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Foodstamps to buy Thanksgiving dinner? Obama's America!

Nov 21, 2012|

This is heart breaking. Families using food stamps to buy a proper traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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-- World full. My in laws already coming in -- descending in Boston Logan Airport. -- I like to save the Italians are coming they're coming from Florida they're coming from Phoenix. They're coming from all over the place. We're gonna be having a nice Turkey we always do. More cattle Loney. Maurer lasagna. More spaghetti with meat balls and Turkey but that Turkey will be there. What is very sad to me and a very depressing story that I that I -- today and is just something I think we need to talk about. Is. As we are going to be giving thanks tomorrow. For guard for country for fumbling. For the benefits. Of being an American. And for the privileges of being an American. There are many among us who were truly suffering during this. Obama economy. Now. It has come out a record number of Americans more Americans will be using food stamps. To buy their Thanksgiving dinner this year then ever before. Food stamp use has skyrocketed. It has increased 70%. Since 2007. And so now there are a lot of people out there struggling lowering come no income. Or gonna have to use food stamps. To scrape together -- Thanksgiving dinner. And just yesterday I was within investor we had launch. Somebody very well plugged in in the Boston financial community. Who told me you know Jeff I went to a local school right there where he works. There are children it's a Catholic school. He said the nuns gave me -- call. They said I won't mention his name on this column palm just to keep from anonymous. Palm. They're going to be some kids here that are gonna have no literally no Turkey no Thanksgiving dinner at all their hungry. -- parents and I'm making much money many of them are without work or they have drug issues or alcohol issues. Can you come by. And bring in some turkeys and some potatoes. And some stuff thing and some food so they can have a proper Thanksgiving dinner. And so he bought eleven Turkey's. More than enough to feed the kids and he brought it down for them at this inner city Catholic school. And my question TU Isis. To any of you listening. Are you gonna be using food stamps to pay for your Thanksgiving dinner. Do you know anybody. A friend or family member. Somebody that are calling. That is going to be using food stamps to pay. Four thanks for the Turkey and for this for mashed potatoes and for Thanksgiving dinner. Because to me I mean this is -- this is the economy that we now live in this is now the new normal. It really honestly feels like the Great Depression. It's the Great Recession it just doesn't end. And so we have permanently high unemployment. We have record deficits. We have low economic growth. There aren't many jobs anymore out there it's gonna stay -- at least until this president is an office unconvinced that it. And so now the new normal is you have to go and scrounge up food stamps or use he beat the year whatever. And you put together -- Thanksgiving dinner. And mind my heart my thoughts and my prayers go to these people because this is not my America. And so will how will you be celebrating Thanksgiving. And in particular. Will you be using food stamps to feed your family or do you know anybody who will be using feet stamps to feed their family 617. 2666868. Paul thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Our good morning all there are -- their traditional prayer out of oil market there are wary. You know which not so common nowadays. Probably got a couple up. What other. In other -- on the program. I'll let out a tight back into Europe -- -- elapsed topic as well okay because it now like. Other stroke by it all in all doubled or. -- They were really about all situation is that you went lack I ever. Wanted to know what that respect. Degradation of our -- -- Yeah I know Pollack I hear you mean you're talking about UN flag programmers now I know we're losing our national sovereignty. Billions of dollars are being siphoned out to pay for the UN. Billions of dollars in foreign aid and there's no money to feed our own people. There's no money to feed our people were going hungry here. I Timmy there's no question about it. And so here we are on Thanksgiving. And is this now the new normal over the I mean. We're now it's been a couple years you've been struggling with the Great Recession to eight dollar short and recovery I don't feel the recovery. I'm cutting back on Thanksgiving this year I'm telling you right now were not gonna have a kind of spread that we used to have -- I'm looking at these prices it's in singing. Vegetables. -- potatoes -- The cost of Turkey I don't know if you noticed but Mike -- cost a hell of a lot more this year in the last couple years this is getting expensive. Peanut butter me up and I'm having peanut butter on Thanksgiving. A jar of peanut butter is now eight dollars and 79 cents the bigger chart mine box. This is crazy. So yeah there's a lot of people out there using food stamps they don't have a job and life is getting expensive. Do you feel that this Thanksgiving. You're gonna be cutting back and not eating as much. Because you're feeling the financial hit in your wallet book in your pocketbook and your wallet Linda thanks for holding go. Yeah. Hi -- Tony thanks for holding Anthony forgive me Anthony thanks for holding go. Jack you know I I've never -- it. Unemployment check in my life about a Boller looked great a self employed at the top the last four years but you know. But I don't consider an iPad to cinematic -- people -- -- collected it unfortunately BP. But harder for Obama so they can reap what they should welcome that really don't care I worry about me now. Anthony let me tell you might father in law once said he was an immigrant from Italy and he said this a years ago before he passed away. Life is war. And he saves himself who can. That's old world wisdom. And I'm telling you I can't believe I'm agreeing with him but I was exactly thinking this driving in. Now in this economy with this president. And I'm thinking about Thanksgiving in my family's all coming down I gotta think about my family first. Might correct that governor -- out prepaid envelopes -- of people collect our our state entitlements to registered in the remote they're prepaid envelopes. I don't even get a letter but I registry telling my light is about to expire actually like they can strengthen themselves I -- the plight deliberately being a little room. So every BP got can't keep up but it -- they'll realize the mistake being made when -- voted. Thank you so much happening in us and share your frustration but if everything goes up we report as well. In the -- shocking. I am this is going to be. The least lavish Thanksgiving I've since I was a college to what twenty years ago I'm telling. There's not -- mean albeit -- it'll be some stuff. But it's not going to be like the old days later this right now there's not going to be critics there's not going to be pies. Is not going to be all the extras. It's expensive. Tony thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. And yeah we do and particular. And -- problems that we have a serious problem any good luck. Periods is -- need a candidate who's that guy -- country candidate. We don't have that what we have this year everybody bipartisanship. You're probably I can result there are qualities -- are just gone down the tour. Tony reaching across the -- I was like reaching across to the captain of the Titanic. -- -- only reaching to go down -- literally we're gonna we're gonna sink together I don't want bipartisanship. I wanna stop this man in the White House. And why don't Republicans come out and say you know what. This Thanksgiving many Americans are going hungry you know why because it destructive socialist policies of this president that's why. How come they don't say that. What they just come out and say you know what your Turkey dinner you know why it's costing so much more 'cause they keep printing my mean. That's why inflation is going through their -- so enjoy your Thanksgiving this year because even next -- going to be even more expensive. Linda thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Yes this is the first time anybody in my family have a collective food stamps like that this 63 issue of my mother my mother died in much. She's she's in dire straits you that they gave -- the food stamps sixteen dollar for the month. Those Social Security would do very tangential -- life with government and this is that they gave a group. -- -- and I feet all the time I have over my house on Sunday than in I give all kinds of stuff. Now Linda I'm just curious -- -- Shaughnessy she's not working your sister is not working. Great diet he's retired yeah well she's she's 63 go right. Yes she worked for the government for thirty years and then she had a pac ten job and I helped sentence Eurostat. In -- wanna go back into the workforce issue wanna. You know what it is it's had for her she's not cute little while the cut had to deal with people -- -- you know fitness. As the hunt and kill people but you look at production terrifying thing saying you know felt it stuffs. -- 63 even tougher. Linda I don't wanna get too political I mean it's Thanksgiving but I have to hostage -- sister vote for Obama. Are you kidding me lull without -- -- like -- we. But they think you know what if anybody asking for money to comment on I think what you call Obama to help get the kidnapping what I say. -- -- you're -- -- god bless you Linda. Thanks for that call will take all of your calls right after this break any speed Chris John Mike. Hang on I'm telling you I'm coming. And like two and a half minutes right welcome back to the -- report this is Jeff Cohen our boss then his bulldozer. Cleaning up vol -- ball 6172666868. How will you be spending your Thanksgiving. Is it going to be a lavish affair are you gonna make a nice spread. Or you live in a lot of people tell me that they're just gonna spend it at home very simple -- -- nothing fancy. May be have a few relatives over. Is it a big deal for your family do you have a lot of family members come over. Aunts uncles nieces nephews. Or is it just you in the immediate family. 6172666868. How will you be spending Thanksgiving. I got my Italian in laws come. And their they're already a little bit upset at me why. Because they like their you know their their my in laws on how to save as they'd like a metal in my affairs. My younger sister in law is upset. That I didn't include her I kid you not in my negotiations. -- WRK ago. Why did I not I asked her for advice. On penal out my contract. How come I didn't go order for advice. And I'm trying to explain to my Italian analyze. Negotiating a radio contract. Is not a group decision. It's not a family decision. So when he was finally announced that I was getting to -- here on WRK oh these are my in laws by the weather that's all they are to some I get all day tomorrow darling. You think Dayton I don't know what they ask me. It. Wins the show what kind. What's the reach. Towards the audience -- In what kind of a showy as it is a political -- is -- just a talk show what kind of a show isn't known right away literally. I -- I'm gonna be on WRKO we're moving up to Boston how much. As we mean how much. How much are they paying -- -- much. We -- how much are they paying me how much do you have in your bank account. Why ask you what's in your bank account on how much the Montgomery were family were family proudly tell each other everything how much how much are they paying. My mom -- at the mall and you tell me how much much given your bank account. And then I find out from grace they already know what I'm making because -- tells them what I'm making. And then when I'm in the car with grace she says you know my older sister she makes this much my younger sister she makes this much they tell each other everything. I mean the only thing I think my wife doesn't about a love life is that's. Everything else they don't know everything else in all my banks. I'm sure they'd all about that and he can't act -- they I'll Wear it after that -- I mean it's unbelievable that. Like no privacy with my Italian in laws so I don't know are you looking forward to Thanksgiving how are you gonna be spending your Thanksgiving. I'm basically going to be at war with the Italians it's it's -- nonstop struggle for nine hours but we love each other we really do. Chris thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Jeff alive today I'm eucharist. Up actually outpost actually what you. I had acute -- addition the artwork grabbed the guy should legit work the first. So what would listen to radio and stop talking -- food stamps. That's -- would -- a lot of flaming out what it says. That's I don't mind at all. About certain mine. Are -- up the cute quote job. They covers -- and collect unemployment. All of his grandmother -- old stamps. And his girlfriend this government start. Oh. -- to drive back Chris I mean as the trifecta man. -- -- it. -- Go of your generation it's where you. What's good is it gonna. Flip the bird is gonna go to Arlington national cemetery at flipped the bird of diplomas are on board. Scott struck a bottle. Why should. I want to. About politics. Oral or why it. What else. Well look he's at home -- his grandmother collecting unemployment but he's about now. Chris yep I even ask him that he was gonna vote for Obama gust of 47%. That's that's Obama's base which it does hurt right now that's his base. You know what I would do if -- was the Obama people. There are losing their touch dear leader I'm telling you losing your touch you should be offering free turkeys. You should be going up and -- Boston and off which she spreading velocity can be there at Thanksgiving that's about a day of mourning her and her people. But she whipped with a mini me -- mini me and they're just giving all Deval Patrick just giving out free turkeys. They -- -- need to look at each other 116 and about it. For Turkey's. Joseph thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. You're Italian relatives but coming right yes. I watch it out let it be nice -- -- you are Arpey also. Our innocence are a great place. And you. Think you break it back right. Maybe the call of the day my friend. Feds were older and -- that it may break my -- seriously I mean it's funny we all like everybody talks at the same time. And it's just funny it's very passionate but we all love each other's -- of -- out of the W. When we just lost that we lose Joseph we just sorry -- Mike Mike thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. -- -- I wanted to talk about prosperity it's only two places they can come from you know they are. Now there's only two places that only two things -- can produce prosperity. One of them that capitalism and the only other successful means of producing part of prosperity -- slavery. What does the contract that goes back to -- -- first Thanksgiving 1621 William Bradford public calling when he decides to let the people. That become capitalists. And produce more. Definitely over the government battling every little detail I want to mention capital of the chemical companies is that important after all that's why -- Turkey cut so much. It all the pieces going in debris burning machines. Heard several answering parents' day they love ethanol it's not supposedly great renewable energy source they love it. They and even though it's two it's been proven again and again even Al Gore says ethanol is a big boondoggle ball. Corn is up. Food is up everything is up and but keep voting and for that their leader is his for the little guy not different the Democrats differed little guy. Leslie welcome to the -- and a report. Good morning. -- -- change. And the time and I can't wait till -- to my attention -- then it'll give me a little help. And then yesterday I decided I'm going to my -- the Thanksgiving it's quiet on. Yes they have decided that I think our opinion carefully and sending -- happened in attendance outcomes and but the plate lunch in the late shift to a crawl up greens for a -- -- million meals painted -- inconvenience people. And she sent me. Would you -- in the path will be -- forget the Turkey in the practice approach. He -- he has had -- Allen forcefully -- defense can't get picked up. My goodie bags and and and that my face lift and turning red. And I don't forward it pretty bad she consented to get my speed Turkey and then Agilent would be. What they called those food banks. I think merely as a blank signed him to get to millions spent his inside get my -- such as. And then I looked and only then she's pregnant again it's. And I took America to you expecting and yet detriment pregnant. And I -- -- 1000 climbed. She's got two kids she's pregnant she picked up but pretty bad for banks in the -- -- -- -- and everything worried about it kind of thought out and attacked. And then you don't want the food bank she's played from the flu thing. Leslie did -- have an Obama Biden bumper I mean pin. I bet she must -- voted for Obama. Wow my -- yeah. -- already coming -- sit there and Jeff I'm Jeff what is there's a -- my. And on the bus that is no lasagna just the little of their he has some mashed potatoes and -- -- death. I thought you make more money for the talk show hosts that. I -- negotiated a better contract I would have made them an offer that this couldn't -- -- Christmas gifts sure they'd be. Bands but should they be good practice and many people are now saying yes. Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. You're not gonna believe what they're doing in Chicago. And it's spreading everywhere. Happy Thanksgiving. On the -- report. Yeah. It's. -- defeat so I have I. We've got 37 degrees on your Wednesday will see sunny skies today highs in the forties on a busy travel day and unite WRKO news about a dozen people injured after an explosion. Hit a -- in Tel Aviv earlier today a spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu saying that government considers it a terrorist attack. The shelf life of hostess brands limited today after a last ditch effort to settle differences between that company. And the bakers union failed hostess is expected to go back to court today to pursue a total shut down. Of that company and if you're traveling today get an early start. Along Thanksgiving holiday weekend predicted to bring out about 44 million travelers here in the US. About to buy your New England area Mazda dealer offering their best deals on new Mazda is right now so hurry and your local Mazda dealer offer and soon let's head on out to those roads in carbonite is standing by and he what he.