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Max Robins Monday November 26, 2012 - Boss and Sons Of Anarchy

Nov 26, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...two of our big shows today were Boss which was cancelled and Sons Of Anarchy.

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I'm speaking legacies. We have lost one Larry Hagman of Dallas it's one of the questions have been ninety math. Max robins he is the vice president of the -- senator Max -- as a true pleasure to have you here on Alec our show. And show what a nice surprise so glad you're speaking with you. And I am so glad to be speaking with you that so many questions and so do all of the Howie Carr can and you know really need insist that they go to Jamie -- through. And called him are -- data how we are. Did you hear Jamie -- -- the BT awards. Didn't know particularly preferred Alex aren't lord savior. Now he referred to president Barack Obama -- -- -- -- but they eat up your Alley and but what a Larry Hagman is Dead -- need everybody got -- he's in the death pool but how we -- to level to carry the death pool tomorrow. But Larry Hagman that was in the -- Knowing that now we -- it okay but you know I have to tell Symantec sucked didn't. To Dallas that read you a Dallas this season -- A bit I mean it's not a Qaeda hit it was back in the paper like -- -- but it's certainly been an effort DNA. And I think you know let's -- -- -- you know within a ten gallon cowboy I mean. People will always remember that I kind of all that he was there there he wants to. -- JR JR Ewing and it's one of the great television characters all history. Not only -- you know what Africa it was on another iconic show without my dream achieved. I know I always forget about that because I loved him as JR Ewing -- -- new Dallas was battling. You know a fatal illness he still violence in and really I think fantastic and -- Dallas. Oh yeah listen and think -- -- it was larger than life and -- regionally you know in your original -- I think which started out my third that it didn't series. He wasn't the star -- would have a supporting role and I think. Just through the power of -- you know him as an actor and and be able to try to chew the scenery on this show he became the focus and and truly iconic characters in it pop culture. So all Dallas come back again no worries all of it without. Larry Hagman is it all done I mean you can only do so much -- Patrick Duffy. A a I think both figured out I think of figured all right is this show that -- okay the next strong. It is way to form an and I people make well no don't make it work. Without there yet and although they'll certainly be missed a lot of Korea. It certainly it OK so why are Texans want to know there's a challenge history -- I have not seen caught counting car. Into will be brought back at its first season this year beard and the national counting cars and -- I don't -- OK now what about the EU rumors of a boy meets world of Green Day. We'll quarry in Topanga have a daughter. I don't know that that's gonna happen. But -- always with those shows did they had a real cult following there's always talked to a very complex opening up the. -- -- the I'm telling I would edit book signing with -- clean break crime writer recently and he talked about how everything good is on television. Not the least these dramatic series and you know on an upset with Max boss. On Cinemax unbelievable. Great series Sons of Anarchy which lists with that I just got caught up to this year. You know well homeland I mean -- great. An antenna and one of the great great. -- writers there is great novelist and me let's not forget pretty -- a couple of episodes of the wider. He -- the best when he killed up o'clock. He killed -- Denis Lindsay did -- I got you know I wouldn't want they have that look on my against Omar one of the great. Great insight heroes of all time on the -- Any he's so good on boardwalk empire -- -- below excludes Mac's -- who might be writing for the boardwalk empire. That's a nice exclusive you just got the scoop. While that's terrific I mean and other I'm glad you reminded -- boardwalk empire a wonderful show I mean there's so many good shows on Sunday night. And literally I guess you know my deep -- -- stepped up but I don't get done watching Sunday night television are wanted to sleep and get to work on Monday. Sometime Wednesday I mean think about it. All all under. It is -- congress as -- only let you record to at a time and watching other one I like 666 park avenue that creepy show how that showed no -- That's okay and -- -- plus plus you got will walk empower. From a homeland see them. Season finale last night. You got. Good wife which -- get in the white -- -- one of the few broadcast networks shows that the appointment Hewitt being. You've got on top of that idea column -- Dexter. You got home and three. Boy that's that the -- five hours of pretty amazing public. OK in my last question on cable television I'm gonna go to all the listeners I just got obsessed over the weekend with a new show on Cinemax. And I had no clue at night it's on I found an on demand called the hunted what do you know about that show. I'd just seen one episode that I think it's a co production with the TPC. That's kind of like the debate -- kind of like offend you that appear here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For some pride in their black wire like agency. Yeah yeah and that's it I saw one episode that you know. Your confession here I don't subscribe to Cinemax and they were offering it -- on HBO ago which which a lot of anybody who has HBO. If you have a computer iPad -- iPhone. -- age your article doesn't cost you any more than yours your HBO subscriptions. And it's the end plates that you couldn't be you know where you have an Internet connection you can watch what -- -- -- HBO show -- to Andrea great great service. -- I mean -- -- know so I I believe me I I got suckered in my cute little book read about the month. Development. TV -- it happens it's ridiculous. That's what we're about Texas pats fans want to go about -- dynasty which looks so ridiculous that I I never watch it. And I found myself get sucked into a couple of episodes. Yeah that -- want to hit it on my -- we get a question about the had a couple -- I think it's still an okay. It is -- hilarious look like but these rich people have come up with a duck calling empire and naral I you know whiskey angle living out in the in the reads it's very very Friday. Okay let's go to rot ride you're on Macs were almost Max robins the vice president of the paley center and John -- on how to pack -- welcome. And that's a big fan and I stuck here. Hello I'm actually accurate. While I would question that. Okay that I was wondering if if you are birthday interview without Larry Hagman where it was like was stated by analyst Ian pot. And. And it paid in particular rights he said that when he died he'd like to be cremated and have a remains scattered over a few of the week and marijuana. So that they could pick it up. And everyone could have a little -- glaring. -- -- people -- can make -- quite peaceful Larry K. We. A good -- sorry. I'd I'd I'd greatly remembered figured -- -- that the group but he was the guy with an outside that these humor if you really was played a bigger than life personalities JR. I think -- and we feel like there was a lot of there was a lot of feb. And here are cherry. Yeah that's that was a great show rod thanks for the call is this true Max a -- tells me bosque was canceled by the way it's on stars. Which I -- down. Oh is that our man. I hope not I got a lot of double check it suited to check it out you know it's and in the book and your commitment. I don't go out for everybody but 666 park avenue apparently got canceled two. Born again it's it is I hope what didn't mean Kelsey -- with the maintenance. He plays this kind of you know actions. That this statement I coal half. You know the mayor of Chicago really know anything about mayors like that. Now I'm sure you have no idea with no idea what you mean by that. But I'll tell you. He was terrific it is I'd be crushed it was canceled its two seasons both wonderful new addition to its. I absolutely didn't. Magic city where did that and we will forever keep checking to see where it is it's still not back. Now I think will be a little while circumspect that sometime in 2013. I hope important aspect to. I'd be cross and an iPod and both are bought and they had succeeded. If it were considered. But -- hope they both come -- -- -- that kind of a cliff hanger with spots. By the way so there it it's cancer it has canceled and not coming back for season three but they may come back with a two hour movie. And that -- -- -- At least it's -- have homeland which actually is better this year I would argue that he's into. By the way Barack Obama said it's his favorite show -- but -- into a home and does even better than season one. Well I think you're right I think until it's better with every episode and and I -- it but raves about to be. But I'll probably. I think may have taken. It is amazing. Show so believable option so -- gets all. Apparently healthy Grammer as a Republican that's my boss cancel. -- we thought that's it that's the big rumor out there David you're out of Max -- commissioner of the -- and Alec are shall I David. Really get excited and happy holiday. States could question. In doubles rides coming back that Discovery Channel show motorcycle shop yeah I believe it yeah I believe it is compact. That they -- the pirates Dayton daily double it. Yeah I think it's coming back as -- result but it. What does this show that's what I like it I love Sons of Anarchy would I like that doubles ride. Yeah I you know I know it is. It's like OK it's it's kind of like real life. Sons of Anarchy Republican side it -- a motorcycle club. But we know it. Announced secondly I could take -- believe it. Anti -- and -- -- obsessed Dexter and revolution how are they doing and are they getting in taxis and. -- revolution has it been to have real well when -- what situations. Com I think that there's some pretty good chance we'll be back for season two. Dexter I only got one more season to go on its front I don't think this -- -- It's been really -- yet sure which is always been open its options he has I mean completely case this year got a site. You know why it's not one of the ones I got sucked into match at a ticket Dexter after a while. The way. I would say -- out of my purpose of the shows I watch regularly. It's probably about it was you know I came to concede to -- you know I watched everything that was really -- It was and I I wait for that she was topics. Such. And don't feel an obligation to kind of play you know it's. -- -- -- that. Are separate circle and go to that the formal accurate stay cold -- -- -- what happens to these characters here in here. Which is where. It would be awful Max if they cancel box -- boss the good that was such a good show. I know it will look like from what I can figure that people -- -- -- is talking with two. I don't know I don't think I. I thought it would -- -- com. Probably economic stars it's hard for them. The support a original drama like that that wasn't achieved shortages especially with -- -- -- -- -- country. Got some great script writers and -- I'm really sorry it's so that didn't end up on showtime HBO. And out of the writing was just as good as the wire was so believable. Officer mark wasn't about ranged. Great -- -- value is with us through and despite the that -- -- -- of the Brady threw her into one of those shows it's really been helped by. By the EUR it is it's the shoulder there's a lot of people watch I'm sure it recorded mark to -- You know the TV whereas it is the savior -- justified which everyone including -- says is fantastic. I can't get into because until late in he can't get the old practice goes on demand and I really don't have the patience as the Netflix of matches -- lost from hearing now. Into the I don't know. Ahmad and you know what the shots it's such a wonderful show. First three seasons oh great I really -- cough up the boxy and and downloaded from iTunes. -- that's not a bad idea now I attack and Max let's go to Cheryl Cheryl you're on how it our show with Max robins. I am not -- in current is that RE block in the coming back. You know. -- -- And he kept on in briefly now not a lot a lot that the appetite and last episode of that nobody on in the -- Yeah I think it'll be back in the spring probably see it sometime in February February sweeps. Okay great thank you. OK let's go to Lucille -- silly not Max robins on how to our show. -- -- you talked about my. And it program. Press attention and -- -- -- I'm not that program. Bobby -- -- -- a -- lunch and a hot bet it's not yet pinpointed yet. The old program secret agent and the uncle out of trouble that -- -- which goal which of burial program. I don't know what they're not ever get. Mac that's the child that's in dispute but it all right you can't get on to me. Right right I think -- I think the proposals so it's probably -- -- -- the PP two years my views available Netflix there gripes. I check it out. Are persons of interest yet it's still pretty well poncho. Okay that's a good morning -- there's actually a Boston native standing out and Kevin Chapman in person. And interest but I've never seen the show because they can't get an on demand Stevie -- -- with Max Robbins and Michelle -- on our guys are. In the America I go to their. Good -- -- there an element wondered about special Larry the cable I was a lot of them come back via a big hole in America. Yeah I think that incumbent actually you know the real staple. He put some commercial not suited to be patient on the other one of those rare times shall we watched commercial. Always test for the robbery and although little. There's an audience besides news about watching real. You know what somebody out snacks about another great cable show -- -- -- thinking you didn't get into it but I game throngs. What is that coming back. Yeah I think in the throat comes back I believe next fall. That's when I can give it to him you know it's a lot of what's it like that there are certain things are never and I never really you know I didn't a true blood either. That the whole kind of fantasy. Paying. For some reason I just resist it it's it's. I'm not ready to make a commitment to young people loved him throw definitely I would correct. It's not -- latency that is crime it's a good look at the original crime families. AKA politicians. Of that -- -- Now fox is ever decided that this is the final season a friend what does that mean. That they have made that indeed this -- -- committed -- making news this may be different for fringe. You know that was created by JJ Abrams created a lot of experience and and plus so as you know directive -- Mission Impossible movies -- actually the last start. That's crazy and then let's see Abbas everybody is complaining about Abbas let's go to Steve Stevie next with Max -- and John McPhee and the Howard -- out I conclude. And that kind of show you doing a great job zone and and actually got a question about that -- that -- I know that I let -- about what -- -- the first season. And that he's got a quick question -- know that they left too but that probably the coming up. I'm well and I think hoopla are like I wanna know what he's -- -- -- -- what that. Others got to be at least an overseas and I think actually. Like the next is it might be the last I mean when he got renewed in the this season for the efficacy and -- got picked up for two seasons. And I think that the creator Robert Kurt Sutter said that the season six people west. -- -- Evernote shelters waiting to keep going steadily upward note that was recently on the cover conducting equally bad at all. -- cover story -- -- Reading the increase each seemed to -- double digits. My guess is fox will do. Everything ethics and you'll do everything to keep that show will be kept at least one more -- and I wouldn't be surprised to see seven to Rick dutrow. It is not to -- I was assessment that never with the Walking Dead but everyone else in the country and it's. Locking down went -- alive and well excuse the unintended -- Yet now I. -- -- -- you want that to exist I can sign up for the job you know put up a. While it's crazy match not to the vice president of the elites in a true pleasure to have you on you and I can talk all night you know that. I know I know results -- real really great surprised he talked with you on Monday. Don't take that personally -- but you know what -- -- how our our lord and savior -- that's the united -- Thank you so much for Johnny has ever -- a fetus is how we are show.