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Deval passes out in state tuition to illegals

Nov 19, 2012|

Is this the wrong idea? Should in-state tuition be given to illegal immigrants?

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-- -- No review board. Six BA liberalism. Towards my man. And -- them from bucks -- for people -- rain. Not much unbeaten. Sorry they didn't know how much on big NL. They're -- one out before my friends. Obama has been elected and many easy getting ready to go to Washington then and -- -- but their lord and they're loading large. They are spreading that pork everywhere. Governor Deval Patrick -- mean. To date is sending a letter to the board of higher education. In which she is now ordering directing. All state colleges and universities. To allow young illegal immigrants to pay the lower resident rate for tuition and fees. As soon as they obtain these work permits. As many of you know. And. Senior -- I gotta tell you all well. He's a good day gave one day we'll -- any illegal -- did in Massachusetts. Medical bits of the just left. Medical update I pay much less now for the school. Much less thanks to many mean we love we give you my daddy that come on -- that you might edit them nobody -- We have many happy we love you we love you mean mean mean we let you make a bit habits and that medical we will have you. Apparently now this I'm in two in June of this year as many of you remember. Obama ordered a halt. On all deportations. Of illegal immigrants under thirty years of age. And more than bat in his executive order. Said that all illegals were eligible. For lower tuition rates in state tuition rates. They could obtain work permits and stay in the United States for two years. Basically amnesty through the back door for illegals under the age of thirty that's what he did. So now that the election is over. Because most Americans oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants now that the election is over many mean. Is implementing Obama's policy here in Massachusetts. And so now he's gonna direct the board of higher education. To allow illegal immigrants. To basically get in state tuition and lower resident rates. For fees and tuition. Now what does this mean practically let me give you an example. If here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Non residents have to pay tuition. The cost is two for 26645. Polyps. Basically 27%. It's not let's not get around. 27000. Dollars if you're a non resident. But if you were resident. It's taxpayers subsidize. You they're only cost you thirteen 1230. Dollars. 27013. Thousand wool big difference. Bunker Hill Community College. 5640. Dollars in tuition and fees for residents. Compared with thirteen 1880. Dollars for non residents. 56141000. Dollars for non residents big saving -- Framingham state. Costs 8080. Dollars for residents and tuition this year 141160. Dollars for non residents. It's a massive giveaway to the illegals. They're now gonna be entitled to in state tuition. I -- unbelievable lower resident rates. Then. They're not residents. Very illegal votes they're criminals. They came here every legally. I mean am I missing something here act like I'm living in the Twilight Zone so let me get this straight. American citizens. Those who come here legally. Legal residents of Massachusetts. They have to subsidize those who come in here illegally. We -- now basically give them in state tuition. Something is fundamentally very wrong here. We are rewarding criminal behavior. We are helping to pay for illegals. To basically go through college at the lowest possible expense and here's the kicker. When these illegals graduate. They have a right to work permit. So we not only educate them. They can then go out and legally get jobs. So that means they're taking jobs away. From legal residents and American citizens. -- George should talk about shaft. The people of Massachusetts. Shopping citizens. Shopping legal residents. And meaning me thinks he can get away with this. So we're rewarding all this criminal behavior. We have all these people now we're gonna come out of the shadows. They're now gonna claim their instate tuition and I'm gonna claimed or lower residency rates. All of this on our fine. For breaking the law. For just standing here and waiting a so. And saying you know once Obama won the election he -- the election to the Latino vote the Latino vote wants. Amnesty. We're gonna start giving it to them piece by piece and the first pieces now they get lower residency rates. Well excuse me. What about the people who play by the rules. One about an American in Connecticut it. Born American and Rhode Island. Born and raced. He wants to go to school in Massachusetts all normal home. All moan all you wanna go to University of Massachusetts. And -- some are working stiff guy and -- Ireland wants to send this kid to a good school. You only pay 27000. Dollars right through them all as a baby. Butchering illegal from may to call. Who came and went all the way up here and I've found your way in Boston or wherever Springfield or where west or whatever your living and on on on on all for you it's thirteen thousand. Thirteen 1230. So the illegals. You get half. According University of Massachusetts you get out. So let me tell you what I think all of you should do seriously he should also -- -- -- I'm Jiri illegal. I'm not as I am not a citizen of the United States I'm here illegally. So I not only want my lower tuition. I'm not only want the residency rate. And I get food stamps. Can I get a nice welfare check. Could I get some nice extra unemployment benefits as well -- you throw an amount. Could you give me some public housing because. Obviously. It's better to be any legal then it is to be illegal resident. -- -- It's all screwed up. Black is white and white is black. And so my question to all of viewers this. Is it right. To now give illegals in this state. The right. To have lower residency rates. For tuition and fees basically in state tuition. Paid for by the people of Massachusetts. Because according to Deval Patrick mini me according to the Democrats. That's now going to be the new law of the land. And notice this. If you wanna see how undemocratic. This entire regime on bacon -- lists. The legislature didn't vote for. They've tried to ram through this legislation on numerous occasions. That house will mark the state house will months supported because they know the people of Massachusetts are against that so they don't wanna lose their jobs. So this has been balked at the legislature level for years Mitt Romney vetoed it and went to -- Patrick tried to ram it through a couple years ago the house said mall. So now this is just a blanket executive order for many me. It's -- even going through the legislature. Cannot even going through the democratic process is running as -- -- a bit later. So just unbelievable always have all Obama gave amnesty -- I wanna give you amnesty. Bingo I -- my -- ended their leader not from the people of Massachusetts. Now there you go. He's now -- not just -- mr. he's not just the governor he's mr. Graham as the governor he's mr. amnesty. That meaning me. 61720666868. Should state tuition breaks include illegal immigrants. And is this unfair. Do you. Citizens of the United States or those have you here legally. Or. Are we just unfairly penalizing. The children of illegal immigrants because that's the argument many -- makes meaning me says it's. That they came here through no fault of their own their parents -- come over the border. And why should we be analyzing these people. Don't we want these people to be integrated into society to be working to be productive to be educated. I'm reading a story from boston.com. Then. And -- elated Cairo Mendez it's a nineteen year old native of Brazil who was here written mine came here since he was nine years old. He says he could only afford to classes at Massachusetts Bay community college this semester because the cost is bubble the resident ranked. That's amazing finding out about mini -- order is it's amazing he says it's amazing. My life quote is about to get a lot better just the fact that I can go to college and peace. So I mean already a lot of young illegal kids are saying it eight. Christmas came early 61720666868. -- lane thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. I -- yet. I think it's I believe it's unfair. Because otherwise I -- gonna keep the law you know do we need to -- a -- sometimes. And and also Deval -- just got his hit this green flag is to do whatever he wants. So I believe that. Which follow the law. That Marley and I agree with you completely we definitely should follow the law but my question everybody is this. Why is it that certain groups. Of our population. Are allowed to disobey the law repeatedly flagrantly. And yet they're never held accountable for it and yet when it comes to us if I break the law. I'm held accountable. If -- it breaks the law he's held accountable. So why is it that we have now created a society and when did this happen. That suddenly we could say entire classes of people you don't have to Obey the law. The law is only for some people basically to be very candid with you the white middle class essentially in a much. The white working and middle class mobile white working middle class pay. Pay -- Obey the law pay shut up Obey the law. But if you're not white working class or middle class. Involve no problem no problem loan. You wanna come here illegally -- -- legally. You don't wanna registered lower register you wanna vote below that anything you want any -- -- anything goes you one as they wish I knew god is a problem com. You wanna commit welfare fraud no problem. It's okay he. Kelli thanks for holding. Welcome to the report. -- I can't tell you. -- I legit tactic analysts can go to -- down. Can you gimmick at. Okay. -- at -- about the economic daughter's tuition -- just static coming up last week. And -- one match at a go to school outside of Massachusetts and we can't chicken that was the only school that actually expected killed. The one amassed so its first seven. To command -- or 20000 -- on the seventh -- no wrong. Thank you graduate you aren't you get embarrassed -- that are coming in now and I thought the in the white middle class mother working two jobs. Maybe it can get -- built Obama I'm not sure. I mean what do we do -- these bill. -- holiness of the things they have money. To give breaks to -- league votes to cut cut tuition for the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right universe at -- -- shouldn't be entered -- university. Because illegal. -- number two. -- give you tax break and don't give you tuition rate you see there's money to lower rates of asthma. But the original money where your rates it's verbally favoring. The criminal -- on lawless. -- listen on law abiding clots for ordinary working people. Mean -- agreement for your face and why they get votes. The Democratic Party every one of these children in the Eagles have now been given all these in state tuition breaks you think I'll vote for next election. What do you think. Game free education -- low cost education. Go out there with the money they're buying votes. -- That's how they want elections you're -- followed -- strategy to a desert fifty years ago besides that. Why why -- -- being you know and I am awaiting you have to cost about 101000 dollars in the Middle East are elaborate what they are. Playing has been making. The chopper five years should get the right to vote and get out there. -- worked -- -- for. A woman now. It actually might want to pay -- -- why it is. Hank because you know why I'll be very candid with you there isn't a massive Filipino voting bloc. If there was a massive Filipino voting -- believe me your wife would go right through the front were literally right to the front of the line. That's what it's about now it's all about votes or dinning -- That's what this is all about comrade John welcome to the corner report. -- Obama -- Obama my friend. Not only should they be given free tuition -- Michigan professor -- position so they -- jobs ought to look at a Third World nation. -- Just you know it may be coming that I seriously admitted could. It may be coming back I committed to becoming -- -- jock quickly go. -- -- distracting and I feel as though I have a daughter going to college next year. I -- we were just over the line and we are sure I told the we're being discriminated against. Because we are not afforded same opportunity our state. As the illegal aliens which should appear in the first place and secondly is raising their rates but everybody else bonus. Oh deficit. They have to pay for this I had to raise your rates. Jack you nailed it they're gonna raise your rates to pay for the lower rates for these illegal immigrants you know what it is it is it's discrimination. Against white working middle class people that's what it is. That's what it is this is now the new Jim -- you don't know it but they're basically telling you drink out of a separate water we want your money. But we're gonna is we're gonna rent -- -- the bill that's that's what it is. I will take all of your calls right after this break plus Warren watch you won't believe this one Jeff corner on the corner report. What happened in Ben Ghazi was terribly tragic and now we're hearing of another Middle Eastern war on the brink. Let us in you the media not forget about the war that our own kids are fighting for us in Afghanistan. Why is they're so little coverage. Well because unfortunately very few people feel the way you do Cheryl there is a war weariness with the public. And outside of campaign season the war is not often mentioned the administration talks about but largely to say. We are leaving but we should all remember that nearly 70000. Americans are still in Afghanistan facing death and injury. And we should remember we have promised our combat troops will remain there cock port number two years -- Six CD. Warren watch here on the corner report. Keeping and I I'm cheap spreading -- yeah it's big -- was brighter ball. Brilliant column by George -- will in the Boston Herald this weekend. He goes into the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now this is the agency apparently we've achieved spreading ball. Senator elect Elizabeth Warren says she single handedly created she takes credit for the consumer. Financial protection bureau. Well -- Apparently according to George well when he's completely right. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Literally. Is not accountable to congress. It he gets its funding. Not from congress checked it's it is basically a rogue agents and it's an extra legal -- agents. It doesn't get no money from congress but he gets all of its money from the Federal Reserve. So the Federal Reserve just kicks over money to all of these people that sit on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And of course it's full of so called experts. Like she's spreading bowl. And they now look over all these suppose that consumer practices that every business engages them. And then they determine. What's abuse. What's this afternoon. What's a lie a so they determine what our lives deceptive behavior and abuses basically -- can shut a business I want everything. -- Now you wanna see how ridiculous. This bureau is just talk about accountability. That she and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requested. Nine. In Federal Reserve funds it was made on a single. Sheet of paper. On one sheet of paper that's well so they want money four million dollars and it's all on one sheet of paper. That's some -- not line item in this thing about telling you all. This money goes for this this money goes for the amount don't want she'd just one sheet of paper to slap on one chip players. From the printer just bank once you know it. And that 2012. Budget according to George well. On 130. Million dollars we're just budgeted to the consumer financial protection bureau for check this out. Quote other services. Literally. So they ask in the budget they go we need a 130 million dollars well what for what he -- 130 million dollars for. All they put his quote all other services unquote other services. Could be anything but be real conscious -- -- Expense trips to Las Vegas. That's transparency and then check this out. 60%. Of its nearly -- thousand employees 60%. Are making more than a 100000. Dollars a year. Do you know how much a cabinet secretary makes let's say meaning me becomes attorney general. He'll be making a hundred in 1990000. Dollars -- year. 5%. Of the people on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Elizabeth Warren created chiefs running -- They make over to who 100000 dollars a year up. Little she's really for the 99%. You can -- that -- big supporter of the 99%. They're giving money we like it can be. Where's the transparency chief spreading bolt. Where's the accountability. Achieve spreading bull -- voting for. I don't keep voting for people of Massachusetts because she's got your best interest in -- the working man she loves the working man. You make 200000 dollars a year. Because if you do I wanna join your union rob back to the illegal story in state tuition rob thanks for holding well. You know pretty soon -- -- will be accepting each key -- still. You know so I thought I would pay double -- culture. From New York didn't stop try to talk to plummeted struck Japan a drug problem but he on the job. All of -- -- guys but. The other works out struck into. A -- or article show. They would they would wash these people that you work out what it's college. And then somebody else to get the break whom who you know is it should not so. Not even -- foreigners. They come from Guatemala or El Salvador they come in here and they get in state tuition -- you know an American from New York coming years. You come here you wanna get educated you pay through them all out of state tuition. And malls set up a business they tax you. They regulate -- they harass you. That's what they do and then they wonder why businesses don't wanna relocate to Massachusetts. Model it's roads it's the -- -- did not a mini me is gonna come out and NC. We got to -- the polls say the problem is the rules aren't good seat as if we don't give them enough money. It's it's. It'll give any more money from us it's the battery is gas taxes it's it's the polls and then -- -- uneven tax the miles what you drive. It's the world's people wanna come here for the roads Steve thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. -- I'm gonna use these things that the first up. Want to administration has gotten into some real good investigative journalism that be you know what happens every administration they lobby when new year. But that eventually did someone do. And that people look back it's gonna turn out to be wanna do most corrupt administrations -- eat on the cover come off which -- going to eventually probably. Five to cheer about a real political side to really take a look one of the most corrupt. That is probably ever existed -- when you get right battle when you're out there stop and that's just the tip of the iceberg you know about the -- that warrant crap after that you know. But talk at all but not that that was spent and it's going to be one of the most corrupt and the second thing. By the weight of all what you gonna do these well educated illegal they -- jobs. To work. -- -- Well Steve apparently now there they're eligible to work for two years once they graduate they have between your work permit. Which they're gonna extend indefinitely. Sex -- Hope for a -- you. It get that -- at some say from India wants to come here legally to work harder now. And that's it I'm telling you that that's that's what he's gonna -- ounce of higher board of education so they get education state free sorry intuition. They get in state tuition plus they get a free work permit no Steve. Let me be exact 400 -- a 465. Dollar fee a -- panel. Penalties -- the same icicle analogy a personality. They pay a 465. Dollar penalty and they get a work permit. For two years were they gonna keep extending. Up. So the or emigrate from Canada. The former grin from Pakistan the former grin from India. Deport immigrants from Russia waits in line and waits for years pay thousands footballers. Pays by the rules. Because he loves America are she loves America model you back of the line. But if you're a powerful. Voting bloc member if you're any legal and you vote for the Democrats. Right to the front. Welcome back to the culinary pork this is Jeff corner. Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up -- liberal bull. Dough ball Patrick. Our esteemed. Governor. Many -- Think she's a junior Barack Obama. Is now following in the dear -- what steps he is now issuing a an order today. To all state colleges and universities. To grant in state tuition lower residency rates. For tuition and fees to all illegal immigrants those aged thirty and under their children. They're not going to be paying resident rates. It's going to be a huge discount. Frankly. Kent State issued drivers licenses be far behind I don't think so. I think within six months to a year they're gonna be giving out driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and then with the driver's license -- anybody can go vote. I mean it's basically we can already see how this how this story is gonna and is it fair is it not fair. Do you agree do you disagree. 6172666868. Linda thanks for holding tyrannical and a report. He gets good morning good -- and it always makes me angry. I'm. The problem none of the other problems like he has so many of these kids and their parents work under the table and don't ever report always come. There's very little -- -- based scholarship and grant money who do you think is -- -- it. -- it's not going to be Mike hitter you're. Are your completely right Linda. I mean they're gonna get a lot of the grants. They're gonna get a lot of the student aid and assistance because many of them are much -- that come from lower income families. We are paying for them to basically go to school -- cheapest possible we are paying for them to get an education on our -- While were charging. Out of state tuition to American citizens and legal residents. You don't think literally -- you're paying for these people and more than that. Notice they keep saying Linda personal money divisional money Linda additional money. But now suddenly there's -- money well you know what if there's money to lower their tuition rates how come there isn't money to lower your kids as tuition rates. Exactly but we are good and very. You're part of a mile from the New Hampshire's state -- my daughter's going UNH for nutrition she pulled out of state tuition and take long of a lot do. The finish her education. Linda I mean and change her name my recommendation would be change -- Take a crash course in Spanish. Comment and semi legal immigrant say I'm from Guam. Someplace exotic you know what I mean some. Say Bolivia we don't have very good records -- -- I'm from Bolivia. Ethical and compress and they Bolivia complained they Bolivia. Instate tuition instate tuition and boom that's Linda I'm telling you don't -- -- here in America that's the last when they wanna either. All go. -- -- -- get him out there. -- in football what are you gonna do. -- because what I mean does what not pay taxes -- the only thing left pushes up taxes no more appropriate taxes more money for human -- me. No money for you until you start listening to was -- me me me. Lisa -- I what happened or edit that out -- people who. Actually app pack that they are saying our attic yet and it's cool with app back in eight rich and you act you act and. They they they live out of state they come and they do the commute especially people from New Hampshire. And they come and do the commute every day they stated they pay state income taxes not their mother got to pay a tuition for their kids. No break your back that I had -- that being. You're completely right Lisa but come on any legally here illegally -- from may call my friend is also -- up for you now. Very nice system -- the ball very fair very fair you know what is the bomb Rangel always ends up playing have you noticed that. Dom gringos like us we always -- I don't know what it is about us but we always -- I'm so if you're gonna be the but surely a good number and go pay I mean seriously common illegal immigrant. -- Look at them I'm getting going to always pay eBay it -- for hospitals if they for an emergency don't sit there for school sit there for food stamp. They pay they pay. So all of you keep bank. I don't we're also -- Mike go. A -- -- I'm. Good -- well I used to go to the pro shops and shield leisure. People well you know. Basically. Help America and certainly trumped only to have a sense but the might not all of them like Beijing -- was -- -- -- -- Because they're probably out of work and struggling. -- -- -- -- The old administration. The president right onto our government -- to -- to probably give me a sense of resentment. A sense of anger a sense of hey wait a minute I've had -- -- so for how long ago that it brought up people work in. Fact they'd be able collectible. -- I look at the gap of about these illegal people worked -- -- and all the construction site with eight people covered and working a bucket add debt. And so. At the identity of these people are angry and I'm not take it anymore. And Mike it's about time. It's about time many Americans said you know what we're not we're not gonna take it on the chin anymore. It's our government. Mean mean mean works for us. These are our institutions these are our universities these are our roads. This. This is our government. I mean that's like I keep trying to tell people this they work for us we pay their bills. So you know what really I'm gonna ask cooks were gonna start a stop paying your taxes movement I think it's about time I'm serious you know one. We've been we've been shafted and bled to try and bled white for too long you want our property taxes -- more. No more until you start -- you start doing what we want you to do. No more money for illegals. No more -- senior administration. No more cronyism. No more mismanagement waste and fraud that's our money. Many meet you you work for me meaning me. And you're not gonna give away my money to people anymore just to help you. And your round. Your president the guiding you keep licking his shows all the time traveling back and forth from Boston on the shuttle the Massachusetts those days are over many mean. Okay I'm telling you about it there's a new sheriff and Joseph go. I I I don't just go out and I'm I'm player right now that -- you don't think you could see what's coming to shoot a mile or what's coming. You know this all to get votes. And and it's starting small and it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and -- and all and I'll say I feel like they're winning. You know it and you know it's been very very very frustrating you know that the fact that. You know if this is all all to get -- emergency right now it is here right now they're gonna get bigger and maybe get driver's license. At a pretty -- just like just said. After the driver's license -- vote that's salt that's the only requirements going to be needed in order to vote. Don't even say what Joseph the leave it to you want a photo ID one of voter right deep you got -- -- your driver's license. What can what can be done about this thing. I don't know what can be done -- really don't mean this protest that you door I mean it's it's it's abnormal but Arnold it's gonna work I really don't. Jolt as long as we we remain divided. Us taxpayers. And the producers they givers they're gonna keep winning. We have to get organized. And it's about time we get organized look I'm telling you -- at this is the cradle of the American revolution. This city's one of the greatest cities in America and in the world and these liberal gangsters are running it into the ground this is our city. We pay for it to. We're the ones that do the jobs were the ones that do the work. I'm tired of it I'm tired of them giving it away to the criminals to the illegals to the deadbeats to the welfare bombs and to the drug dealers. I've had it to understand that so I'm telling all of -- this show. Is a living indictment of these people in power. And you know what we're gonna set up -- quarter report we're gonna set up a nice newsletter cook she's gonna do it we're gonna get organized and you're gonna see petitions. And you're gonna see boycotts. And -- so I'm telling you we're gonna get enough people signing on we're gonna say okay starting this time we don't pay our taxes what are they gonna do. Our rest all of us.