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Lacking Respect At Arlington

Nov 21, 2012|

Lindsey Stone of Plymouth Massachusetts posted on facebook a photo of herself with with her mouth wide open flipping the bird to a sign that read Silence and Respect near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Many outraged people were calling for her to be fired from her job at a disabled care facility. Guest host Michele McPhee disagreed.

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Should Lindsay stone who posted a photo over south Lebanon burned an Arlington national cemetery be fired. I mean it is disrespectful. I mean technical -- different -- she's -- she's complete -- But the best part of Circuit City was that are -- didn't actually defend that precious he inherit parent talk about how perfect their child is he was appalled. You -- it nice to see an apparent appalled by the kid's behavior for change. Like you know that that's the data would have smacked her upside the face if he could have seen her actually -- -- that disrespectfully. Don't think people think she should be fired. Well oddly enough I thought it would be a little bit higher by 67%. Think she should be fired. -- president and should work for the government I wish some of the -- she works for plays up for disabled people where there are a lot of bats that are disabled with anybody should have an appreciation. For what veterans go through and how how -- a place on national cemetery as she is one of those people. Her own father said that she should be fired. Her own and not have suggested. Why is struck you should be suspended I mean the things that we have seen people do here in the state -- -- somebody when they do something job related and you -- Britain's channel and this is basically judgment related. -- I had a family member and that place I would not want a girl who has got poured judgment anywhere near than taking care of them who knows -- now she would do. And the complete lack of respect for veterans on top of it now I I want out and so do. Currently 67%. 67%. Of the people won her I think that she should it -- sounds a penalty by firing her her job is that too harsh. 877 point 69 point 322 because that will be our apple. And we are talking about it because the picture is. And it's quietly and -- and she is -- and rightly. For taking this photograph but I am not grow -- -- enterprise. Did you in a public. You in the private slash -- as those pseudo private public and cities this facility where she works. The heat with a -- and of self respect. And not post that photograph. At UB heating like complete and so. Should be son she came. The thing. -- that the idea and no one was fired last year the outrages in an -- senator Scott brown and I wish she talked more about this during the campaign. But he tackle that issue of Arlington national cemetery losing bodies. Burying the wrong bodies. Showing such disrespect. To the men and women who laid down their lives in the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Those people from Arlington national cemetery in some of them on military themselves should have been fired. But none of them -- so egregious being complete idiot and taking an offensive picture. And then acting even more foolishly imposing that picture let's. -- lack of regard for the veterans that you worked where in the family in your very own dignity and that fire able offense. But is now worse than what happened at Arlington national cemetery one people's bodies. Went missing. When they would buried under the wrong graves Stalin what do you think I'd met here on the highly our show with Michelle McPhee. I. Yeah I really think she should be hired. That was our dishes well not just -- the gambling -- back to the country and the Adams who had -- -- To try to say this country G should be fired. And adaptable. Well I needed the -- that you do have a point because this girl was nine and she's not a girl she's a woman she's thirty results is not a juvenile in 1980 in the should be. Behavior like a juvenile she is there. As part of her -- And that's what I I think people I know appalling because it was client sponsored trip. Look at examples studying and somebody -- an actress for -- -- do that. So our young kids if she can't be responsible. Adult children needs to be fired. -- an example of our. I cut out what to talk a little bit about the positive side of the story. Were you thrilled to see her father actually say her behavior was disgusting and appalling she wasn't raised like -- I remember the last time. That a parent actually had something negative to say about appalling behavior. I mean remember little. I savages on the bus in New York State. That terrorized that elderly woman and that parent came out in defended the kids saying it's suffered enough. Well it's it's it's I think very uplifting to see a father. Who actually called his very own got a disrespectful -- -- maybe she should pay a penalty that includes firing. I commend him for being -- all I commend him -- Are really in -- what's right and actually he's teaching her election she cannot deal. And this is our current rates are already being deceased did not with too many things we don't need somebody who. Grow up and let the American drinks so our. -- disrespectful at bell who did spike for. Glad thank you very much away and but I I'm sorry he you know this kind of garb lives rolls downhill. And we have the president. -- the United States. And we have the vice president of the United States showing their very own versions of disrespect to our veterans and to a fine. If you remember their Navy SEALs. Who were slain this year their parents were absolutely appalled that they got computerized. And signed a letter from the commander in chief. And who could forget what Joseph Biden. Said to the father. Tyrone what he was one of the former Navy SEALs who died in and got meany mean are very crass remark very belittling remark. To the family. Of that navy seal. So how would you expect this woman. Who works with disabled veterans steer show respect when we are. Seeing a lack of respect from the highest. Levels of government what do you think -- should be fired. Absolutely first of all. Michelle she's thirty years old accused let it all mom and -- You know served in the military apparently and I guess the -- is what that all right is she out. The ball there be challenging authority this real good example of that old generation is she said. Earlier she had a picture of herself smoking -- smoking side. Yeah -- you know operate urged challenging authority. But I think you can be fired nowadays are sexist remark or racist remark you can be fired for just about anything. And I think the company did you commute -- to be at route to a -- -- -- server where we which serves so. I think this company has every right in the world as they don't like you don't represent our our our company. Like it like to see an app on and I think it's a thousand that's. Besides a rumble around this girl's Ulster when he was seven or eight yelling could be worth -- -- the words. They just say now what is the one that doesn't joked I think there would be shut down pretty fast and it. The double standard. Thank -- of west Borough Baptist Church wackos kind of followed her around with some of the rhetoric that -- fire I think Israelis and the pollen. Well he's got that they've probably got to think that this is great because that's exactly -- based apple but we out the brother lives somewhere. It was with respect to our political correctness. They just do the right thing because Morales right now in the military. Is not really very high because as having wall there. Fight their hands tied behind their acts and this kind of stuff just makes even worse for our young people wanna go and serve. I hope she's fired and I hope you -- the last will people really radically destroy like -- the future let's. Well I guess -- at their worst part of it and is that she claims now to be so apologetic and thank you for the call. But she was begged to take down this photo but thirty days. Thirty days. So she left -- up their per month her friends say take it down take it down ticket down. And she didn't take it down and tell her employer -- and now she's apologetic. HT disrespectful. She. Unbelievably stupid yes and yes does she deserve to be fired doesn't reach that level. Does free speech protect eating beans in Brussels. At the wet road Baptist Church is protected is this in the soap employment Wendy stone at thirty year old who can't even. I'll Muster up the where the Altima about it her parents' house what do you think Jack and -- on how to -- atomic feet. Yeah I musical might under the you know not to protect this studio woman -- native force mistakes. She's gonna get fight -- everybody's focusing on that what happened before but I'll probably United States from mistake that he made. Hillary Clinton made that's all bought into the cup but already. Well I -- that it is for me. The mistake was I think me so much worse when Joseph Biden made that. Horrific remark I'm sorry I I was so offended that he would think that it would be appropriate to talk about that dead. Patriot in the way in which he did in front of his father. And take in to use he now. Our reference to his private parts if you well that's as far as about. But there's no good total lack of regard and respect can you imagine if someone said that TR wife about when he -- sons who are -- -- -- -- country. It up to leave it up to you to speak that way -- this young -- -- -- -- -- -- what's the big -- everybody's sort of -- her wish because going -- present the United States the way. He traded the father -- for all of that. One of the Navy SEALs here and also Hillary Clinton -- up the trying to take the hit. That's what should be focusing on. Exactly I'm with you Jack believe me I mean -- Jay leno's been on absolute fire lately and the joke that Chris played. In the intro common and Chris Korea leno's joke that is just perfect and on point. But it's so true Jack that this is what we should be focusing on -- she continued to demand the chances from Barack Obama but let's face it. You've heard the press conference last week you heard the reporter from abroad -- newspaper. Which is allegedly one of the best in the country here. Heard that reporter. And heard. In remarks of the president never -- you used Mr. President all I just thought. Here are amazing I knew I had never seen anything like it so when not to talk about being Ghazi. -- not gonna talk about what went wrong allies that we're told by mail bomber in Hillary and secretary. Clint didn't secretaries Spain and you US ambassador Susan Rice. I -- just that how appalling it is of people I think any criticism of her across the sexes or racist Atlanta help. But that ban on Kyle -- Obviously General Petraeus at the searching the home and his mistress Paula -- well the FBI said it found classified material on her personal computer. Thank agents said she had more information about the Gaza than our UN ambassador Susan Rice okay. And so they can Jack for the -- 100% right we should be focusing on these real questions now this and her job as under no obligation to keep her but what she did was stupid. It wasn't treasonous. And we continue to talk about the stupid in the name but might let you weigh in on the stupid in the Nina on the Alec our show with Michelle McPhee. Good afternoon which are you on gala night from its opening for -- -- -- first -- all in our twenties certainly you're retired army veteran. Global -- on their little what I don't hear anybody talking about it affect what you -- it all go to all that. But Jack aren't -- -- -- secure that right. I. Ever got right and she does have the right because I did from criminal brought. Well I don't like the right stuff like ought to protect them or not all of them. But there I'd wanna be that stupid -- that's what you write what you cited the -- the punishment should be -- that. And I are bad -- fire in -- Or should it -- Gupta report judgment to go to like why -- trusting other human souls or care. Just -- torture is a good social adult world. And that's exactly the point it's intimate night she said it -- I had a feeling and there I would certainly question her judgment and that's why they private company that employed her. And by the way she was on a work related trip with. The residents of this program that she works for. Like ink in Hyannis Port. They went to Washington DC they go to the sacred Arlington national cemetery and she takes its ridiculous photograph of one of her friends did. I've -- flipping the bird to the silence in respect sign and you know mock screaming right in front of it. -- -- such it was challenging authority -- certainly wasn't the time nor the place and that's an understatement. To do such a thing. But there are things about it that are much worse they go unpunished to light the atrocities that took place it on to national cemetery just last year no one was -- that. You know or elevate the grapes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Smart or -- the missing bodies I mean you're real travesty is that took place at Arlington national cemetery I know no one army commander on the sword for but nobody else got fired or reassigned. Well it won't be that the -- the bottom line there's just not decency left in this country that politicians here respect for anybody in the -- -- there's. There on the I don't know what I wanna -- because like electric and what I've got a right to do. Aaron you know back and actually used to say you're right struck -- your arm into my golf. Exactly like this I'm Tokyo thank you for the call you know like officer Mike in New Hampshire is that it doesn't matter. What's more egregious a private company has every right to fire her. And that's exactly right she is free to put up who she wants as an employer. You are not compelled to keep her employed but doesn't rise to the level of firing that's the big question what do you think Bobby on the comic our show with Michelle McPhee. What happened yet but she did anything to photograph a -- umpire went viral I wonder. I suspect they do a lot. The Secret Service would be visiting her her basement apartment and parents house and you know it. -- they had -- they can do that they can get thicker where am I. -- -- -- -- -- -- I really think that -- reflection of are the occasional bit in our country and -- -- culture and they do not teach anything about -- it. I don't know what -- does the president the United States think the story that they put out. About combined Doherty who grew up right here in Winchester Massachusetts his family still lives here in Massachusetts. And Tyrone was those two former Navy SEALs the initial report. Sounded as if that insinuated that that those two men. Had lost track of ambassador Christopher -- some -- in -- with the final there are none of that morning I was on. There and I think that is ridiculous that story doesn't make any sense what so ever did it would never -- on behind it former Navy SEALs there. This still operatives in and a private contracting firm. Gimme a break. And it turned out eight head. Responded to the scene out of a sense of beauty. And -- town 6060. Cost styles in al-Qaeda before they finally succumbed to their own injuries that's story doesn't -- now. What type I am not egregious than a thirty year old do nothing flipping up the sign in Arlington national cemetery for FaceBook joke. What -- -- -- it you're the media it. That that they know they're not. While you write about that that's exactly what they do that's why it's it's been it's been I think. Expand ferry nice to hear Jay Leno actually take on some of those atrocities. Hello MJ on Alec our show right ahead what do you think. Well first and long turning Lebanon and -- -- -- -- just an amazing Smart women -- Just let me think I am getting attic at right now I don't know what the topic matter is -- that the the -- -- on being rock which she should be fired. We talk about how one min nicknamed Wendy stone and thank you under for the kind words that she's thirty -- old and other you know. Much ado about living at home of their parents sorry that's a sign of immaturity as a full time job. She got full time job is that hi Ian it's based light incorporated which is a nonprofit that helps adults with special needs including disabled facts. Now that that term -- ink took forty residents and eight staff members to Washington DC. They went to Arlington national cemetery. And this part of the story that I think had people that messed her supervisor. Took this picture of her behaving in an incredibly disrespectful manner and today. She was -- screaming in front of the silence in respect Stein and flip the bird. You know -- can't -- think that it's terrible and especially since -- why it's such it. And I look at an alarm the public can and if you go back in history. It seems like every democratic president has an immoral and it's cheated on their lives. And like get me some I think about it is like we all the White House as people not the president with the people out. What Clinton did in the White House that we don't know we don't have to try to act. Why he I think he then fired on that game and that. Came out of what Monica Lewinsky and then you know how that happening and get away with that it's it's. So that it but that was just a point that it can make that. They they -- and Iraq for things like that where that Tunisia that -- -- -- You know fireball and -- -- -- and I think you know she. I mean Andy where were all aware that John Kerry has been touted as a possibility for secretary of state. But about this how manner and represent. Our public safety in the united states military -- he tossed his medals. On to the cold Derek. Doesn't matter anyone -- it shows a complete lack of respect for what he and his comrades. Did in this service to check the on the ground is that they didn't matter I mean does that matter to people. Or is it add more assembled that he's going to take on authority and I mean depends on your point of view that's the people about this woman. Lindsay stuff should she be fired well there's supervisor took the photo so then that raises the question that two people. Should face -- Who -- lack of judgment the underlying by the supervisor who took the picture. And is it as important to you though that a woman for private firm flipped. Outside in the Barrett. Or is it a little bit more jarring that last year Arlington national cemetery bodies were missed placed. A buried under the wrong graves down those -- the real issues what do you think Chris you are next on the Alec -- -- welcome. Obvious. I think our buttons be just a lot of freedom of speech issue you know when you go in the work place. You know you have to. You know act court link to -- -- -- yet you know you don't see somebody. -- movie tickets and at all for instance -- sort of stated I mean you know -- you have to behave with a certain date or me in a place of work and you know this rating. Obviously. You know what way out of the line -- it would percent of the supervisor did it I mean you know you could you could. Change that they have -- took something out like good base smoked Obama's job Burke. -- the other factors. They did something wrong that negated at work if they think that that saw their -- It would be terrible and would be evident similar conversation but it would be a private citizen making a stupid statement on their own time but the fact that she did it. While she was networks. She needs to go. While I in Chris a lot of people agree with you reality is is subject of our poll question which can take it how I cart dot com. By it to meet its speaks today did the idea. That you might have free speech but there are consequences. -- this photograph up on FaceBook. From month even though they were offended friends of hers and other veterans who begged her to take it down. Was only after this became a story in the Boston Herald by Jessica has on that she became so mortified. And the company became mortified that they had to put her on unpaid leave. I mean what is more agreed to this woman flipping the bird which I can't imagine anyone be heating. In that way at Arlington national cemetery if anyone -- men there and I can't imagine conjuring up. The idea of doing that I can she be fired for that's the big question this is how it our show. Welcome back this is -- our show with Michelle McPhee 187746943220. As we're talking about this photograph. That was taken by a thirty year old woman who went on anti national cemetery. And showed an incredible lack of judgment in front of the tomb of the -- console. She took a picture offers are actually her supervisor. At like Hank took a photograph of her lip thing. A sign in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier that reads silence in respect she's flipping the bird and -- screaming in front of the time. Now people are apoplectic calling for her to be fired this has erupted into a massive. Media outcry from the public. And what's. My position. I could care less whether this woman gets fired and not. She lives of their parents if she gets fired it's just another person collecting EDT and food stamps. This is just another check on the dole she gets fired at it really doesn't matter to me. There are a lot of people who do matter though and we don't have this seems not a passion about making sure that they get fired. Think what happened this week. Sheila Burgess. -- has thirty driving infractions now Chris you and I Democrat on the tab about me being a bad driver. And -- of a terrible driver you have my friend Colin and say. I'm a bad driver not a bad as these so called director of highway safety. Put there by about Patrick making 82 -- yet. That had experience with highway safety other than in many many many infractions. Including trying to flee from the police officer. That she had racked up. Most recently she took this eight car that we are all paying for and slammed it into a stone's somewhere in Dorchester she hasn't been back to work cents. Now shocking happy at the Boston Globe broke the story on Sunday. About Sheila Burgess. And Deval Patrick said well it was a mistake a higher -- either. But it does -- passionate outcry have you heard this seems sort of response. Arab parent the state. But it's packed with no experience other than raising money the Democrats. When she or reassign. Instead of fired from her job the woman's been stealing my sense oddest when she went out injured again I came back. After reminder and a -- Is this woman put the emperor. Which is the public even don't bother called her appalling. This disrespectful. FaceBook photo. To that level of the blatant deep worry that we have been subjected to a Massachusetts taxpayers I don't think so. What do you think traits -- next on how our show. I'm a veteran artists they've got our -- saw their joy with veterans. Our that all there are getting out of it got so. Just watch works out by -- Should be barred. I think Jewish voters aren't. Bad spots but all. All church but it. To -- short respect or a little bit more about why our respect those people -- walkers brought. Salt because -- check. Or the government should step for quite which. So all. I mean it's can I interest as somebody who is -- on -- national cemetery I imagine be heating and such a way. I mean it is absolutely secret anyone who has been there has felt that that off at you know the sacrifice. Like walking into -- church. I. -- It is to know. Like but forgot -- you brought. About it straight yes or -- You'll do. -- don't you think that there have been many more Travis d.s and atrocities inflicted upon veterans and that's this girl showed a shocking lack of judgment absolutely. She's -- -- father said she was discussing essentially. But is there. I think. Things that have risen to the level where people should be fired for example the appalling -- what some of our returning. Veterans who have made that ultimate sacrifice. -- flag draped coffins are missed placed -- buried in the wrong grade I mean to me that was so much more egregious. Then Enid down thirty year old woman -- parents. Got all that -- cycles the organ that bet. That's got to respect boat. Don't put in court shall we say. Are quite up barrel where -- She should never -- but. All who knows -- article world. They get those possession. -- sort -- report due out orders. Bell spoke to us so we -- this person because so people should know all our. Our. I don't pretty that's what I am I I shake my -- and that is a little bit and it went east on. Is despicable. She mocked the very people they gave her the right to -- -- and sector remarkably stupid manner. But it's not to me as. -- reprehensible. As some of the hack -- that have been made it out. To unqualified fools at the hands of Deval Patrick and the people continue to rob stay in and day out. And I just don't see the same level about -- I mean you have to think about it -- Eric you know veterans programs have been cut the state of Massachusetts because it brought. It so you know as a veteran at some of the programs aimed at helping returning veterans have been cut a slash as a matter of fact we couldn't even get enough money in the budget. -- as a group that have been working very hard to build a memorial to the slain in Iraq and Afghanistan from Massachusetts and that death told sadly more than 2000 now. And we couldn't come up with the money in the budget. To build the memorial to those people from Massachusetts who died in Iraq and Afghanistan because they're so busy. I you know paying off these tax and you know showed jobs like Sheila -- it's. So I see idiot I could care less about her whether or not she gets fired. But I do -- whether or not this Sheila Burgess gets reassigned which is another word for getting a 100000 dollar job and believe me later in the starting giving ten examples. About Sheila Burgess is at the hands of Deval Patrick. All of -- the worst part about that. -- stay -- -- -- higher bad parts. But what jobs are. All sit there -- back courts. Let's stick mode auto broke -- broke. You -- -- people can know what's it all slide. -- that -- glory could sit and everything else oh aren't you -- about the puck out of public. But what are urged state art you know all of us what got. -- -- -- You're right it is expiring and replaced by a veteran -- -- and a couple of the firing at a higher. A veteran in her place and I drove by the West Roxbury VA recently and they had a sign. Jobs the -- and BG editor. I just shook my head that this really the best we can do products really rich you are next on how it -- -- welcomed. I'm sure -- harder today how why you. I agree with you in art it really get to coach about -- still it's unfortunate. Her HBO -- you would think should know better and I'm sure parents to treat -- GH a better. It's sad commentary young kids they have no respect for any bank. President doesn't have any respect I mean look at the island coffin on Memorial Day after he went to the tomb of the unknown soldier himself -- got to observe the moment -- -- -- he told the rest of us to observe. So quick to jump all over this girl and we show it Wendy stone thirty year old who flipped the bird at the tomb -- the you know soldier. On a work trip. Well I I think we can take umbrage at that treatment that the -- have gotten from. The very highest commanders in office. But you know the other thing I want it should -- are optimistic here are downwind at the targets hit job title that was inside job. What concerns me more than anything else to being Archie appears be an inside joke that almost are changing every day we have the gators in the store in new light. And I think select committee like the -- old you know while Watergate. -- committee should be investigated but all of these investigators from every house committee together and want. Oh after its old model they wanna find out who murdered these -- Well I'm with you -- we have to get some sort of into Baghdad the I don't know Iraq. Not all of your -- mark I just reiterate there is little piece of good news in the story that's appalling story about this thirty year old idiot. Nice to see -- father was not like oh my precious -- in doing things and appalling that that. He actually came out and said this is reprehensible. She's browse. Audience and that but he did say that he's embarrassed and appalled and mortified by her behavior it's nice to actually hear that. As opposed to didn't nonstop incessant everybody gets a trophy attitude -- that we yet. And parents today would you agree. I would absolutely agree Michelle and I don't know if you -- if you saw. Beauty is. You know so let him speaking. -- me he was -- was he was being in the debt and just you know what I I I only hope. -- I I only hope and pray that he's not a veteran that is that doesn't become so distraught. By by what he is. -- -- That he doesn't -- it -- be lipped W went light himself on fire with a K and aghast I saw this may have broken heart. I did did doobie was not he was not given a statement in the name of this daughter. I think he told his story you know what I think instead -- about. Upstairs or get over your laps I also will be just came out here and just and should just. Let me do what I can do about this I -- I mean I agree with you mark I was very heartened by the father's response because at least it was a man's response my daughter -- he didn't disgusting -- way. I am mortified by her behavior and if she's -- Selby yeah it was nice to see somebody be even that way. I can tell you that that's exactly what you know my -- nine. So -- and -- yeah. Exactly. I don't I don't think you are better I am I'm sixty years -- I don't wanna tell -- what I probably would have done. But but but you know what I understand that explanation it was publicized you know she was she was. Well plays I mean there is no explanation. Upload limit -- apple actually losing a connection but thanks for the call Kim you are next on how we are so welcome. We liked him Ali thanks again. I am a mother. And so in the military. Spoke currently in the military stationed in the end I also take -- -- special need. And I think all users a day. And it's it's. It's it's not apple are out there. A lot of you know that actual consequence of it let. Well they make excuses they get ADH eats whether it's -- -- and you know lack. Well our our. System and the body. Why is she our line is. All. All right yeah I mean it's and you know we're all talking about her because she behaved inappropriately. But those guys are at her job whose name is Jamie shoe I don't know how you pronounce it as. CH UH according to -- Jamie shoe took the photo she should be fired till they both showed a shocking shocking lack of respect Imus Shattuck the we are the -- --