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Avi Nelson Show 11-17 Hour 1

Nov 17, 2012|

Open lines and president Joe Biden? Ed premiers his Obama handout mixdown compiliation.

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Some time Nelson walked -- the program nice to have you with us this afternoon. Thanksgiving week. I hadn't -- anything about Thanksgiving Day holiday. It's coming up. So you can prepare for you have vision. And speaking of that by the way. Maybe disheartened Janelle. That's 7%. Of Americans. Have already finished their holiday shopping. I remember the day when it. Christmas season didn't start till the day after Thanksgiving. -- now announced today after Halloween. I'm pretty sure is going to be the day after Labor Day. July 5 will be. My -- can't call Black Friday and you know formed Friday. Anyway nearly 13 of Americans. Have started their holiday shopping. 65%. Have. Not yet begun to Asia. But to make you feel really bad. OK welcome to the program it's 774694322. Is the phone number is still -- -- -- -- your participation joining with us. There are no -- schedule on the program so. Only invite you to be the stars the text message code is 68680. And the computer is not cooperating. I can't access the emails of there's no email address to give you. Until and unless we get that fixed. But you can't communicate the other way 686 shady or text message and phone call which of course is always our preferred mode of contact. 8774694322. Okay well we always try to begin with something a little bit later. Or maybe just a little bit different as we go to the subject but this time and our distinguished producers Sweeney has put together. E. Coli -- You know in the aftermath of the election. We can -- can separate the Obama voters from. The Romney voters or from the non Obama voters. Show he put together an interest in clip which play for uniting -- pay attention because some of these people are unintelligible. -- the easier it is democracy at work your voters. Deciding the future of our world in western civilization. Some of them. Clearly. At some distance from the English language would pay attention and all these which are about a year are real people. These are not staged actors shows work things that we've edited to make it sound like were. Going to make a point this isn't this isn't satire except in so far as the reality of these calls. Presents a satirical. And if you will farcical. Presentation for. America in 2012. So we do have a little bit of musical background which seemed appropriate. So -- Maria let's run -- Now listen let's find everything you win -- quality through Social Security disability. Medicated. Can't -- check out some people want to. -- sort of book -- -- I Yemen Libya but I would hope. -- Republicans. -- Obama should do. We're doing yet. We got Obama. And I got a lot of. That little car cutting of your. And I'm very you'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have half bad. What might some might have made it up there don't worry about folks do this all the time in my these. Yeah except the ones feigning now mr. president of the rest of -- up to pick up the tab thank you let reporting that together associate those are real people real interviews. Either in the welfare rolls or I guess some of them were at the voting -- their lines to vote. Makes you feel good. You go to work real hard sell you cash and support these folks because otherwise. It'll just be disappointed in the near the Obama phoned folks in the Obama box people. Just won't be fulfilling their aspiration with the second term. If you're just joining -- good afternoon this is -- Nelson 8774694322. The results of the election. Not good in were. And reliving that couple more items and then we will go to the telephone lines and tucked by the Shia areas business we have a lot on the agenda today regatta. -- breaking up or breaking down in the Middle East. -- David Petraeus situation. What the administration did or didn't know about Ben -- when it. Started telling us about hours of video remember that a montage of other video anymore Susan Rice going out to gut. Got things to occupiers for today. Many here is. And I am I came across. As detailed in the Anchorage Daily News the young woman whose name but and as meaning. Plummeted sixty feet off a cliff. When she was walking while texting. She was according to the incident that account. She was attempting derided textiles cellphone. When Chirac -- Clifton flicked a cigarette butt off the edge. Her home is located near the cliff but she was occupied sending a text message launched reporting. Fell. Onto the dangers rocky area on the Kodiak beach below sixty feet. That's all look that's like go office six story building and she apparently is okay year old she is in the hospital. And this has happened before issue might expect. Two similar to a Texas student this is a male drove off a bridge while texting. What was interest in -- issue -- texting I need to quit text and wrote those hours of terror accused rides and now we have a lawyer who walked off appeared to Lake Michigan. While attempt seems to send attachments. Well yes moronic things can happen but when they do you are classified as a moron. So I think there's a message here do not -- and drug early detection walking. Trying to pay attention to where you are. I'm sorry fits I'm insensitive to say of all I can thing about it is Monty Python. In the search for the holy Grail where their reading with a guy chiseled. And there was some homeowners detects relate. Oh my god -- wells -- -- I guess -- On a more serious note once home to one point nine million people Detroit's population is now around 700000. Well less than half the official unemployment rate of about 20%. Only begins to describe the deaths of -- depth of the city's problems. Nearly half the residents. Of an average city pay taxes. In Detroit it's 11%. More seasons after 11% 20% unemployment. And where cities typically have around two people preached job. The ratio is four to one in the motor city you probably have seen I know I've gotten them he get these emails circulated. Pictures of Detroit and Hiroshima in 1945. After the atomic bomb. And pictures of Detroit and Hiroshima today. Hear -- -- of course being completely rebuilt as a modern city flourishing well and Detroit looks like he got it with the atomic bomb. Too bad that the the tigers got eliminated in four straight in the World Series muttered. Might have helped if they. If you were brought some more economic Sharpton. Hung on for a few more games. Yesterday. I attended a seminar at Harvard as there are some good things that go on and Harvard. Professor Harvey Mansfield was one of the -- the good guys there. Runs a program unconstitutional. Government and inflation -- speakers and he's going by it's by invitation only. Anyway it was an actual talk which on John Maynard Keynes and I was particularly interested in some aspects of his theory was given by Jim Pearson. Who is -- formerly executive director of the John M Olin Foundation and snell senior fellow and director at the Manhattan institute. If you authored a number of books and writes frequently for important scholar publication -- gave a very good talks. You know when you do with something like that. It's a challenge for the speaker. To deal with a subject that he is really technical. And yet to be able to percentage in a way that the audience can understand it and yet you know not feel that they're being talked down to. He did it a good job. -- were parishes PI ER ESO land. The question that I wanted to answer. Have answers in wanted to check is that. You know we we think of -- as being synonymous with the deficit financing. And we hear about all the debts in the annual deficits of over trillion dollars. Changes the authorities cited. As the justification for this. We all wanted to know which seems to me that change would have somewhere along the way expected that the debt be paid back when you run up the deficit. And secondly. There's when he was proposing it the government was not all that big and -- have big debts. Crashes would he be. Supportive of that kind of a policy now the answer the first question is you're right they're expected to be paid back in the good to. Of the deficit financing was pushed -- for the lean times I think you get back to even. Even envision there was gonna go on forever. But he did envision that the government which at the time was not considered to be. The savior or the the solver of problems even with storms. You had trouble with the storm you know that's too bad but he wasn't expected the government was going to do it government was not exposed to. Run the economy will pick up the species or help you lower the unemployment etc. We didn't have any of these. These social welfare programs change was in favor of which -- -- what's happening says there's always the case they go out of control. He never stopped. Because the politicians always have interest in expanding the program that's -- you get votes are you buying votes. -- something Mitt Romney just said recently he couldn't buy votes by promising people programs the fact that you don't have the money to pay for them. He's not -- concerned because by the time that problem will be so important that it has to be addressed in the national calendar you'll be out of office. And they'll never come back -- and say -- you shouldn't spend the money we're gonna prosecute you now. -- politicians. Get away with it. 87746943. Tutu is that phone number many -- close to a war. And you know even as we speak they bombs. Or flying or drug being dropped in the rockets are flying. Over where several hundred rockets have been sent from Gaza into Israel. So it's not surprising that Israel is going to defend itself in his interest think in terms of the -- a vocabulary though. I've been paying attention to this and also I noticed that other people have written articles on it. He noticed that they the people perpetrating this in. In Gaza Hamas are refer to his militants not terrorists. Now I want journal imagine that that lifts several hundred rockets. Were launched at -- From Mexico or from Canada. Would we were and and launched at at civilian targets of population centers that cities. Would we be referring to them as terrorists. Sherwood is such what terrorism years. Is the attempt to create. Almost random destruction among the civilian population these are not military target. Tell interesting that the vocabulary. Has been toned down as it has from this administration. Has so much trouble. Coming to grips with the idea that there are terrorists. The whole political climate in the Middle East is no different more -- ahead of Egypt is siding where. They the terrorists in Gaza Turkey which used to be an ally -- this or at least an agreement with -- -- has now moved the other way. The United States will be drawn into we give close to two billion dollars a year to Egypt. Question is will we stand idly by when their policy -- urges for more is considered to be American interest. Sure this is a tough situation and likely perhaps to use -- you even get worst and of course these rockets. Are made in Iran. In their shipped in to Gaza. Via. Some stealthy procedures tunnels is central. OK so that is. -- -- you're talking about a half an imminent war in the possibility of it having an impact on. On oil prices. It certainly is front center. 87746943. To choose a phone number. This is on the Nelson. And yes we got dumb. Text message that. Seven or 71 trial lawyers. Are in a panic this could be the end of the twinkie defense. -- mindset anyone. A reference of course to host is declaring bankruptcy. Because of the unions and that also is. On our agenda for -- one union has caused this. Does the destruction of over 181000 jobs. OK do we go to the telephone lines you have to take a break first -- take a break first solid direction programs so. My apologies people holding on who get right to the phone lines. On the other side a paying some bills and nothing else. Welcome back this is on Nelson when he got to no gas schedule so. We invite you to participate 87746943. -- is the phone number. Let's go to the telephone lines and those who have been hanging on Dave you're first up thanks for hang on -- the icebreaker good afternoon. I've been eyed you cut me off last week because the sour grapes but that's what I wanted to touch that I want to -- on. Three important septic if possible. I want to talk about what. David from in -- -- doubt. Make comments about. And running me one he's MEU about. And I and I finish early going off I know some elements of its. Well I wanted to talk about this sour grapes and that the Republican Party bought some in the Republican Party. In the talk radio crowd he said that the reason why that Republicans are losing touch with the general overall public. It's because individuals like yourself but Fox News the in the hijacking of the Republican Party the -- Jack up the conservative move nobody is hijacked anything -- on an island I don't know what is you talked about there is right there are. I don't know as well I don't know what it is that you're talking about who's what are we hijacked. Conservative movement conservative there's a conservative movement it's quite strong more people identify themselves as conservative. Then as liberal. You know minorities in their true. But you know this is this is just absurd is this. You know this argument that somehow the Republican Party isn't the Republican Party or not the Republican Party it ought to be we're gonna change our principles just to get voters like you to vote for -- we couldn't possibly do that. I have the command support affirmative action and welfare. And and valuable a -- every effort and expanding numbers of people. And and large concessions. In terms of tax increases we don't believe then that -- I don't know why you have so much trouble. Comprehending that people don't agree with you. Well -- you can keep on saying this quote words you know I told me it's obvious stuff so good ideas. I get surprised that you can play any template. I was stubborn is that from the -- you place stereotypical. I'll bite. You know Justin Justin just to get people. Are. Just to get individuals to see your system it. That you. Haven't pointed it out the -- I -- and like you. We'll talk about who we're against government who talk about government but in the same -- Who had their hands up a government contract yeah exactly what I'm not gonna pop by getting government contracts. Yeah that's not. About dead. When you talk about government contracts nobody is suggesting the government is going to disappear in the government isn't going to disappear. Then gardening is going to well I. The day that you pants it depends on the nature of the government. -- you then she sent me -- Did you support George Bush. Did you support George Bush president George. -- Did you vote for him. Yet because you're racist. -- I don't know -- -- at that point does that mean that I breakthrough. No you didn't vote for George Bush that's why I -- that. -- -- whether upright on -- but but do you like the do you think do you think other people do day. -- admit to not think the reason why that Elizabeth Warren the reason why haven't people there really delighted by the book Barack Obama and become. Listen to it. I have been known that radio at that point I don't want. The plane that was. Making. The point now is making is that you can disagree with some -- -- different skin color and it's not because of racial argument. Now just address. Your. You're Cilic in Toledo up the program with -- all I did get a text message. Who's always say that -- a stopwatch out waiting for -- to call played the race card. With regard to government contracts of course they should be defense and of course the defense industry is going to require. Contracts. No where you expect. The new research to come where where the fighter jets or the missile defense systems during -- conference if not. Companies that can aggregate a lot of talent and put in a fair amount of work these things are not. Inexpensive day. And if we turn to UN said Dave would you provide us with the missiles for our defense where the airplanes for our protection -- -- nobody home. Shall we have to go and we have to buy these things and we have to contract from government or they will not get done. Now I know this may be difficult for you to understand but the rest of us do understand. And so therefore it depends on the nature of the government contract. On the other hand sometimes you hear about contracts that don't seem to make a lot of sense. And those contracts well those are the ones that we should complain for example. Senator Tom Coburn Republican of Oklahoma. As pointed out here are some expenditures that our government has been this is from the done in the Pentagon defense defense budget. There is a Smartphone. There there were did spend money to develop a Smart phone on to determine the time for coffee break. Although money should be spent on this there was a planning workshop cost a 100000 dollars. A session in that workshop. Was. Entitled. Did Jesus died for cling ons to. TO. Cling ons for the uninitiated with the villains in. These Star Trek a percentage -- onto the bad -- and we spend money on that and he's been one and a half million dollars. To develop beef jerky. Now you see the difference between that Dave and having. A missile shield for example or having submarines that can protect us that's all the difference in the world. Should say though I'm opposed to government expenditures in the wrong direction. And I think by the way we're spending so much federal money -- and education programs that shouldn't be done at all only the Department of Education out of exist. At the federal level. That's not a federal function that can be done better by the states and better by the communities than by the State's. She yes there are times when -- criticized government and other times trichet the government contract geneticist at. As I say I know this is hard for you to get it. But the rest of us love god. And that's what this is all about. Okay oh will they give this an opportunity and she gave came into mission. I wanted to. To bring up something that vision didn't take long. Knee you know you're hearing about Susan Rice getting blamed for. Going on those five talk shows she should UN ambassador. And she got blamed. Criticized rightly show I think we're going on five television shows that Sunday beaten back -- September 16. The that the attack. Wise in thank -- she was motivated just by the media. Sure ensured that his shift was unequivocal didn't say gee we're not sure maybe that maybe there's organized terrorism. And so she's been criticized for as while she says -- sure well it didn't take long. We now have a dozen female house Democrats. Who are complaining that the republicans' criticism. Of this ambassador. Over the Libya comments is rooted in sexism and racism. So here's a quote from representative Marcia fudge. Democrat of Ohio. The next chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Marcia fudge you couldn't make that -- Charles -- would be proud. Anyway ms. fudge said. It is a shame that any time something goes wrong they pick on women and minorities. Now is she even nonsense here. I don't kill the UN ambassador was whoever said this would have been -- criticism that they immediately the girls -- mediation. -- did you secure. What did she she -- Where I talk to Chris Matthews who was able to forget for an hour that Obama is black. -- there we go the same kind of nonsense. That's as usual trotted out. Don't too don't say anything about the girl. Which because you don't like girls. -- ridiculous she goes on from there. Receivers are represented Gwen -- do you wish conscience. To -- this woman because they meaning the knee against the guys doing better. They don't feel they have the ability to better President Obama is something we the women. Know women are not going to stand by and watch. Their reckless and reckless speculation. Is unworthy of their offices -- senators. Will be happy to take and President Obama to do. As this thing unfolds and find out what which who directed it who lied and law. 877469432. To his phone number -- you're next on the program that afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- -- he's a regular -- this program John I should mention he doesn't sound black but he is black and why he listens to this program. -- is beyond me because that you'd you'd think he gives he gives us heartburn you can imagine what it's like for him because the whole program. He's gonna be giving him indigestion. But he stays where it -- there every week. Late July. Or about but little or -- -- that. It's that much or you auditor. You feel about the -- let cover trip -- all our. -- -- All the or just sit -- -- ought to have water. Al Arab. Channel are part. -- in trouble understanding your -- the the I don't know when you shall Lagarde here the way this was set up was he had three branches of government and they -- partially in effect balanced off against one of the show are you expecting each. Has short by a separate sphere of influence spirit power and you hope that by having some kind of balance. You don't end up -- the country going off the rails or something going too far. Away from what would be the make the most sense for the people now. Sometimes -- Dutch and one of the problems we've had recently. Is that the judiciary has taken it upon itself to extend beyond its function instead of just being judges. I think now our lawmakers. And if something. Though if the law doesn't exist the way they think it ought to think just interpret in a way as to create the new law. And that's a dangerous departure from what the original creation of did you -- -- a judiciary was all about. A lot but I remember what -- At -- at any. Point out the justices. Action and original. Excellent. They're at -- -- -- that the orbital. Just like to beat back all the dark but I'll apple what I get the did you judicial branch at all be just -- it's difficult harbored or LD. It helped a lot. Well. You know he going to be carefully it's it's not clear. That that this Harvard and Yale are manipulating. The judicial appointments. I'll grant you that there is said he weighting toward the you know the sophisticated Ivy League institutions. I don't remember the exact backgrounds of each of the and each of the members of the judiciary. But these schools. Are looking for the best and the brightest. When the best and the brightest go there. They have top notch faculty and so they tend to graduate being very good and when you you know we have a top five law schools. In which includes more than just Yale Harvard and Yale University of Virginia and and others while. You're expected these people are going to be the the great producers a minute let. It's not a surprise. That when you take the best talent subject them to the best education with top flight -- professors. You're going to have a greater likelihood of producing people. Who create better scholarship. Now that the problem comes when you select in terms of the political orientation. And his business that there really objective that's nonsense. The reality is that people graduate from these schools have different points of view we talked about classical liberalism that's a perspective. That. The individual. Liberty should remain supreme and that the government should have a minimal of intrusion. That's on one side on the other side are those who think that the government should run everything. Is -- think the government will do it -- You make it graduates from sophisticated institutions the different point of view and depending on the president that's where your nomination goes. Thanks Joseph that's why this race was important this last presidential contest. Israel a lot of we have several old members of the Supreme Court. -- bunch of other people in the federal judiciary to the appellate level and -- in the district level. But you know there's going to be some Supreme Court appointments and Barack Obama will appoint people. Whose philosophy is very different from what Mitt Romney would have appointed. And I fear for the country because these people think that expansion of government. Government power government reach is all well and good. In effect they support the socialist Communist model -- wouldn't use those terms but that's where they are. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Let's take a break and we do okay. History. And didn't expect there would be dissertation John Mitchell got. Juicy stuff like such scandals we expect that's going to dominate. Salacious since usually try and try to add roulette to get to those on the other side of the break among us. Welcome back this Don Nelson 87746943. Q2 is the toll free phone number. 68680. Is the text message code no email today because the computer isn't connecting with -- Have to make do with the other lines of communication. From 701 you went over Dave's head again my own. See from also from 781. A different seven anyone. Funny how Hamas decided. To attack right after Obama's election. They think his support for Israel was lukewarm the majority in Israel wanted Romney. Obama spent forty years listening to an anti semite preacher so Hamas knows who they are dealing with. I think there's an interesting line of inquiry there. That the results of the American election have emboldened Hamas and Iran and the others because indeed. It's clear to everybody that Obama has taken a softer apologetic line for America's involvement. Has had his differences in distance. Between him and Netanyahu. The prime minister of Israel and at one point even says I got the quote summer that we should have more space between us and United States and Israel. So yes they were emboldened to do it and whether there was actually. Direct connection I don't know but it certainly is something that one can think about. From 617 the Muslim Brotherhood was a friend of Hitler that is true they were supportive in the grand mufti of Jerusalem. Was a supporter of the Nazis of of Hitler and we'll issues in in -- spent some time Berlin. Working with Hitler one can argue okay that's seventy odd years ago. But you wonder the philosophy is changed much one last point on this -- go back to the lines. -- liberated Iraq we have liberated them from the murderous. Regime of Saddam Hussein. Has now shed that that there's a quote from. A high ranking officials in Iraq. That. Well we record Iraq will invite Arab ministers she used the weapon -- -- with the aim of shorting real pressure on the United States. Joseph the others who wanna use the weapon borrow against the US because of the alliance with Israel. Interest in that we spent all that blood and treasure washed 750 billion dollars to try to build a new nation interest thing. Question to discuss in more style reforms in this. You get rid of thug like Saddam Hussein lord knows what he would have been perpetrated in the world -- -- remained but you wind up with a match. In Egypt. Mubarak may have been a dictator Brady was are addictive but we're learning here. Is that this idea that we should spread democracy around the world will not necessarily make for a better world the Shipley are some people for whom. Democracy is just going to produce the disastrous result for the rest of us. 8774694322. Is the phone number John you're next on the program in afternoon. -- -- Love me why can't we introduced this guy Obama. Well if you're there are certain offenses that are impeachable and we will see. Whether he is committed any of them let's understand what that means John -- impeachment means. Doesn't mean conviction. The house votes to impeach then there's a trial in the senate and the senate conviction then. Yeah. Put 200 -- independence constitution. And don't get. -- -- What a show all week what do you think is the impeachable venture. You can't smoke socialism that's true this country until socialistic country you know -- and I know what. -- -- Judy if you're gonna be the trial lawyer here. Voting to impeach and others a trial in the senate exactly what are you saying you're saying he's a socialist you give me an example of something they he has done. Which you -- is grounds for conviction and removal from office. Well if you're -- still moons. Didn't turn blue and yellow brick. And some. And look at movies of actual -- -- No that's blows. My shots. You -- -- in China. This pattern of -- instrumentation Obama isn't the lungs were trying to. Doing good so the Chinese want. Him to blow. I -- can you prove to us. And so we are is that China -- -- -- Ten million dollars to win a million. -- Then they'd be out. Yeah. And that goes -- you'll remember those good movie Israel's Gaza. It was really so. As I'm concerned. So -- implement bloom until it was time zone. Well -- legal -- I may disagree with his policies sold -- -- have -- -- impeachable offense to one last thing -- and that is if somehow this were successful. And you impeached and convicted him you know we get this place. Joseph Biden. Does that make you feel certain about Republicans and about -- and -- and. Hey John issued better we have president Biden can you -- president Biden. But I am I think the inclusion -- performance. Was. Then. In. -- -- -- Don't you think you think down -- trade out of there. And it. Hasn't management -- And I'd say -- like thank you John. Well I'm not sure to trade up I wouldn't want. I wouldn't want Biden to -- yet another title in addition to buffoon in chief as commander in chief. -- point out need to be careful with these things and that is. That the the last time this happened. Clinton was impeached he was not convicted and the Republicans took a drubbing because the electorate didn't like it. Ed what he Europe were cut. President joke carrier of the game. -- Home found. -- Oh okay so let's the Americans currently. Should she -- she with the idea of president Joseph Biden inspires. Okay -- and applause update what's happening in the world. But on the other side 978 -- in was Elizabeth Warren -- top notch law professor at Harvard. Now 350000. -- top -- salary anyway. I'm -- else.