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Sheila Burgess, the top safety officer,in hot water over her driving record

Nov 19, 2012|

Shelia Burgess, AKA "The Queen Of Crash", has been re-assigned after her driving record was made public.

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Good morning Boston this is Jeff. Crews are on the corner report. Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up vote liberal bull. Hope you had a good weekend. We have a jam packed show for you I'm telling you you wanna talk about liberal bull. I it carries so much liberal -- the bulldozer. Is falling. The bulldozer. That may need -- -- -- I'm telling you. There is so what happened this weekend. But it's like they let all the not out of the asylum. It was one it's been one story after another so much to catch you up ball on. But first of all -- big story. The the mother of all stories. You wanna see how insane. This stating it's you wanna talk about liberals run wild. -- the queen of crash. Sheila Burgess. Now here's a woman. Who is he top officer. For public highway safety. Beat state highway safety director. She's in charge of safety on our highways Sheila Burgess. A story came out yesterday in the Boston goal. Which looked at her record. Looked at her resume. Looked at her past. Now remember this is the woman in charge. Of public highway safety OK does that but she's the person in charge. She has a driving a record but check out his driving record that includes. Are you gonna say Jeff c'mon is this a comedy -- arguing cooks he -- year old mischievous ways. I swear to you god as my witness this is true okay I quit I could make it up I couldn't make this up. Sheila Burgess that top public safety officer in charge of highway race. How as a driving record that includes. So have been accidents. For speeding violations. Cool failures to stop for a police officer. Twice literally the cops ordered a stopped she ignored it. She she apparently has a history of veering from one lane to another. She loves the speed. She loves to drive has been incidences where she's been driving without a seatbelt. She's been -- she's the one -- putting all the silly. Wear a seatbelt sign all over the state that you see on the -- She's driving without a -- Seven accidents. The latest accident according to the globe. Took place on August 24. In Milton. Where she was driving on the road. And apparently she said she had to revert to -- swerve off the -- to -- an incoming vehicle she would have been she would have been killed so she veered off their -- and apparently has suffered. Some sort of head injuries. She has been in on administrative leave since August 24. -- receiving full salary. Full benefits. Basically just lying lounging around the house. This woman. With all of her accidents. All over speeding tickets. Per failures to stop for police officer utter reckless driving. Do you know how much is Sheila Burgess makes a year your taxpayer money hard at work you're paying her salary. She makes. As the state highway safety director. 87000. Dollars a year. But it's not just the salary. Gold plated pension. Gold plated health care gold plated dental benefits I'm talking like Randall a -- that top of the line. She has a state issued car. She drives around in a gorgeous blue Ford Taurus. On -- on the Los accidentally just smashed into a tree but besides that she has a beautiful it's a state issued car state issued cell phone. They pay for herself home may pay for everything. And expense account you have any idea of the kind of expense accounts these people have these these apparatchiks is government workers. Lunch is dinners it's all on the expense account on your -- out. So. You start looking around I'm fishing around. Why where Sheila Burgess appointed. To be this state highway safety director. What qualifications. Except for getting into numerous accidents so obviously she gets it -- so many accidents. And she's always speeding -- is always driving without a seatbelt she's an expert on reckless horrible driving. So besides that besides -- up a worst a horrible driver okay. What other experience. Does the queen of crash what the queen of crash what experienced as the queen of -- out of I'm looking and I am looking. How she worked on transportation issues. No. Where she even a government employee. Before this appointment. Under by Deval Patrick in 2007. By naming me mania appoint better after his election victory in 2007. And all my history of administration no history of government work and no history of transportation issues. This woman knows nothing about highways literally nothing. Nothing about -- nothing a bald gravel is nothing about the role to nothing about bridges not think Matta zilch nothing. React as the Russians I know nothing. So but what they're Sheila Burgess still. Who. She works for mass strategy grown. She's a consultant. And what's your expertise. Raising -- me. -- Paulo she's a professional fund raiser. Pan. Do you think she's a fund raiser for the Republicans. Widget to me I don't know what you think she's pouring in money into -- Scott Brown's campaign moment. Long time democratic. Fund raiser. What has been raising money for years. Fore check this so Senator John Kerry. Congressman. Moakley. Congressman James McGovern. She's also been. Helping to raise money for her other crash friend the lieutenant governor Tim Murray -- Timothy Tammy. Remember last year when Timmy was driving a hundred -- over a hundred miles an hour and without a seatbelt without a seatbelt. And -- smashed his car it was almost unrecognizable. He emerged unscathed by a miracle. He was driving over a hundred miles an hour like attacking -- chairman Sheila Burgess they love to hit that gas pedal. -- hundred mile mark that's the magic mark for them. This guy was driving a hundred miles an hour in the middle of the night without a seatbelt. It's totalled his car completely. And he claims because he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Records have been sealed on that accident I'd like to know frankly if he was drunk. I mean to meet in the middle of the night you're going over a hundred miles an hour room I'm suspicious. I'm suspicious. You're hit -- battle you're hit mat pedal that you -- to the metal. I would like to have seen that. A more detailed examination to see if India good old Jayme Murphy didn't have a few shots so whiskey before he went into that car. He said because he was so concerned about a storm. That he -- the rushed out to sea via the victims of the storm and the storm damage. At 3 in the morning that's why yet to be going he such a concerned man he so cares about his fellow Massachusetts citizens. That's why he was going a hundred miles an hour but let that go. She was raising money for good ol' Timmy. Don't lieutenant governor. So. Sheila Burgess. Was a professional political fund raiser for Kerry. For congressman Moakley. For congressman James McGovern. For lieutenant governor Timothy Roemer Murphy. Sort Murray for him my about for a lieutenant governor Tim Timothy Murray. She was raising money for the old democratic machine. And so when Deval Patrick what many mean one in 2006. And then in 2007 at the stuff up to bureaucracy. Somebody apparently it came from McGovern's office. Congressman McGovern she raised a lot of money firm for him said. Called up the phone said the haul mean any. Yes. I got there Sheila Burgess she's been raising a lot of money. Kerry like serve. You're lieutenant governor like sir I like her everybody likes her her and her sister their run -- consulting thing -- Mass strategy group ol' I know guys meaning he says I know about them get it. We got to give her job. What are you got available. And pan. How about -- highways. Yeah. Settled. The job should or should get a handle highways dispense some money to the cops two million dollars a year put up those signs strive. Don't dress to Wear your seatbelt. Don't drink and drive. Drive safely. -- -- what -- Sheila -- it's. And there she is the queen of crash and will -- -- the public highway safety department and just gonna run. Now here is the kicker you wanna see how corrupt and laughable the status I swear you could this is almost this is bordering on the comic. This story breaks in the globe yesterday. All hell breaks loose everybody's like how can you have a woman with -- in accidents. Seven. So have been accidents. Mauled to pull tickets multiple traffic violations. Weis didn't even stop for the cops the cops are trying to flag her down she just won't she just kept going okay. The so meaning me then is that he's asked by reporters. You pointed -- how could you have appointed her to the head of highway public safety. I don't run the turnpike. I don't know you don't have no recollection of having appointed her. I don't know why I appointed her I'm gonna get to the bottom of this I'm gonna get to our wanna find out I wanna find out who won my staff. Recommended that appointment so you got. But now she's been quote reassignment. She hasn't been fired. She's been quote to reassign. Meaning. She still keeps her her her her salary. She still keeps Serbs and the benefits or health benefits -- state issued car per state issued cell phone. She's just in a different she's basically in a different position in the office of public safety and security is like rotating chairs. Sheila get out of that office and move your stuff over into the other office when you come back from your head injury that your recovering from. There is you're just gonna be at the office -- ball that's all. But worry about it -- Queen of crash the worry about it and won't be that your health benefits don't worry about the next time you get into a car accident. Don't worry about it he'll be taken care. This is cronyism. At its worst. She ran a department with six people that were under her. She dispenses millions of dollars a year she makes 90000 dollars a year plus all the perks. With no qualifications. Forget qualifications. She's a human wrecking ball. This woman is is is a hazard to public safety on the road. And she's the one that's been lecturing us on how to drive safely and Massachusetts -- roads. And now they just to reassign her -- don't fire her what you have to do when mistake to get fired. But this is this is what -- each in -- and this is like Larry curly and Mo is like honestly think it's like The Three Stooges running the state. It's unbelievable you have meaning me. You have lieutenant governor Timothy Murray and you have -- Sheila Burgess running public highway safety it's -- me unbelievable. And so my question to you is this. Obviously. If you have somebody as incompetent as her running public highway safety. Why do we even need that department. Why do we even need somebody running it. I can look I can tell you just -- put up a sign -- put up all these billboards I drive safely. Put up more I'll Wear a seatbelt. That's all they do. Why is -- here. Why do we need to be spending all of this money on all of this waste and fraud. And to meet the bigger issue was this. Why is Sheila Burgess still in her job. Why is Sheila Burgess not been fired I am demanding. That Sheila Burgess be fired. I am demanding that heads roll and I wanna ask you were very simple question Boston. Should Sheila Burgess. Remain in the office of public safety and security. Or is it time for her to go 0617. 20666868. Paul thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. You know. She's gotta go no doubt I'll bet that -- the problem or not problem but I would try -- -- on it. Hearing on the issue that mattered which is back issues that no credible. Resonate in this jobs that we hack it's clearly bought it for a fact -- she didn't where she opened up well I mean really. I would I would I would. I would I wouldn't. Drop that -- the issue of the not relevant. Even before speeding ticket price and she's a fully grown woman at fort speeding -- -- -- inspired -- isn't that big a deal. Seven accident this particular. The idea that all watched it Wear seat belt twice I think that would be brought up. Paula -- make it very to a commute your right and I'm giving it a whole record. Look but we think about the hypocrisy. She's telling us to Wear seatbelts and she doesn't Wear seatbelts number one number two let me tell you -- the suspicion as. In the globe article and among other media people not last accident. Everybody wants to get holdover cell phone records to see if she was texting. Because they suspected she was texting on the role and that's why she got in this accident not because there was some. Oncoming vehicle to keep telling us don't text and drive which I agree with you shouldn't be texting and driving. But you have the director of public office the a public highway safety -- very likely texting on the vote. As she smashes their car and she's got a head injury by the way full day administrative leave full salary full benefits no problem. She is a political -- No experience. No -- main. And look how all of you keep taking it on the chin bureau now working all of you OK either getting ready to go to work or are on the world's working. You work every day not just to feed your families. Because you pay taxes. And look what your tax money goes to -- -- your roads. You pay for those -- you handles robes. You pay this woman's salary. Sheila Burgess or 87 grand a year. -- health and ample and and and everything else that she has her gold plated pension benefits. -- state issued car her cell phone or expense account lunches or dinners. All of that paid for by you. What qualifications. I mean how -- highs and she's out of a job now right she's been reassigned -- -- -- out of a job she's in a different job. You're hurting right now on a recession you have you say Jeff. I have no qualifications. To run the State's highway system or probable lomb send your resume any. Because you don't need any apparently to be the director of public highway and -- either you don't need any. Just given your union Carter say -- vote democratic -- say you're gonna raise money. So what I'm asking you is this stop taking it on the chin and say you know what. No more with your cronies. No more with your -- No more with these operatives that are just giving plum jobs to the Victor go the spoils. Look at this corruption it's everywhere. Taught Tom thanks for holding. I I agree with you 100%. I think he should not only be fired she should -- -- pension education education to Luke directed drive for the rest of her life. Outcome I -- to hazard on the wrote. I mean she's telling us we should be safe on the road. She's a walking WMD eight she's a weapon of mass destruction -- Sheila Burgess. I'm telling you if you see a bowl -- -- big government issuable -- Torres. Wood about Laura sixty -- amid a Sheila -- looks like Sheila Burgess. Did you -- state highway transportation. Stay away stay pull away as she swerving from lane -- stay away. Because that's that's the queen of crash. -- Boston's bulldozed there. I'm cleaning up a lot of cars that had a lot of wrecked cars. The queen of crash this -- -- is she now you stay ahead. The director of for highway safety and public security. She has been reassigned within a couple of hours -- fired. Is basically given another position same salary same benefits. Because it has now come out. That she has 34. Entries. Traffic violations. On her record. Seven car crashes seven accidents. Twice she deliberately didn't stop for the police. She swerves from Elaine Elaine she's got speeding tickets she drives around without a seatbelt. This woman is a literally a poster child for horrible drive. No qualifications. None none were now finding out literally. She never oversaw our -- -- she never held a government job she never held an administrative position she was simply a bag lady. She took money to give it -- key Democrats in the state including Senator John Kerry. And lieutenant governor another crash her Timothy Murray. They're both hundred miles an hour people he's my hundred mile an hour man she's undermine -- mile an hour -- They -- about a hundred miles before they crashed into something. Look how other stake in T. Now the governor meaning me. Before he heads off to Washington DC for a plum cabinet position. Over the weekend the Boston Globe came out with a story on Saturday get swept. They now have a proposal. In front of the state legislature. Which they won a vote on before January 7. To raise your taxes. To pay for it to roll outs. They wanna increase gas tax it's they wanna increase sales taxes. They wanna increase bolts. That's another thing. I was telling mr. -- His state has a love affair with holes. Everywhere I go I'm on the mass spike bock 25. Boxed when he fights common and but 25 come -- out but when he. Everybody put their hand out I just go up bankers that and if -- roads were paved with gold might say OK. But instead. They want in -- race polls. So let me get this straight aren't we paying all these taxes for good roads. And then you put this hack this show ice there. To run the entire safety administration in this state no qualifications. And notice how they -- -- I'm sorry but I know it's Monday hearing your car you wanna get all wound up I gotta tell you they're laughing that you. They don't even fire her when this thing comes opening fire you look at his bump -- they're going to be driving in their cars tomorrow. Let him pay the tolls let him pay the taxes -- just resign and -- forget about it in a month. The queen a crash shall be out there and emotionally wrecked another car openers will put on the taxpayers. I'm. Sheila Burgess should be fired and I am asking you Boston. Do you agree with me is it time for a public campaign. To show these people on Beacon Hill that they can't take us for granted. Is it time for Sheila Burgess to go. 61720666868. Steve Europe next go. Good morning Jeff does that touch you again lit and chi chi on on. The application -- let it -- their ship would draw on a road and that's that was the main question out of her application but. That we have to stop an up property taxes Jeff we have because that's the only to attack we really have control of and that everybody -- property in the in the states stopping in their property taxes. Maybe I'm watching and it -- -- about maybe these people would not listen to what could this is outraged. This is an outrage at and end and the pop actor he's he's but he keeps you need not gonna take a job at Washington. After the probation scandal in the L scandal now this up at the ticket -- just but just say great. He's -- in this state. He's right Steve he's wrecking this state and he's getting ready already getting is banks prepare to go to Washington DC. Jeff he he did the same thing he did the same thing that Obama did -- just any promised. You know what I voted for about not a lot of the time that -- he recommends all these reforms. -- -- gonna stop all these hiring a friend and all eyes and it hasn't stopped at that spot he brought. -- -- spot in the states people know people get jobs higher upbeat note that not all about it. I mean -- Google rocket that it stayed out backwards and long you know somebody that's called Oregon mark backwards -- -- -- Steve if you have anybody if you have a daughter if you have assigned me if you have a wide for any thing out there. Again her let her apply for state at around our state highway safety system because you credit qualifications. So just say yeah I'm a big Democrat -- -- I loved mini me I loved mini me -- job. The queen of crashed I can crash cars. Jeff corner on the corner report. Will be right back with all of your calls right after this break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that was the main question of her application but we have to stop and -- property taxes yet we have is that the only -- that we really have control up. If everybody at all property in the in the states offering him their property taxes. Maybe a -- you know -- have a -- maybe these people thought -- this. Welcome back to the corner report that says Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up bill liberal bowl and won a pile that it 617. To 0666868. You know. I love my wife dearly seriously don't get me wrong I love my wife but she's a horrible driver. Horrible I'm telling I don't know what you were -- driver's license she goes through stop signs -- -- honey there's a red -- honey honey. I'm telling you right now after this Sheila Burgess gamble this this fiasco. Grace McCall a sweetie right after this falls over I want she will lie ahead this state highway our security and public safety. Because if this woman is qualified to their head up our highway safety than anybody can be content qualify especially my wife. Who's almost as bad as a driver a Sheila Burgess except thank the larger -- out of many accidents seven accidents this is -- Seriously this is sick they're laughing at us and I agree with Steve. You know what it's time we sent these people on message okay. The meaning Meeks. That Tommy Menino was that -- Murray's all of them the Elizabeth Warren's I'm tired of these Democrats sticking it to his day after day. How many told I have to pay homage gas stocks as I have to pay and check this out check this out to wanna see how ridiculous this is you wanna see how. Arrogant they become okay. In the tax plan that mean mean mean Deval Patrick proposed. Q what's buried in that tax plan. You -- largest -- polls moan. Don't largest razor sales taxes model they don't want this -- gas taxes and not on on home. Check this out only be sick calls on Beacon Hill commitment of this. They want a tax you for the mine fields that you drying. What are they gonna do now literally the gonna have some kind of machine on your speedometer. And they sink hole look at this it Joseph Smith holds a fifty miles that they don't worry you drive the more than the road you used the more you're gonna pay your taxes. Guys wanna just give you my paycheck the Mormon I get it just take it right out of my pocket. I mean -- let's let's cut out the middleman here let me just give it you -- just ticket or just -- it all of it's. Enough. Is enough. Sheila Burgess must go. No longer this reassignment. No longer just back kicking her down the office and playing us for -- and fools and idiots okay we understand now we're part of his game. You are now gonna listen to us. We pay the taxes. We pay your salaries. We pay for these roads were not paying any more and tolls were not paying any more in gas taxes were not paying any more and anything to understand -- We want you to start firing people hire qualified people or get the hell out period -- about it Sheila Burgess. Pack your bags I want -- out. Frank thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Aren't uproar that I'm good you aren't good thing. Couple preparations but species recent graduate of the some -- we were acting I think that might dictate what eight. Right everything -- I don't know what. Frank you're breaking up call -- back. Look I did this guy does this guy -- real -- shouldn't be lieutenant governor who should be in NASCAR. This -- should be in Formula One Racing who. Who goes a hundred million miles an hour. And then you total your car. And they don't we have no information. On whether he was drunk. Whether he was under the influence. Why was he driving so fast always -- is all he may have fallen asleep on the -- because he was -- all concerned. There was a stormy practical help people out it was opens -- so concerned. That's why -- the 108 miles an hour. BS. OK Jamie Murray is not so concerned about people is going on grenade miles an hour I think Demi. Was taken a couple of shots and said let's have some fun on the road. And he lost control of the car. Hey I drive a 108 miles an hour and I total car I'm getting breathalyzer after a breathalyzer after breathalyzer and sorry you. You know what enough is enough the same rules apply for everybody -- one party regime. It's -- the Soviet Union but yet. Bob thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. In a -- -- unfortunately. I believe you're wrong on that the state but one party coastal long. In this as the prime example of it you get an and actually this woman you got that thank. What about the that former. The ball -- lottery commissioner for this because yeah he was the reason that break a lost. So what that -- you know it's it's amazing the amount eight bit. Deval Patrick is made of Teflon just like Obama. And hit him and it bounces right off any public government would then run right out of the state with the amount crap that they that we -- on. But again the stupid boulders and Massachusetts tonight faced and I ain't stupid. Sure 08 this is a prime example of Altria -- all this -- work important this this weasel back in in in the corner office. And I'm. You don't not. And not having to party rule in the state so this some type of accountability. Bob there's no accountability. Now you're seeing it right now they're with Burgess there's no look I mean. And this is many -- we'll get to the bottom of it I promise we'll get to the bottom of it she's been reassigned. She's lying on her back. At her house watching. Soaps all afternoon literally she's watching Jerry Springer and Judge Judy all afternoon on our. I'm listen I'm telling you I'm mixers I'm not 90000 dollars a year sorry for 87000 dollars a year. We the taxpayer should signal we're not paying our taxes anymore. I don't give them. This for that -- Norway. No way absolutely not seven accidents. This woman should even have a license. And here's the kicker Celtic all the polls right now. They don't -- began looking into her background. And lo and behold. She wasn't paying her local excise taxes. So this is the head of public highway safety OK she's not paying her local excise taxes. So her license couldn't be -- you won't it was -- renewable it was flags and we're not gonna renew your license is not paying your taxes home. The globe is looking at what this could be Istanbul law. Then she paid her taxes just before the story broke she pays her taxes. I don't pay my taxes under my license. This is this is outrageous. -- -- -- He blows a stop sign or wherever on -- even he stops at a red light it's 3 o'clock in the morning he's got to come in developing York KO. I don't know what -- and I -- left a -- righted dead let me go through this red -- Where do we do we do we do cop pulls them over. Big day -- you've got to go to court you reckless. Or irresponsible. We're gonna take your license shall -- any. You're gonna pay a big ticket this one. Seven accidents. Yeah I was -- you should be your boss. Seriously could you say I -- Sheila she'll let me tell you how it's -- normal you don't go 101 miles an hour you gotta -- the -- record you've got to be a 108 miles an hour. Girls -- fired. Rob thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. I don't you go to -- you know I mean. All the -- but it's. Are -- because that's been -- -- -- -- August at a scrap -- great I'd deal -- Public instruction that -- -- our way out inspectors. And it's a joke just to get somebody out -- -- quality jobs of equality office of competition for the next two weeks. I don't hear it. I used to be a whole lot about it but I can't and you know wat I struck up -- the table -- really appreciate it. Thought thank you rob on -- bunch a crooks I'll tell you this star rob between you and me and every all the listeners. Put a little something under the table say come on down. There is a little something under the table hole. They're gonna break memories record we'll be there you. 120 miles an hour for their little -- it's disgusting. If it doesn't matter the bribery nobody wants to talk about dot. They're all with their little hands out its unbelievable. Mike thanks for holding welcome to the point. They might. Cheryl thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Yeah like I instituted a few minutes as honorable thing by his mention in this space -- five is reporting that Sheila Burgess is out. -- issued this statement saying that is the world for our. In the in the in the administration. Now -- and Deval was passed -- how'd she get hired to be when he is these that I don't know but to get to the blonde moment I'm not happy. And has so apparently she's bonded. And you know I agree with an earlier -- you know the I don't care about the seat. I'll share let me ask -- want to is -- charity work is yet. You -- them your name really is Cheryl. He I think. I have to keep voice -- we have a lot. -- really why I'm so okay you very divorce case are -- I don't look like not going to stand on because it justice. -- Cheryl. So are you sure that he's out. Without -- her she'd been reassigned. Well there reporting that she's doubt that -- -- the business. She's ever job but I don't think she. Shall no longer have a role in highway safety Cheryl but she still gonna be on the payroll. Well well well hopefully you know I'll I guess we'll find out about that what I would say is. Mean what's outrageous is is not I don't really care about the of this seat -- -- said. You know but I think she has -- into too many speeding tickets and the media in the fact that she she is she was charged twice. The ability to stop for police officer and she was driving without a license and activity is what is. And with us -- Cheryl might even license. In most places. Elliott has stopped right from please stop there is is that unbelievable talent show I think. -- our. Club. This whole world would change if you leave the money. Which -- -- eastern. And. They're so much more to this look -- I gotta be careful I'm on the air but all of you can connect the dots. You don't pay attention when the cops are chasing you'd found your drifting from lane to lane to keep moving from one lane to another lane. You have multiple car crashes. So hey c'mon some things up here Saddam things up here. All right I think it's pretty obvious no she's been reassigned to a -- public highway safety. But she's gonna stay on our government role. She's on the government payroll she's not losing or 87000 dollars a year and -- way no way. Mike thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Good morning yes you -- great topic you know and struggling a little warrior -- but general the board of directors amassed. I mean it's -- -- -- would be a expertise in transportation finance and engineering. You look at that they couldn't get to arguing people on the okay until -- -- one -- that really -- the Allen McDonald get to finance guy so give them that. You can you believe it is exactly eight. Environmental engineer and expert soil mechanics blowing -- you plow into it dirt pile of yeah. And hoping that you'll only people know anything about traffic. Will have a background all of it. A horrible. Nine the 100000 dollars a year plus benefits they get my cars they give him cell phones expense accounts of knowing. Vacations for weeks off six weeks off. Weekends long weekends that we pay for it. And nobody is qualified. Except Iraq you raise money you're about command period -- serve the regime that give you a job Steve thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. Think you're on Jeff played on that values the you are right it didn't we have like campus that wasn't a chemist. And don't -- lawyer right in the summit now that isn't actually a member of the 200. -- Since we. Public going to be in a physicist but I don't know anything about it a -- or eight. It's the I you know what I've always want to be an astrophysicist. And you know what cooks. Coach called me doctor corner of an astrophysicist. Now period of an opens this. Spirit I wanna look at -- on all. He's dismantling that sorry we like I want it to work at -- but Obama getting rid of that to Mike rob I'm Betty. Hang on. All of your calls I will it come right after this break. On the corner report.