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Ann Coulter On The Changing Political Landscape

Nov 19, 2012|

Our favorite best selling author and talking babe Ann Coulter, author of Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, joined us for our week;y disection of the american political landscape. Included were waht did Mitt do wrong and the battle of the recount in Palm Beach for Alan West's congressional seat.

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Okay joining us now on the line as -- our weekly guest in Coulter author and in speaker you've seen her on TV many times. Her latest book is a -- And she's joining us now to war talk about the events of the day yeah. And now you may not have heard this but you know now wide now Duvall Patrick who while I was having no success whatsoever giving it his. His DREAM Act and giving illegal aliens basically free tuition Massachusetts colleges now has decided to piggyback. On. On of the president's decision to gore around congress and give. Give illegal aliens. Writes that congress would have never proved. And now we're gonna have a free for basically what amounts of free tuition for illegal aliens in Massachusetts schools even though. If your parents pay taxes work work in Massachusetts in pay over 5% of their incumbent state taxes. They will still have to pay the out of state tuition but he illegal aliens who don't pay taxes will get a free ride. Flat out not conventions legal I'm from New Hampshire and and Vermont writes. No it wouldn't have been that part of a forty year plan by the Democratic Party. They were winning elections put up with the American electorate though. Teddy Kennedy put it in play on the they design bet that would change the electorate. And we're asking about results so that now for forty years 85%. Of our legal immigrants about illegal immigrants to promote our legal immigrant with. Have been from Third World country that is a total change from. What any immigration policy any country has ever had. But certainly from Mars which is basically to replicate the kidnapping ethnic group as the country had developed -- -- before welfare debate on my dad and illegal immigrants are far more likely to be on welfare than native born talent. X 60% according to Marx line over the weekend 60% of of the illegal aliens are on. Welfare of one former another. You illegal alien that they even higher legal. Immigrant. I'm much and and we see how they voted Ronald Reagan would have a -- at the presidential election that year with the name with the same electorate. During these people think well we had a flawed candidates. And when he said there you go down over until you look like a battle that. No notes and many conservative everything but he used the explanations. From. -- -- they can't think on their own you know they they remember what the Smart people or things for four years ago we're back in 1996 when dole wanted to. I'm sorry Mitt Romney was not Bob Dole would not John McCain. You with a candidate would have wanted to dig their way implied that Ronald Reagan would have a 1980. But this isn't the same country as the 1980 Ronald Reagan could be elected it culminated California. Nor could Richard Nixon instead of it and that anti tax and in -- coming out of California. We're getting more and more soak the rich you're going to have. The productive -- elements in California just Lee young athletes and that's but at the white population in California has gone from 80% to 40%. And even though you could get. I mean if you ask -- an immigrant and Hispanic Asian and you know what do you think about David -- think about abortion what is that it is government and bigger and the ball -- -- Republican but it has become an ethnic thing. And then -- democratic part of the ethnic identity of an Hispanic to vote democratic. And I think we can eventually went Hispanics that they do overwhelmingly agree with Republicans on the excuse. But it's gonna take it can take deck gave them buy them a country will be gone. That we that we do have a good advantage over the years and Allen forty years from now. Everything that was working against that in terms of incumbency. It's going to be the reverse generally the party out of power to -- -- in in the health of the Senate's -- Generally after eight years of one party being in the press. -- and -- use are you saying you don't think Barack Obama's gonna turn the economy around. Four years this is just such a bang up job in his first term after all. It can be a disaster and I must say Republicans in the house. There there in kind of a tough position because it is the only quiet -- we're going to repeal the bush tax cuts only war. Upper income people Republicans. If it's easy for talk radio and people like me they don't. Raising taxes never help the economy can you imagine being a Republican like the -- election with the mainstream media demagoguing them. By the standing on principle I mean I mean -- -- good that can do they can take time rate on making more than the way out but we -- -- attack probably. And in I don't I don't wanna seem like Johnny one note here with the fat man but. Do you do you really think that was a was -- the right move to be on Saturday Night Live the other night win. And many of his constituents still don't have any power still living in shelters. Let me tell you this if you get my criteria for where our next presidential candidate and we don't -- on -- -- -- front congressman or. It was more efficiently sort candidates and they'll want to know what we have got to win the presidential election. Contains illegal immigration laws of what skilled immigrant and not on the old immigrant -- we don't want welfare of our voting Democrat. I have I think five criteria -- -- -- number one. Number 20 no congressman no businessman and I -- Michelle Bachmann I love Herman Cain but they're not going to president and nobody can talk. It's got to be senator or governor numbers that we cannot care about the status or hanging out with an easy liberal actresses and going to the Hampton I want. Well I think that's I think that may eliminate your friends yeah nursing -- yeah. One is made only 54 criteria final wanna go to. No wonder economically sword no one. Horribly and finally on attractive looks as I know women just can't read a Benetton. Bob the obesity. -- because I want -- I'm sorry could you failed omni. I think I mean and the beautiful people quite wept when he met at the that was one -- and it's. That isn't it and he got used -- McCain that isn't -- that's. -- did -- hang around with a fancy liberal and going on Saturday Night Live just sort of fuel that impressed. He's accused Crist is kind of like the new John McCain is and he just was so he is head over heels with the with with the mainstream media in love -- he think he really thinks. Is like Sally Field at the. An Emmy award and right they really like -- No no governor they don't love you it was just you just as Obama's malaria and what yeah. No one was is that daunting but I do think that status seeking is a problem by the way in case you're wondering which candidate -- click here. We are left to whip and a few others have some unfortunately at the moment they're all done very that I prefer a governor but they're all -- here we have a Ted good run from tackle this Princeton Harvard law -- police from Utah beat these are people elected senator. On the on the Brigham young very Smart clerk for Alito both on the third -- circuit and the Supreme Court and Ron Johnson out -- confident. Obviously they've massively successful businessman. I believe they are all good on immigration law. They're all considered key party candidate for the very conservative. Smart dirt are well they're not doubt about it. -- about -- Paul now. Tom Gypsies not Smart. Apologist these series of physician I mean you got to be pretty bright to go to medical school. Yeah may be around while I guess what. I guess he has the same thing that that Mike -- does it away I mean it's always better to have a bigger state. As a parent who were or more purple state -- really was the perfect candidate it's great to have somebody -- collect statewide. In May not overwhelmingly. Concerned that finally conclude we early. Purely imperceptibly. Got more Hispanic vote about ten bad comedy. So I am not -- neighborhood said -- because he's Hispanic I'm in favor of a dead -- won't get any votes at all. I'm in favor of that -- from the very Smart and very conservative and Texas is an enormous -- Well a speaking of speaking of candidates let let's talk about Allen west I'm not gonna. -- I mean this is. I gotta I gotta tell you a story there's a there's a woman not what's on the governor is on the governor's council hears you very conservative Democrat won the last ones. So of course they re districts that are out of her seat. And the -- to run for the senate loss but the horror her husband lives that Mary Ellen Manning username and she's a lawyer she's Smart she did she tried to stop some of the worst judicial picks by Deval Patrick. Whether your husband lives in Florida so she's been down they are now for a while just sort of taken an easy after she lost. It she's been helping out at western and hang out canvassing board tried to you know she's a lawyer. And so there's there's a woman from Kentucky another lawyer who's working pro Bono for a for a -- west. And associates like issues come up some of the strategies that he used so the other day. Barrel on the canvassing board together -- you don't lead the west people who Murphy people in this a union thug with a pinky ring walks in you know is obviously which checked checked and things up for Murphy. And so he says to this woman out doubled the lawyer for Kentucky all white woman he says. Your Republican. You must be a racist. So she's trying to prevent a white Democrat from stealing an election from a black guy. And yeah that makes her a year were -- racist to buy a modern democratic standards. Yeah that's the nuance they this. Album was the bill magnate and among the things that the house elections and we only have to wait two years but. You know the moment he was that actually it was there's no talent less than an edit in -- in the election all -- right up through midnight. And man. And that the democratic and -- is the -- just recount their early vote. Saint -- -- -- -- Right I was just we averaged just read John fund's. Piece on this you know he's an expert on voter fraud. The the I guess -- the woman who's in charge of elections supervisors and saint Lucie county is like Gertrude walker. And -- she'd been hospitalized. By the way. So that she's not able to answer any questions about some of the irregularities. Among her mistakes was failing to count forty of the 984 precincts under her jurisdiction on election night and then counting the other 54. Twice. -- -- I went on a 40% at one county about it. Right I heard another but I heard and another precinct there were only 77 people in the -- precinct but yet 240 of them seven people got out the cast ballots. But this -- -- -- -- in the Al Franken problem -- unless we win by a large enough margin on election night. Democrats both Padilla and and there's usually I mean who knows maybe it'll be different this time. But generally there is nothing we can do about it looked like -- sore -- pointing out that they -- cheating but by the way they aren't going to be six. -- I know it and apparently this woman -- walker she has been dragged to defeated implementing any efforts to remove dead voters felons or non citizens from the voters world we're being very deliberative about it she told Palm Beach post. We wanna make sure we don't enfranchise anyone -- you know it's terrible when you disenfranchise a dead person -- -- -- Or a solid early onset of a sudden. It's it's just you know it's so it's so what it's called voter suppression you know I can't help. I mean it's like how are you want when you go to the airport you have to produce a driver's license but I haven't I haven't heard these haven't read any stories about airline travel suppression. Or you know you producing. The idea to get a beer at a ball game I've never -- any beer drinking suppression stories it's only voter suppression stories. If the bill and asked if at least -- New York I think a lot of large cities. Immediately after 9/11 you can't interoperability. In New York City without producing an -- so I think going out right. -- -- Right yeah as a matter of fact in in Massachusetts they've just got to put in the new wife is again just got the memo over the weekend that they've they've just put in a new rule you have to watch you eat they now have a metal detectors at welfare offices are you can't bring your gun and and I know -- I mean isn't that what what do blank form of discrimination that is yet again I haven't heard anyone complaining about. It's always it's only when they ask you for a driver's license before they give -- a ballot that -- a problem. -- -- -- And how this you know I don't -- you know I eat your you know -- obviously not a it to our would judge your money big hostess Stan. But. Have you been -- have you been following this a story. This event headlines on -- have. The the have you but completely as some of the problems some of the things that they pay a hundred million dollars a year into the pension fund. For hostess. They have these arcane rules but like your parents from like the you know back in the 1970s they have but. They got 52 million dollars in workers' comp claims last year I mean this this union has been have been raking them over the colts even the Teamsters said OK we agreed of the cutbacks because -- they'll lose they lost 341. Million last year and these guys just said. Boy EPO worry what are they what they think was gonna happen when -- out on strike. Yeah yeah yeah no I know it yet it did it happen more and more but you know the one place you don't see that happen. When the seat he'd be going on enterprise is not doing very well. And the tensions -- higher and higher and the company is being bankrupted. By ridiculous pension rules and it would be great if you could have what it called defined benefit. We're here to guaranteed no matter what the stock market. Apple. That's -- the rest -- out of the -- did make money on what the stock market price is not just guaranteed 5% 7% neighbors many. But the only place -- Levys going about going out of business in these circumstances. Are ones that aren't government. Which is why the union movement is pretty much limited to -- government now that they can always -- few more. Well apparently the bakers union was operating under the fallacy that they were part of government that they could in the they produced that they could just continue to get these defined benefits and that there Wednesday. -- by the way Dick parts company was one of the big investors in this alleged turnaround that's. That's the -- Did you see -- trumka came out and blame that on Bain Capital. Style capitalism. In other words it was Mitt Romney small piece that's on Friday Richard Trumka had the AFL CIO and and in reality. It's. Finally. It. I would be more Republicans and now. You know conservatives and these things now now you can't raise taxes only on quote. But but at this point they've been able to blame all of Obama's failures of the first four years. On George Bush joked that one of those in those as part of the majority in the house. -- -- on the Democrats are raising taxes on those -- Which will stifle economic activity properties. Adding more revenues into the treasury but the people come up with ways they're on and it makes. Federal -- to expect going on. But Republicans block -- of their right. Don't be blamed -- what we know is going to be an economic disaster over the next four years I think basic objective -- demand more taxes on Hollywood. No -- accounting. I would say get rid of state and local tax deductions already achieved that but. You know you have the red state but I think that there's things. There are ways to -- in taxes and an apple but again I think they have to say okay Obama and Democrats the economy is -- He won a majority in the -- won the White House objected that the disaster but let's see what happens -- we don't want people. Hey how about general public General Petraeus I couldn't believe this morning and when I saw that -- yet you know here and what does he resigned what two weeks ago to what's right. -- in disgrace in all the stuff in the and he goes out and he hires Bruce Bennett the the the big the big Washington DC literary agent. And he's got. College isn't a brother was Bruce Bennett is okay Robert bit. He's going to -- Hires this guy he's he's he doesn't even like you know -- -- you know when -- when -- widowed or something you're supposed to not start dating for you know just six months or -- right. This guy's disgraced that is first autism but -- and hire a literary agent and probably if Monica Lewinsky can get twelve million box like this might get five million by something. Me. That is the trash it what a fake -- this guy. I mean it's no surprise say -- -- general media and that's the CIA. The whole time I have I work for the senate judiciary against wild thing how government works both up you made it even more than in -- But you would just being a normal Americans that have been paying taxes. And I kept running that we've got we've got to defund the CI did they take all the money they -- no intelligent. Feel -- -- have a better intelligence agency is looking at a much better intelligence agency. Latino Palmeiro has has a -- sales agent market I don't think even on the moment after a month -- doing. -- -- value of the secret. The two of those -- I must admit I have more respect for the CIA that I used to few years ago. I think the department the defense can't handle. I mean I know we're all up in arms about this this right woman being up allegedly appointed secretary of of state because of her going on TV and I think it was the type of the American video that our ambassador was killed. On what would you say -- we might Alter the bigger problem with our intelligence agency than just. And -- And -- why weren't more convenient and telling them that. A much bigger problem. This is indeed there's a great story in the Washington Post -- you might you might outrage at -- number if you check this out about the for the lifestyle of the four star general did you see this. I'm gonna headlines dominated down the -- for noted upon. -- about to be very up and. Gates gates are we that was the secretary of defense and he moved into this military on clay from Washington here. In his next door neighbor was Mike Mullen chairman of the joint chiefs he had a shelf. A personal ballet and troops to attend his property. And center has been used the local leads. And ratcheted back as I understand that what. And couldn't do it. The listen this 1 -- among the men of the many facts have come to light in the scandal involving former CIA director David Petraeus among the most curious who was that during his days as a four star general he was once escorted by 28. Police motorcycles. As he traveled from cent com and camp but to socialite -- Kelly's mansion when he gave Alec did twenty. Motorcycles. -- I didn't that we needed at Romney. They have executive jets palatial homes drivers security guards and -- securing their backs pressed their uniforms and tractor schedules in ten minutes in ten minute increments there's food is prepared by formation apps. If they want music with their dinner parties their staff -- some of the string port patter acquire. -- out like don't live -- a better life in the Coke Brothers. -- -- -- Again I I I only think of Obama now is president not Romney. It east let's see here the and they get order pension by the way they they the the this year. When they retire those that serve at least forty years get an annual pension of 236000. A year to one and 36000 a year. -- -- -- -- winning its I mean this thing this thing here don't want. At the current US top commander in Europe the admiral James to have -- -- us. Came under the scrutiny of the inspector general for using a military jet to fly to the Burgundy region of France for for a dinner organized by an international society of wine enthusiasts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the department of government that. But we actually need -- the Department of Defense but nothing the government touches to run efficiently is just impossible. Conservatives understand that when it comes to the apartment the fans and just say oh well we're going to have a outrageous. And egregious -- like this but only the federal government can have a military. It is not dictate that only the military can run our pensions -- and order and control local you know public school educations. That's the problem with big government liberal big government out of Washington always end up like this. Anything done by the government will get more expensive and worked overtime anything done by the private sector will get better and cheaper over time. And the Democrats just want to bring more and more to Washington for. -- -- -- the pick picture Petraeus is actually gotten by Andrew Sullivan thoroughly obnoxious character in so many ways but he came up with some meat to two amazing photos got a picture of Dwight Eisenhower right after. And and they Eisenhower you know the -- again leading the most powerful military forces in world history at the -- He had he had one. One line one line of puffed fruit salad as they call it all above his about his breast. And -- in General Petraeus had so many they were crawling up on the -- shoulder. So -- He's very big on his declaration that some might have heard from from those in the military and please -- -- He would never served in combat and believe -- sent to lead. We've divorces in Iraq and so he invented a medal that looks almost identical to a combat medal the combat medal at the Garland of our round I think it's a rifle and -- up like a helicopter armed wing that looks like the rifles surrounded by Garland. So you're just going out that if you know your thoughts. Six if you don't know what war is a home that's no it looks like he's all about that he's benefited so he could take out people going out and get a medal for. Yeah and -- the met the admiral what killed himself for because he was that he was wearing a fake metal that was only like 1015 years ago I don't think any of these guys -- -- kill themselves now. We got to bring in Oregon are now the -- You want to do what we need -- -- or just -- well starting with -- Aiken Richard Murdoch. Newt Gingrich and Santorum for racking up primary out attacking our eventual nominee. And yes definitely are moving into the intelligence community Oliver Stone just -- -- and I know have you seen -- by the way. I don't know I heard it was good unpatriotic and the company -- -- I couldn't figure out by pumping patriotic it's coming out of out of Hollywood and many said he remembered. The look under the Clinton administration. Yeah they they get all the though it is a it is a good movie and it is say it is patriotic but you know the one thing at the very end you know when they have a historical movie they have that. -- Chiron to appear on the screen and explain what happened afterwards. To be at the very end of the movie it says on. On January 20 1981. All of the hostages were freed unharmed. That's that. Not at all. Yeah yeah I was thinking geez I wonder why they happen to be released on. January 20 1980 wow what wet. Why is that -- significant history for yet another reason. All that's right Ronald Reagan became president and they know he was going to bomb them back into the stone age. The -- we couldn't make it couldn't mention that could mention that. Now know that was one of the most. Clear illustrations in the difference in Republican and democratic foreign policy the nation has ever seen so what must be written out of history. Yeah I know and they you know the other thing that was rather ironic in that movie and I know Ben Affleck I didn't that mean to do this because he because it that the script obviously was written in the movie was shot one -- for a -- Ghazi. He's telling he comes in to -- and visits them that the trapped Americans in the Canadian embassy and he says he says. We don't leave anybody be. And you know. And exactly that's what I mean what else what else can -- thank. -- And by the way I just thought us something else you know speaking of Petraeus and them the medals remember Lyndon Johnson I mean again this is a democratic pattern remembered Lyndon Johnson was. He was a riding in the back Avaya transport one time and it got and it that was -- it was fired upon in the South Pacific. And he was the only guy in congress who didn't resign from congress to wise it did to join the military. But he he'd -- he wasn't congress and he was in the military. And once they once the plane was fired on you know even though that they would never in any danger. He for Nagle -- unbeatable on spire -- aren't really so early an early good odd couple. I was a combat veteran of World War II. Lyndon Baines Johnson. Yeah he's like I might add that Joseph McCarthy. Actually right that's right got. That's right he was a -- that -- assault was -- -- at George McGovern was a pilot. I mean and you know yeah. Democratic hero right. -- -- -- John Kerry. And like you I don't know on the right. Here at the top. We'll see my theory yeah that'll -- a lot of people's theories Russia this last week two was it that you know -- you know. John McCain is obviously angry about Susan Rice but on the other hand. You always there's a sub context here he. I think -- liked being you know being touted as a potential running mate for John Kerry back in 2004. And for some reason their good buddies. At a peak -- if he could not a rice out of the box that he could do a favor for his for his friend 'cause. Let's face it Kerry doesn't want cherry doesn't wanna be the that secretary of defense I mean you could actually you know be be responsible for something the secretary of -- As Hillary Clinton has proven you don't have to be responsible for anything if it. Secretary of state. That's right and although our military are very loyal to. And would not do this sort of thing it responsibly Don Perry and secretary defense but you moron might think of doing alleys. That don't be I mean there. John Kerry would not be greeted with enthusiasm. I have secretary of defense so I think you're right does things like but you don't hear the president home -- -- a second term. And no wonder if you put it begets and there are wonderful put a bust of -- -- call on news it is -- the Pentagon. -- -- out of he's he's I think they are now blogs are saying well you know. They're they're saying well look John Kerry with the secretary of defense he would make he would make it is he would really be the secretary of peace. The semi what does that mean I don't you know it. Mean I'm talking part of it is go read people around the world that was gonna that it could have an idea what else. The purpose of the -- Now OK and thanks for real -- -- appreciate that and I will talk to you next weaker mark before but thanks you the -- -- -- -- your new book is -- and it's a perfect Christmas present it's available everywhere it's all in all bookstores and available online as well. -- talking okay good to talk to you win by about. -- how we guard.