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Callers, war and debt

Nov 24, 2012|

Dave from Brookline calls in and voices his opinions. Prime Minister Mohamed Morsi siezes power in Egypt.

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Welcome back this is -- and also happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving holiday are beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Everyone because. -- -- for the next hour. The aligned to be for you casino guests scheduled -- interviews are phone numbers 877. 4694322. Text message code 68680. Couple of those get to him that and the email address and Nelson WRQ dot com. As advertised before for some people would -- for perhaps for others but turn off. Dave from Brookline is next on the program good afternoon days happy Thanksgiving. So greatly different I was nuts -- ambiance of you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I don't I don't celebrate this slot the American and no I don't I also -- -- -- economic. Eight years why did you celebrate the slaughter -- only Africans -- goes on a daily basis that this day. RB that's not -- America. Now I know but do you. You complain about that you. I still would get yes I do I even went -- -- About specific things that go on here. In America. Until a couple of quick point. Before you get to that do we have a phone call they want to ask the question. What does Dave do for a living. Well happen. It is but. I wanted to touch on a couple points. It's the -- none none of the above. Nobody gave -- -- you tell -- Till I till -- you look I do a talk show on radio okay I thought I got a stop to. Isn't sure that's not true -- isn't sure lobby at it we don't. Get it to contact David you don't want that. Edwards one day I want to talk about you talked about I wanna I ask is why -- I know you. Didn't call for that but you have people in the audience who want to know what you do are you do you live. You that you do something to regain full employment or you -- IE or you want closure on the handout programs we are talking about. I paid a ridiculous statement outside. Ozzie -- I -- listen. I understand in his ship had to be intimidated by Intel and -- I don't think. You -- when one calls alleged right. I want you can't hit it -- and I want you tell us what you do happy about it. That's not the reason why I know it's not that I'm asking. If not many Howard and his lawyer are you ashamed of what you do now I'm not ashamed that our lines. -- -- -- -- probably make more. Compensation why didn't spend 100% that you called. -- -- they -- -- that because of government programs -- I always Solyndra type. Probably that's ridiculous but let me get my point. Who each night audience right dry them. And I can't hit my point you know the DC. States that voted for. Mitt Romney. You know 86%. Receive. More federal spending. And they paid in taxes. So -- lie to. Solve it cannot direct state. You could have those states. Get -- federal dollars then they pay in taxes. Reported this is that you guys want to have that -- About -- that people want is doubt in. Things of that nature. -- it meant that both individuals who win against spending. Just like you know who elegant spending but that benefited from that Federer looked up to get the photographic. Look at -- -- doubt that. And -- and again if you can't snap and hand out and spend it that's the third time -- Time you've said I don't want Jewish and again we are a lot brighter than you think we got the first time -- day there is a difference between. Being involved with the government in terms of contracts and performing legitimate service and being on the dole. If you understand you've got well I'm not surprised why doesn't penetrate but for remedying intelligently handle -- -- lap point. No good. My -- pointed this. If you look into it yet bush. If you listen to Matthew Dowd if you listen to it -- from the problem with that election. Is seat. According to out. This -- what a big guy outlets. Pretty busy right wing entertainment complex. That they lose is that right wing radio. Fox News and a bottle he had this so afraid RBIs this. It's not like the democratic changing. That you look for instance the so called. You do our guts and I understand we're afraid that they're too many intelligent black man who already -- the president I understand that you have this country changing. And at that country. And -- Stay here -- you listen to me a call and and up to jump off I know it. A because that's so that demographic changes I normally get but. There they've I know you must have a lot of things to do because his busy you have to pick up all those welfare checks. I really -- I think -- thank you I thank you yes it does feel about it -- yes the so thank you they have a good. Have a dollar whatever holiday you celebrate I don't know which one is not Thanksgiving that would. -- right. Another year. You can look at that as comic -- Right it can also be. Blood curdling. And indigestion causing. We should say ulcer giving -- we now know that ulcers are caused by bacteria amid real bacterium that not human bacterium using. The term rhetorically. -- But I am I have no idea why he wouldn't tell us what -- We got from seven -- one that they really -- from the Secret Service and their parents they would his job. From six -- from 617 this guy sounds like a Leach. Well I don't know he wouldn't tell us forty dollars for a living. Rest assured I'm sure it's something very important I think -- and besides I think as always kills a very good. 8774694322. As the phone number and this this and list. -- but you know the demographics are changing. I don't know anybody who worried about the demographics changing that. We shall see OK we'll get through who get to some others. As well let's see the text message coach X 8680 Milledge as a Nelson WRK dot com. And the main mode of communication -- 877469. 432 to frank next on the program tough act to follow that law. -- -- -- -- I know it is guys know as the celebration -- -- every year it's it's called cozy people it's big chat. Gary product nice cozy couch in the I have paid all that's what -- that's what is all of it. You know you get suspicious when someone won't tell you what authority does for a living right. While you're not permanent action baby just back where it. Correctly. And it becomes now what you -- a -- we should go eight abstract story comic -- And they didn't give them batteries -- years. He epic what I know -- local government agency. And that three weeks later in -- -- That's why couldn't I -- -- -- I am now as to why they keep order that I got no idea that lets teachers were forced prime. Good news for channel thirteen years. Whatever it is he is one that got that it has sold Greek side and got an -- Right now I think you've captured the full spirit of Thanksgiving. You might get it may yet. And Christmas spirit are. Income pinnacle of his spirits. A nice -- can't watch. Punitive. Is one of the advantage a program like huge event. He would feel better by sounding -- wondered Dave feels better. -- after events on this program. Now from 816. And this text message. Dave the moon that needs to be banned for life. From WRKO. For being a deliberately stupid racist to who it. There's an ongoing controversy on this program as to whether. He should be on or not and -- I don't generally tend to approach listed in the phone lines are -- we we tickle commerce. Then some people think it's great think. They'll likely area for comic relief and some do get very upset so. We're still undecided. It should go. Markets continue with the phone calls Charles you're next on the program get -- Listen -- program I'm I'm happy with the election and I think that the as I think that maybe. What. A couple of suggestions is that. One other books that maybe maybe mr. Maybe gave want to read a book by -- event. Liberty and tyranny. -- or his -- book America appear and he's still does not like the country I suggested gold ore ran horrible to Syria. Or coral go to. To go to Egypt and complained there and see how well the -- You know well he's treated by the -- is why Brian is that I mean I'm I'm angry enough this. Now let's talk oh he's and you can be labor may do you have a right to be angry. So I think you'll like -- if he does not like the country. -- now our count say if you don't like the country gave. Grow a Middle East and make sure the job become friendly with a Taliban I hope they touch it at all. What's that street Charles. The part of. It's just that I need everybody has a right to an opinion but it just it just one of these. They not hope I didn't get units in -- problem nor. Hopes onto him Dave is only those will be the trouble. You know -- right now now you're into other its foot in the -- Europe's lavender. Then you are obviously we like to think to some extent you speak restore rhetorically. But the and by the way the reason I made a reference to Africa -- because -- black and I say that. Only by way of information to the audience Dave doesn't sound black and this is radio show. I'll make it clear that it is that I -- talking about it and you know to elaborate on your point. The reason that all these people criticize the United States -- -- of the world the Jeremiah Wright's of the world. Who actually vicious brutal things against America but this stay here. They don't go to Africa and the reason is obvious Africa is a really lousy place to live. Even if you're in the majority skin color of being black. Should they stay here but it should've tried Jamaica a contribution to the country and you can have disagreements and try to advance the country in certain directions. But to -- immigrated and to suggest to be so vulgar and and and file in criticism. Of it. To accomplish no landed except to show your hatred that is intolerable gets a lot of people upset including you and me. Now I just wanted to say if I could just end up by saying net debt. That this thing is that there are. I'm sure they're very many. Are hard working African Americans and I think that maybe -- -- made a lot of people say that well. If -- you know affirmative action it's almost as saying we assume there -- period they've -- you know and it did not look at Thomas -- look at Walter Williams. In many others alone -- mean that's. When I I guess said that the mean am I think that I am expressing a whole lot. Frustration a lot of people had with the election and of course you'll you'll write to pick up the the national debt sold more often I'll just say that. World I ever you know if you could take well I dollar bill and stretch it out. And say I like on a map and a dollar bill one dollar equals one mile. And you take the national debt would be probably at least a thousand times the entire diameter of our tire sol system. You know me this and I met in on. And I shall we show -- themselves this is pretty big Charles I haven't done that arithmetic but it it is a big debt thank you -- gone. Quite. Right. 877469432. To me -- a couple of other. Text messages that. That we should get to. Let's see from 857. Couple of things that they 57 cent -- and one was. He should play in finding -- we go do Italian and Irish -- you -- -- bother you or just matched him once. Actually the Irish and Italian plunged do not bother me. When I talk about the melting pot and we refer to that in the United States is the objective. We don't expect people to shed their ethnicities. Or their ethnic traditions. And how much richer we. Because we have you know Italian food and of pork Italian culture part of the the Irish culture is coming here. And there are celebratory occasion. Which which you don't have. Is the sabotage into the culture I never and told on the phone for Italian press six. Right. -- -- -- the language with a broad press. Press eleven. Right. So that there's a difference here and with the reference I made two Mexican flags as they were riots that have been perpetrated. By people who are celebrating. You know the Cinco De Mayo or whatever and they do it in the name. A flag other than the United States and that's that is where I think we are. Undercutting ourselves. We welcome immigrants to come from all cultures. But the problem is that. When you have. People who come here and do not understand or sympathetic to the concept of the United States then there's a problem. The other thing that. Got a text message one it was that Romney attachments you say pace thirteen portion is. Of his income taxes -- -- actually 14% that's right. Little reason its 14%. You take it -- coming take his -- he would divide that you even get to 14%. They -- because she's doing anything illegal. It's because I'm sure that he has a lot of their money invested in say. Municipal bonds which knocked actionable. And he has invested in things that will generate capital gains for actually -- gonna go up. At the at the the national level. Is 15%. The reason we do that. Is because we want to encourage investment in those vehicles municipal bonds are the bonds that people invest in so that cities can. The infrastructure and do the things that they. They think are necessary and for metropolitan areas in order to encourage that we say we won't. Catch you if you put money there that's when you get money into the program same thing with business. Whose businesses we say we want to grow business -- you grow business you have to get people to invest in the business. If they put their money in and the businesses successful. We tax at a lower rate than ordinary income. And arguments about it but that's where -- -- available to everybody and the of the majority of Americans are invested in the stock market. Here what's that. Powerball jackpot now it's over 300 million dollars. You know -- got there a lot of people are putting money in lottery tickets because they want to give wealthy. So it's apparently not an evil thing -- not something bad if we wanna do it we should not Denver grudge when the system. Has conferred these benefits and others because of the risks they took. You wanna raise capital gains rates find all you do is discourage investment. What you expect someone who wish wealthy do. No if you really are the super welcoming have a hundred million dollars he cannot just spend that. On on ordinary product you want people to try to invested. Tell him if we can get over the Indian hatred. May be a lot better off the system works with the system does not do it does not confer equality of result. If that's what you are looking for your in the wrong place. Because this kind of a system does alone for strong success just as it allows for abject failure. And most of the people who start businesses and I've been an entrepreneur our most of the people start businesses and up failing. Those businesses a lot of business at a rate of seven and 9985%. That takes a lot of courage to do it. And without the incentive to have the reward we won't have as much effort in that direction and we will be. The worse off four we can become like Africa they're not being on free enterprise. -- Controversial thoughts for your for your promotional consideration. Wouldn't pay some bills you should we do that because there are people and business who are advertising their businesses. In the hope of generating additional income. Yeah that's how it works one of their cost is an advertising coughed. They come to places like this pay money to reach you in the hope that you will buy their product. They gamble on that. If costs are more than their income they go out of business significant. OK welcome back row inmate pay bills -- those preaching on -- -- this go back to the telephone -- tape 77. 4694322. Billion next on the program happy Thanksgiving bill. You really much. At the Ali is that something good from here and you know -- they have to tell you that what was planned altogether I'd never got a ticket to UN mission. Now I got really tight -- the -- on -- team that plays in the up partly. Okay. This particular nation around the bases. Well you're you're just shows you routes so. I'll be you know what you would say it helped number days. -- by the way that's why in those days bill I wore metal spikes. Oh really yeah. That's fun CU I want you kick me in the shoes once and that the next time around the. I was I would let the I was on my mom and play in the field and they were they in the outfield today you would have gotten it yet to do that I only played. He bases when I got. Yeah that -- -- but I but did you know bill I pitched in the partly it's not still. That next time I'll bet you use the. -- thought that yeah. Get me I guess anyway. -- -- which uses the seventy that day and you know I've got a bit and I -- okay this recession. You know I don't wait he's a prominent successful businessmen and need to know that. -- -- -- he was not I don't appetite you won't 'cause I asked him why why you're still army then. Why are you telling me. Why are you telling me that because I that he lied about why bother telling you the same policy what is. Probably a -- doing what is what business is -- Not well you know well how about that. There are people like you. Okay. He serves people like me that's why they say. I'm saying and that how about that and that -- you people want I think that question. I yeah. This is yeah. Why why why do what you picked up personal I d'etat. As if it comes on -- yeah I do in the east at 10% but I felt that the spent. People. That that -- jets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I didn't go to what you have to say that yeah my little that we gonna you electability Bob and all of the all of. That -- OK. -- you know unfortunately I haven't so how we. You haven't sank just like -- I says yeah you have argued that FB plus it's okay I'm glad we're a much. Have changed because my name is and how he anymore so there must change. I was just saying that you without saying let them as you -- stop -- and it didn't okay. But just so calm but -- opt out of -- both of us. As say bill -- what do you what do you do bill. What I I don't like hit oil and they have direct access and -- -- and -- eating -- mr. -- also a professional truck Spybot. And we split the -- that was a -- Black progressive approach the color becomes not only a field but settlements -- that teach you may try and -- -- -- -- -- the prize. Jihad and do you notice as I saw fast food well and get out of him today I actually I -- the -- -- I don't love your body every mile -- It is a huge huge business with Dave. That maybe the rule I doubt on that noted. Mystery. Real mobile. 8774694322. Can you could make these people up. From 978. Rights and I'll be capitalism produces success and failure based on one's own agency and good fortune. As you indicated regrettably the Democrats. Have cynically convinced millions that failures the result of a flawed system that only the government can fix. Tried a lot of people do expect the government to solve the problem the Jewish seat on it I think it's still line you can go. On YouTube and and listen to just put in Obama phoned. And he'll get a clip of about 45 seconds of somebody that I think this is all about she was that Romney. It was actually Romney function during the campaign. And she was talked about she got a phone and or -- any more than it's worth it's worth watching it. And I you can spend 45 seconds okay now than a couple other things into this. Because. There are other items on the agenda in the world that we should talk about. But as is the tradition in this program. All issues are on the table for those of you were calling up they wanna talk about things we have already mentioned that's fun. We haven't -- about the Middle East and it is at least worthy of mention the most recent. Development. It's that Mohamed Morsi the democratically elected leader of Egypt. And the one who had a fusion of praise from how our government for his brokering the recent cease fire. Has now seized power is just become a dictator. One surprise. Somebody from the Muslim Brotherhood is seizing power and shocked actually shocked. How Long Will it be before we can no longer use the term Arab Spring. Course or other things that grow in the spring besides good things. Hillary Clinton before he became a dictators is saved for more she's she's she's dictatorial powers. Was effusive in her praise for him -- -- Obama but I think we have a clip of Clinton. This is what Clinton said after the cease fire about Mohamed -- I want to thank president have more seats for his personal leadership. Two. Have regional stability. And peace. Yes regional stability and peace cornerstone and you do praise like that -- you encourage more she of course yes. After that kind of a lavish. Congratulatory. Message from her from the president of the United States she was in good position to show his true colors so we seized power. And he says it's temporary because. Action when he's with the way phrased it was any of his eating which cannot be overturned by law. Miller is the judges have become irrelevant. The judges are not happy about this and other demonstrations. Pro and con as to what's going on. -- -- tell -- if we're gonna have a dictator during Egypt I think we're better off with Mubarak we give Egypt on the -- two billion dollars a year. And maybe that money is not being as well spent as it might be we shall -- The page is yet to be turned Charles Krauthammer. An excellent piece on the rule of most recent confrontation between Hamas the terrorist organization. That. Is the government of the Palestinians in Gaza. And Israel. Now when you write a column. I know this from past experience you don't get to choose your headline. Now he's chosen by somebody at the paper and usually is determined by the layout of the column. It's a vertical. Layout or horizontal depending on how the station the papers OK so they choose the headlines but. This headline. For this column is for you. Appropriate and fixing this is why was there -- war in law was there war in Gaza question mark Hamas lives to destroy Israel. And that's which you have in the Middle East you have an organization. In Hamas also has -- Funded by Iran and all three are committed to the destruction the State of Israel so when people talk about. Let's see if we can find a solution there is no solution. When one side is bent on the ultimate eradication destruction of the other. And that's their committed ago it's not can change you have two groups of people here. Both of whom claim by history and by religion that there that land is there's. And you're not going to be universal. You can go back in time minister who was there. The Israel lights were driven out by the Romans the last time to the claim goes back at least that far. Arabs claim we've been living in the area for a long time -- -- charged and you've got the religious hatred that we know elements the the kind of response that is she anybody who doesn't believe in the same god I do isn't worthy of life itself and -- -- which it is a great line that they're really sums -- Jihad and that is that we love death. More than you love life. And that's -- that's of course the code of the suicide. -- There is not going to be any solution here and that means. We've got to address the problem that way and choose which side we're going to be on. The column is actually because it points out that. The implications of that so for example Hamas will port it rocket launchers next to schools next to hospitals. Next to mosques deliberately. So that when there is damage. They can then point to the collateral civilian death -- Israelis to a lot of their way to avoid that there are going to be -- there they are willing to sacrifice their people. To the ultimate end. The rocket fire from Hamas on the other hand is not directed at military targets it is directed at civilian population. And you may have seen that when there was a botched bombing in Tel Aviv by a suicide what wasn't so much about me. Because the perpetrators was not killed in the -- That there were his jubilation. Amongst the Palestinians so would you may remember the video. That happened after nine elevenths. When New York was bombed. And they were dancing in the streets among the Palestinians it's that kind of bloodless. That motivates these people and therefore. There is not going to be a solution say that everybody who has a Muslim is not part of that is actually true the vast majority are not. I don't know that that helps much. Because there are certainly enough people who have embraced that religion in the religious fanaticism. That goes with the extreme and that it. That are eager to perpetrate. Destruction and bloodshed. And the ultimate catastrophe if they could work it nobody existing chip. Members of Islam. And back. In a nutshell is is why the Middle East does not get resolved and will not get resolved. 8774694322. We have to pause for a break right -- OK that I do Russell I'm not saying these things because I'm happy to say. Because after all that characterization. Leads to an endless. Hero really of confrontation. And bloodshed. But reality is reality. And you never get anywhere by pretending to be able to do things differently George -- the president. Really wonderful vision about nation building in Iraq let's get rid of Saddam Hussein really vicious. Brutal dictator. And let's see if we can come up with a democracy. In its place we're getting rid of Saddam Hussein was probably worthwhile. Won't see much progress being made in terms of democracy in Iraq. Nice idea but it looks like it was failed. And looks like it's failing in Egypt as well. Somebody else. Welcome back this is -- Nelson a phone numbers 877469. 4322. And only as usual. We have had an eclectic program here. Although it from being threatened that can kick the machines to. Solving the problem of the Middle East. Here -- posturing and contributions are welcome. -- 8680 is the text message code email address and Nelson -- wrko.com. And the phone number 8774694322. Must go back to the telephone line talent you're next on the program happy Thanksgiving. Thank -- they appreciated. AM domestic responds -- You know the last time I say happy Thanksgiving this someone though he said he wanted to kick munitions I got. Gotta be careful with. Since I'm I'm grateful that you come on the here each and every week in the property. At like typical response to Dave and okay Dave. Gave. Okay. That Democrats. We'd -- abortion. 1726. Black babies are aborted every. Day. Gave. Since abortion was legalized. 21 million. Black babies have been imported. Ever brought the gave. That report that Democrats still like Q. Okay days they don't like Q1 bit to -- killed 21. Millions. Black eighties the -- gave. The sobering. -- -- And -- killing them to in order to get real. Oh no not at all no no Margaret saying in Napa Margaret you know what. The blacks. I'm telling it gave knock it off Republican. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. He'd read to from slavery. Gave you know some sense. You're you're you're hole I mean the idea that we have put. Blacks. Into. Poverty. True wealth via. -- -- -- -- Yeah it's just crazy what we've done is that to the black population in America. And they still vote for Democrats do what have gotten what the Democrats sense -- -- put the black population. OK Allan thank cute that you can't let it that live -- let's clarify a couple of things in the Democrats -- requiring abortions. They I I'm I'm not one of these rabid them pro life people -- I know those arguments never convincing. Them to -- authority convinced there the so called acquired danger the preaching. -- Democrats who are either doing abortion or forcing abortion is or abortions that are entered into -- out there. That's number. The other side of it however I think is correct that the the Democrats although I don't think this is the intention and more cynical people think that. -- the intention to keep black people and property but it's the unintended consequence of the policies. Because affirmative action in effect. Says you can't make it on Europe we're against he special consideration -- day issue on the day she views in code even though you didn't score. That high and the police exam of the firefighters hammer it mission of the university in this case. For the Supreme Court now with a with a female -- University of Texas on on the challenge to admissions or whether you can use race as a criterion. So I think it has the unintended consequence. Of keeping black people down to -- welfare programs are trap. You'll end up with generations on welfare. However. All right let's I do one -- the -- in another subject here and has to do with the David Petraeus and the whole business -- -- Ghazi. And Susan Rice and Aldridge I guess I'll start with the -- comment on -- she's done all upset. Because people criticized her and now the Democrats are trying to show which been unfair to criticize issues right he looked UN vote. Ambassador rice. After the bank she debacle were four Americans were killed. And you went on national television and five programs and you said something that turned out to be utterly false. And there seems to be at least some suggestion. By David Petraeus and others that they knew. That the demonstration was not because of that video. That if that was an organized demonstration by ten hours. Now when you go out on national television speaking for the administration and you get it wrong. There is going to be your response. That's where -- and we can. Find out why you got it wrong all of these were the talking points or give it to real may be. But the president of the United States said why pick on Susan Rice she had nothing -- do with Ben -- While she had nothing to do with -- -- implying she didn't know anything about and why was she the one update. She was ignorant about the whole thing. If you're just gonna be a mouthpiece. Well such criticism unto itself if there are other reasons we have a right to know about it but I understand. It's got nothing to do we use skin color or your gender or any hilts. When you go out and mislead the American people there are consequences for. And this is no matter of question of policy this is a matter of a question of fact. So that's why it's there that David Petraeus who has had changed his story and you'll here is a guy who has. Highly regarded one of the most popular. Figures in very general. Now of course has resigned to and is the question about the the a fair and -- what role that played -- -- getting into a bit interesting. Peace was sent to me by -- this is cliff Kincaid accuracy in media media. And he writes the Washington Post has been greatly embarrassed by the fact that it's local editor Vernon lol. Was the ghost writer for the David Petraeus biography by Paul abroad well. And admits he was clueless in poems about their sexual relationship. Now what strikes me -- interesting is that. You have a biographer who's got a ghost writer and -- That the player and having a Biron he'll David Petraeus to write autobiography okay various somebody else. Doing the biography Foreman shares of -- during the writing far. Anyway on Thursday. The post published an article that debunked claims by Petraeus. Courses -- under a director that he had never given broad well classified information. The story reveals that Petraeus age and other high ranking military officials. Were often asked by Petraeus and other top commanders to provide sensitive military documents to broad. Well -- push this of course puts the story and an entirely different level. If he was deliberately giving her classified information. Now there's a real problem. Remember earlier on Eric Holder made the comment the reason he didn't tell anybody until the present the United States to believe mature do. He didn't because they didn't see that there was a security problem. So don't tell president that the CIA director. And somebody of Petraeus his name recognition and standing in back to being investigated by the FBI pulpit that's worth following the present. But -- -- now we're beginning to find that perhaps there's question here -- two with a -- my information was indeed. Sent over to somebody who shouldn't have. Now we shall see where the story goes. To be scared curiouser and curiouser don't. OK. Stay tuned as they -- Which go back to the telephone lines McHale you're next in the program. -- evening. Kayaking. Pedal problems go from Brookline is had been -- yet but that's it. He. -- that the problem with changing demographics only in the sense that. See you know reality seems to be changed the tactics or otherwise seems to be changed. There's not that. Same type of country that we all grew up with an adult in this specific color culture. But anyway that's that is actually not what I want you. What did you do well Crowley good to -- once but I know. Still like -- You have no idea how really bad it is. And those -- shop. And live among the queen street in the green that long for the suburbs haven't any idea either. My job takes me into the city. Poverty Alvin my current standing. We. With the equipment everything. In the sport and it's about sixty grand. -- -- And this is these are. -- I would -- Child care and with an on and on and on tax pre tax and and his without my own computer. If and if you have a new baby. And you go to you they say oh if only increase our medically. But if you on welfare. -- then I by the way now don't forget that because courtesy of Governor Patrick. Who thinks he can do it unilaterally if you're an illegal alien you now get in state tuition. And master. Rescue the crying poverty so that you don't have income and that's free too I I could and then I would tell you -- -- asking him. I'm poor -- like I'm in the CDC. It. And in beautiful. You can but I think of security -- kind of really a point and at and what they Wear it. I was shown by someone who is from South America that we. Had. -- they have more they have multiple identities each one of those identity he -- all kinds of goodies. -- -- -- identity so in in this you know economic detention of birth certificate. See come into the country in name is Samuel -- And then the next kinds that you Craig Samuels could gonna track we have them check. And and how much we expect these these these immigrants illegal -- -- has fallen mentions. The look compliant package. Go to the cities that country's been flash. Trash. Take a look at he convenience stores as -- on why don't you think stated that. The EPT fraud is we have fixed. -- Unfortunately -- the last caller of the program we have time has certainly been interesting to hear -- and hopefully we'll do more that's. Okay. Thanks. That's gonna do it for a thank you had four produce -- program. And hopefully we'll see you next Saturday during the -- I'm not enough action in -- Fast. -- -- -- have been.