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Avi Nelson Show 11-17 hour 2

Nov 17, 2012|

Callers talk aboput General Petraeus and the fiscal cliff.

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Welcome back this is not Nelson drew our number two of the program. 8774694322. Years the phone number. And that is a -- for me. Text message code 686 Cheney. I haven't invited emails because we have a computer glitch not connected to these emails. So I don't see them if you send him. However the other modes of communication available to you. Mitzi from seven anyone at least by Rickey -- I think I you know that clip that -- played before you realize I was actually Joseph Biden -- that was. No. Shortage. And not up on all of the -- of the vice president. Let's go back to the telephone lines Al and you are next on the program good afternoon. Reality is always a pleasure -- a I think there's just one thing I'd like to employees do over the next few years because we love you voice on the radio. Is to talk about how this administration. Affects our freedom day in and Dario. Well I'll tell you one way of of being able to see it. Is by the number of regulations and don't have an economy but I think that they've. They have promulgating it 6000 plus additional regulations. Just since Election Day. In all honesty out the I heard it was 81000. Pages. Yeah that that the -- since she became president. Yeah that's right. And I as a -- -- I attempt but that's an example. Every regulation. Is a restriction on freedom. At. Thank -- for -- savvy. When people regulations. Supersede law. Well. You know that's where she watched where it gets -- to this difficult situation. How far can the government Gil and you know where where does he intrusions stop and unfortunately with the results of this last election. It's gonna be more difficult to slow that freight train down. If you see it is Diego where they're they're finally. People 2000 dollars -- -- Washington. No is ever think like how does using water. Yes because the war the soapy water hit the pavement and that's a government property. Until they find him 2000 dollars for. Washing their. Well I'm not. You know I I. The opinions you know that dozens. And nobody is listening to you would say that couldn't be. Beautifully all we all acknowledge it could be. You know these. But anti you know honestly I know get distracted with things as the and we did for. In the gutsy as the big -- excuse I don't means many case. The the corruption. That's going on in Libya. In -- area in and to me I and you might not agree with me but I do think. That we're running through Turkey in this area that. Once we finally I went conference gonna look like like trials to plan things. Well maybe but your point do as a -- and -- -- think that deregulatory. Intrusions on our lives. In this continuous erosion of freedom is actually in the long run much more important than anything going on and I agree with you. You know farm crises come and go. We've done denied unimportant we have four dead Americans Rihanna you have to find out what happened. But this constant. Loss. Individual. Liberty. -- The individual maneuverability. Things he can't do anymore because you got to get a buyer leave from government. I agree with you we've come a long way and in the wrong direction. Even have a home got may want to regulate that. Yeah I know militia grow marijuana -- -- -- yeah. They are regularly if you if you are accurate tree. I mean the people need to. Every aspect of our life now is going to be regularly. It was mostly needs to get pulled for. The the ideas that our freedoms have been in. But I agree Alan thank you it's a point well taken he argued. It somewhat related to this is in Massachusetts for example there was a temporary. That was the word they used income tax hike. In 1989. That temporary tax hike is still there in 2000. By ballot question in Massachusetts. We voted to roll it back. And he'll gradually incrementally over few years still hasn't happened here's the legislature. Chose to override the people. And we just got word now. That any possibility of attacks decrease for next year is -- off the table. Now. Dutch course and outrageous breach of the electoral process of the -- French. But these people get elected and reelected. -- and corrupt people like John Tierney the congressman from the sixth district. Who have pushed involved in good old fashioned -- family's been convicted of illegal gambling. They got money into how -- -- didn't pay taxes on. When you can't get through that. -- if these people get rewarded. For what -- them doing -- can't expect -- change. And actually unfortunate. Truth of the situation you know we have every two years the opportunity to send a message. And send a very good one this year we can expect more of the same. Now speaking of which. -- is hesitating for a moment because. Didn't know whether we want to do Petraeus or hostess to let me do let me mention -- because it. Closest to focus on an issue of importance. You know abiding by this time most people heard that the hostess company. Makers of twinkies and visiting times and things like that there are going out of business and they're going out of business. Because of a national strike by members of the following union. Bakery confectionery. Tobacco workers and grain millers international union. The BC TGM. Company's 82 years old. Products. -- 33 plants. And they made an agreement the company did with some of the other unions including the Teamsters. Teamsters even criticized this year but this union said no we're not gonna barge and so therefore that -- According to the chief executive of the company hostess brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 181500. Member workforce. And focus on selling its assets to the highest -- So thank you BC TGM union you have no cost the jobs of 181000. Plus people. And now is the your unions that -- 7%. Of the workforce in the private sector unionized and when you see things like this. You begin to see why obviously there are other things involved. Maybe people weren't buying his. Many Hostess Twinkies says they used to because of the health food trade oil that. Now that they are going out of visions Aniston -- like for -- only five bucks a pop that on eBay. But it just shows you how the you know small number of people have cost the jobs of a large number of people. -- 774694322. Is the phone number. Let me just mention. One thing that I wanted to. Trying to find and any text message here that some incentive and -- element of of nastiness. But I can't find it so we will. Meant to do with the the electoral vote. And clearly a of a Palin supporter. You said you know I texted -- -- I'll paraphrase you know petition last week so here we -- got it from 617. Just last week I texted and said McCain. Sarah -- Got more votes than Romney why did you lie and say it was incher. Well first of all I didn't say it wasn't true I should the opposite -- its interest in -- -- and so ironic. That Mitt Romney did not get as many votes. As John McCain -- times very close but not quite as many. This racial lackluster because the turnout was down Obama got many fewer votes millions of fewer votes. Then last time. But the other thing is I mean these are the die hard chair a panel supporters who think that Palin on the ticket we're gonna win wrong. -- Palin is terrible numbers. She's viewed by most of the country as an airhead and she will not add to the ticket that's why she didn't or on one last point. Why did you lie in saying it was -- not that you are mistaken but that you -- was intentional. That kind of nastiness. -- you know good 617. People like me try to be Smart enough not to intentionally distort things that are easily checked right you can be caught up in the one need to make a mistake is thing to deliberately. Facial weakness faults but you can check the tape for the program these programs are posted after the show's over. Which posted. On. Mean. RKO website and you can listen to the whole thing. Again show you go back in check and you'll say that I was surprised that McCain actually got a few more votes then rammed it. -- it's time to talk about the good stuff. And go back to the telephone lines 87746943. Q2 but. We'll start it because it was -- fight. You know that the protagonists are antagonists in this. One image Jill Kelly she's the one who got emails all abroad well the one who led the affair with Petraeus. Sent the emails that went into effect saying he's mind lay off. And you can just see how it went. So first why didn't. Sure I'm yelling at each other only Jill Kelly. Thought these emails were threatening and maybe they -- Chair Sheila to the FBI. Through investing -- she's got some connection has. All sorts of -- speculation. As to whether she's having an affair with his general John Allen who succeeded pitchers. Jill Kelly is you know socialite type. In the meantime ball abroad well. Who is called the biographer. General -- pitchers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now over anything swirling around about what Sherrod issue and there is or isn't and so on. The New York Post and into it to here's their headline photo but a steep Jill Kelly at senator Marco Rubio fund -- So now they have a picture of Joseph Kelly who by the way he's wearing a very low cut dress. She is -- twin sister also in the picture with Marco Rubio. I must say that twin sisters is a little bit more conservatively and appropriately. Dressed. Anyway good old. What does it say. Kelly in this recording from the post article now. Kelly in a revealing little cut trash is pictured posing with rubio who successfully manages to keep these gazed directly into the camera. Kelly's twin sister. Natalie -- -- KH AW AM is pictured on the right. Kelly is married to I guess in connection church and and yellow on Paul Bravo is married to a radiologist they both have. Families now -- well I get theory body assign blame we should talk to those the women the democratic women are whining about about how women are being picked on. I don't wanna hear whether Paul abroad well. Is supposed to resign she graduated from West Point that's -- idea. -- that. And she was a graduate student at Kennedy school of government. And she currently. Is a research associate at Harvard's center for public leadership. You know about it and a Ph.D. candidate. In the department of war studies. Worst abuses. Benching aspect of war at King's College London. Grow up in North Dakota moved to Charlotte, North Carolina three years ago with her husband a radiologist and their two young sons. When our vote her culpability. And she -- nationalist have an affair with a married man cash -- have an -- you're married. I find it remarkable. That 52%. This is just just came from Rasmussen. 52%. Think that. It is appropriate for Petraeus to have resigned because of the extra marital affair 29%. Disagree. Nineteen portion -- well count me among between 9% real break here. Now we're shocked actually shock somebody could have an affair which -- I can't believe it I demand evidence. -- proposed going on here. The first time we're hearing about people having affairs. Some obscure some prominent. When they were aware of -- abroad well except that she decide to sleep with David Petraeus. And I still do not understand even if that's true. And even upload the head of the CIA can't do that for him. To announce that that's the reason for the resignation. That I think is. A surge to the point of hurtful. He's now made his wife for the rest of their lives together. The object. Scorn ridicule PD whatever it is and what about their children and your grandchildren. It's. Really embarrassing now Charles Krauthammer. Had a take on this. He he said this is the the one known commentator. He said it was sold over this the affair was killed over Petraeus as head and the sword was lowered. On Election Day I'm quoting from you don't have to be a -- to see that is the ultimate cynicism. Earlier he had said. He referring to Petraeus thought that it might it would be kept secret no secret stating his position. The thing goes on to say -- astronomers saying as long as they mean that. Obama administration approach ones they needed him to give the administration line to quote bill. Everybody was silent as soon as the election's over as soon as she can be dispensed with the sword drops and he's destroyed. -- -- They really don't go along with it is not be a dumb thing to do. Because now -- main enemy and now he has every Petraeus has every reason. To get back at the Obama administration and to reveal things and I'm sure he knows there would be embarrassing to the Obama administration. I don't know why it was not handle the resigning for personal reasons this is after all new -- armed. We have. We hear other resignations. Hillary Clinton is going to go Leon Panetta is probably gonna go he could just -- -- you know wanna go back to a private life for a -- -- private consulting opportunities or whatever. Why they had to make a big deal this. Doesn't make sense to me something is missing here. And -- ranges of course at all question of the testimony about Ben -- Where Petraeus first said. Always a video now say no I always said it was a terrorist attack and there's one other thing one other aspect has really fascinated. And that is Eric Holder who knew about the FBI investigation into Petraeus the head of the CIA. For weeks months. And didn't tell Obama. And holder said well I didn't see the national security threat did understand what's going on here. You have holder -- Obama close friends portion was well professional in this case. And the head of the CIA is being investigated by the FBI. And you don't think that the press -- might wanna hear about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I should say something woman who's going to Las Vegas that there. Are you kidding me that the CIA director is under investigation by the FBI. None show because he had failed because it may be potential security problems and you don't think. That that's worth even mentioning to the president of the United States. That makes. No sense at all to me. And I don't believe it happened. Now I don't have hard evidence that caller called her a liar but something is not holding together here. And these hearings you're gonna go on and we'll see if we can find out somebody. And suspect is telling an untruth. Back on the other side of a break. -- -- Welcome back this is on the -- Phone number 87746943. To two. Text message code 68680. No email today technical problems. OK let's go back to the telephone lines were anywhere any of these subjects are open to you. And even some that we haven't talked about. You know when the advantage of doing we can't show usage and -- look at the week in reviewed takes steps back to a broader perspective and join in the conversation in the comment. Eric you're an action on the program good afternoon. -- Yes you're going. Out there. It will what is -- -- -- the most transparent. Administration. Right. He also -- says that. Americans. To -- sit in devices. -- -- -- If you just incredible. Thing got. The way which is policies in programs and so also engineering. And make people it in court is a lawyer a lawyer. He is -- That the constitution. As. Well does -- you. Didn't go kill. -- They are. Everything that you but -- am here because. We're gonna destroy ourselves it would let the dust -- in that status quite well then beat -- the round. Yeah yeah I can tell by your anger frustration is total underground whistle first for the transplant she -- your right and here. Just look at what's happened with Ben Ghazi and you can see that this is not transparent. When you talk about divisive and and did derisive. -- -- a whole campaign. On class warfare and even now when they talk about resolving the fiscal cliff and solving the problem keeps insisting though we have to do is impose taxes on one segment. -- population version other and that works. The recent poll results indicate. That people are in favor of taxing the wealthy righted the ship it plays it's an ugly play but it does work. That hey. You can envy and hate -- wealthy neighbor and take money from him to support programs that you think are worthwhile job. It's had -- it has been I think he has been the most polarizing. And divisive president that I can remember he just had no hesitation. About engaging in hate thy neighbor or or in class warfare. Well in words matter and this you just to language -- -- -- it's subterfuge. Is that the so it's. Unbelievable. Where we are big big problem that is what is going to be the direction of our country -- -- There's been an opt for what did you you cannot know. Well who to trust. What what's -- true. -- I think you're right -- I think -- young Aaron Schobel thanks for calling him part of the reason I'm in trouble as -- were handing them in this enormous burden. I don't know when it's gonna crash. I you know we are a very rich very powerful country. And you can run up a big dead and continued to hang with -- and the rest of the world continues to loan us money because. Wear out so they get imported even China who would you put it where you put your money. But even for a country as big and powerful business. That comes a time when it's just overwhelming. Now -- at sixteen trillion. Which is reached slightly larger than our entire economy. And we keep piling on these additional deficits more than a trillion a year. There was -- before on this program at the size of a trillion. I know it looks like. He extended the twelve you -- followed by twelve zeroes what's wrong way of doing -- the dollar Shanken who take. What 33000. Years to reach one trillion LeBlanc. Sixteen -- I really can't comprehend. I can't kingdom can get my my mind around. A number that larger trillion dollars. And -- the unfunded liabilities in this country. In addition to the sixteen trillion dollar debt total hundred trillion dollars as you know the sanctions that we promised. At the state level as well as federal level and so on. These are enormous numbers. I don't know how far it goes before. Doesn't work anymore. You know one of the interest thing I mentioned earlier about a lecture I attended yesterday and -- But -- get my Jim Pearson. At the Harvard impression -- fields. Program unconstitutional government. Any pointed out that in Germany you know after World War I German -- it was a reparations. Because countries owed money to each other room whole -- to the United States. Before the war it was four marched to the dollar. In Germany. After the war when they had to print money in order to try to make these reparations. It got to five billion marks. To the dollar. Now that kind of hyper inflation currently there's one other. Cases career pole and shall think we're the inflation was worse than that we've seen the pictures of the wheel barrels full of money. To buy a loaf of bread. It led of course to the entire economic collapse and some people would say it led to the growth. Of the Nazi movement unnecessarily. Just because people were upset I was going on but. Because the people especially the housewife who lost their capacity for shock. They either world gone crazy. -- after -- five billion marks to the dollar. And so lead they lost there are there more rings and nothing that happened after that was that enough to -- them. I don't know whether that's occasional I'm not projecting that that's gonna happen here. I am simply saying that sometimes you can go so far that the economic system cannot hold it. And we have that here the other part of it in this widening that the last caller had something with -- education. We have ceased to teach people. About the virtues of the free enterprise system. And the noble principles which make up capitalism. There's a reason why this country was successful more so than the others. It was the freest country. Mitt Romney made a mistake in the campaign have the quote reshaped in order to have a free market you have to have regulation that's an oxymoron. A free market means you don't have regulation that's for free means. You know been told by somebody else what you shorter shouldn't orchard and or -- No we have waves of immigrants coming will be durable and paved with the roads paved with gold was the golden opportunity there -- no handout programs now we get. Immigrants coming in some of the wanna make a goal that some of them want to -- participants. In this great social network. Where we have seasonal endless numbers of people on food stamps and welfare. And the system is breaking down and every time there's a problem the government leadership how you she it's the private sector feel like Elizabeth Warren. But the fact well you'll hear and educate the workers if somehow they. The owners of the company who are employing the workers are so grateful that the worker show up. The time employment I suspect the workers are more grateful for job as a function hostess. The 181000 gonna lose theirs. -- not teaching this anymore. That we got a serious education problem and that starts first -- got to win some election actually then change which being taught in schools. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Russia and actually in the program that afternoon or evening. Maybe you know -- it's interesting back to them in the sixty's I lived in Germany. In what format of the dollar at that time and then before they scored for the Euro that I'm not mistaken that it's -- down select one markets -- Batman. You us Staal was worked out for what it used to be in the and that. Well of course they eventually just don't know throughout the old currency and and came up with new parents you have to do to go through the whole economic restoration. But you know led to a -- twice now this that this awhile ago. I know what -- Euro worth some like it on a quarter now. Yeah of the supplement that with not vanity and yet you know what we're talking about the army. The public interesting and I'm an American of Italian descent and l.'s sometimes I get an argument with my problem mentally back. When you look at Germany has been -- into a lot of the country that's the Biden out. Anybody from the back and it's still to this day the economic. And really but many Europeans look the other countries really should be ashamed of themselves. Well you look you you end up playing these socialistic experiments. And it -- -- you work. The reason that there are loving riots in creation. There have been some disturbances in Italy is our call to. He's because when you get to the point where you can no longer. Hope hold your commitment. And you tell people. Yeah I'm sorry I know you were promised a certain amount of money. Well your -- again because we don't have it they get upset I understand why they get upset. But there's no there's no other answer. And we're heading down that road. And I. Fortunately happy we are heading down that road. And thanks Russian and another thing for the call not me not an effort to confirm ring on the road. But she she what's going on here and whitish becomes politically impossible. In order to tell people that you gonna have to cut back on their benefits. What politician is gonna do that. And lose the votes you go and tell. People that yeah you know you mentioned that you were promised well you're not going to be able to get all that because we don't have the money. A guy ain't gonna vote for you. To what politician has the courage to stand up and say. I'm going to do this because I know this has to be done for the nation and these are the iron laws of economics and so therefore I'm sorry. But I'm going to have to take away attention from all you vote. But vote for me for the next election because I'm a good guy and I have broad vision. Not a chance. And that guy would be committing political suicide. So what you have is the opposite effect they continue on with -- knowing that when the cataclysm does count. And really guys hit the pavement that there's money there and you end up with -- they won't be an office. And nobody's gonna come back and say you -- the law. Who caused this we're gonna prosecute you torture gave twenty years ago. Just not gonna happen and so the politicians continue to aggregate more power to themselves in the name of trying to save the country and in. In reality they are perpetrating. Acts that are just the reverse and making it worse for the country. Unlike the government we do pay our bills -- deficit spending here. Pause for commercial break back on the other side with your phone calls -- Martin Nelson. Welcome back this is -- emails and phone number 8774694322. Funny you never know. The program like this -- can go. We -- dangle off into some serious. Philosophical questions that's fine but just that. You know you never know just by judging or gauging what the news stories are what direction of travel. Will be taken by the callers and it's from one of the nice things about the program. Let's go back to the lines for the next invention to Aldridge are next on the program good evening. I think any of them migrate analysts and told you are straighter -- about -- by the haven't listened he would insult comic strip and thinking book. You know that they that the limited -- -- mention that the Republican Party now has two adopted. Change principals to move. To accommodate the demographic shifts. Begin to think that these are the demographic shift -- news. He is really not be considering who is coming into the country. I believe it's really not two. If you question if you read you know nine million -- so well headed McDonnell's. Has had to say specifically about the Hispanic population. That they that the culture is not something that this is going to be inevitable. Two Republican message in chapel. You know you can go to a week ago. And the seventeen counties in Texas now and campaign one with with the brightest Republican stars and you still wouldn't get the majority. Just because that the culture of people in his record -- police and it was almost pocketbook and focus of that on the family. And the work ethic and so forth but -- -- do it does not correspond with the quality. No that's -- tried David in mount Arafat on your right to drum drumbeat is starting again. That the Republicans ought to have got to go after the Hispanic vote in the black vote in the women's voted. -- Hispanic vote. Is voting overwhelmingly democratic it's not because the immigration issue -- -- yellow about one. Would help a little bit and it'll get resolved probably over the next couple years. The reason Hispanic vote is -- overwhelming democratic. Is because the Hispanic community support community. And they've been sold the bill of goods just like the black community that the only where they're gonna make it. Is that they get handouts and the party of the handout is the Democratic Party. Short out you cannot outdo the Democrats in offering hand out programs -- going after the the Hispanic community. Is going to be a -- -- if you're hoping to get a majority. Yell at 7030. On that order there's there's a third of the community that will resonate with a Republican ideas and they really helped. Is that as these people move into more middle class circumstances. And have more. Invested in their own livelihood generational livelihood businesses whatever. That they will understand that the message of the Republicans. Of lower taxes and less government intrusion is going to be a better way to go other Hispanic vote. This time there was up 1%. Compared to last time. Sheila -- go overboard and say always got to just change the world over this 1% increase. The white male vote was up to it was down 2%. If you're gonna win the elections. You have to go to where your. Message is being well received. We're not gonna change our principles because Elijah and really good to win the elections gift to change everything you believed and in order to get into office. Why you bothered to try to get into office. Two with -- -- pastor be done is there -- to be the message put out to those who will will understand and connect with the Republican message. That is in the main the male community. And when you win any election and then you start doing some education. And you start showing people that in the long run the greater good for them is best served by having your free enterprise system. That's the only way that I conceded do it trying to go after the blood -- or the Hispanic vote. Or others to the Jewish vote now in May shift a little bit at the margin. But he is not going to go from Democrat to Republican and I noticed gave one last point here. The Democrats are never challenged as to how they gonna get the male vote. You never hear them them being being told you know you know carrying amends for awarding -- Dubai that nobody ever asked that. The joys of Republicans are supposed to change shall. I don't think we share. Group that he probably have been a total of initiatives or vote. Animal that they didn't do that the matter of the GOP can't control at least legislatures and that's the thing in Michigan. They've really got to take a look at proportional. You know to be dividing their votes. Such that the red districts are now -- the conservative district like the term -- I have broken out and do what they do havens into. You. Took this cat food presentation and and it is not finished and apparently those publicity that the IP -- states over to the left. Right David thanks for calling. The seek publication text message them back to the lines for 617 would you have thought Republicans would have crawled on glass to vote against Obama. Yet many stayed home. Why I don't know the inch of that but I do agree with you I think they would have they get the turnout was down. And it was down among some of our. Constituents as well I was down even more over the Obama that's why you know final pool was suddenly 5148. For Obama it was like closer than last time that yes. There -- of you would have thought that Republicans would have turned out. And we should've. We've turned things around. Roy your next on the program getting. I -- the reason the Democrats don't go after the men voters because. Women don't need men to get pregnant anymore of the policemen. State we've become irrelevant. Right exactly but -- -- -- -- -- -- matter about the scandal Petraeus scandal I think this similarity between this one. Between her with Watergate and also Eliot Spitzer and New York State. In each case there were abuses of the FBI. Prosecutors were investigating matters -- which it was questionable whether they had jurisdiction. Eliot Spitzer he hired a prostitute. Is that a federal crime no it's not. That's -- started it down for Watergate there was mark felt was. Giving information to book Woodward and Bernstein who are token and pretended they were. Discovering this time around and he was just giving out information that was from FBI. -- -- -- -- -- Well but but Roy with Petraeus -- the CIA. Director and then the upper -- because of threatening emails. -- -- Email are threatening email is a federal under its jurisdiction where. Yeah well yeah because she was involved with us some of the military bases and if it doesn't on the CIA director. You immediately wonder whether that could be be a security threat I look I can understand that the FBI would get into it. That's the rest of it doesn't altogether and I'll tell you go back your first point right. You know it seems to me that what the lesson here. Usually got too many women and prominent places right if we have one female pro organization you wouldn't have this this all started. With a cat fight right. I think we should start deporting women. And you can bet that we get back and the other big picture of the people backcourt is the FBI got a complaint from a woman about an email from another woman. It is -- portrait wasn't involved in the. -- he wasn't but it but apparently I haven't seen email there wasn't it was more than one and apparently was threatening. I was -- should issue which. -- abroad well as. The one who led the affair was threatening Kelly because I guess she thought Kelly was being too flirtatious. -- it's laughable and this. This involves you know we keep hearing about other women should be taken seriously and and we would be better off of we have more women -- -- -- what do we have here. -- the biographer can't keep our hands off the subject lord knows what Kelly is doing with general Allen. And the two of them are having a cat fight over at this would this would even pass for goods sit com. And you can't criticize human rights record you don't want. -- -- and try to get good point right good way to ended that's gonna do it for a don't have time for another program. Ed thank you for producing. Well a good Thanksgiving I don't know final beyond Thanksgiving Day it's not clear yet but we shall see if not certainly next had failed to be with. I'm -- Nelson how do yourself a good holiday sees.