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In-State Shenanigans

Nov 19, 2012|

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick sent a letter to the education board today saying immigrants who obtain a work permit through a new federal program instituted by President Barack Obama are eligible for in-state tuition rates at state universities. After failing to force this measure through the democratic legislature the Governor is using the President's Dream Act to force it on the Commonwealth. Howie was appalled and wanted to know who out there supported this move.

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The one they that they floated this one today it's more the only problem I suppose they are going to allow illegal aliens to pay. In state to question which means they're gonna pay -- questions -- whales around too because they don't they don't file a lot. Income tax return so they don't show when he and comes -- a gonna get a free ride. So you know -- active before it would theoretically cost two point 6000 to go to UMass Amherst. Now it's going to cost them in state it would cost of thirteen thousand but again they're gonna show on going counseling and get a free ride. Everybody at thing -- and and. So another awards. All these -- Politico -- overheard -- welfare. And I don't pay anything in the system they're gonna get free tuition. For themselves and their kids. Somebody who lives in New Hampshire. Some who was up parents both worked in Massachusetts and play -- pay income tax in Massachusetts. There isn't there out of state -- gonna have to pay 26 -- while the illegal alien who pays who never pay that buying into the system. Is gonna pay that -- what a great idea they couldn't get this through the legislature. Never put. One time they tried to Mitt Romney vetoed it when he was governor than that that was pulled down by the legislature. -- with -- and assist from talk radio. Medium it. Leave I think it's safe -- it's accurate to say -- I apologize for patting myself on the backs but now they're using this this well Obama's DREAM Act. Excuse to war as as a fig -- so they say they don't need they don't need legislative approval which they couldn't get in the first place even idea. Even at a 7570%. Democrat legislature. So this is a free free tuition for illegal aliens the draw but -- -- and how -- We'll talk about this in just a moment CNB what is the poll question and what are the results thus far. Should illegal immigrants be given instate tuition. Heavens no. Shocked and appalled as opposed to shock and nine gas is at 97%. It's just it's pathetic we're gonna talk about this in just a second but first I -- to give you way an update. On the hostesses situations. As you know we got some if you were listing on Friday we got some -- Some some of the hostess products down the street at our local law. Stop & Shop superstore and we auctioned them off for rather for the -- there were to raise money for the Greater Boston food bank which to all of a few left. I assume it's gonna be pretty hard to get -- now. You know three days two days three days later it's going to be pretty hard to find them anywhere but if you need some to take home to -- -- to the to what grandfather's house you though. And it for for Thanksgiving and nothing says happy Thanksgiving like a box of didn't. We have we have 33 Mora containers of -- hostess. Perhaps this is accused next. Like being dogs aren't getting their hands. The other way and tell you from our friend Bruce critical business to a good. Excellent excellent. OK so gonna start the bidding again everything goes everything goes and everything we raise up for the auction is gonna go for the Greater Boston food bank. -- I'll start the bidding at 25 bucks for the big dogs twelve individually wrapped cakes. Chocolate cake with creamy filling. And the you can if you wanna get them on the bidding it's it's 617931168061793116. -- If you're worried about that if you're the area you can just come by this the station not today or tomorrow and pick them up and give us -- check. Yeah and you're -- that you would you be sure to happen for a for a Thanksgiving. Nothing says Thanksgiving like some being bombs or Susie Q as we also ups over the large cup -- to. Which I must say look pretty tasty and we have ever try to miles with the chocolate but I that they were pretty good. Anyway so wetsuit so we're gonna give goes away but I expect that tell you some stuff about what's going on with this host this thing and it's. It's it's really amazing the way this the union committed suicide I mean there's no there's no doubt about it now there's the did -- print the stories over the weekend. This is something like out of the seventies you know. I mean that most unions now in the pot. Right the dreaded private sector are Smart enough to know that the economy is in such a feeble condition that they. But they just can't while they're in and a -- and have a strike. Fresh with a company as a means that but this hostesses is it is it really is I mean it's an overused word but it is like on. Product I don't care it's not healthy for if people still like it there -- enough people still like it that it should be a success. But it is so big the union. Contracts and everything else about the company it's it's so antiquated. The host this posted sales of 2.5 billion last year. And lost 341. You mentioned that almost a million bucks today they're losing on selling hostess -- bombings and a it and that rakes cakes and we keys and some GQ's and -- that this astounding. And the they have AM. They they work they were paying aha a hundred million dollars a year just into the pension funds adjusted for the pension funds. Here are some of the work rules that they had this would they were done in by the bakery. Confectionery tobacco workers and grain millers international union Teamsters had cut cut a deal with the new. They were more pragmatic. Than the bakery workers. So while I'm. This snack giant it endured 52 million in workers' comp claims last year according to its bankruptcy filing this January. Hostess has three and had just 372. Collective bargaining agreement required the company to maintain eighty different -- benefit plans. Forty pension plans mandated -- 31 million dollar increase in wages and health care and other benefits for 2012. -- wall street journal editorial. On Saturday union work rules usually required taken bread products to be delivered to which single retail -- -- location using tools separate trucks. Drivers weren't allowed to load their own vehicles workers loaded bread weren't allowed to load -- So you head of a cake truck and a bread truck. Almost a liberal groups another pull up employee he moved products from back rooms to shelves. This year management negotiated concessions from some of the unions including the Teamsters but the -- to reject the law last and best -- in September. The 181500. Layoffs will be about equal to 11% of the net new dropped the entire US economy created on October. The unions are blaming private equity Bain Capital capitalism. But the election is over and so was hostess. So today there's a crazy story the bakers union the president. He says there's more than a good chance that a buyer would quickly swooped in to by the profitable parts of the company. He's almost 5000 drops this guys that recommended the strike and now 55600. As people are out of work. However the chief executive of hostess said Gregory Raeburn had a different view of the different vision of how bankruptcy auction -- -- process play out. Nobody wants anything to do with these old plan to these unions -- these contracts. Liquidation firm that seed dean metropolis and company the owner of beer brands including -- Blue Ribbon has signaled an interest in hostesses Moran. -- that there is -- -- Pabst Blue Ribbon. Rory in Milwaukee or anywhere else what they do is they get a bunch or beer brands have been make it in the contract that out. At some other brewery probably without unions and -- big -- real cheap and he you -- -- become -- -- legacy product that goes down a little bit every year but they still make money out of it. Because they want for nothing and that's what that's what they wanna do now they would they wanna sell. Twinkies the way they sell blue ribbon beer. Mr. Raeburn said potential buyers have made clear that their interest partly is because -- liquidated -- would be free of its collective bargaining agreements. So that just damages that just contract it out. Two of the cheapest of bakery available in the in whatever area. The end of the Teamsters treasurer general secretary he also said that the bakers union is -- I know there are apparently the bakers use and I know that apparently the -- workers union believes that there's some real hope someone's gonna come out by the bakeries and continue to operate them. Our viewers that this is going to be a fire sale. They interviewed a teamster in Detroit to -- for most of us I think they made a terrible choice based solely on terrible information from their leadership. Exactly so that's the that's the latest so again there's going to be there's going to be hostess products maybe not immediately but there's going to be hostess products. And I you can -- most of -- products for your Thanksgiving just just give us a call 931. 6617931168061793116. -- -- you could not. And you can bid on -- the biggest -- point five dollars for bought my Xbox bing bing dogs are. 18774694322. Now -- switch over to the state. State to widen -- and breaks illegal aliens can pay resident rates is -- disgrace. Isn't it. The what the people I'd be really that the it always as angry as -- -- Massachusetts resident who were New Hampshire -- I'd be even your Rhode Island or new Yorker. On. Connecticut any of the State's borders Massachusetts I would be even more boldly. As a matter of fact what are the what are the odds that someone's gonna sue the -- somebody is -- so. And claiming that that their their their race you don't their what is the fourteenth amendment to -- equal rights under the fourteenth amendment being violated. So eight Mon 888 we go. Illegal alien I -- or -- -- Horry monster or a US citizen was not a citizen of Massachusetts. Has less rights. Then a person. Always in the country illegally. By a citizen. Is being discriminated against. On behalf. Bay illegal of an illegal alien. Governor Deval Patrick. World direct state and state colleges and universities today to allow young illegal aliens to pay the lower resident rate for tuition and fees. As soon as they obtain work permits through new federal program a senior administration official said Sunday. The governor's announcement raised criticism that he is neglecting American citizens struggling to afford college -- why would they make such. A racist xenophobic nativist statement. Students paying non resident tuition now one of the twenty ninth state colleges or universities may apply for a refund for the semester all it's -- what's retroactive. To. All they can get a refund. Just selling all its lead in the get a nice refund assuming there were paying anyway right which rather bow. For example the flagship University of Massachusetts Amber's cost when he 600645. This year for non resident. Compared effort with thirteen thousand to 34 residents while Bunker Hill Community College cost 56. 5640. Dollars this year for residents compared with thirteen 1880. Dollars for non residents. The senior administration official says Patrick letter to the board of higher education reflects his administration's interpretation of the effects of Obama's program immigrants who had been here legally. So remember remember Obama said. Obama's in August last year he said to the illegal alien lobbying group. That -- he he would like to wide you know -- a favor and get him some more welfare handouts but he couldn't because it had to go through congress that he was running for reelection in the fall when he said. You know what. Bullied congress I'm just -- I'm just gonna give -- the I'm just gonna give -- the right to get all these freebies in the I don't care I don't care about the rules. So now the ball Patrick. Hole like Obama. Couldn't get. Any kind of by illegal alien. And it. Free to -- and bills through his legislature. Is now citing. Obama's. Defiance. Of the law. And the defiance about congress. Refusing. On illegal alien handouts. To why give illegal alien handouts to people here in Massachusetts. Steve -- co chairman of the Massachusetts citizens for immigration reform which favors tougher limits on immigration. Said yesterday that the governor and the president should focus on US citizens and legal residents who cannot afford. College he said the governor's actions sidestep the state legislature I think it's a bad decision it's bad for the country trooper said the democratic party's position is not awful about our own Paul. We're here I don't care. They don't. Care about. About. The the American citizen they want to import more it -- -- illegal aliens with no skills. With no way English language. Abilities. With blood diseases. Of the going to be good Democrat voters but because they're going to be dependent. On all on non. Government. 18774694322. Works fine -- a great call about this this weekend not this particular thing -- about how what the the illegal alien invasion of America. Jerry Brown governor moon beam back in the seventies now provides as governor twilight will lead vampire -- maligned alliance of unionized bureaucrats in -- -- swollen dependency class that maintains the men in office at the expense. Overall -- was we shrieking productive class. In 2009 Jason the par. File this story for the New York Times about suburban Maryland and which he helpfully explained the municipality of Langley park. The times readers. Nearly now nearly two thirds Latino on foreign born it has the aesthetics of suburban sprawl in the -- of Central America. One draw maps bubble as money transfer -- worst jobless men drink and sleep in the sun. There is no city government fuel community leaders and little community. But there are welfare checks. As a marks fine points out that's literary. Liberal attitude for somebody from the New York Times that they cannot supposed to right the truth that -- and your response to write the all the news that fits the ideological. Review of the owners of the paper who won't be hearing it for very long. Republicans think they're importing hardworking immigrants who want a shot at the American dream Democrats think their reporting clients for big government. But left his right just under 60% of immigrants were to receive some form of welfare. They see the Republican recent Republican per proposals for some form of amnesty contain all sorts of suppose its safeguards against gaming the system including 525. Dollar application fee for each stage of the legalization process. On my own recent visit to US immigration office I was interested to be told that. As a matter of policy the Obama administration is now won't rubber stamping all fee waiver request for quote unquote exceptional hardship on -- filed by members of approved identity groups you knew this was right I mean it's it's only natural. You know they pretend it's like pretending they're gonna cut the budget if they get a tax increase they don't cut the budget we're gonna we're gonna put in some you weren't we're gonna make them pay. And we're gonna find him and then they -- the fines because you know -- We we can't we can't expect an illegal alien that had to part with some of his it is harder and welfare money. To pay a fine. Well Canada and Australia compete for high skilled immigrants America fast tracks and unskilled welfare class of such economic benefit to their new homeland. They can't even afford a couple of hundred bucks for the necessary paperwork. It's hardly their fault if you were told -- -- in the war first world nation and access. Free education free healthcare free services in your own language and have someone else pay your entrance -- why would future. So now we're giving them free to question. Wonderful -- couldn't get it through the legislature a vast majority of the state Democrats and Republicans are alike are opposed to best. Just like a vast majority were opposed to while Obama as a so called DREAM Act amnesty. Provisions and a bit but they're gonna push it through anyway because they want that they want more voters they want more people on welfare and they want Warren dependent Democrats. 1877469432. To pat your next without going at that. Jeez don't you guys have enough democratic voters up there he got in sports -- just know people like 80% Democrat up there. My god you know outside the Democrat to be just is teed off about this as a Republican or because you don't want. One with instate tuition that's -- and out of their pockets are out of tax money rather than -- individual data from our congress. No I don't think about this pat -- army that so you don't have it be able to give five Americans 5000 dollar scholarship you have to give one illegal alien 26000. Dollars. In that great. So the illegal alien gets a free right now the Americans or their parents have to get -- get another job the pay this -- pay for the tuition for their own kids and for the illegal aliens. They're exactly and haggard and other than an hour ago it happened to do all this section eight housing and get -- up with illegal aliens still I -- I'm not surprised me -- Yup and you -- people that are here that are trying to access section eight our own people out here they can't do that because the league. We're going appease a Tony she was living in -- up public housing project she's an illegal alien on welfare living in a public housing project is -- -- and it's not just because she's the president's habit it's because she's an illegal alien who would just. It's being the presidency it has nothing -- -- -- that you don't and every illegal alien is is entitled to a to every handout that's available to is entitled to go to the front of -- line not just on people trying to get in the country illegally but from the line on American citizens. Yes ironically got major earlier about small. How well I wish I wish I -- true pat thanks for the call 18774694322. The pick this -- and we're in a two way there generated two BC these ease of barber down Palm Beach excellence and later cut down there you know. And the reason he's a -- ID -- English says at a tough time -- in the this countries are watching have a tough time in the country this was cup last week on the and he says he says well I I answered all the wrong questions they said that they ask me they asked me do you speak English and say yes. Them in the -- the idea of a criminal record I said now. They asked me. You wanna work I say yes they asked me do you have us some money you're gonna bring in the country to get yourself on your feet and I said yes so those world wrong answers to if you want argument in this country now. And you know what he's absolutely right. Why can't New Hampshire resident to pay -- taxes market which breaks that's my question. If I if I wore it if if I had a kid if I would the New Hampshire and I had a kid that was going to a Massachusetts state school in the out of state to wish him. I've been trying to round up but how other people for class action nine other people for class action lawsuit. You know again well what is the sport in. There's a fourteenth amendment only plot -- only apply that did do what do we illegal aliens are they exempt from the fourteenth amendment that they get did did discriminate against American citizens were about equal rights under the law. So one doesn't even belong in this country has more rights than an American citizen or legal lately what is this what what what kind of insanity is this. Dennis you're next with how we cargo ahead Dennis. There are. What what people can. And all that but it will be healthy and the republic which at the last election. -- -- -- -- -- -- These people illegal aliens. Get into the school are taking -- that not illegal alien. Eight so it's it's much it didn't get in school. Eight you're getting you're ever because we want out the term illegal alien and that we do -- -- -- you'll. Aren't you get tuition for. Right yeah I'd buy it yeah I'm by the way you're right you're you're rob your brother who got into UMass Amherst he he's gonna he -- get a scholarship -- the money at the go to Juan Valdez. Critics or is it it you don't -- -- what apparently got paid for the typical smoke -- their attack. Any credit -- than it. I know I know what I don't know how is. How -- that I mean I know Deval Patrick I think would like to run for president as preposterous as it seems I guess this is a big -- you know this you know is -- is the Democratic Party has become a -- maybe this is a this is a winning issue for but I I just can't imagine. That that that. That a majority of people in this country I mean. How security if you -- our natural light set doesn't mean you ought to be pretty angry about this to you know you read -- what you extremely -- hopes. To what to -- to become naturalized citizen. And and and now you find out. But you forced open to become a naturalized citizen because you'd have more rights than you would have to pay for a damn thing if you weren't illegal -- you're being treated like that. Like that most despised person the US citizen because you are one. And it to you that I bought our law. You and I well. Hey I accidentally you very active yet -- on president by the -- -- -- illegally get your. Act. You know rate loans that -- I don't. I I I I can't imagine that -- they wouldn't prevailed yet however you have to why you know I mean I -- we have by you know liberal judges who lobby illegal aliens and you know don't wanna give an American brake but that. I mean if you off but if the actual law constitution was Paula can't imagine how you want you wouldn't have to throw this entire system out the window and just have everybody everybody pay the same two questions. Thanks for the call up Dennis 18774694322. Now -- car. And then I -- 1877469. Or three to two world. She -- sent me an email Howie I'm -- as a single parent of a UMass Boston student this is totally unfair we -- my daughter and I. Have mounting student loan to these non taxpayers get a free ride this crap about parents paying taxes is a lot. Files class action suit against the ball. I you know that is it's. It's such. That the you know these -- column undocumented workers. They don't want that don't have any arguments are numbered 20 -- problem don't we are. And 60% of normal on welfare one former another. 978 Howie what do body don't legal -- international students on F one visas who work pay taxes and still never qualified for in state tuition no matter how long their here. For a four from officer -- such hate how we free tuition will allow the illegal aliens to finally come out of the shadows yeah right then. It would -- come out of the shadows like some come out of the shadows last year in Phoenix they were thrown no -- the surveys of bottles at the at our cops. Who weren't defending via State Capitol. For one week you're not eligible for any affirmative action scholarship fund I think it's about time. I don't know man. 724 how we I have a copy of the mass help application that says right on the form but to get certain perk. Programs with a mass helped you did not have to be here legally they did not request a Social Security number nor do they notified Homeland Security. An applicant is only required to submit their name. What a great country. 18774694322. See. I -- to UMass -- fur -- second BS for -- registered nursing out of twenty students accepted each year there were at least five in my class from other countries they all had full scholarships paid housing childcare and transportation plus full state benefits I guess that means welfare. And as you know since I'm a and and there's you know since I'm white mass -- -- like that was years of student loan payments I applied for funds of scholarships and got maybe. 500 box. What's next in the illegal checkbox for ethnicity. Problems of man as I said you know I never I don't I don't expect any special treatment in this nation I just expect. To be treated like him illegally aliens. We're still blood that we're still allow auctioning off a box of Ding Don it's perfect that gift to take home at -- at two was Thanksgiving for your relatives they. There will be there there will be there will be hostess products eventually again but that. Maybe not for awhile so why we wish starting at 25 box bing -- available. Perot for the up the for -- You -- for auction 61793116. Sato and the money goes to the Greater Boston food bank. Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. Probably a life of first time all the -- thank you. Good -- lipped it out for a two cases in the end -- I was younger the seventh and my mother out of both deceased. They -- -- that's our phrase -- -- all put that to school. Put a rope overhead by about the without World War II veteran Florida canal South Pacific no handouts now. He worked at -- off. I mean I -- get -- decay and I didn't want to deprive -- sorting go to but. But the second of all my sister works three jobs as we speak. -- -- a receptionist. Parent -- broke -- in weekends clean houses her daughter who's a single parent. Her husband daddy are need to bring kids -- you -- that you did a wonderful job raising her daughter. In educating or she picked you what we've got caller to that went to be easy for her masters. She's worked in the street jobs at work at her butt off at the age of fifty yard. So she can help our product pay 90000 Dalton School loans where the -- -- sure he had -- We reserve culprit here. She's an American Kevin combined having already got to -- got to make this country we've got to we've got to be friends we've got -- why you know help -- help army goes south of the border who were coming up here all they -- they just wanna get the handouts Americans can't be bothered taken cabinets. And Tibet plus we also Opel got that I'm in Massachusetts. Illegal doesn't mean a legal. That's right thank you Marcia Coakley yes technically it is not will we ever to do we ever they're speaking. This is Marcia Coakley error but -- the states so leading law enforcement officer. Technically it's not illegal to be legal in Massachusetts. Not only is it not illegal to be illegal -- say it's a quite an advantage apparently because now are you gonna get a free ride any college you want to any college you want. Yeah yeah what's his drive out what's his jive about you know you have double work permit that I don't have any more work permit -- -- than they make people gonna pay these fines you know. That is gonna wave it and say just bring in electricity bill. You know and that is the electricity bill could be a fake you know -- you live here and then they -- -- then they gonna give you the the free ride. Thanks for the call Kevin. 1877469432218774694322. Beat big do you even have to exist to apply for benefits someone in new in Brazil could file online. 617 H Romney was right another gift from hard working taxpayers to win votes for Patrick and Obama I'm off the mass firearm for gun safety training. That's good that's a free -- for mass firearm. A how we may be our good buddy devall has his own uncle Omar that needs education. -- apparently there there -- -- Dave was the gonna have mediation on the host this thing a judge suggests mediation for hostess union dispute. Here's your mediation. Go back to work -- you don't have a job yeah I mean what's the media. -- their lives and their shirts there was an almost a million dollars a day. You know what it all the other unions have settled up. Al your next with how we cargo ahead now. -- -- yes. Ali -- we can't talk not about. People -- an amateur like myself that stayed at five point 3%. Mass payroll tax yeah Davis data -- What were black get -- just a lot out. That's -- allowing them to get their work permit them -- they're gonna pay -- five point 3% partner at payroll tax. So that means -- equal to that should be able to do that. Why don't -- Gary I don't even think they're gonna have to have work permits. Now again this is just one of these fig -- that they what you know they say you know it's like they used to say. Well when they were passed when they were trying to pass this earlier they said. You have to have a degree from Massachusetts. -- public high school that's what the global right every time you have to have a degree from -- Jews public high school. Big deal looked up -- you go -- and you get the he get the actual copy of the bill that says. In Massachusetts public high school or the equivalent thereof which means you don't need -- high school diploma from Massachusetts high school I'm sure they're all -- -- writer -- you're not gonna need a work permit you're not gonna have to pay a fine you're just -- go in there and get it for free now -- I won't bore -- with you anybody who's got a kid all you need is ten people you compile a class -- soon. Think about it. I'm an angry white man who voted for Iraq. What happened in New Hampshire Al labor laws controllable legislature earned us this the state house anyway -- the senate the -- just. It's so expensive though that an answer I wanna hold back the Massachusetts like you're trying to get them all benefit from my kids. Well you got it well if you wanna get say if you wanna move back to Massachusetts -- suggest somehow you're renounce your citizenship and become a become an illegal alien because that's though that's the way you can really cash in big time you're not. Here in the people's republic of Massachusetts thanks for the call oil a -- car. The government cops as -- free tuition or reduced tuition for illegals were they saying in the states which are about as they say they since they are parents are illegal alien to their illegal aliens they're not going to be able to show when he income. Because they can't work legally so they gonna be eligible for full scholarship so it amounts to basically free tuition. Even though they say it's in state amount car.