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Fire Lindsey Stone!

Nov 21, 2012|

An immaute girl takes a crude photo at the Arlington National Cemetry, and now people are calling for her to be fired from her job.

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It's a local story that is now going national. Last month. Lindsay stone. And her friend Jamie shoe. Went to visit the tomb of the unknown soldiers. Now Lindsay stone is a thirty year old single woman who lives with her family and her parents. And apparently she works in the Cape Cod area at a Hyannis. For a nonprofit. Called life incorporated. Which helps adults with special meets. Basically. And machine does work for nonprofit helping adults who were struggling when getting by with special needs. Apparently last month they went on a field trip to Washington DC. For any of the adults with special needs. Along with eight staff members including Lindsay stone and her friend Jamie issue went and they get a little or Washington DC. I used to see people like that all the time BC's full of tourists. Lindsay stone. Goes to Arlington national cemetery with her friend Jamie issue. And it's it's actually I mean this picture here is going viral everywhere it is extremely upsetting it is frankly revolting. You see Jamie -- Right beside a sign at Arlington national cemetery were our veterans. Our brave. Are dead and Lindsay stone is right there beside a sign saying silence and respect. Where she's opening her mouth obviously mimicking that she's yelling. And she has she's flipping the bird let's put it that -- OK she's got the middle finger out. And Jamie shoot takes a picture of about. With Lindsay stone besides silence and respect the -- silence and respect. At Arlington national cemetery with her mouth wide open thing I'm yelling and screaming flipping the bird. And they think this is funny. They think this is hilarious. And it's now they posted on their first a personal FaceBook page. On Jamie -- spur for personal FaceBook page the one who took the picture and on Lindsay stone's personal FaceBook page the woman in the fall. And veterans groups are upset. There has been an -- torrent of complaints of emails. It has descended upon life -- the nonprofit group that Lindsay stone works out in Hyannis. And they are demanding. That Lindsay stone and Jamie should be fired. They're saying that her actions were profoundly disrespectful. That are actions were profoundly insulting. They disgrace. And the great. And the memory of all the veterans who lie in Arlington national cemetery. We sacrifice their lives for our rights. And our freedoms. And so yesterday in response to this growing. Outraged this cyber assault. Coming from all quarters from across the country not just in Massachusetts but all across the country. Hyannis this Hyannis based nonprofit life. Has decided. To put Lindsay stone and Jamie shoe on unpaid leave. Pending an internal investigation. -- think it's pretty obvious they're probably gonna get fired. After the results of this investigation I don't know this for certain but. There are now on unpaid leave and it looks very likely they'll be fired. There is a story in today's Boston Globe and a column by Jessica has -- Where she talks about the father Lindsay stone has not been interviewed she doesn't wanna be interviewed. But her father Peter Stone 61 years of age or retired man and iron worker. Say he is a whole personally up halt. By his daughter's disrespectful. FaceBook page. Per disrespectful FaceBook picture. He thinks it's unpatriotic. Deeply demeaning deeply insulting. What he's telling everybody is that's not the usual behavior of my daughter. My daughter does not the daughter that I recognize. And maybe this was just a bad gagged a bad joke. Gone bad. But he says don't judge my daughter by this picture she's normally a very good respectful person. And but he does say himself. That actions have consequences. And there are ramifications. To stupid behavior. So he's almost anger may be if they fired my daughter I wouldn't be too upset because frankly this is almost conduct that's unacceptable. A thousand words can't even begin to describe this picture that's just completely out of -- it's sad it's just witnessing. Horrible. Where his -- at this world eight Plymouth woman photographed flipping off the tomb of the unknown soldier and Arlington Virginia. Lindsay stone is also pertaining to scream in front of a sign requesting silence and respect. I was appalled that I mean it's not -- all. What Lindsay low voter IMO this family is all about. Stone's father speaking on her behalf apologized for the disrespectful photo which was posted on her FaceBook page she's just he says so you get no ideas. Who's gonna go where it went. I mean she's an idiot and I'll be honest with you she's she's an idiot and I'm sorry arm in -- being very candid with you. There's no other way to say Davis now look let me be very candid with all of you here's my position on and I wanna hear from you. Do I believe in free speech yes door believe in freedom of expression yes. But free speech also comes with responsibilities. And it comes with consequences. She has a right. I as a member of this non profit on a field trip to go to Arlington national cemetery -- -- right you wanna be a moron be a moron. You wanna flip the bird rack and and marker veterans that's a sign -- assign silence and respect that's your right. But the employer also has a right to decide if that's proper professional conduct. Now I have freedom of speech. If I wanna start shouting obscenities here and they use the F bomb. And I can say it. It may be dumped by -- if he doesn't captured or whatever -- get on the Arab fighter I have freedom of speech I can say what I wanna say. But you know it is which speech comes responsibilities. And if I was ahead of that nonprofit. -- caller -- and say look you're not on unpaid leave. -- -- whats this this photo was completely unacceptable. Our veterans died for our freedoms and our rights and here you are mocking them laughing at them. Insulting them you think this is funny. Is this now what passes for comedy for the younger generation you guys think it's funny. So my question to all of view is a very simple one. Do you think that she should be fired for what she did should Lindsay stone suffer the consequences. Of her actions or is this say mob mentality. Gone crazy. -- -- for example thinks she has the right to freedom of speech. And if she wants to be stupid that's her right but the company basically has no business firing her. He thinks that this is a mob mentality. Where people are now just engaged in a high tech lynching going after this girl simply because they don't like. What -- I'm just saying beside the point there making. Do we not have a rights footsteps and have a personal life outside of our company. Yes but your but the cup -- your behavior outside the company reflexive response the company. I mean let's just say you as an -- yeah you put a face your very sexy guy you know rights exist yeah. Really you know that you know how women just follow over and over -- there and it's that you you have this kind of animal magnetism about why but it it's with a -- OK let's began. Now you go you put a new picture of yourself on FaceBook. Now it's a private thing it's outside the company hours but we now seek -- see new. I think that's the extreme August tell you I think WRKO. If Jeff Browner Jason Wolfe called you win instead Cox's. I'm gonna put you on paid leave. If it's very sexy. Frankly I think you should model for Playgirl personally. But you may be fired for that I don't think the company is wrong to do that Cox. You see what I'm saying you can put it up but there are ramifications. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. -- I think once they are. Out there what we saw -- a little Bobble at that site. We -- -- -- I -- the show Obama with two daughters who have been a critic is it or I'll take the girl. Your daughter -- that. This girl out of be respectful. Respectful of other people. Jake I'll be honest with you mean to me this has nothing to do with the president this is a local stories a girl from. Plymouth is a Plymouth the girl she works in Hyannis. To mean this is for her parents this is for us this is for her employer. We don't we -- we only the president to get involved on this album look. What I'm saying is this if I was her father this is not going to be a pleasant Thanksgiving. I say young lady what the hell were you thinking what the hell were you doing Eric -- We'd get big good morning I kind of agree it would country but on the other hand she pulled the stop all of the Serb suburbs. Non profit but I think maybe they should. You know take is some mercy yarder in the spirit of their higher power probably -- guy and they -- -- but on the other hand you know these are the same folks that think it's a hate crime to wish. Well people Merry Christmas but on the other hand. For the veteran that they'd just honored every day's back and in these the folks at -- talk closely are you happy veterans day and you know some of -- -- not a happy veterans day when we. Well about fallen comrade in our particular one the cardinals generally -- -- all Ireland. There without water that was part of the hop forward and gave the last measure is to function on February ninth 1985. He -- listed as the Marines walked from hinge on the after the Yellow River and back through the chosen to present more onto the commission. He's more demand than any of these well we'll have a. I know Eric you're right look he gave his life for his country. And they are many like him at Arlington national cemetery and she comes there and mocks them and flips the bird besides silence and respect. That is a sacred site you don't behave like that and I'm sorry if the company wants the letter girl I'm with them. Frankly if I was her boss I'd let her go and the other point is this before I go to -- break she takes care of adults with special needs. If she behaves like this on a field trip what do you think she's doing with them behind the scenes that's I was telling gutsy. Imagine if I had a brother or whatever with special means that she's taken care of them or I'll play it as I wouldn't want our handling my brother my sister a player that right now. Steve might John harm jacked Francis stay on the line. I will get to every single one have you right after the break. Here on the -- report. A thousand words can't even begin to describe this picture that's just completely out of line it's sad it's. -- missing and her surprise the photo went viral even sporting a FaceBook page cold fire Lindsay stole. It already has more than 101000 likes Lindsay -- her co worker who took the picture had both been placed on leave from work. The assisted living home in Hyannis called life being where they both work says quote. This photograph it no way reflects the opinions thoughts or feelings of the life organization. The thirty year old father says her -- was a reaction to the sign not the monument. I'm just random leave. He's a daughter around this. He ended up to live mobile. They have a thing you've ever wrong. Fans that. The girls and golf is now reading in part. We sincerely apologize for the pain we have caused by posting the picture here taken Washington DC on FaceBook we never made any disrespect to any of the people nationwide who have served this country and defending our freedom so value -- they added that they recognized that the voters this tasteful and I. How that affects their work remains to be seen both of them -- -- -- on paid leave right now game work releasing a statement saying they plan. To have a responsible and appropriate response to the circumstances. Welcome back. Given coroner report this is just one hour plus ends bulldozer. Lindsay stone is going viral. Has posted a picture of herself. Thirty years old with her colleague. Beside the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington national cemetery. Flipping the bird the middle finger right beside the signs silence and respect. Veterans are very upset should she be fired from the nonprofit that she works out or is this just freedom of speech. And there's now way mob mentality -- a mocked. 6172666868. Should she go or should she not go. John welcome to the coroner report. Good morning Jeff thank you for taking my call happy Thanksgiving and and to me it's like. -- -- it and you know I think she should be severely reprimanded for what she did. I'm with you John. I'm hundred -- thank you John I mean look I I'd -- ago. He's on unpaid leave right now it's -- look I'm sorry. Your values aren't our values here at life specially if we deal with adults with a special needs I don't know what you're doing with our kids behind closed doors if this is which are doing in front of a camera. -- -- More -- outnumbered doubled its not the first and the -- it right to free speech the president admit that protects the god given right to free speech now. What do we want all the awards or sub parts what so what we say. Now -- as far as their work terminating her -- -- state it was so that it acted just respect we commit acts just respect every day all -- so stop let me say -- -- by it you know RB. Don't want to start all that anything anyone else to -- everyday right. Well Mike let me ask you this I -- got -- before what -- -- see for example. Posted a picture of himself on FaceBook completely new. I mean do you think WRKO would be right to say I'm sorry but these are professional standards we can. And I'll be right so why did it better results are now. Also warm over here so you know I don't think it I think what it was stupid. But it -- so it -- whether rocket fire and let the appeal and I just -- senate what's. -- yet it's said he got to work a Wal-Mart each in what's -- the baby sitter I mean why don't we open MI out of the baby sitter and he. We. Expect well let's start LP -- Well -- I mean I think we're mixing apples and oranges but look I agree with you it's up to the work. It's up to the company I'm just saying if I was the president if I was on that board of trustees I'd say you're gone. -- didn't like you have to stand on Jeff is that she's doing it on company time that's the other thing that I posed nude in studio part of the ArQule logo yeah they can probably fire fights and at home in time wise and any lies that anyone's business. I feel not a slave to my lights revolver -- and I don't know. And I mean I gotta tell you I posted a picture of myself -- on FaceBook. My contract stipulates that I have to you know -- comport myself in a certain way that doesn't bring armored disrepute to the company. I mean I'm just saying gas electric works I can -- myself no -- and I wouldn't get the kind of response he would get a player of that right now. But I mean this could damage I'm telling you I think I I they give me the hook I think they give me the -- Michael welcome to the -- and a report. -- morning and me you know in this country you're free to say whatever you want but you're not free from responsibility -- afterward. You shoot your mouth -- that straight people don't like it bought safari and let's face it in an average day. Also must come up with a recent for a -- firearms and for a lot of book in the gets worked out. That. But but you -- -- Michael I was thinking the exact same thing I said look I got freedom of speech. To walk up to my boss and flipping the bird. I mean you know I can say you know what I about it how -- really express like think about this guy. Now he's got to correct to say you're fired. I mean I'm freer flip the bird he's free to fire me or -- I look at it many ways like this -- go. Yet. About. One is that. Beyond the hill -- those. At work she did at Arlington cemetery there in haters out there who have died to defend the opportunity to be a appropriately and I and I say that because. We can be coddling -- generation to completely that they're not real consequences. And I. I really think that action be part of that whether you -- -- -- -- and do whatever you ought that you mentioned and alluded to the Dakota conduct written in the most contracts now look like the kind of situation critic but you know what. We don't want it vote it would view. You know you made a decision are -- later and I and I think that's important. For this part of the argument she can do whatever you -- and I guarantee a job he done other things that we could happen. Day ago and they are so thank you Jack bingo and adults with special needs remember who she's sticking camera. These are very vulnerable people. So if she behaves like this. What else has she done that's like and if I'm investigating this past the first question in my mind ban go baby. I'd be curious sound of epic First Amendment guy but that already at a clip on the -- you know you are new clip of some of these he went down there and interviewed this lawyer and Nash you right away or rewards just calm down she did something stupid. Well I agree but I mean let's say a thousand that's. Rumbled and on their Ali's and started -- Yes -- the B word and -- where -- please call alert the ACLU would be so quick also respect -- or quote. Freedom of speech because ordered its entrance -- that it doesn't mean people are. They got big -- it -- their harassing a woman. They're saying they're behaving so they're a bunch of sexist pigs -- you would say Francis go. Consequences are are evidently she had been a -- Paul Francis I think he said he fire -- that we lost you Francis the thirty year old father says her pose was a reaction to the sign not the monument. She did not intend to hurt anybody. They were. They were just clowning around at the VFW and Hyannis these veterans don't care that was a joke or not to them it's offensive either way pretty disrespectful. And then stupid people do stupid things in this country every day. That's one of them right this for sure. I mean our vets. Don't get enough disrespect. Now they need this -- it is enough is enough. 37 degrees mostly sunny skies today in the forties and -- WRQ news if you're traveling today get an early start because the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend predicted. To bring out about 44 million travelers in the US and enjoy it now because the Patrick administration is pressing Amazon.com. To begin collecting sales taxes from Massachusetts customers as early as next year saying it's no longer exempt under federal law to be charging that -- An attorney for the Kraft group argued in court that a deadly crash following an 08 concert at that stadium is not the company's fault. He claimed the deceased driver or passenger another friend who survived and trespass and illegally brought alcohol to the stadium. We brought to -- Applebee's restaurant your stomach doesn't care what time it is after 9 PM Applebee's becomes the -- with a half price apps and drink specials it's late I'd done right see you there tomorrow. Hey IndyCar about the house that can be looking out there today. Welcome back to the -- report this is Jeff corner boss stands bulldozer. Cleaning up no liberal bull. 6172666868. Should Lindsay stone be left to go and fired former job at a nonprofit. For flipping the bird. On -- FaceBook page. When she visited Arlington national cemetery right beside the sign that says silence and respect. Or -- is this a question of free speech. And a mob mentality run wild I wanna hear from you. Just before I go to the phone lines. There is a column inside track in the Boston Herald today. With a picture of Mitt Romney literally it's meant. One of the few sightings have -- since the election he spanking out his car he's filling her up. I gotta tell you if you if you gotta see this picture. Seriously the guy looks like a bad guy like Electronica ballad like -- a homeless guy. I mean I'm looking at him it's like one of these guys. A cup Popper on the street his hair is completely disheveled. He's got a rumpled shirt. Almost hanging out from his waist. He looks depressed. I think he still reeling from his defeat to Barack Obama. Really I'm looking at this picture and I'm like -- looks like a homeless man. -- this is not to admit that I know. They hair's not qualities not got an I starch shirt -- doesn't mean -- he literally looks like he just rolled out of some back Alley. Menuing -- if you just take a look at its. And I said this the Cox before -- went on the Harrison you know what I mean it's going to be a long time. Before he recovers from this defeat because I think he had it in the bag he thought he had it in the bag. And it all slipped away mark thanks for holding. Welcome to the -- report. Good money -- it's always a pleasure listening to you 95%. Of. Which is say I agree with but. Thank you -- but I guess we disagree with me on this one mark. Yes but in this case yet but they. I think that I would do that to me you were a three month suspension without pay and I tell it any other incidents should be. And that's OK Andrea I could live with that mark I mean I'd let her go completely but to. -- I guess you have more heart than I do jam thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Point here -- -- -- care. -- People talk about their freedom of speech by the amendment actually not from the there are actually and consequences from the government. -- So you know it it irritate the people program free speech if you -- -- Go up to somebody ultimate -- expect. Jim I mean look Lucious that's even personalize it just among us now are right what if I was to say something outrageously racist. Outrageously racist okay blatantly racist I don't mean with the left calls races I mean really something profoundly racist okay. I mean I'd be off the -- Absolutely -- -- -- and right because of the and being engaged and you know you're saying finger up and people -- ready and prepared. Jim I think that's what life incorporate is gonna conclude. And then the third -- Quick and I think I think that is exactly what was. I mean it's what liberalism because it. You know people doing this sort of thing are committed. You know intellectual liberal district idiocy is people don't have any clue what this -- about. Going now I know I mean Jim honestly. Any cemetery. I wouldn't do Jim could you imagine going any cemetery. And taking a picture of yourself slipping -- -- -- Never mind that -- of the unknown soldiers were we have veterans buried there literally gave their lives for our freedom and for artsy. It's -- what's an expense under rates what's that raised its. It's a total lack of moderate. -- have a great Thanksgiving -- 6172666868. Comrade John. Hi Obama my friend. -- Obama. Still dial. You have a goal I would is that no don't fire but nowadays. Where there are Republican and you open -- he actually joked aren't. Can't remember. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got the 47%. -- -- finally a president who looks like us. All you needed is a standout is judges as they are filling up saying hey who's gonna live for my doubts I -- -- the government want the government to pay for my doubts. Thank bags were holding welcome to recruit a report. All right guys. As well what would go to school out of how do you call it in occupied movement. Even think like that give you like -- -- Hank and this thing is this I mean seriously if you. Rather. Sinister whatever somebody with special needs. And she's working for that month -- I mean if she behaves like this what do you think if she treats people especially. It's it's disgraceful woman died in Vietnam that is disgraceful to even think polite yet. So like it's a mentality. Which almost all the people like -- If it got pretty. Goes -- I mean unbelievable. In the public school. I don't know she should be Garnett -- -- thank you -- I agree with you know I completely agree with you well look -- let me read to you her response. OK on FaceBook should this is what she wrote days that would Lindsay Sloane wrote she said down. Won't won't won't wait. This is just us being. Do ocean bags that we all. Okay. Sorry are we this is Lindsay stones response on FaceBook. We have it right now which says. Whoa whoa whoa wait this is just us being -- he bags that we are. Challenging authority in general much like the pick posted the night before of -- smoking. Right next to a no smoking sign. Obviously we meant and cops know we disrespect. To people that serve or have served our country. So yeah she's challenging authority. -- is being -- bags. That's all come commerce. -- -- or does having a little fun were challenging authority it's the system and we're just challenging to assist them. That's all. -- -- -- That's your by the way your tax dollars at work public education that's -- yet. And you know what meaning he wants to do what Obama wants the don't spend more on public education that's the answer more money so we -- have more Lindsey's -- That's that's the big that's the big answer Susan thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Hey good morning Jeff. -- the -- she absolutely should be fired I mean she was on the job she lacked professionalism she lacked respect. It it I say to myself what what was her upbringing I know her father was standing near that. She kept it is not. What about the image she did you know taking charities and -- children. Whatever. But more than that if she truly is now that I heard her it wasn't safe spot I really question. Her whole being but I was gonna say earlier when her father that actually our issue -- OK -- there's a lot of time between now in the entity that she couldn't get up to the veteran secret. You know volunteers to get out there and help them and she could be sincere about that. But she's not. Ono look for ways is this Susan she's gonna lose your job. -- -- All I didn't mean anything -- please don't let me go please don't fire me I'm so sorry daddy talked to the grass. Please talk to the press. Colleen thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Good morning. I am appalled I am so angry listening to this story it gets worse by the minute. She should be absolutely. Fired. -- the same person that years ago people thought having a huge temper tantrum in the mob. And mommy and daddy that dented when you weren't what you need you know it can make you happy she has no emotional intelligence. And that would be interest in knowing if that facility we actually work to get any government Sunday. That's a very good question. Because that and I bet it dies if it -- it should be -- Until they put put in place some protocol for respect. Excellent calling an excellent I -- you took the words right out of my mouth. 6172666868. I will take all of your calls right after this break. Jeff corner on the corner report. Thousand words can't even begin to describe this picture that's just completely out of line is that exit. That's missing in our -- Eight Plymouth woman photographed flipping off the tomb of the unknown soldier and always -- Virginia. I am appalled I am so angry listening to this story -- worse by the minute. She should be absolutely. Fired. She had the same person that years ago people thought having a huge temper tantrum in the fall. And mommy and daddy this thing -- you weren't what you -- you can make you happy she has no emotional intelligence. And I would be interested in knowing that facility where she worked. Get any government funding. Welcome back to the coroner report Jeff Cohen -- liberalism is worst nightmare. In Boston from Boston for people with brains. Obviously Lindsay stone doesn't listen to the show I guarantee it. Well so let me just read that their FaceBook posting again. So she gives the bird she flips and off right beside silence and respect the sign an Arlington national cemetery. And she doesn't understand why people are set. Whoa whoa whoa wait. This is just us being that the bags that we are challenging authority in general. Much like the pick posted the night before. Of me smoking right next to a no smoking sign. Obviously. She writes in taps. We meant no in caps disrespect. Of people of its server have served our country this woman is a -- I mean literally you read this is like obvious obviously there -- easy. We -- meant no disrespect. Arnold we're getting so upset -- hot and bothered about -- What's your problem. Is flipped the bird what's the problem. Should she be fired. Or is this a question of free speech and a mob mentality gone crazy that's what proxy thanks what do you think Suzie QL thanks for holding. Welcome to the coroner report. I -- Gilbert -- -- love your show last night. I can't like say like the practice -- her attitude that she could be in our pace with her right. Is challenging authority. That is to be innocent children are her. Ability get away with that a guest -- saying I agree with the previous caller that the -- aged dad. The check from the government. However court for a private company. Has example. We have an event last year and it young individual who works at a company had too much to drink from open bar. Well when he got pulled out -- which should not been driving negotiate blurted out. A company that you inspire connect. To the when he should be inspired. Immediately. Look Suzy Q look really I'm not trying to be gross I swear I really am not okay. What a fight took a picture of guess they don't really I was stuck in traffic for two hours I was really upset I'm on the road I'm on the Mass -- I'm looking around saying this is ridiculous. What everybody is the same time just because it's it's Thanksgiving. So I get upset and I wanna make a statement I wanna make a statement to the people on the wrong what I wanna make a statement to authority -- wanna stick it to authorities. Like that Lindsey -- And I'm moving people on the wrong. Or take a picture of Jeff corner morning people want to -- OK just imagine if I did. Now I've posted up on my FaceBook page I'm telling you right now wouldn't be doing -- -- And rightly so cooks he would be the first one to call me up mr. free speech or can he be the first one calling me up saying. You were morning people want to roll -- We're trying to do destroy our brand overnight our credibility are respectability. Look Jeff. You're gonna step down for family reasons okay. Just whatever. You're under a lot of stress and you need to spend more time with the kids in the wife and adios amigos it was nice knowing you. That's what they would do. They wouldn't be all obviously I meant no disrespect. -- establishing a sound. Kevin thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. I just -- should -- in my -- that couple a couple of issues here one this this is definitely a free speech issue and -- I don't I'm hesitant to put any limitations on in the year first amendment rights for a Second Amendment I mean she had a right. To do this now the fact that she did it. On company time. So -- -- out before that this does not. Free speech is contract between you or your employer. So they have every right to fire her and she should because she she's she's giving them a bad name and the other point is so we mentioned is this place. In any government funding and I can assure you. That there are hundreds of these organizations that fund it's true. Social services that the problem that the retardation that do test government funding should think it by the states. All right thank you so much Kevin. Jeanne go. -- Just some work called -- on their side watched smarter than those registrar that bonds story I I think. As a veteran and I think the veterans group the classic -- They would do is say. What they serve all people to be like this I think it's really strictly between employer. And first how they handle it but I think in like one step further you'll. You -- on the where you basically straight through Tuesday. Some broke up our story that you have heard all our. Somebody that RT. Each spreading bowl I mean they -- down in our Indian groups. Chase down on you should you're employer Germany. -- -- you make it very good point one -- make a point about chief spreading bowl I'm making fun of the fact that she's a fake. That's why caller chief spraying bullets sat prior to make it deeper political point. Now a lot of people do try to get me off the air because they find my my -- offensive. But there's nothing that I say I'm paid for my opinions and pay for my commentary. There's nothing that I say that is simply being said for the sake of being offensive and insulting. In other words I'm not using obscenities. I'm not being a deliberately vulgar. I'm not simulating sexual lax on the air there are many things you can do. There are just offensive for the sake of being offensive. Which she was doing was this she was flipping the bird okay saying basically go F yourself to that -- everybody would doc who served our country. Now she's got the right to do it that's not the issue no -- saying -- in prison nobody -- exile or from the United States of America. What we're saying is. Does her employer. Who pays her salary and -- was -- on company time when she's there with forty other adults with special needs. Do they have a right to say well you know what we do expected to comport yourself and a professional responsible at all like manner. Now what's the purpose of this being served -- -- flipping the bird to the veterans it's nothing more than insulting veterans. Now I respect the dead. Never mind -- dead dead die for my country. Now if WRKO. Says you know what Jeff I don't like your views on a lot of issues and we're gonna let you go. That's their right. I mean we have an agreement we have an arrangement by and asked for editorial independence that was fundamental to me doing that showing the guarantee it to me. But if -- you know one Jeff we don't like your brand of conservatism you're out there that's their right. I mean that's the point -- or somewhere else or write a blog or write my column or two or whatever wanna -- that's freedom of speech. But since when do people have the right to behave like animals. Completely disrespectfully. Men. No consequences. To what we're supposed to patter on the back end. You flip the -- reporter on FaceBook Akamai and as make sure you -- -- -- let -- and others here with a special needs a little of that you're hero. We're talking about rights were talking about the constitution. There isn't that David goes by that I don't think about how important the Second Amendment is. And if you are worried about violence being perpetrated against innocent people. Within used being loaded with headline after headline. I urge all of you to go too far amassed fire arms because there the place to go to protect yourself. And to keep your family safe. You need to take proper precautions. To protecting your family and protecting your safety. You make responsible decisions. Mass fire arms school of Paul Austin. Gives you the education and certification you need to protect yourself and your family most people don't own a firearm because they need it. A person owns a firearm because it's better have a and not needed then to mediate and non habit firearm ownership and I can't stress this enough is a huge responsibility. Mass firearms school offers training ranging from begin or licensing classes are armed defense in your home mass firearms school. Column today 8030. Wait 6212. 8030. Wait 6212. Visit mass firearms school dot com. Mass firearms school firearms training for the good guys.