. Because of -- but that's our ordinance that we had two problems we would cut Gallup. But US. The sort you're right about the Susan -- thing I mean we keep getting -- we keep getting off on these on the east side roads first there was the first it was -- Kelly and Paula price and and and now it's you know who told Susan -- to lie I mean the fact is that that that the the written the big story is. -- who sat on their bombs and didn't order for these guys right there at. President we're up by Ed Henry at fox. During depressed properties did you order help in the present at stake -- it. Until we do everything to do okay now that. That -- To probably depends. Didn't get didn't get it if you believe the president gave New -- -- and it's on Panetta. How to how to -- about Lebanese combat regrettable Marines special forces and they got within seven and the answer is not possible. Is it pop up from couldn't get jets. On order. Or are the president they can get the water. Yet so yeah that's the big picture -- respect. I mean look what look at -- look at what the Israelis did to Hamas commanders the other yeah I mean did that I was. I mean talk about a -- that was in a crowded downtown area and they just killed the two guys they wanted to and -- put it out -- on they weeded out the picture. One week echo why have done the same thing too well to go to oppose al-Qaeda savages and in front of the consulate. It's why you are a host -- only the president's. Thank you make those that the yes on the equipment yes and the Israeli Bartlett. It's not technology using that they don't have this problem not a good course nobody in the world of technology we -- get it sure yet but my point. That we couldn't have we could at any number. A platforms. Or work shooting platforms very accurate shooting platforms. Over big guy. Within two hours. And I'm given a break the back in the contention because our let's -- into. And we cannot even do that and watching as you just sent a successful strike in the middle of downtown -- Com and it's no no collateral damage back gotten. And so it already. Sides -- that was good TV. But great -- The TV and and and by the way it's called war Hamas and Israel are at war. Is not is not leading up to war potentially can be. It was -- or when you guard reserves and you won't tank -- -- -- -- -- cross border and you heading towards what we are rockets at war. They have since -- going to be you know. -- -- effort to be a result of the public Jews in great country. That there there weren't at war -- what of the -- there are. And in world war with al-Qaeda and we didn't do when he. And we had an and that -- that -- sake they've -- got an embassy and a clandestine CI great. And killed in a bouncer at him they didn't -- yeah. And we just let it happen because two generals might have been destroyed two weapons. Balcony or maybe the ambassador got it wrong once or or order CIA director client. We we were written by eleven weak response we are better. But where's where's it go from here poker army -- -- publicly they're one of the mansion where we're talking about it earlier today in the rush picked up on -- you know I know we don't we we all understand government McCain is is. Truly legitimately angry about what's happened. But on the other hand though let us not forget that when Kerry was running for president in 2004 his first pick for vice president. Was none other than Senator John McCain of the Republican Party they are good buddies. And John John Kerry prefers to be secretary of state he doesn't want doesn't wanna get his hands dirty that the Pentagon. And don't and if if if McCain can can stir up enough of a hornet's nest to knock out Susan Rice and I think the follow up up. The the second the the back -- candidate will be draw his pal John Kerry. So the is that is there some element of that and in McCain's. Make McCain's packs on -- Susan Rice. They've received coined the phrase Ali -- It's called collateral advantage. Post collateral. I think get to that -- fair point. I think primarily McCain is still upset and it finally got -- -- -- -- -- it -- you know it. Yeah they don't mention Turkish she doesn't fit there there -- a narrative of angry old white men. Thank you ought stand there and make it speeches and one. Her job -- like shall forever ago but it art and it's but you're right they just called -- and embarked on the -- I think the insular. Is that it. It's funny Gerri you're not -- out of the box carry certain -- secretary of state probably gonna get confirmed. Pretty easily I think I don't think -- can get confirmed on a -- I've bought. I just don't think so I think that the White House calculated. That a calculation there along. But now there you know another another you know is always there or you know their bitter row raising the rate they're playing the race card you know -- saying that it's it's racist to attack Susan Rice you know. They you've seen that today that's their that's their defense. And it's the race card don't leave home without I don't I don't understand why I I think that's why. Quite frankly that she was put in front of the press. On -- -- what it would why would we have here -- master. Talking about the -- That's another thing about the I mean it isn't the follow it. Do you think about that Wednesday press conference -- more pathetic press the cream of the political pro teams. I mean is a win win win Obama says. Says why are you going after her she did not only thing. Well isn't that follow hold a question -- why why she got out there that if she doesn't know anything why wasn't gonna trade this out there or somebody who did what were you totally you know. Right. Exactly and and the president thought I call. And the threat didn't get in trouble. Right although. Global warming and that was the big of the New York Times was very interest in global warming and whether or not it called -- rom the Mitt Romney didn't hear what you're called Mitt -- What. A pitiful. Know -- -- well. It's obvious that what. The practice sessions complicit this whole thing got things. -- -- happen in backing Obama -- But when you and Obama have about a person's march. -- corporate press conference -- march. But stagger screens -- pick and every box actually got -- that he talked about and we intend to QMR friend GGQ order. Help for being gotten it yet. Yep I told derivative -- aren't. And -- not pick up big guy. Oh went up. What did you go to Frederick said he told he writes yeah that's and I don't applaud them. Is that Panetta saying we couldn't do because we could get people there and it's just not credible considering yes we know the technology. I don't especially I mean it's Andy you know whatever small points ahead you don't kind of knocked into cocked hat when you saw what the Israelis who were able to do you know in a tightly in a much more tightly packed area and I've been Gaza yet the time. By the way someone's asking why wasn't why wasn't Petraeus and. Obviously mr. Petraeus it was it's arranged on that that would be -- deal has -- many. With congress and respect that he don't I don't later. Why can't I why can't they just give them a subpoena and bring a man I mean they say you know people get subpoenaed all the time. I think there are all being overly kind of trees because here. And there's a lot of people -- On both sides. Again. Or maybe this sport are retired director. Hero. It'll keep it quite via David -- it every like you're -- don't think that's at odds over yeah. But what you -- about somebody. And perfect and the whole. That student I don't care I mean I appreciate. It. I don't care it's a lot more about what Detroit -- And seen it may it continue into the. -- -- I I -- IE I just don't. And I don't think that DC is his legacy is gone now you know I mean it's it's totally gone. I would say what we have we heard from if we heard from many Democrats I mean I'd like -- it was fine line there tonight. Yeah it's fun being Picard says it's clear as -- That's she's. This clears right so man she practical way this morning and. As -- and Canon and I Petraeus is still a good man it was still trying to get a lot of -- mean that it -- citizens except again. This has gone down sixty days and we're getting conflicting time -- get guys inaudible scandals. Of people not not not elected to congress not old. And and being interpreted every and it's not in and out of the for congress -- Blacked out windows cartel Petraeus you don't know how we -- a four star general. Director of the CIA. In each knocked it -- congress. But -- -- you know in the end you know -- -- he walked to the front door and it -- questions and backs absence. -- he's hanging out with a Ben Affleck a month ago two months ago. -- -- -- had and the president court decides it is all but Robert. The problem is that it's -- -- -- science you know and now the woman now who changed. Comment out of anywhere it would change. In fact that the an awful lot. Like. But the see that the directly changed towards. You at all that you keep that you know recognizable. Shot to suggest somebody else changes. But number fourteen it's a super he'd do what the deal. So what people -- that the textures are angry that he wasn't under -- so once as Roger Clemens was under -- but not this guy. But -- it -- this stellar object got all in all -- inaugural and get what general. Well today. Let's think one way -- so what Barbara wants to talk to the we'll let you go -- Barbara you're next with how we card colonel David -- and Barbara hi I'm. -- colonel in aren't you get to the bottom and at all thank you act over the top ten and that's the commander in chief and -- -- then and now our cities making it look like they you know they changed everything or whatever but she is. Even Obama went out with with Hillary Clinton made that video he was telling and it buried get the idea that. Oh yeah we spent 75 grand on -- advertising on Pakistani TV white. Why didn't anyone ask Obama under all -- them. Who created this narrative and and I don't think the trip went to actually tell the truth because he's gonna have to say Obama didn't do that she can I know it he can and a by the way Obama like all the time we lacked much I -- the president you can say it's true he has not that the -- since he's been off. Good luck getting the president -- congress and look like I think it's about exactly about what considering revenue. Korea just has insisted. It's just not credible which we hear any answers -- now to today's we -- -- -- much clearer picture on the we -- And and let's not forget his wife has the not another we know how much his wife makes working at Elizabeth Warren's new agency humble. -- at 286000. Dollar car. Yeah at the night there will be. I know yeah I -- was a nationwide search you know. Trade center -- name you know they they could have been any Petraeus but the thing we want to hire anybody -- A lot of -- partner Port -- All of them. You wanna stick around colonel talk to look at a lot of people wanna talk about -- you mr. around OK we'll take a break and then we'll come back with the colonel hunt that we'll talk about that Petraeus is testimony today in his wife's a nice job. By the way. Elizabeth Warren herself it was running the agency at the time and issued a press release about -- Fortunate they were to have holly Petraeus coming on board 48 measly. 185000. Dollars a year from now car. Yeah and oh he's and I. -- -- one. 87746943. 22187746943220. It's. It's getting nasty out there near Villa near them. Factory outlets near Villa hostess factories. It's it's there's that there were Rautins. Early. On up product people think that every exe another twinkie again. Political bat so when I -- pick on up. It's people don't seem to understand. The meaning of bankruptcy anymore. You broke right up to and including a Barack Obama like you thought that the if General Motors declared bankruptcy. Did you know that we're never -- there was never going to be another Chevrolet. Began in apparently these people think that you know just because. Twinkies are going bankrupt they're they're never gonna have another -- c'mon wake I mean wake up here. 71 says -- when I was -- grab an entire loaf of Wonder Bread and -- it down to the size of golf -- -- needed to bites it's garbage. Yeah -- Tokyo Wonder -- and what -- the one there is that take -- -- but he would eat it it was it's it's it's it was crap. I was no scrap immunity twinkies and -- host Matt -- songs that stuff but. Never never -- wonder. 18774694322. -- for the colonel come back here. People are people wanna talk about this would take a few more questions. Here's one from 6170. How we the CIA lumps -- is interesting but Israel Israel -- reigning American made how -- civilians in Gaza right now when he cheated you could grow appearance suggests that Israel stop killing women and children and the elderly. -- who started it. Who started who was who who started by firing. Firing rockets and mortars mortar shells into -- in Israel. I don't believe the I don't believe the idea started now. And if they if they if they ask for it you know asking asking you shall ye shall receive. 18774694322. No more whole host of twinkies Bibi must be crying a river. Howard and I finally Chapter Eleven their their liquidating asking permission to from a judge to liquidate that means bye -- Ya know liquidate means that they're gonna sell the brand names -- unity tomorrow and the guys did did. They're not going to what do away with a brand like like. Hostess Twinkies come on 187746943220. OK colonel hunt is back with us now. Colonel -- is they're saying that you know these guys supposedly Tyrone wards and and minority work were painting they call a painting with a laser tags and they're single vote to assume that there's going to be an -- is that you you paint for for a project right in that what you do. So that they cannot hone in a home in on the target. Campaigning in paying for it yet but yet they protect or cruise missiles. Or any other idiotic guided munitions Padilla and they could have been trading -- to make sure they could they would let me get out. Pretty -- Yes and and a check if frequent. So they weren't so they obviously thought there was help coming. Aren't they what they were hoping that they weren't they pop. Up. That's going to be answering whatever I want to be tiles and by the way did you have any twinkies with the flu during the break. No idea I just got to all got colonel I got the Barbeque I got some pulled pork barbecue and some -- there were some nice looking. Where there were some nice looking corn bread. And certainly looking macaroni and cheese by merely do I managed to step away. OK because the twinkies -- out here. In now in visible and aren't just well chill. Yeah no we're saying we're saying don't bug -- try to stay away from any -- hostess factories that because the outlook stores there could be mayhem. As soon as people are fighting fighting over the last what may be the last what they think is the last. Greg are next with colonel hunt and I Howie -- go ahead Greg. They colonel Ali spiritual I've been looking better for coverage on this and all I can see his comments on rice did anyone ask do we know. The most important to questions. Ordered this stand down during a seven hours and during the seven hours who is in the situation. Okay that stand out at all. -- in order to give it to move forces. And CI deficits in the but what he would not give up what they won't force certificate talents as they did move. Don't know. Do we know -- that they do not 2 o'clock stay out order in public. Sector and that's what it's like. And it can be ordered to move. Approved by the White House situation room with -- and I think -- The content. Because I want it gone up and have not yet been a problem although -- On September 11 of course and for the police the situation. As well all the other demand letters that we've been mentioning something. Yet no one is no one's blaming product for us. But when -- but no one's aren't asking me questions. -- that. Went to stake out his front yard when it -- to do -- -- -- to -- with Karl Rove during the Valerie -- -- -- scandal remember that. -- I what I do. The press itself. Yet congress and as -- -- -- stuff works but you're -- and we are better. Had to have been Tara button apple. During a press conference -- -- United States said he told people do. Every -- yards -- -- do anything. For the secretary of defense CA RE RE darted to the little white with. You know what's in -- get trying to get it from Tripoli and fight about those those two as well probably got it needs. Department and the people of the clock that goes to demonstrate. -- got the bad the only people who could that or council to -- and that's a record and the question. Colonel I gotta stop you you're -- -- bureau against them this Saturday night to tomorrow night. Okay great well what will will report to see you thanks for being with us on our car.