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Chump Line Wednesday November 21, 2012 - Guber

Nov 21, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was the remark that Massachusetts Lt. Governor Murray is not gubernatorial just a guber.

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Heading south for the winter and don't not call American -- transporters and they will shipyard car for you going to -- card dot com. That 1430. Who randomized -- -- -- -- -- and I can't believe -- above -- that -- thought that that really feels. He's talking about of course Lindsay stay hour now. Lindsay stone had that verbal pine that I know I'm sorry that additional planet she called her idiotic stunt. And a hold on I'm nearly nearly meant it as a visual pun intended. To depict the exact opposite of what the sign means. I'm on the home dad lives of my parents -- -- disparity. A convenience -- wee hours North Carolina as you as a public. How are responsible for everything that -- Iran itself of Massachusetts the middle on particular UNC. UNC exactly. There's going to be -- fried clams artists I know that only to see all of us doing it you can't diet now including how. And how United States and we bought the book -- and looked for a few days turned into a few weeks now actually attacking. That we know where to go to kick collective appointment if it's good byes. Because it would show that but the world fire. I think that's all I think you can't impact collect unemployment you've been -- any. I'm with you kind of backed collect unemployment if you've been fired but so growth about it. We've killed more -- shot here. One night through both straight metal over the that was a five goal alleged psychic ability here. Of the and and by the way at the correct myself because how he has told all of us many many times that -- its -- medals to carry on that sense. Health is -- any in my right. That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard and share was there was a act was a couple of years after a battle incidence reporter and his office. Looking up and there on the log -- to quote threw over the offense they were enhanced the first ones. That's what's so great I know I've heard how we tell that story a million times and he's right I know he's right so I have to correct myself. Senator John Kerry through somebody does is meant medals over the fence. These we -- you realize. That I was charged. Everything will be felt like that is yes we will have it -- -- I mean we were happy nationwide Perry -- sale. They -- reassigned -- position. As well get at least. That we talk about cars that clock is so called highway safety director who's had more traffic violations and even I have. She allegedly -- nine. But what's important about her resignation folks is that it's said she resigned from that pit fishing in a very me here. About distinguishing that little factoid. Yeah. We we screwed up. Front that is -- you -- that means they're number one Ryan bell. Brian bell is his chief of staff about all of the drunk driving. And after. He -- -- really offensive racial remarks just an Irish cops in Boston Rondo gets locked up for drunk drag. And about Patrick is forced to fire not just because they're drunk driving back because of the appallingly. Racist remarks he made to the Boston Police and witnesses. That's -- Ryan well. Discard reassigned to Deval -- count of fraud other headlines lately -- hired him well aren't payroll. Is it only -- what I. Well -- -- -- it's a big deal that isn't great -- like I was -- corporate my lap ABBA. It's Democrats who have it was it was but it still -- like that this country we're putting and it still is it was applicable law. At the office. We have freebies stupid idea I think there's there's several people the White House -- a proven that. -- -- -- That's not a punishable. Offense that's not a fire able offense from the vice president and asking people who served in ivory and. Make it but it -- What may support what they re back Hillary Rodham Clinton. Secretary all say -- my. But if you land them in the middle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably that I can pray. Without hesitation tool babies but we know. -- -- -- -- -- They'll that I don't Larry -- not not -- credit mongering. About the cease fire. He's not hiring -- that fact he'd -- thank you. To. The Muslim Brotherhood which is now running Egypt so. In its current state of America could we be thinking I'm Muslim. Terrorist outfit. Four are telling another terrorist outfit not to bomb innocent civilians on a bus. Rebecca -- -- wanted you to know they should look up the word recount Yi -- Because that's happens when you're -- meters fires 700 rockets. Yeah Ian might get some rockets back yet. It's so Wal-Mart workers. Don't wanna work on Thanksgiving. Yet they can drag there app this area both the board and that involve about that in these different note today. Like that they're marketable skills somewhere else to get a better paying job. I'm just sick of these I mean even post this thing has to stick ball and the fat cats CEOs that gave themselves those big areas on the company was tanking. And any -- unions that it's saying -- I know you put it tweaking at a local Bret I don't know how that's against union policy. Absent idiots in this country and now the now. 181000. People. Lose their jobs more Lindsay stones on the unemployment rolls thanks a lot else. As anybody is. Seen my whole. Can't you tell me Riordan. I don't feel more often -- City Hall plaza. Risk currently and -- them and. That's terrible. That's terrible habit I simply not -- the point man it's gonna spend Thanksgiving that would be army air. Thomas Antonin spending Thanksgiving in the hospital said that made this. -- in the latest on him Murray in the apparel. Not gubernatorial. Material typical bit. Other crash and -- actually came out at the following out. I want to be the governor. It records -- we see where you -- I thought there are those of you part of crash marrying his refusal they had herself on records. I was up to no good. Hidden. If you know what I mean. Another common sense to buy it dumped phone. He used. -- taxpayer funded state phone to conduct whatever I'm toward business he was conducting in his pajamas at 4 in the morning when he got into the act -- I found this job I got a phone. If you. Well it's Wednesday though. I'm not. ArQule I can't tell by how -- standards -- -- she's not for the -- of very flattering picture ever I would say it how I would call her not guilty. But she's incredibly unattractive just because of her visual pine if you. That was your last jump the line message thank you for calling out retired U. OK so the mind. Heading south for the winter don't be account -- American auto transporter the naval shipyard car for you go to A ship car dot com. In the latest -- in my area apparel. Gubernatorial. Material that it will -- you shot.