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Save the Turkeys

Nov 22, 2012|

Ashley Byrne a PETA joined Mike Siegel on The Kuhner Report discussing the sanity and other fun topics related to killing and farming turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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8:8 Dana good morning ladies and gentlemen nice to have you with a surplus of talk station WRKO Mike Siegel for -- corner. Well. We know that the president. Has pardoned. Cobbler. And -- Two turkeys who were taken off the kill list. And this was at the 2012 national Thanksgiving Turkey. At a public ceremony which happened yesterday Wednesday at the White House Rose Garden. President said this. They say that life is all about second chances. In this November I could not agree more. And so well and he pardoned. The two turkeys. The president went on to say from here these two lucky -- will be swept up in a whirlwind of fame and fortune. That will ultimately lead -- to Mount Vernon. Where they will spend their twilight years. So they'll have a good life. Ashley Burton joins us from Pete and I wanna read the statement. From Ingrid -- Kirk who is the president of -- People for the ethical treatment of animals. Quote this is the statement. It makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle intelligent birds. At portrays the United States president is being in some sort of business partnership with a Turkey killing industry. Turkeys do not need to be pardoned. They are not guilty of anything other than being born into a world of prejudice. There innocence or should be respected for what they are good mothers Smart boards and interesting animals. You understand so well this was to -- Obama by the way. She said you understand so all the African Americans women and members of the lesbian gay bisexual transgender community. Have been poorly served our history. And that why am asking you to consider other living beings or ridicule belittled and traders have their sentence feelings and very nature's count for nothing. And quote. Miss Burton R&R is your organization through Ingrid knew Kirk comparing the Turkey to. African Americans or women or lesbians or gay men are bisexual or transgender people. What we're doing is asking people to expand their compassion we're asking people to compare their own offering. With avatar even realize the -- still pain and you're just like we do you. Despite the -- in how you look at this home -- we certainly want to protect them wearing. And and to do that they can you it's not support that -- Well the first -- -- let me just say I am an animal lover have a cat. -- nice young fellow and we enjoy having company together he's my companion here is put -- and I commend. What -- did and I think it was Iowa with the baby pigs where you have -- win with a surreptitious -- -- horrible abuse. Of these baby pigs being slammed against the wall I don't wanna get in the -- so grotesque or the protest against the baby seals. In Newfoundland. Things such as that. But. In the human being is part of the species that live on this planet. And just the way lions killed deer. Or ostriches I saw that and an African. Safari -- line when after an ostrich and got it. It seems to me at least. That we also recognize that yeah we do we turkeys but it's part of the cycle it's part of nature. That the vet the that is the case and a -- humanely without torture or pain. That should be a problem the symbol of the president doing what he did which has been on since George Herbert Walker Bush. Shouldn't be something -- do you want those two -- killed because the others have been killed. Now of course now by. You want people to recognize that the majority of the 46 million turkeys are being so happy Thanksgiving. I mean you mentioned doing humanely and not hurting and added that certainly not happening. They're being raised -- and accurate arm in giant thing that was so he's it's so crowded together at -- heart that the winning. And natural out. All right you know you mentioned in there -- investigations and he's done in the past. You'll be done in Turkey processing facilities you went out of butterball and we found workers. Stomping on Turkey's help to make the next load of iron and actually using the cards. And unfortunately that kind of abuse is just rampant in these facilities because workers are -- trained there. Not properly he provided that the providers don't do anything when people do complain about abuse. So you we just we think the discussions get more serious and -- you know. Pardoning a couple of Turkey but the White House -- we need to be talking about that he -- not suffering going on behind scenes. And it you know letting people know that there are alternatives even -- enjoy art conventions that having cruel to be a part of it. While I agree that if you can do it humanely that's what needs to be done. But let's go to some calls 6172666868. Peta says. As your position that we shouldn't be killing the turkeys at all. Yeah we encourage people it just. Get the Turkey also got on thinks it. -- Turkey so I'm what I'm saying is would you would your position be that -- Turkey be killed even Thanksgiving. I'm Janice I think first. -- And the right answer. All -- of I agree totally without the -- saying about. The big media industry and that's why I'm unsure where every area while -- that I shot perspective and -- -- -- -- benefits -- for Christmas but I Carol. I wondered if women in the -- thinking about cruelty to animals she thinks about all that debt. That goes on in that -- so -- being courted big vegetable industry all the little -- and on picket chewed up in the confines arbor spark more -- Tired guns that get hired to comment until disputed it you may crops so that just the fact that we nuclear force for sort being field. All of the native species that used to -- and -- or are now -- -- -- over. Ashley -- about that he went out and killed a wild Turkey and and then I had then I assume. There was no pain that was an instant kill is that right. Are so so and that's even with a -- so -- what about that there was no suffering a pain in those cases. Well I mean. Or that I was in the -- not something that I would support that you would support how ever I think pat Barry -- and I I'm a lot. In common hundred in that these people find -- bad conditions aren't accurate arm to be pretty disgusting unnatural. So it and I I I wouldn't cry and I wouldn't really agree that hunting is. A -- -- practice but if you think back. You know at these animals are winning in it'd be prolonged by offering before. I think we can agree on. -- as part of the question out. He got out and you die. You know pretty soybeans and corn and other crops. And yeah they -- is something happened but the act and we need. You're eating animals to -- instead we've been and corn and you know and the crops if you're talking about -- I mean you're not. You know here. You're you're you're already Italy's other animals die in and in your mother and one topic so it it really patent. Unfortunately it patents they're -- in the animals do die in the process to breathe and that it is bad. At least you are not contribute more -- -- an animal and there is an accurate -- An idea. Yeah I'd OK so so my final point. Look look up -- -- -- -- -- -- but mine are or used to be repeated virtually credit Mark Martin used to be you be getting out here on -- you write extensively about -- will be in -- big -- -- -- industry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you very much appreciate that point to. Allen is next I believe Ellen Iran WRKO might see a Tom is next sorry about that Tom go right ahead. I think Mike I have a question for the Peter representative. Are they opposed to. Of the killing. You know global animals. Or wrong or just certain animals. We think that all animals is there are considering an American passion and that he. We we should not be causing animals in dire as proper and apparently so I mean back. To me. -- -- Can I point out a little bit of hypocrisy here. The Peta organization. Basically. Looks the other way it will when we look at the issue of abortion and isn't that killing of of yeah of an animal -- that causes a great -- looking in the morning. And why did competed take a position on that. While operation that you don't take a position aren't heated -- either -- we are an animal rights organization needs. -- your your government hypocrites. Well no limit now I know about I I have my I -- aren't properly. -- and let me just make a -- -- look I have some problems. With Peta and some what I think some extreme views but. You -- an animal she made the point you're asking an animal rights organization. To take a position. -- the Euro your issue was legitimate abortions legitimate issue but they're not involved. Your argument here is is causing pain and suffering and it is a proven fact that abortion causes pain and suffering. -- -- The name of the organization is people for the ethical treatment of animals -- -- can defend them and everything they do but they're they're not animals that that I heard about people. I'm I'm sorry but where it ambles through you know where -- to witnessing them what she's talking about where the same with the same classification. Of animal which is talking about. And end -- and and I'm I'm saying that they're hypocrites because because. Because they won't do you know it's it's taken this one issue and in in in one category. And and its image at a -- Things aren't taking -- call. You want obviously again I don't like it. A group like operation rescue workers like Planned Parenthood is not going to take -- can't compete -- acute and more than we are going to take a stamp on there at the it's just not our area and we need to leave that -- The groups that addressed the issued and be represented people. You know a of all different backgrounds. And we hear about. I want to keep the animals treated better -- that people are pro life and perpetuate the leopard that all of them. One final point that I wanted to clear up with the actually in that is. And I think you made the point -- just refer refer back to. So you're saying even though 46 million -- killed. It would do Kirk says this letter to the president objecting to the pardons for those turkeys. I would and far from that. That she means treat them the same way as the other 46 million take their lives that that's what it would seem to me if if you don't want them to get pardoned that what are you want to be done. About those two. Of course we want allied -- it's just that we we don't want the discussion to be limited should -- and we don't want. We don't like to commute in this tradition but you know sort of letting these two turkeys live and then forgetting about the other 46 million were being held. We think it's time to talk about what's going on with these other Turkey the world is the best offering on. Factory farms and slaughterhouses and for the -- the Thanksgiving table and we have -- for the president to be you know of the great person take the lead on not because. You know you. While you get tickets -- President Clinton would read it -- -- -- -- item looked fantastic and the results. And you know these. And leading a country where a lot of people are -- -- -- -- now because they -- help the environment and want to help animal a lot of them are -- it helped lead and then we have -- -- would be a great way that in fact that the times started a tradition. I appreciate your being with us -- and thank you very much for your time was that the talk to people. Thanks so much batting at eighth inning. You to thank you -- some real problem -- about their extremism but not in the area of having to get involved in the abortion issue they deal with animals case closed. 838 is at WRK -- -- -- over Geoff could we come back right after the latest news stay with us at Boston's talk station WRKO.