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Max Robins Monday, November 19, 2012 - American Horror Story

Nov 19, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...two of the shows discussed today were the cult favorite American Horror Story and ABC's version Grimm.

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With us now as Max robins he is the the veteran journalist who covered the broadcast industry for many years he's now the executive vice president of the few weeks center for media in New York City. And he is joining us here of these here to answer any of your questions about TV. Actually there. I am -- -- -- you very what are you you're you're okay for power right oh -- were were world -- rock and roll. With. It's always great segment begins with adults tones Hammond B three organ. Yes this -- while. Marco Rubio officer mark has some suggestions he wants have a show on the monkey business business network. About about hostess may be a reality a twinkie confidential. Whole whole hookers -- don't that's gateway to addiction and of course but Wonder Bread years there you that the monkey business gently that week. If we give you the business that's. A and we have done it's it's because of the I was looking. How I read the New York Times on line you know what's new. York and and night. -- and I would like to look at what is the most emailed stories yes. And froehlich a couple days running I guess it was in the Wednesday food section they ran out meekly. -- goes to -- keep it pink and cream filled up cakes and home -- and that was up. Forget about like you know reports on bad guys the York it's gonna happen in the financial cliff or any of that. It was the most emailed stuff was how you can make Freedom Hall -- -- They have let a guy -- area review in the New York government that -- ever. I theory behind -- I don't I just thought drew drive -- diners drive ins and dives on the food channel I like the guys show opened his rest. Seldom read view restaurant I mean it squeaks it in UB feet tall. Don't let -- -- -- but again -- the ironic thing was the New York Times and had a one of its divisions and have Tea Party bear itself you know the night before -- I mean the issue -- -- -- -- -- at that batterers and it's just -- midst -- beat -- and they know they can pick on this guy. Get away with a lot of these tickets because I think it's I mean that's one area where I think the times its objective. It's not happen it's it's it's. The -- I mean. I think they see that his service in the this -- It's like days they'll run all the views of funky places all the time -- -- the guys show it to guide you through. I wouldn't go near that place scare -- it does sound -- if you haven't read it it's hilarious by the -- -- and I just rooted in the form of questions. And it's just it's just I mean it's really I mean -- It's what it's one of those things if they if there or is this if there are school of journalism and 25 years that's. That cause harm will be included it as something to read. You know it's it was terrific I mean it was the the funny thing is before they posted is that the economy twinkies at home story that was the most fields. Yeah there's a there's -- there's a famous review with a you -- the the people sued and that that's all was still used as a as an example of brutal -- it was somebody's female twins and play and the reviewers said the the the I don't know will be the Jones twins. Ran the gamut of emotions from need to be at -- and and that he -- but just as bad this was again got to read it if you haven't just were honest army movements -- guys and and -- is that it's it's it's it's it's like the times want to you know well. Won't do. A review of something you know. You know funky place are good barbecue place person. Yeah so why oh I want to ask one question before get them on to a phone lines that 18 198774694322. -- -- story last week about the I think was a bright part but it said that the reason that -- The Today Show had been failing lately in the ratings was that they should Matt -- had destroyed the boring and and they see that the the arguments seem to be that for some reason that he had the people -- angry with them for a ride you know was sort of backs backstabbing and Corey. The deal behind that I don't I don't buy I don't think she had that kind of -- the devoted cult following. No I don't think so either I I think there are a lot of things that have to do with. The fortunes turning -- like The Today Show it. You -- people forget I mean that dominance that's just one on for years and years year Newton. So yes say but it's now it's Good Morning America I can't you know I would I would watch you one I'm a fox and French person about a fight that I think I would still watch The Today Show for George Stephanopoulos liking it's the -- Erica yeah I mean I just I just don't want I just don't watch. TV and you can't do. OK -- house hell on wheels -- OK. When's terra nova coming back. Cut canceled about cut house but dynasty doing. Him a look at. Why don't waste it one other quote one other question before or lines just -- It seems to me in the days this works columnists are starting to mention -- best. But the NFL -- like -- loading the Sunday night games so what they're pretty good games and then just putting really soft key games on on Monday night like they don't care about a -- it is because it's ES PM. Really put the Kansas City Chiefs in prime time I mean give me a break. Yeah I every what are what are they are they do you think -- and they're trying to help out NBC for some reason rather than rather than ABC and ESPN. I don't I don't exactly know how those contracts are written but I think a lot of the games that there's as a whole formula that goes into it has to do with them writes neither. -- -- By the way -- -- wants to know where they can be read that review online well I don't know what posted on our website well what would give me a link on our website -- it'll be up by like 630 or so it's again it's. It's really entertaining it's extremely entertaining if you go to NY times. He -- -- yeah. Okay well we'll give away it will put a link on our site 18774694322. -- you're next with how we card Max -- wedge I'm. And then try to go to good. And actual pictures. Rule engagement -- I believe it is it's like on the bubble but I think it is going to be back. Above our. Knowledge and all the -- yet this was the first game and awhile though it's been decent vote to think Jim. Well yeah. Good good like yeah they they were that would that -- down last week right. Facial the call Jim 1877469432. To have a house Gramm doing you know Graham group is doing fine yeah that's -- -- and a last resort. Cancel. Bar rescue. OK. All right David you're next with how we car and Max Robbins from the paley center for media New York City go ahead David. And I played on good. They -- equate doubles right -- back. Don't know. -- what channel is that what that network is channel. I'm -- -- familiar whether you -- Know that when I don't know it's probably you know like part of that -- motorcycles. Thanks for the call David -- your next with how we card Max -- -- had Dennis. -- Meanwhile there's so many shows on now you can't keep up with -- everything. -- all of the -- Max your match you don't have respect for the animal -- I don't know what I and not watch a lot of a lot of Atlanta. Got it. Sorry about. Moon okay thanks for the thanks for the costs are we don't know that that -- just let your next what how we card Max -- -- had just been. Look this segment and Max on C America shall all purchase and it. Kind of rather abruptly as well rich -- into the second -- Yes it's been picked up for second season -- our friend Tom Fontana who did it here Levenson. Barry Levinson. Directed -- great. Oh I remember that that was a good it was a good movie for the Bob Baltimore yet right. He's also ago directed wig that the law. Really. All I know Cheryl your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead general. How I -- Haven't interested in and look at this it hasn't been honest to god now. Is this another Animal Planet show. -- Well that's canceled canceled and -- sorry. Okay. Thanks Cheryl. Sally your next with how we card match. Thanks Amy Elliott and backs tight until. Is any kind of -- ABC. No longer on its flew the coop. There. Crashed and yeah I'm going oh no I remember the opium am terminal Logan Airport man that was great in those days you could match you could they had parking meters right outside talk about the old pop up marine terminal part and it was a pain and terminal cost handsets it cost ten cents to park for and how. Now it cost ten bucks -- park for ten minutes -- looked -- -- your next with how -- car and Max -- go ahead Jan. It's sectarian or. -- don't look at Martinsville I think about the our show on this right now it to a point. Americans are certain of people are Boca and doing it right if fox is bringing backyard couples starting Lyle Wagner and -- Iraq the -- Now. Come time. Everybody's a comedian. American horse or does quite well. Not for the squeamish. They Mac or this or or the youngsters Max would if you weren't which who have advised the Chris Christie to go on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Yeah. Yeah I think so really. I mean I think I've become a PO -- we're still in the dark. -- yeah okay points out they went missing in anyways now I. I think at some tells me that hear about it that's one of those things that gets around Max thanks for being with us happy Thanksgiving -- -- usually -- great look forward to it now okay -- powered car.