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Rep. Shaunna O'Connell And State Sanctioned EBT Benefits For Illegals

Nov 20, 2012|

An Obama administration policy is now promoting welfare and EBT benefits for immigrants and goes so far as to send out a “welcome” package complete with a promotional website that teaches illegals how to file for welfare benefits. We will speak with Massachusetts State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell (R-Taunton) about the effort to reform these programs which are teaching dependency on the state.

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Six point seven says I want to -- department of food stamps to work go to all of them Stop & Shop seeing people pay with cash is uncommon so frustrating and a little Watertown toward the frustration from Brighton resident works pays taxes of private school which in and can't afford cable. I know exactly what you mean. That's one reason why don't go to on the streetcar Stop & Shop. -- -- a radio station very much just because it's you're right it is it's extremely frustrating I mean you just see everybody is everybody's -- with the BP carts. In and do you know many of them have have only a be a very re. Limited grasp of English and I do mean limited. They don't know all the different some of all of the different between -- cards and he BT cards they've just arrived back quickly but by god they got on welfare. I don't I don't feel the same way I don't like like it did you know you shouldn't have you shouldn't have your blood pressure higher when you leave the supermarket. And when you went into the supermarket. 18774694322. Joining us now is Sean O'Connell the state rep for -- on munchies she's been trying to reform via via EBT courts. Scandal in the in Massachusetts and it is a scandal to scandal in every state. And they shot shot thanks for being with us here on our car show awhile where were you surprised to read to read this yesterday on line that the that the that there were up the federal government is now war basically soliciting a new immigrants to go on welfare. You know I I don't think any surprises me at this point with what -- administration. To get people on the public at all. It's just the disgrace everybody out there listening who is it a resident who pays their taxes should be totally outraged and I'm sure they are. Yeah yeah we've got a part of government who is now being like a drug pusher with welfare. That's a good way to what that I hadn't thought about that but you're right I mean it's it is addictive to get on the use to get on the rolls and you know what's its -- it's it's hard to break -- -- it's it when Chu wan -- haven't worked for a while it's hard to go back IE you know -- -- You know we've all seen seen people and our personal lives who -- bus stopped working and how difficult it is an. How disinclined they art ever -- get off the couch. It is that it does want to take away somebody's house facility to support and found. I'll have to have to go to work everyday it changes people and you know people get Levy and it we've seen how many people fall off the the employment. And for six months and then go outside it's so hard to get back -- -- people have no dignity note about the fact and what is better lives for what you can't support -- -- -- Do you imagine too that that they that they -- that they're telling people how they had people who just arrived in the country public can go on disability. Knew how to improbable purely practical point of no. Why why is any society encouraging people who ward to -- disabled I mean I'm sorry to be mean spirited about a -- we can't we can't afford to want to take care of the entire world. No we absolutely can't and you know but that's the part is that people who are very truthful and who really need these benefits. Don't get them. And I think people suffering that really need it benefit the they're denied because they tell the truth about everything and they have qualified when basic qualified. And we got other people that are being led around. And told how to get around the rules to get on these benefits. Ya -- early today and I'm getting I'm getting out tax hear from people saying that the that you know they have at the here's one and I was I was or became a resident alien 40 years ago was -- Canada and married an American my father in law was a lawyer had the sign a multi page legal document that I would never go on welfare of B of word of the state. It took me a year to get my green card I've worked here my entire life and our Tokyo to come in illegally get free tuition and welfare. Mean this that yeah this is the way I mean it's if it's got to be frustrating -- that the people are going to be most frustrating of the people who played by the rules and came into the country to who were born naturalized citizens. Oh that's right and they are believed -- and you know. The worst part is that our our laws our rules say that when you come to this country you -- it have to be self sufficient. Or you have to have a sponsor who is going to be financially responsible for you and it completely flies in the face of that. But it would also have laws that -- if you come to this country and you end up on welfare you have to pay it back here and immigrants. As so I'm filing legislation. To require at this stage that bill any sponsor of an immigrant. Who ends up going on welfare we will build up money yearly basis and take you to court if necessary to collect about. But that's I mean how laws already on the books on the federal level right I mean it's been on the it is not what our first -- Her for 6070 maybe a hundred years you know. And who knows it's -- a book. And you know most people now he's not sport that we we need to bring that up here -- into the light and get people behind a lot because. We should be doing that we should be collecting this money I started all of my work on the EDT system. You would be amazed at the you know I got from people that actually work for the states. And said to me you know how they are told to look the other way. How their -- to tells people what they need to do to be eligible to get assistance. And there are very frustrated that they you know it's their job they feel there's nothing they can do about it. Yeah I I do I -- way you know in the and you have these these so called advocates. For the welfare people telling them how they can in army while you win a lottery tickets in the Italian you don't give that gave if you give it to somebody else -- can trust them if you. If you don't give it to wide if you don't touch if he can't trust anybody immediately spend the money so you don't get knocked off the -- me. It's it's crazy and then and then. A lot of these advocates are being paid for either body either by the government. Or by charities. You know there. They're pitching I -- in the state funny if they're teaching. Bit they're teaching -- about how to how to rip off the system and they're being paid by the same taxpayers were being ripped up by the people in my case. Yes and it may and then sometimes they even turn around and do. State government benefits. And we've paper that as well I mean they you know the that the taxpayers just keep bending over again and again and again and you know I'm sure that they. Yeah here's one my you know my husband and I paid -- taxes for combined total 41 years we live in New Hampshire and we have to pay out of state to which and the UMass -- first on not fair. Well this is one of the people some -- when that again that they get a class action suit but I get ten people that are in the position of about the that person assembly that taxed and and just so be so the state of Massachusetts for a for violating their fourteenth amendment rights equal treatment under the law. That's right -- so many people are affected you know they live right over the border. They work here they pay their taxes here for many many years they play against state tuition -- yet you break into this state you break into the country illegally. And you get all the goodies to get other giveaways and it it's just not right its wrong and. Most people -- it except for the governor. Yeah and I know ago he -- what he yup I mean Obama you know we always. He couldn't get this thing approval legislature -- the last ball to give illegal aliens in state tuition went down by a lopsided. Majority. It did and you know now he's following in the footsteps as President Obama. I just running around the legislature an acting like -- -- that we live in a dictatorship. I always say he's many me too while Obama as a doctor evil you know he's just no whatever you know whatever he does Obama. The ball -- a few months later in the biggest funny he'd. He announces this planned you know right after he goes down and has dinner at the White House. Right right -- coincidental I mean you know we've got this new UH welcome wagon I guess from the federal government. Handing out welfare benefits when you come in the front door. You know you know I -- so you are gonna file let. That legislation that's going to be interesting because you know. You can immune to go accuse you of all kinds of Bob being -- hate monger a nativist and is an awful. And then and then you're gonna point out that it's on the on the balks at the federal level and but they don't care. -- and you know I've our events are that they can comment whatever it is. I know that the -- masses -- -- these things been. You know they want they want it. It was they were cards people are struggling to put food on the table. And you know here we have. Freebies given away an appetite and you know way out I think some room on acts of about these programs you can -- -- for its stance anywhere it's just have to be at local office bulk of them. He. Food banks grocery store. Over the phone and yeah. So there's there's no oversight happening here and no verification. Ya -- I I think yes so when we -- club and we've been talking about this earlier some people said that you know up at places in in Chelsea in Revere and Everett. They have but they have people at the at the outside the outside the big supermarkets signing people -- It's is it they're like drug pushers and talent you has there -- cornering people getting them to sign up. You know even when people say that they don't. I it's happening in in many many different programs simple programs like free lunch programs this school I had a constituent email me how -- Saying that he has liked meg about a 150000 -- the year. Yeah and spare -- came home saying I got pretty hot today and they've called response said you know we don't qualify for treatments we don't want reminds. They did they could not get the -- months the kids still get a free lunch even though they don't want it and they said that they don't -- -- How about that -- I remember another were a little little -- here is that apparently that the eat eat it's hard it's somewhat. More difficult than it is on in most welfare programs to get the free fuel assistance. But if your kid is on the free lunch program then -- automatically eligible for the free fuel. -- was so a lot of people get get their kids signed up by -- for were up for the free lunches even if they're not eligible. And than they turn around and they get the the free fuel I mean and again these are. Yeah you know I mean you you can't. You know it used to be that you they used to say that they were bringing in a immigrants to do the jobs that Americans didn't wanna go I mean -- you don't what's the what's the excuse now they're they're bringing in immigrants to to take the welfare of Americans don't want. I. There's there's there's there's a lot of welfare I'll tell you end. I had and other uses -- emailed me today outraged about this. Because her she. Need to snap benefits that it justified for the -- Around some very. And her -- it's just got cut. Yeah and she hasn't been as its own issues embarrassed to take in which -- has to because you know -- she grew up the right way. And that's you know rates. You know all these other people -- getting them what are benefits to getting cut. Yes somebody just wrote -- said the his parents I got sick at the same time they could even get meals on wheels and in the in the state turns in the when I have to -- -- nursing home state forces from the sell all their property because they are US citizens I mean when was the last time it is illegal alien that doesn't have to sell his property to get all these benefits. It's I don't know. I hope I help you keep question with the -- shop. Oh yeah absolutely dead Enders there's its own wants to do in all of these welfare programs on these public assistance programs I mean. And and you know what I have people support behind me about what helped us get those EDT reforms passed the here. Yeah it was you know loud and clear voice of the people that are out there. So much more to do those so much more to do thanks for thanks for checking in with a Sean O'Connell Republican -- but content 18774694322. On -- car.