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Maureen LaQuierre On Illegal Alien Distruction

Nov 21, 2012|

The sister of a victim of an illegal alien drunk driver called in to discuss how they are destroying the lives of legal citizens and how the Governor of the Commonwealth and the President are turning a deaf ear to illegal alien crime.

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Yeah it's astonishing. Astonishing to be what -- aviator we are why we are gonna talk about that. At 6 o'clock. And the estate illegal tuition now I know that many do you have all of knowingly and but I don't know how many of you my Boston neighbors guard here. New real estate assessments. Cindy you know that my Condo is worth 60000. Dollars more now. That was three years ago somehow in the ghetto in East Boston. -- doing real estate values have been skyrocketing you mean yet because exactly that real estate guys have been skyrocket. Talking about the fiscal clip we have to raise taxes. Today. Have to raise taxes. They have at least on the people bots and are you guys on the -- did you get your -- spent. So yeah equals well you know on -- My Condo association is trying to convince me like this is great for resale value OK I can't afford to go anywhere so what does -- mean right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He can't afford to go anywhere -- can't put to go anywhere in my properties in reassess -- Just -- taxes went up. Once I mean I was doesn't even taken I was I was thinking I can just see like you were -- tear your apartment -- -- is so I'm sorry. I you know what everybody is indeed change are targeting -- It taxing that's -- property taxes have gone up taxes have already. Gone up. -- is. Really depressing to me what I hear all of these people saying any and now if we don't solve the issue up Washington and attacks is getting a lot of rich people have to pay for EB ET. Gimme crowd folks. Yeah -- seeing our taxes go -- would you agree 877 point six died what 322 that dates at a seven point 69. -- -- -- -- Why don't really -- that my property taxes are about to skyrocket. And it's to pay -- illegals. To get in state tuition here in Massachusetts. And that's teams there. I have friends. Who. Pay taxes here in Massachusetts they work here in Massachusetts. Who work there Massachusetts to them drive back -- in New Hampshire homes. Did their kids get in state tuition. No. But if you parents broke the -- I came to this country illegally. In you don't need to go to and just let. They're all he's working folks who will hate you. Italy's folks who are going to make sure. That you. Can go to to call it right here in Massachusetts with in state tuition and people. Out there who act absolutely apoplectic over that and they should be and one of them is Maureen Macquarie. And her brother Richard Rossi was murdered by no legal driving around illegally. Can you imagine a slap in the face that was delivered to her family. When she realizes that Deval Patrick when the state is supposed to be dead broke. Had announced that he indeed will allow illegals to go to school in this state. I die they will get the in state rate. Yeah. It's disgusting. City. More disgusting. Yesterday I went out to allow western Massachusetts. To go to a little reception. And to work with some journalists out there. I had the pleasure of meeting senator Mike can -- our public and from. -- In my tactic -- meet -- appalling news now Massachusetts up what it's just a lot out wasteful programs here in Massachusetts. And the people that I think we do we need to take care of and I don't put them in the gimme crowd category -- bought tickets. In this it's. Pockets of student financial assistance has always had this program. And scrub pots of child tuition waiver in the assistance program and it is it's designed to provide financial support. By higher education to Foster kids in state custody. Who -- never adopt. It believe these kids have few support systems. And without the benefit apparent to support Foster children. Who's -- either party filled with numerous obstacles and I think we can all agree. Face it did you challenge of financing their education and -- as students in higher education institutions. What it's because. His cab this he had assistance program and help some reduce kid yet. And how can get through some of these -- Now. Can't pick Kimi do you holing news that the five star child tuition waiver and be assistance program is now dead because they have no money. So straight about Patrick we have no irony of Foster kids who aborted reads in the US sometimes and horrific conditions but we have play any money for illegals. Is this just makes sense to any of the -- it's 77 point 69. 4322 that's 877469. 4322. Gary you are next on how to. Our -- I Gary. Aren't I would go to but I -- American. I mean not like Rebecca was said that I am in an apologetic patriot if I defend Israel. Or decried the actions of terrorists and Hamas who celebrated today's bomb blast in Tel Aviv. -- Or people on both part of -- sense of that deal but and so far in state tuition thing. I -- My free tuition are way four years of service so that country in the military. I have to say that there's much -- I don't like being people who haven't earned something that opening free. I mean even today line I want Politico sure maybe because it's best for the record fine for hours among other things. With the part I don't know -- something and it looked as you know. But you know -- succumbed -- -- and obviously these these you know. It's pretty programs for everybody. Wanna jump on. Aren't carrying Larry you're somebody who did at the right way use certain day. -- if somebody if one of these two green children to serve in the military for four years in get out and go to college on GI bill I applaud them I welcome Barbara. I'm -- are actually serving in the military who are illegal for children of illegal. And again I let's slow down. Now they're -- or -- -- -- looked at which is it matters what you say. Italy's you know -- we support these people for their entire lives or. Do we subsidize their -- somewhat in this open question as -- look pretty. -- -- it's not there you know tuition waived if they have the -- in state ready. Which means they'll probably have to get either some kind of part time job what has. The point is that after they -- well hopefully where they have a -- hopefully they'll -- -- -- hopefully in this state become productive citizens. And you know that's a -- Yeah make -- Gary there's so many different ways so much to achieve that goal and again I'm with you I applauded I want them to be working I don't want to be on the dole and certainly college. As a pathway. -- is it fair to give them. In state tuition and not. People who actually pay taxes in the state of Massachusetts like my friends live in New Hampshire. I mean it's an issue of fairness it's not about trying to keep them on the dole it's an issue of fairness that we speaking of fairness I know one woman. Who does not find this system fair at all as a matter of fact it's a kick in the got to her name is the -- Macquarie I just told you about. Her brother. Killed at the hands of an illegal immigrant and -- We know that illegal -- They sent their home -- on another heat on attacks there. Haven't spent a day in jail our whole family got a free ride home and my brother's dead. So -- Stories of -- again thank you for joining us on how Karzai oh well thank you -- happy Thanksgiving and we are gonna Iowa allows. We'll talk about some some happy topics you and I hope. In the future. But I know they did right now yard you know you're infuriated -- her right to be when you see that. The behavior that claimed the life your brother has been rewarded here in the states -- me a little bit about your brother and the circumstances under which he died. And he was killed by an illegal unlicensed illegal they came on a vacation visa. As we -- know and she never went home she was driving without a license ran a stop sign of blinking red light and one lane of traffic. Two T -- him. Spun around in a poll on offense than he -- that we -- our. -- -- through the court process everything went exactly her away. And what you mean by her way is that she was never criminally. I should formally charged but never really prosecuted because what happened admitted she was found guilty of killing her brother instead of putting term prison. Now this is a woman who was on. EDT assistant she was somebody -- is already taking advantage of the system we -- turn a clean all expenses paid back to Portugal are probably knows she could -- Vacuum and around her and her family she wanted to that court has done it never even -- back to trial they can't. Prolonging the court and and you know every month we have to go back and take time out of work and go back and if so what's taken so long and they said. Are you waiting if you want to wait till her got to finish school this school year in general. Now -- that lovely. That's lovely so her daughter who's also here illegally was attending a public school on -- -- time. As -- -- -- her import the killing your brother. And that went you know. Yes so I am infuriated by this to say -- -- along with other people who haven't even locked there. Loved ones for the simple reason that. Massachusetts's. An illegal magnet. Deval Patrick says come on down like it's the prices right it will give you went out and now we'll leaving give it to where action. And he's talking about and -- well is that it and then -- dead now is that fair that she got off Scot free now. Is that -- that they were brought here illegally now but it is we still didn't have to pay for them. And it's it's tea that somebody from out of state has to pay the top dollar. Even though they are out of state and the coming into Massachusetts they have to papal election. And they legal US citizen. Don't want many days is paying taxes here. -- in Massachusetts living over the border in New Hampshire -- paying taxes here and they don't get the same break as in at least look at. -- Now so you know -- my thing is charity begins at home. All the media and stop rewarding them. With this it is this is illegal behavior charity begins at home there are US citizens. Paying full price and yet they illegals are getting a break that's not there. And hang its annual or a really strong driving force behind what they called X number registration. Legislation. Now what this says is that little did anybody know. Illegal immigrants could register a vehicle even though they don't have a driver's license. And it is not only is it just Eagles and driving around -- painter isn't. Florie finishers driving around in registered vehicles even though they -- here early we don't have a -- it. Now you are joined forces with some of the lawmakers. Republican and Democrat alike. But -- would you be surprised to hear that this new law. But Deval Patrick signed very reluctantly. That was gonna prevent illegals essentially -- to show -- driver's -- and that the registry of motor vehicles before you put a vehicle. A deadly weapon like the one that killed her brother Richard on the road. And now the deadline is January 1 would you be shocked to hear that he registry no way. Is equipped to actually implement this new law. No I would not be shocked but it's. Hopefully -- It's just it's just I pray that this happened because it's. Like this that everything else along with that was the BP -- and everything it's just out of control. Now I was talking with someone whose company gave free Turkey last week. They came to this free Turkey. And they had nice vehicles and they had guys on they had everything that there was Manning get their return these warrants. I mean that it hits Manning to people like you because you were Stanley was victimized. Victimized and then you are victimized again and again because you have to lose time at work. In this woman took advantage of the system by allowing her child who is here illegally to finish the publicly funded school and then -- got a free ride home. Back to Portugal which is where they left from a visit texture. That wants to know. Did the killer show any remorse whatsoever marring. Not a -- Out of -- there was no remarked it was. It was almost like he was. A blank screen didn't blink and I and she had not aspect of -- Never said anything that she was sorry towards the end there are any thing and I like it that I had told you I ran into her at the grocery store. She was supposed to have on home bracelet. But she could go out to do certain duty. And I saw her at the grocery -- I mean I mean -- -- sorry that -- complete outrage that the woman response here illegally. Her kids' school illegally yup and the bills for her kid to be in school illegally a pain her lawyer who can't lawyer bill. Well off I don't know if you had a a lawyer that the fans all the illegals it's from new bad head. And he's boulders were asked. And she didn't have you for a lack of a better word -- have a pot to you know what it. Now supposedly not so I don't know who fronted Beth -- I yes you do you have an Arab -- and right right act exactly. So now I mean not only you paying for a lawyer pay per kid to go to school. Now I confronting. Your brother's killer at the grocery store up. Wish it was very likely paying for her groceries but a taxpayer funded direct deposited the cash -- DT cart. Not to mention the interpret that was -- month after month after month and not just for her an incident or is it. Somebody needs to go if they wanted to -- was attacked all of the -- Spent the day at the milk the -- house. Is this fiasco. Spending may be outside the -- Boston yes and we attacks on the going I mean you saw the takedown -- yesterday in Brockton. Where you know there are people who only that's the war. That Obama should agree to the dollar store buying bottles of -- for a -- and -- on the -- that but I dated EDT cardinals as they -- -- because people would be BT cars don't care how much a box of cereal is is an -- now part anyway. Exactly. Exactly isn't that disgusting. And it's happening over and over and over again I mean I like to remind everybody this is how his favorite story. This is only instructor apply and a buck fifty for I don't graphic -- it was on welfare. -- now and does the bill that does Deval Patrick -- not know what the word illegal mean. Does he not know what the word illegal -- and that means because he rarely I had a look at out. Yeah he doesn't know I don't think -- -- -- he's proven to us -- turn over and over again. That he takes this. Illegal behavior over the side of taxpaying citizens like healing our family totally devastated. When your brother was murdered. At they can't even illegal who should not have been in the country never mind behind the wheel. And then -- tonne TO for the grocery shop -- I -- -- die and having a kid educated on -- -- -- defending herself against the allegations I knew -- -- But I'll never for even and in not showing one I would. Remorse or regret for what she did he if you written and -- Not one. I guess at before we finish up Mari I just wanna say you know you told me devastating story about how you brother. Was a critical party of family and how it really -- By people. In your feeling his loved ones apart tell us just a little bit about richest of people know what their state of Massachusetts loss and had a legal cut him down. Rick it was a great guy he would've given you the shirt off the bat he did take neighbor that was on oxygen. Shopping every Friday. And when he didn't show up at at specific fish market that they that frequent every week. The Jonas says to his wife. He says something wrong he said did they call them Oscar his nickname was knocked up. Oscar hasn't been in and a few weeks than it was never in the paper that he had been an accident. It is nowhere was that gentleman was devastated at the loss of my brother. Like I said he would give you venture off his back and he was a quarter of a mile from his home. Getting gas as for his girlfriend. And she was going away for the weekend always doing something someone now. Always and -- it is he took his life and it did didn't matter to her or anyone else that he would then he's gone. Now you remember when Deval Patrick sat down with the maids who lost their -- -- I'm sorry. I'm Murray in the -- take you very much for joining us hope that this is how it our show. Don't think you.