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Should immigrants learn English?

Nov 24, 2012|

Avi talks about entitlements and the language barrier

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This is not Nelson is it too late to say happy Thanksgiving again. I was with -- on Thursday actually it -- chances. Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Quality become a dirty word -- most -- you know you're confused the actual holiday so much time to say Merry Christmas. In any event hope you're enjoying a weekend. And that you will join with this for going to be with you to 5 o'clock they'll get. Scheduled so you on the starship program. And the phone number is 87746943221. That is as always told freight. The text message code is 68680. At 680680. And the email address -- Nelson NW RKO dot com. Well let's see what we begin with some of the items and are not necessarily going to. To change the world. According to Rasmussen poll. That came. Who originally came yesterday. 15% of America. Was shopping on Friday. 15%. 1711%. Already done. Measure at the half with quality she's -- -- used to start the day after Thanksgiving. And. And already 11% -- finished. I guess -- you can call us more vision that's up from 7% to finish shopping. A year ago at this time. So people -- getting to it for their -- there's just. Buying fewer things so they get done from the pastor. In the hypocrisy category. The obamas celebrated Thanksgiving you know mrs. Obama Michelle Obama has been on -- kick. To get everybody healthy. -- was -- good things. That published today. Was the or actually yesterday it was the the meal the menu that the president's family served up. He was there -- there were ten military service members. I'm going knowing go through the usual Turkey day here's the dessert she misses where there's a departure from. The pronouncement the dessert was. Banana cream pie pumpkin pie. Apple pie week potato pie huckleberry pie and cherry pie. And it did not restrict you to one of the above. I wonder if Bloomberg in New York. Had a giant soda for Thanksgiving. After battling for everybody else. So anyway. Those of us who are big desserts fans were applauded but it does kind of stand in the way of what the first lady's been preaching think it would have ended with a shell. I. Keeping with the program. And you know we all get those things from people on the Internet. And most of the time it was just -- just an intrusion. But here's -- I thought was cute. New report -- Osama bin Laden he was living with three wives in one compound. And never left the house for five years. It is now believed he called the Navy SEALs himself. So much for the. In letters side rather swallow that think this -- -- details into an issue of conscripts. And you may have heard that the the Postal Service. The US the US PX in the United States Postal Service has an enormous deficit. The there's a fifteen point nine billion dollar loss this year. This has been reported by the post -- sixteen billion dollars. Kirsch compared to our national Daschle 1000 of that -- national debt is sixteen trillion -- cents still sixteen billion. Here's a lot. He knows exactly how that's going to be addressed to me action thoughts on instant who meet and talk about that the one of the things that the post office has. Proposed now. -- same day delivery. And they're in the process of trying to set that up so you order it and he gets delivered. On the same day follows similar efforts at eBay Amazon.com. And most recently Wal-Mart stores. Which charges a flat ten dollar rate for same day delivery. -- the Postal Service is trying to do that because they're packaged business is doing well. It's the mail that has fallen off then of course they have to deliver the mail also. They absorb a loss. But here's one that is not quite in the same category. As the same day delivery. Also from yesterday in Elmira, New York which is kind of an upstate New York area. A postcard was -- July 4 1943. From Rockford Illinois. And to Elmira. And it just arrived. At. So -- same day delivery and then there those deliveries that didn't even make it in the same millennium. There was a World War II it you know -- not specially those standing. Dramatic pitch that day it arrived it to that are gone to visit. The brother -- their brother was stationed -- an army. Camp I guess in Elmira just says now. Here Paul and to reassure -- -- had a good trip or Gooden tired. Anyway just Iraq last week. No -- these things. But now it will be same day delivery or at least maybe saint century delivered. With your guard to the Postal Service. You know it's a real problem and sixteen billion dollars in Israel money list. Maybe -- -- in place to start. And that is you know they. In the early days it was necessary to have the United States government involved. In carrying the -- perhaps for obvious reasons those days are long since passed. And there's a law that prevents other people from having mailboxes that's where the people don't deliver the mail. -- that law should be changed. And the US Postal Service and why government should be ended and all that they want to. Want to privatize. And let them compete -- -- other services that might step in to deliver the mail that would be fine. Why should we be picking up the tab for this this is not in service. That -- to be done by the government and yet it never gets changed. Year after year we -- -- Babble from the people in Washington about all they wanna cut waste and fraud will say this will say that. Well here's a very simple place sixteen billion dollars. That -- -- all with a stroke of the pen you know to right Shaq. There are you -- think I deal with the post office every day they're good people there and Irish people are friendly they do a good job least. The part of it than I've seen. Maybe they'd be able to compete in the marketplace. But it's not necessary to have a government function. To do the -- Now. But at the end there's just doesn't work it doesn't work because of the patronage because of the vested interest because this. -- somebody wants to name a post office after somebody else. And so we end up with this problem is here it's micro cosmic example what's wrong with government and why those of us were the military and our discussion within it and keep arguing that and we really can trim government. You know your thoughts are welcome he just joining -- good afternoon. This is not -- Nelson in on the holiday weekend and if you'd like to join with us. Our phone numbers 8774694322. Text message code is 68680. And the email addresses. -- Nelson at wrko.com. Let's see from -- 781. The posada should sell all the vacant properties they own for starters yeah. Who would. -- he would there's just a lot of opportunity here and this is a small example. Speaking of the the holiday. Do want to focus a little bit on that they would get to some of the other things Black Friday of course was yesterday. I think it always bothers still bothers me about that name. Black Friday black is reserved for bad events you know in the stock market crash is he -- black in front of the day. This Black Friday because some retailers are going to go into the black on that day as if nothing else in the in the year matters. -- We need names where is -- try to come up with some name for today. So -- judge small business Saturday but that's a mouthful I don't think that's gonna catch. But normally you probably saw the pictures of the people. Who are crashing the stores to get -- And do the shopping interesting experiments were done this year Wal-Mart for example opened it sure its stores on. On Thanksgiving Day at 8 o'clock. I guess one question is do you think that's appropriate. Well on the one hand him in the simple answer is hey. If you don't think it's appropriate don't go there don't shall there be finalized. And they saw the people lined up. British something about the holidays should be the holidays rights society today and will be down the stores say. That's that's my view and I don't have to -- and to go -- me involved with browser apparently was a big success. -- number of stores that opened at 8 o'clock on Thursday. On Thanksgiving Day. And there -- a lot of people live page one story though that a camera crushing Associated Press. When may she's -- shipped stored in new York at Herald Square opens has opened its stores at midnight on Black Friday. There about 111000 shoppers. In line. Wrapped around the street -- -- the store. And they Jolo read a wall. Right from the articles or not telling tales of school. Who is a private aid for the elderly and her four children ages six to eighteen more among them. And sure doubted me that here's this woman with a six year old out at midnight to go shopping. Do you think the six year old may be should be in bed at that point. What goes on what she was looking for tolerance and it certainly it didn't sound like it's the way we should bring up the kids. Okay your thoughts are welcome. It's 774694322. Russ good afternoon. Your first up in the icebreaker thing Q. Good afternoon army how about. Sure I shop bring -- -- there. Up who jumped on junkies that. You think they'll look at John -- I don't know. But you know that but I don't want that you know. Black Friday. I mean it's you mentioned -- significant revenues the fact that we're sure you know -- going to be in the black on on on Black Friday you know so. Thought I'd get that does have meaning. But the real reason why Kolb isn't that. But one reason I like the federal government delivering them the the mail is the fact that. If -- willfully misdirected Melhuse steal mail if the federal span. And you get so wrapped the federal government. Behind -- and -- the mail is very important. Well but -- okay so let's take the other carriers UPS. And to the others that did deliver. Did they I -- they have problems and make your package is stolen do you now have recourse immunization issued a number of people saying. Guy he got to be careful and carry Asian Gillick has package one -- some is gonna steal. -- mailed to me is more important. You know because they're important documents. That all of them -- You know along with checks and so forth and so on and you know what forgery. I -- that to -- it it's. Thought that the federal. Not rush if you're gonna forged the check you do it before he reported the mail so that won't help you. All the if you -- back it'll all be able VM side projects well for us and I thought it counts although. Lots sure that's why you know longer make god your -- there's checks of the federal government your income tax check actually half of the population that pays them. You know longer make a month to the IRS she -- in the United States treasury. And zionist -- because people were altering on IRS they were turning the iron into an am. And putting making admission is an important you know Smith urged votes and -- cashed the checks. Needless to say this this technique was usually unsuccessful. But like if you are concerned about the integrity of the delivery service I don't know what you do you have to send a package or whoever buys something online but if you're concerned about it with a male. Their ways -- even with the postal union register than the letter you can. You can do all sorts of thing you're really concerned you're gonna hire car with a garden yours a little there. It's I think like everything else I would be willing rushed to a post office today and they compete with -- others and let's see what happens. And then if these people if they're not people like huge say I want to know that the the federal government stand behind my mail delivery. I wanna know that my 1943. Post guide is going to get there. Then okay. Will be that way I suspect. -- the only way to post got was not deliberate. Is that they have the Albie and the machine somewhere. And money will commit in Albany as they on the inspected and all of that. I don't know maybe it was somebody that you're concerned about who stole the post -- and has then realized it was a federal offense and he waited for lo these sixty plus years. Anyway thank you for -- we'll take care -- -- 877469432. Jamaican joke about it but the actual. The there is actually a problem here its its its crushing us additional money and by the way it has never made sense to me. That it should cost the -- to send a letter across the street as across the country. Why should -- be official in the cost aren't the same. Why should the people who send the letters locally be subsidizing the people were sending it long distance. -- wrong with with having different rates -- -- the marketplace figure this out. We certainly don't need -- government monopoly here that's that is going to dominate. And run up the deficit to boot. -- 8774694322. Is the phone number. The text message code CHA should say email address Adelson wrko.com. There's some other things in terms of the the polling that he took a look at today that were interesting and almost contradictory. 50% of American adults now believe the economy will be weaker in a year's time and I took 27 point jump. From October. 36%. Predict the economy will be -- or five years from now and that's the highest level pessimism in nearly four years. We'll hear those kinds of numbers you wonder why Obama got reelected. And the creation pessimism. Comes from Republicans understand me and also from independents -- those unaffiliated. -- and others. Before the election by the way before Obama was really like the Republicans were evenly divided as to whether the economy would get better or worse. Today only 11% think the economy will be stronger in a year 74%. Of Republicans. Believe it'll be worse. Among the unaffiliated or independent the number expecting the economy to be weaker jump from 19%. Before the Election Day before Obama's victory to 50%. Today only Democrats. Held roughly the same months. Okay and then it aligned with Daschle is different poll only 16%. Think today's children will be better off than their parents that's not the way it used to be in this country. -- used to think -- there was sort of an assumed. An understanding. That the next generation would have been better and my horse that's been true and now people are doubting that. You wonder when these numbers are here how it was that the election went the way it is. Oh and one more point -- make and then there we go to break and and we'll go back to. No fault lines in the text messages on the other side. I've been watching the numbers. You may or call. That Ali and others have pointed out interestingly that Romney got fewer votes than McCain did last year that is no longer true. Romney actually got more votes now than McCain did -- -- last chairman last election. So I got one. One listener out there I know who thinks it was all because Sarah Palin but. I guess. We can't use that argument anymore. Obama's numbers were down significantly from last time but obviously not enough to turn the election. Back on the other side of a break. Welcome back this is not Nelson. -- with it to 5 o'clock and no -- schedule so we invite you to join with us by phone. Or text message or email the phone numbers 8774694322. -- told me. The email address a Nelson at wrko.com. In the text message code 686. Vocation people held -- to break which goes back to the telephone lines Paul your next on the program good afternoon. Now until now it is placed at the Thanksgiving bulls press. I guess that fluid a look at it. There was briefly have a bigger. TV watcher but I did go through. Well. Have to vote in the studio and -- group. Of -- feature analysts have to wait a year ago class but he had that he had a right or wrong good book goes to call who stole the American entry. He ought to citrix. And changing generic title and it's related to pretty. Complicated -- When it comes I think the middle class -- shall we shall we do addressed economy. And too little upon -- depends upon the government I think it is Czech economy goes bad. -- improve police status. Impressions aren't. They don't think it doesn't matter if the government goes bankrupt because it checks keep -- -- -- they think. So financial irresponsibility. This becomes so prevalent. You know whether it was bush and the Republicans. Clinton and the Democrats so mobile problem also Clinton. So now if you city government doesn't have to be trying to -- ought to stop with the federal government the state government city government. Basically also spending more -- again now I know governments are exposed to make money. But they're also not exposed to become. -- socialist European country which seemed like that with the leadership taken to. Yeah union anger is challenged in point that if people see that this is the way the leadership behaves. In the sense that they just spend money. And don't care about whether they -- they gonna have to pay it back then it does influence people's behavior. Especially in terms of the attitude as you correctly point out of those who don't have to care about you know the rest of us. Most people understand that you can expand indefinitely run up credit card debt at some point. The credit card is in there and give you any more opportunities spending you've got to start paying some of that off. But for the people who are getting the handoff from government are living off from government I think you're right. They don't see any reason why the government will stop paying related to stop paying when the national debt was one trillion they're not stopping. That the payments now it's sixteen trillion so -- when. People say she got to be careful where we're spending the -- -- beyond their means -- lead to a collapse and believe it. And so there are all in favor of these programs. For which they are the beneficiaries. And for which they've they are none of the cost. Which we're really going to be capable. On the middle class to actual would ever have to me when I concede. EDT two it's section 8000 except. All right and those people pretty obvious to me and and I could see them but the white collar crime. Which is taken place in this country really doesn't matter what president's in this we see. You know Bank of America DS Goldman Sachs and dictate -- fine. Which the average person which is really doesn't even pay attention they pay fines -- 500 these tall. -- -- -- -- -- On told you have to obtain a fine of 500 million dollars. Did did and ability. In terms. Shenanigans involved and it's basically. Polite call a time when you -- this mortgage crisis with both sides of its faults -- because let's face it. Not everybody's entitled to -- on everybody's entitled to college. I would graduated college in Iowa also getting it was fully support to -- overrated okay. It's probably great schedule now. Well I think I think the message here is next time through. Let's you and I going to banking. Yeah it is not the children's you don't really have to do time usually. You can pay your way out of. And you get bailed out if you're really -- -- -- rights and they're gonna. For a particular click. It's it's a wonderful life because bank is she used to be small -- and they actually some some theorize -- and they didn't do you were when you've got a mortgage are you took all the won't. But I pick and another thing I'll leave you on this I think. Decides the white collar crime another big issue I think just college whole issue is so big. I mean these people think they have to get massive increase and an honesty here. Mr. aplomb on top of this the at a trade it'd be better off because people stay actual -- professionals who. I'll tell you Paula got a couple -- degrees and to quote someone famous it's not all it's cracked up to be. I really don't know who really is it working out -- -- of these -- humble about it. 8774694322. Is the phone number you know I think there's a fundamental. Fundamental. Element of truth and also. An important lesson to be learned as we come to grips with what's going on by the way before -- get to that is sort of on the subject. -- got a text message from 617. That says Obama pledges six billion to Asian green energy and he's right. You know -- had checked it and sure enough. Just this week. United States -- nine. And Indonesia. Formed the US Asia Pacific can't friendship partnership for a sustainable energy future. When you hear words like that you know or in trouble. President Obama promised up to six billion dollars for this green energy ideas. GO wonderful name many of their companies Solyndra. And understand the names available. -- and a half billion dollar fiasco here we are we're talking about having trouble making ends meet. The worst fiscal cliff evident in the language and the president is going on this this kind of a shorty to six for six billion dollars. Partnering with the folks in Asia. For green energy. -- were not that way you know off the MarketWatch green energy. Fine we'll have green and nurture really don't need the government getting into it. But the more fundamental issue that I want to bring up here. Is you know that the country is different from what it used to be. Scott Rasmussen did a piece criticizing the Republicans because. He thought we have to look back to rake it with Reagan didn't look the as as malcontents. Or people who are just parasites. He looked at them according to Rasmussen. As. People are a little bit out who needed a helping hand and then. They would they were coming to their own and so it's an attitudinal shift that restless and missed on. About that a little bit to tell you something it's very different from when Reagan was in office thirty odd years ago. You know the numbers weren't nearly as being the program shortest big that weren't as many people on the and the attitude is changed. We should -- celebrate immigrants coming into this country you Richard -- here. Came expecting no handout they didn't expect. That you know they want to proceed in English press one I don't know how you say first Spanish press eight. But that's which you get another person was no multi lingual isn't going on even though these people came over here did not speak English. They expected to work hard they expected it would be difficult but they also expected. Contrary to what's going on now that the next generation their children would do better. Now you've got people some of them come over here to work it's true a lot of the immigrant who do come here especially the ones who take the time and effort -- legally. The coming year. With the intention of building a better life and benefiting from the American system. But there are also a whole bunch of other people. Who were coming over here because they know that once you get in and you hear for a little while you qualify for -- -- handout programs. And you can be on the dole and you'll have. -- safety net that's going to provide you with a better standard of living than you have in the old country. Actually come over here. And there's very little commitment to the United States. And number org you know watch a movie and needing cash a blank room there's a -- where. Two people are gonna go to the United States in the -- rich otherworldly gonna speaking wishing to -- tried to practiced -- when we come to America. Don't get that now we get the opposite. You get that everything should be done in in Spanish and French -- lord knows how many other languages. And you talked to people who are familiar with culture they divided line which leads to a divided country. -- doubts about the issue go up to Quebec in Canada where their bilingualism it's English and French and everything has to be done duplicate. And you end up with divided loyalties. That the whole cohesion of the country has been set aside. And there are political forces at work they're gonna continue that. Because you buy votes that way. Mitt Romney got a lot of criticism. For saying in a phone call recently to -- issues -- and some of his donors after the election. That Obama won because he gave gifts to certain constituents well. Probably not the best choice of word I wouldn't have used the word gift but he it is true that there are a lot of people. Who are benefiting from the government they form constituencies. And politicians can buy votes that way. The recent Hispanic community votes overwhelmingly. For the Democrats is because the Democrat party is the party of the hand out. Same thing with the black population. The reason he'll even take Obama out of the equation okay granted there's the the the racial connection there and I can understand that. But -- went four and now Obama wasn't on the scene it was 90% of the black community. Voted for the Democrat why because they've been sold a bill of goods at the only way they're gonna get out of poverty. Is by getting handout from the government. But she buy votes that way in the politicians know. That when the day of reckoning does comment ultimately it will I don't know what the number is at sixteen trillion and counting. And and UN in the state unfunded liabilities 200 trillion and can. But warned that their reckoning comes you'll be in office and be like Barney Frank. Now I had a good time got wolf thing. Left office nobody -- comments say frank your part of the problem we're gonna prosecute you. Just doesn't work that way and so we end up with a company a country which is changing even as we look at it to gradual change. But you see what is happening. And now with 47% of the people not paying the taxes that means that 53%. Of us who are. Have to shoulder the whole board. And that is not a good situation. And I suspect one of the reasons the selection didn't go the way a lot of us hope and thought it would. Is because. There are so many people. In whose interest is to preserve and expand these programs that they come out and vote. Why wouldn't -- free money. Freedom made no that says no cost to me though Costa -- Okay. Well speaking of costs I think we have some bills to pay -- do we have to make the break we do. We're back on the other side and a promise will go back to the telephone lines. 8774694322. This is not enough. Welcome back this is -- also some -- have been hanging out through the break so let's go to the -- 28774694322. He is a phone number Jerry are next on the program good afternoon. Are there obvious you know things. That people will support you know that. Partly in all culture and they are apparently living up adult are not Smart enough to understand a lot of history. Gotta make that same respect them and -- and historically bad part about it culture our language will not stand -- Little tidbit I want to throw it really. Really had me shaking my head and probably -- and -- thing. May be realized that we are are an -- that player about a crashed and that was their. In 1980. 10% of probate is brought to. Caucasian women were born out of wedlock. 80% of our babies born African Americans -- born out of wedlock in the UR twenty end. 40%. Are up 40%. Of all babies -- so Caucasian women were born out of wedlock and should have been 8%. Of all -- blocked African Americans you know oil at a -- locked. And well 90%. As a 100% of those people are receiving and published -- before public assistance Robert bwic. Too much stamps. Check out and a couple of and and there are -- post -- because unfortunately. The liberal. Secular progressive culture as promoting it. They want it and and that people are Smart enough to understand what are at the end of that -- Point well taken Jerry I think you're statistics are are approximately correct thing that's it's another example of it thanks for calling. And by the way -- -- kept a month through a second longer because. He made a point about that they're not Smart enough to know about the problem with bilingualism or multilingual -- well they may not being. But we should be. Many expert ancient history is. That if you end up with a divided. Country that this is saying nation divided by language you wind up with a nation is divided. This is supposed to be a melting pot. You ouch OK keep your traditions such great but we knew coming here are melts. -- -- -- -- the strength of the country. -- issue these demonstrations where people will be carrying the Mexican flags. And it didn't happen with a couple of generations ago. 8774694322. Bob good afternoon next on the program. I. -- -- I have I was calm during the last election. I don't I -- -- got a little misguided. And being. I was we will post cold and no issue. Was the oil as their economy and jobs. You're like that across to pull everybody should it better 60% to -- it was better equipped to handle. The economy provide. I think like oh we lost track. Was the fact that. It in titles. From everything I've lost track -- that I think Republicans are on track. But let me just like a lot even orchard my question she pushed -- -- the other day. Sent on his radio show that. The top 1%. Earners -- 40%. The of the entire federal income tax. -- -- The top 10%. Earners. Pay a total of entire eighty per cent. -- federal income tax. The -- and keep this paying nothing. So the penalties killed 40% of the are people who earn money 12% of the tax. -- -- -- -- -- -- all every year -- would repeal it or I -- them watched the best and open it over this election. Because all your years Republicans caused the problem Republican tax breaks for the Republicans the middle class. M eight. Some oil companies. People paid forty to 80%. Taxes all we know. That's good -- version of very good question bomb in the sketch to the campaign where you know Obama response solutions and they still say. Everybody should pay their fair share and I would challenge industry -- what fair is because you're pointing -- numbers test as to what they actually are. The numbers I have from 2009. And maybe 2010 is available but they don't change much that top 1%. Which by the way were people making over 344000. Dollars a year. The top 1% paid 37%. Of the total income taxes. The top 10% that you mentioned and that was he celery or adjusted gross income. I'm a 1121000. Dollars a year they paid over 70%. Of the total income taxes -- the top 10% are paying 70%. Of the total. And the bottom 50% 55 vote not 15 the bottom 50%. Which way she appeared about I'm 32000 years. 2%. So these are the numbers they are already skewed and I think that Romney. Felt probably a little bit uncomfortable. Coming on and trying to make the case because he himself is personally wolf. And so the Republicans were always kind of backpedaling on this but sometimes you have to challenge the numbers. And I think that had he been more aggressive like you I think at the numbers had been put out there. That people would've had a different perspective but I must say about. That this class warfare argument that the Democrats use unfortunately that worked. You know already buys a lottery tickets and everybody wants to to attain well people start businesses to do that. And yet when somebody. Does attain the wealth. Then where were first in line to criticize it let's take more of it away and by the way keep in mind we're talking about not about a wolf fracture. But about income -- So you're actually right that this is and this is an ongoing problem this hate and envy that I wealthy neighbor. Is the kind of thing that that sells an Alitalia you know they wanna raise the rates whatever it is it does that rate will be. No there won't be satisfied yet they were always one more don't know history it's more and the reason itself politically mature votes. And I. I agree I agree -- -- percent. We advocate and ultimately so it would have somebody who'll earlier this site. -- never come up with anything except Kabul classic they got the precinct captain -- They think it's for -- They can duplicate. That President Obama technical kind of congress in. Two years late -- -- -- We can't call that we're still a couple of kids that Republicans. Caught George Bush's problem. Gotta take a break thanks for the call. And on the other side of daybreak just so that you can rev up. Dave from Brookline has called in Soviet hangs on through the break. He'll be up afterward Jamal knows.