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Being Pushed Over The Cliff By Illegal Benefits

Nov 20, 2012|

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said today that an economic recovery could be possible in 2013 if Capitol Hill can strike deal to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. Howie wondered if any deal could save us from the crushing costs of benefits for illegal aliens.

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We we have some for -- -- DC here in the in senator sessions office they vote them listen toss for awhile. And we're happy to have more happy that anybody enlistment especially you know consider and our rock. Our feeble signal. In here -- -- here on the Boston station. And they they heard -- Sharma O'Connell talking about the the the person -- the that the and we will make a 150000. A year and they were being given their kid was being given food stamps in the couldn't get. They couldn't get the school to stop get a free meals free lunches excuse me. And they couldn't get the school to stop giving the model launches and they asked us they ASEAN the record that I have on a show honest. Phone number so they can get in touch with them they they want a -- they want to investigate this you need in these are. I know I know what Deval Patrick calls these calls some anecdotes. They're not real you know there anecdotes. But -- when you have like you know. I don't know what was -- there about twelve anecdotes -- a row now illegal aliens driving well life time. Yeah we're going to be fine we're going to be just fine I'm in charge that's the problem. That's problem but the problem 77 force us. I didn't do six years in the air force to go to school for Fleury. Yeah there's no way did the deed does the -- who once there was the GI bill now there's the IEA build the illegal alien bill apparently. Is Milford a dog whistles 603. How way I'm from -- howdy from San Diego highway I love the Locke who corruption theme between the illegal alien crime stories. Our 18774694322. 4413. Says from Officer Jim 413 Howard remember for every one caught 1000 others are driving and don't get caught. When you have to watch out for the are using -- that racist code word of Milford you know Milford is -- also been the scene of some atrocious. Accidents involving drunken illegals killing a US citizens including the guy on the that you the American citizen who was run over on the motorcycle. And doubted the guy I was the illegal was drawn in the car with his kid in the they were both but all kinds of B and not it was a truck. Think the kid that there were all kinds of beer cans empty beer cans rolling around on the floor. And other -- was so drunk he hit he ran over the guy the motorcycle guy knocked them and a -- them under the under the truck. In the I was alive and he was screaming as screaming for help legacy inspect ports are Spanish -- -- couldn't get his attention. So the guy ran up on the sidewalk be illegal alien and he was trying to. Get the a motorcycle. Discs disconnected. From his from beyond undercarriage of his truck and so he backed or for. The American citizen and kill them. Wonderful thought. There was a witness another illegal alien in the truck. And they they'll let him at all. For some ridiculous reason and of course that -- the last place along he's now on what more. 1877469432218774694322. By the way happy Thanksgiving from Nantucket home board should be here soon. That's not racist by the way Joseph Biden -- the president of the United States are home -- yesterday -- issue -- vacation missed it. Jack you're next with how we cargo ahead Jack. How we earlier today. From Portland menu -- familiar with morals gonna I assure them we -- if you anecdotes. Stabbings now. And that Somalian gatherings. Somalia is everywhere. There in my building now we have to celebrate diversity of course but. Five times today they washed -- feet in the -- before -- -- And the women in my building will not now use the toilets. In a wonderful. And that it will build corner looks like Third World country. What can I say Jack you know let's -- it's you know that's the way it's gone that's the way it's going by it. I'd say one thing I won't trade outrage you. We lost -- 18774694322. Remember the woman in Lawrenceville was caught with multiple ideas and tax documents she defiantly told the cops call the mayor. Mayor wrote the mayor were. Mayor Willie land peca he's -- -- under investigation by. At least two grand juries 1877. He has is no white and his girlfriend on the payroll allegedly the city. 18774694322. He was a cop -- -- anyone on disability. He's he's these are -- He's a Joker in the deck Brenda your next what Howie -- go ahead Brenda. I have only are there any way that you -- that. Little red band. Yes Newport New Hampshire yes I love the little red baron. Yeah. My I would assume I go. By the pilot that I and I. Prepare and it was amazing. What they. They can't work here and here it's -- -- it out. When they think that freedom and freedom. That's what they believe they think freedom is -- -- liberty. And you're thinking. They think that it all I've been pretty. Despite patent as a OK I don't think it's clear that. They put into. Freedom. Where you know what I mean it's been that way for awhile long time and I mean it's just as more problem now I mean you know that the that that that song everything free in America I mean that's from the 1950s that's from West Side Story. You know. Mean it's been and it's been this way for a long time it's just gotten out of control in recent years and you know when you have this gang enough power it's just gonna get worse and worse. Brenda what's gonna happen though I mean this you don't can't -- like that State's bureau there's not. They keep printing money there's gonna be hyperinflation. Did there's not going to be any money what do these what -- What are all these people are gonna do I mean I'm -- not just people who moved here took from up some Third World alcohol. But among all the Americans still what are they gonna do when there's no money. I I doubt now I can't wait for our. I would -- I make 7000. Yeah I was very. Either and I can't I look at. Misty aid kits they're not not quite there has mental issues that get -- an excellent -- and -- school. The only real people wanna get their kids and they they want their kids to be special needs -- you they with a one meaty bit you on an armada I know many of them have special needs and they they deserve something. A lot of you are there a lot of people wanna get their kids in the these programs so we can get the crazy checks the SSI. You know how it's all about. -- regular school you know big kick out. When I -- because I was so amazed and I'm Tanya when their truck got hit I was so disappointed in America when -- -- in fact it. And for the first time in my highlight from 45. I am deathly afraid of my government. Never ever out this lady I am scared that I now all gone and I never did before I mean might actually confidence without. Fact I I'm just I'm -- that. Yeah I I don't there's -- yeah well I mean it's. I can't believe you know oil was you don't you know every every. Country comes to an end every empire collapses but you know I was. When I was a kid I never thought that America was going down on my lifetime you know the -- I always I don't know what that's what most powerful country in the world it was almost free free country in the world and and now it's just like you know every over half the population has as as just become. Parasites. You know. Thanks for the call Brenda 18774694322. What happens analyst's hard working taxpayers -- off that's it. That's a good question I I don't know the answer to that one either I don't I don't know. You know. Mean it's it's hard for taxpayers to while Ford kids you know they say the birth rate has been down the last four years because the economy has been so bad but. You know if you're on welfare it's you know there's no reason to war reproduce you know I mean it's it's EU got to pay either a pay raise every time -- can -- They tried to -- in the past laws saying that you know if you had he wouldn't get any more welfare do you have a certain number robot illegitimate children who were world. -- became wards of the state I don't think that that -- where you know you still get that. You get extra money if you if you will have another kid. You get extra food stamps you know we -- you move by -- have a certain number kids you move to a better section eight apartment. 187746943221877469. 4322. John your next with how we cargo ahead John. Yes. Could they have some very beloved. Only people that can load of people that own property. No they're never gonna have the John Q Manuel -- what happened if you have a law if you try to introduce a law like that you be called it. You'd be called every name in the book even though when the United States was started that's the law they had it didn't. You know wasn't just like that you know blacks were told Almonte the voter women were told -- to vote if -- if -- white male and you. And you didn't own property you didn't get the vote. I would like to Norway blast sites and he says he summed everything up he said the reason why he died in. Obama because would they give the waist up and went one way of surprising he didn't agree with that and that -- that's a good name it lessen the -- They've been they've they've had as they've ever seen that what you don't like anybody and. You don't think game by the -- -- so much grief for saying that that he gave gifts to people meanwhile what is that I mean I. I don't even think it's a -- it it's arguable point I mean it's obvious isn't it. I think I of course is -- one -- and that I liked him. Believe he said he doesn't think that's well right now I -- Yeah by a I know I know he's you know did -- He got us screwed by NPR and I end up fox wanted you know kind of stick it in PR and a that's why they hired by the -- he's basically still only a real liberal mean maybe aren't as liberal as of people on MSNBC but. You know easily very seldom. He very seldom. If -- the conservative line thanks for the call John. 18774694322187746943. 22. How we the most answer with what's gonna happen when -- fifteen year old -- my age that's from spanky -- I know I know I can't you know I I feel the same way -- I have a daughter that's. All but just about the turn sixteen myself and I mean what I mean I. Or you can that was you know train them and you know -- the best education -- -- and just hope that they and I hang on here you know. And and try to make a -- Smart enough so that they don't get into war so that they they don't -- you know while. But. They don't think it is so that they don't. Buy into this you know the government is mighty is is my idea. Family in the government will protect me you know I mean just me you know make a mind -- got to make them realize that the government is is not there -- Bill your -- with how we cart or -- bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There replace oral security. -- all equity about it -- restriction not a sport it's all well from my home equity we year. -- -- What are you may not on the stand. Well it's up probably character at 350000. -- -- home equity the bulk. So it's let's double formula -- -- that each year. What you all all of them and that's it Democrats. I don't even wanna a year you know but why do you why do you throw -- suggestions like that maybe someone is taking notes you know and that's yeah I mean. You know -- gonna go after the 41 case I the reason I like real estate is because they figure like real estate is going to be the last thing that they go after and if they you know like that if they. If they go after mighty mighty rental property I mean it's all over anyway right so it doesn't really matter. It's but yeah I mean that why yeah why not someone was saying you know why don't they tax instead of taxing income one topic tax wealth. But of course there's a problem with that and that's because and the problem is that the beautiful people. But people with the trust funds the people who work for the Boston Globe the people who live in Arlington for instance. And they don't work but most of -- they don't make much money they work for nonprofits are on profits in the case of the globe. And the the they didn't their money is basically inherited. And they don't get tax and that's why like John Kerry. In his in his second second wife whose money comes from first -- trust fund. They have at all and municipal bonds aren't but aren't taxed. So you know if you if you -- sure all the money you don't you don't have to pay taxes on it that's why that's why somebody like Jay Rockefeller for -- state from West Virginia. What are the -- cavities. -- -- Income taxes. You know all their money is it a trust fund. So you know I've had rather actually I would rather have them go after after wealth and income but you know what I prefer to have going after nobody. I prefer to have everybody living. Supporting themselves and I'd prefer that all the illegal aliens instead of being given three to win Sheehan and and a and three welfare and free everything else just cool pull back. Go back to where you came from you know try to improve your own country and especially became Muriel legally. 18774694322. Amount car. 1877. -- 69432. You're the spending Richard wolf and even -- literally as babies you know -- noxious. Or not. Sound -- more of race cards were bogged Wessels. I think it's Susan -- I mean how did that there is there's the question about John Kerry but I think now that John McCain has has sunk its teeth and he's made it about presidential authority and frankly it's outrageous that there is this witch hunt going on on the right. About these people off column let's face sit around this president Eric Holder Valerie Jarrett. Now Susan Rice before it was -- and this is not about who was whole -- In the same way John McCain is about foreign policy because if you look at Enron and Libya Susan writes checks those boxes this is a personal -- You democratic senate and McCain and people like to let Lindsey Graham McCain who had his own daughter attacked. We're using Jason I don't know what this daily census job again. I can't take comrade Chris. And what does or does he have an English East Coast to me like he's got some kind of English accent so. Is is very -- English accent wants to say something nice about American by the way so so what's. So when you criticize Eric Holder that's playing the race card what about when he he describes black people as my people not Americans but black people as my people. It says he's going to prosecute the black panther the new Black Panther Party. Mean you can't -- you can't criticize him for that. Is -- racism. -- white attorney general said he was -- prosecute them members of the Ku Klux Klan and sort of talked about my people meaning white people could you credit would that be racist for black person to criticize him all know. Susan Rice tells allied with two warp 5 different though morning shows. You know nine other blaming clapper now for wrote this thing he's one allegedly excised -- the references to terrorism India talking points she was given but you know I mean. What -- -- what do what do for the uplift to -- them another an earlier ambassador to the United Nations said that. On non on five different talk shows in 191. Sunday morning do you think that would be racist for black person to criticize him well. Yes. And Van Jones being Jones signed. In full page ad in the New York Times. Saying that 9/11 was an inside job. But you can't criticize him because he's black and white people that signed. That's full page -- now can you criticize them more or is it or or did they get. Then they get a special dispensation to because their names appeared in the same column but he. -- with Van Jones. I don't understand that you know where or when it. -- so -- gonna have to explain the rules of race -- and dog whistles tomatoes and I sometimes get confused about you know one who you can attack and we can't. And again you know I mean that Allen Allen west you can make -- white people work working for Allen west they were they to be called racist apparently but. You know even though he was black biggest issue -- -- Allen west and it's not racism. I meet somebody -- an English accent to explain estimate does you know I'm just I'm just some I'm just some guy from America wonder what why now. -- that racism and also maybe here's more Gunner. Martin Bashir this Richard wolf can explain something to me. 18774694322. Suddenly once as -- Europeans experts on racism. I don't know that's what I wanna know but apparently they are because there're there are always there was -- accusing white Americans of being racists. 18774694322. How oil arguably can't name one time Obama called black people my people. I didn't say Obama I said Eric Holder. 187 so what about the treatment of Clarence Thomas was that racist. No no that's it that's in the same category as Allen west if fury if fury conservative rock. Black person that you couldn't be criticized that will actually you can be you can be criticized even more viciously the mutant criticized a white -- rumor on NPR when the the black woman such hope. I hope Clarence thomas' white wife -- and lots of -- fatty foods and a battery foods. And that it gives them enough stuff so that he has heart attack. Now that would be heat speech he said that about -- But singing about a black conservative that's called speaking true. The power. 18774694322. Wolf is English and Moroccan from Birmingham. But he Birmingham. England as opposed to Birmingham. Alabama. 18774694322. -- -- guy with the British accent when the left was all over on the rice. Maybe it was -- England. Matt you're next with how we cargo ahead Matt. -- am ma am chariots. Didn't -- that everybody's talking about Al. The republic Italy lots election because of the changing Democrat. Yeah well. Yet -- essentially that. Black turnout in overwhelming numbers and voted overwhelmingly. For Barack Obama and seeing what the Spanish community. Democrats now -- an -- himself into apple to have. Somebody of color as. There their nominee essentially you know it's it's. I'm sure by all play. I'm sure Deval Patrick hopes they have because then he would be the up front runner right. Yeah I mean you know -- this like it's like to work not a landslide now so is it -- been killed by. You know did -- these -- challenging demographic if you will vote. Four the Democrats pretty enables sort of black. It done and -- act. I don't I don't know map but I I tell you one thing there's a quote I wish -- -- that when it came out but after ride -- Obama wrote in in 2004. About how abortion had won by a margin of 51 to 48 and the that was -- landslide in the bush should reach out to his opponents because he was elected so narrowly. But now it appears now Obama has won by the exact same margin and he considers it to be a a mandate to do to yeah man -- By the way -- we call that a person date from now on that's rather sexist isn't that the column and they. He thinks -- a person him -- he's got a person date to lie to it to do whatever the hell he wants. You know. I did I call it mandated activity golden man needed. It just it is what it. Thanks for the column 1877469432218774694322. While waiting for what whatever happened to that I heroic Canadian that talked about how great America wasn't helped people out where -- where Canadians like that you know. Our guest is mark's -- but you know he's he's been tried charged with hate crimes and can't. Are you saw these guys on him border where does MSNBC they only want to wanted. Somebody within Europe with an English accent to look to a -- -- to a -- American values and a mores and and a and by the way make a big salary for doing so cal your next with how we cargo ahead cal. I don't. Just wanted to call and tell you that in all remember back when they were having problems EDT. Concept. Up for the North Shore. Yes and win. So while they were having ended April. And they were also -- -- -- -- another -- -- -- because I happen to be lying in front of this young -- 3233. Very well dressed and everything you have. Like seventy dollars worth of stuff that you worked out BBC chart and they couldn't take it. -- -- -- She tried she was on Paris turned the -- She looked at -- at least that I'm sorry I gave her no acknowledgment. I just down to -- -- four items that I had my actual fork. But what I'm saying that this country. Just that. Drive me nuts because everybody wants to be. Given stops and they don't wanna work for it I I drive for a living I drove through all the towns like see all these people. Walk around in and around not doing anything you try to -- though because. Election illegal all the way I would like to little about it. And I can't I've I've been on 55 years old and and it just tries absolutely not. Yeah I I know I I know it's it's tough like like the guy from Brighton said earlier you know you go in the you're going the -- big supermarkets and you're you're the only guy pay in cash and is odd because there were they're using debit cards -- -- -- EBT carts. Everybody's got any BT card except for you know nobody else's work and ended. That make you feel great doesn't among our car.