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The Gaza Strip Show Down

Nov 21, 2012|

Hamas today blessed the terrorist bombing of a bus in Tel Aviv today. They did not claim responsibility. Guest host Michele McPhee asked the listeners what side of the Gaza Strip dilemma did they come down on?

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We are going to talk about the yet what is going on. Between Israel. In. Outside you know what's happening with the bonds. Go to Clinton actually came out and said and we wanna thank Morrissey so we're talking in the break. It's here that did you just think the Muslim Brotherhood for brokering the peace agreement on it gave that Hamas celebrated. The bombing of the box. And Tel Aviv do we just can't -- I think we didn't ma. -- the united America do we actually expressed gratitude. To a terrorist organization. Because they told another terrorist organization. To stop dragging. Civilians. Via motorcycle through the streets did you see that appalling photograph. Anybody it's 774694322. Hamas. Tying. Someone that they call they -- in Israeli sympathizer to the back of a motorcycle and dragging him through the streets you can see that photograph on my FaceBook page. It it's really mind blowing the insanity. That is taking place right now audience -- it that's taken place in to see it like that. Is truly appalling. But then we decide looked up -- -- the headline. -- That the president and the secretary of state Hillary Clinton we're thanking. The Egyptian leaders. For brokering the peace agreement. BO. Think that this peace agreement is going to -- to place this history. It's 774694322. And more importantly did think it can happen here. Canton explode on a bus like it didn't Tel Aviv. And terrorists. Actually celebrate and act like Hamas did just reading some of its postings. So Hamas spokesman says and I quote. How must blesses the attack in Tel Aviv and sees -- at a natural response to Israeli massacres. Palestinian factions were resort to all means in order to protect our Palestinian civilians. In the absence of a world effort. To stop the Israeli aggression. -- not to say that you opened the gates of hell on yourselves. Hamas. Said. On Twitter using Twitter. Oh zionists you have to drag yourself out of -- go back home now affected Germany Poland Russia and America and anywhere else. That's. And we are banking. Egyptians for brokering. A peace agreement. Mean we have Hamas militants firing at civilians and blowing up -- buses. And now we have but it can we -- Hillary Clinton today. Talking a little bit about the cease fire. What I argue is going to be temporary crews are getting it from the secretary right now. Or it is personal leadership to DS escalate the situation. In Gaza and end the violence. This is a critical moment for the region. Egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility. And leadership. That has long made this country eight cornerstone. Regional stability and peace the United States welcomes the agreement today for a ceasefire in Gaza. Korea to halt their rocket attacks must stand a broader cop return. The people didn't deserve that chance to live free from fear and violence and today's agreement is a step in the right direction. That we should build on. Now we have to focus. On reaching eight terrible outcome and that promotes regional stability and advances the security. Dignity and legitimate aspirations. Of Palestinians. And Israelis alike. President Marcy and I discussed how the United States and Egypt can work together to support the next steps in that process. In the days ahead the United States will work. Its partners across the region to consolidate this progress. Improve conditions for the people of Gaza. Provide security for the people of Israel. Conditions for the people of Gaza and provide security for the people of Israel. They have. Hillary Clinton praising. Egypt. Egypt does it by this idea that the Muslim Brotherhood. Which is right now leading Egypt. Was responsible for negotiating a cease fire. And what's even more frightening that this could happen here. -- -- celebrated. Celebrated that bomb blasts. Took somebody in tied him to a motorcycles and drag him through the streets because. He was deemed an Israeli sympathizer. In given all we know. About the failure -- being daddy to protect American citizens from a Qaeda. Should paying more attention to what's happening. When -- the bus blast rocking. One of our allies. In Tel Aviv. When Hamas is celebrating right handing out little sweet cakes. All love not does not. An Israeli does weary like I am 8774694322. It is us just why you believe but fondled. By the American. Secretary is the raising. -- in such a way should that be -- should we be praising this guy for negotiating a cease fire. How much should we really be saying. In regards to this so called cease fire especially when we have seen a travesty -- That are being inflicted. What -- so called Israeli sympathizers in the celebrations when. And it's in people aren't dying it's in saying. Rebecca what do you think you are next on how -- our show. Oh. You know -- kind of -- war on call from buddy and I. Not an empathetic I don't think I -- but I don't push Palestinians. -- concentrate. On. -- I dare you edge and it actually doesn't it's loaded with talent. I -- an article. Is an. Ad and not much is correct in what they're doing at all. How can they get that nobody can push their medical and it. Is. Seeing as Spain and so -- back -- suggesting that -- ridge should lead someone to. Propellant rockets at innocent civilians. And I can't turn on. Like content. And some core porn into your -- -- -- Thanks will push came to an easy to do something about that a -- -- CN I think that this is just a community response it's enough and did -- Backers are suggested to defend it -- Offended by electricity and storage I decided to blow up a bus full of innocent civilians in Tel Aviv. If that's -- didn't mobbed in it was. It's. Just frustrated they decided to blow up little kids -- drags -- -- him -- and you. -- out and. Neither Democrat interrelated. On an apple -- and growing a little kids like what you credit that Israel -- both great. Because first back screen and I don't -- And you know that and today Rebecca. All hell broke purely pulled on how early it is and they haven't done anything about it it's happening in United States you'll get it. You're you're coming -- Check out there are so and -- are. Not suggesting -- my neighbors that irritating you yours Rebecca. They have loud party weddings I mean all they'd be aides say the trombone and I don't want them to do. The smell. And yeah well. And -- I'm Barack. Talking about -- Tolerating terrorism that's how. It. -- I didn't like that isn't victims at a blown up I'm I'm laugh. You don't think art and let's remember telling children. Because they're doing that and. Rebecca you sound absolutely insane we are talking about terrorists who is celebrating terrorism much like it of people. The Gaza Strip. Who celebrated. Went three and 43 New York City firefighters Whitney York city -- 37 Port Authority police officers 2009 earning 96 civilians among my friends. When murdered on nine elevenths and there was celebrations in places like it and why not talking about. Is the idea that come -- came -- said you deserve it. You deserve to die we bless this attack -- and give people to celebrate it. -- There's. Only celebrate parent. You know. -- -- an ideal that no matter what you know. A -- I don't automatically stand by the US in my country and I certainly not gonna stand by the terrorists. Who dragging people through the streets -- motorcycle. Like savage animals now I will not notable not pick the side of terrorist organizations and heating -- sweets the little kids to celebrate a bomb blast that cut down civilians knowing it will not Rebecca. And affecting you do as a -- Am sure the -- the people who voted -- on the line irresponsible. For the unbelievable match. That this country finds itself and -- yes Rebecca. I am gonna take the patriotic stance with my country the US because I am a patriot living here in the US. Yes her background sonic fetuses Alec our show. This -- This is how we card show Crist spoke quickly welcomed. Yeah -- ever practiced it must be out there and she -- further than I feel. There's -- a wonderful propaganda game they got it eleven ethnic eager open and they got to do the same inning and the Democrats like that. Rush and it all runs today saying that -- bailed out uneducated. Bat. The truth that unfortunate come -- to acknowledge -- the back on top light weight eat it eat a lot. And I -- -- -- that up. Eight were right now which is so important problem and that's why not that's what we batted around and it began. And my right and what was the right now but that it. On the ball go -- -- -- unfortunately it's unbelievable you know she voted for two acted. I understand it feed it did die out -- -- --