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Ann Coulter Checks In On Benghazigate and the Rice Brouhaha

Nov 27, 2012|

Our favorite best selling author and talking babe Ann Coulter, author of Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, joined us for our week;y disection of the american political landscape including the meeting of the republican senators with Susan Rice.

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Joining us now on the line is it in Coulter the author of mugged and many other books and a controversial. Content and -- and a Bane of many college administrators who wanna keeper off the campus right hand. Apparently. It's great to be a Bain and not many people can be a Bane. You know like -- like really add my -- -- on other outlets can't business. Need to be in the dark of night but my phalanx of bodyguards. That's right pick over the doorway of the go all the you know -- you when -- big can big sales to local -- stores as people try to bite. You know lemon meringue pie ice to throw. You happened to barrel while. We're trying to hit you with anyway they've hit me -- -- our old did you eat this. Get started oh excuse me he'd miss you. Yes -- would like you know read from the matrix that would. Was it was a Terrelle Pryor was just one of those eyeballs with shaving cream and it. I don't know what they missed me and -- college Republicans that didn't have like six years ago at that point nobody jackets since then. Because they ended up it would have been even buying an apple -- a god because Republicans ran out after -- one guy ended up with a broken collarbone. The other one was covered with blood they'd think -- arrested some. Of course the Pima County it is not content I think would be in the county sheriff's department. I'm able to clear departments find that the prosecutors decided to drop charges that I really feel like following up about point. But like all the milk mug shots and I found out from an FBI agent -- also ran back. -- now some. That because Republicans have already done the most effective punishments. It you know there's worse things that -- -- -- a chewy and I you know I remember one once when I was when I was I was covering the the sale of oil leases off Georges bank in this was down in Providence. And there was there were doing and a big movie theater. And so I was sitting like three rows back from where the where the where the balcony. Won't Wear the belt now I have that. Not like that Broadway story last UH. Well I don't know what happened Broadway but what happened I actually sought I was just sitting there watching it watching it there -- these Texas guys the right on the edge with a balcony and it. All of a sudden you see it that the this or. A bunch of what deal. Dirty dirty recycled the type way you know oil for mighty from car. And and fish dead fish. Came down on these guys and when they are expensive suits and just made the may go it was just the worst mass available in the these guys ran out in the that the theater was right on the edge of -- I 95 -- they scrambled down the hill there was a car. You know carpal hippies there that's all right I followed that I followed these guys and took -- rest room -- they were trying to clean up even though was impossible. All the people former Iowa words were raw apologizing you know they were saying was. We're sorry this happened most had to be people for Massachusetts. -- -- And you know what they were probably right. Well I had a much happier ending up much better when you have the Arizona called Republicans they are two break come -- No that is that's that's right I mean naturally it is it's extremely -- so much for the First Amendment right they they they did that a my alma -- to UNC they did it to Tom Tancredo -- just work. They they just you don't they would that would let him speak you know they they -- right. I know they're there there is no more totalitarian. Area in America right now that college campuses over it's supposed to be -- Wheeling free exchange of ideas. It's exactly the opposite -- bill I'm it was. Finally got around -- what was George and -- journal. Over Thanksgiving about about the oppression of these on college campuses. And -- knack of doing you know a few other stories like from India where we're his kids were arrested for their -- book -- posting. What were mildly critical. Of the government. And Christian girl and Pakistan arrested -- black company. -- and and you read but I -- think oh my god I'm so glad I live in America. And then you know I know there is what's happening on college campuses -- -- didn't sound like an American college campus. Right at the Christian girl and Caspian was actually -- I was shocked by I actually. I know you would you be X dollars. Or or suspended anyway well it was a what it would be -- what do you make of this I mean again talking about the double standard to -- room with us Susan Rice the it looks like she's definitely going to be the nominee for secretary of state that wouldn't be putting -- through these hoops but. You know she she goes out there today and and the basic I think yeah yeah I think Lindsey Graham and and John McCain were looking for a way to kind of you know except their -- Apparently she wasn't even more. More intransigent than she had been in the past. They said that they said they're more angry -- in public they were before the meeting. The thing what I have strange about the whole thing has also spoken on -- -- -- he would have -- mountain but those statements. They have if he had not been directed to by the president of the united added if this were a Republican president -- And spokesman went on TV and retail life like it did there would not not being attack -- -- spokesman. And all know by all accounts and on our sabathia would be IA dismantled after Watergate. Because god we can't have another Watergate we -- destroyed CIA. A beautiful. Utterly incompetent and it was thought it it was our intelligence. Outfit that would that would claiming it was the video on the Internet because the terrorist attack that's that's our intelligence. Did you that you you don't Palmer tried to -- wrote a book about the general which has gotten the recent book just just came out it's got very good reviews as a matter of fact did you hear -- this on fox. I -- a little -- him lying on my very same typical liberal. Web pages were very upset that. He attacked the box I mean I thought it -- The guy interviewing him said adding that the final statement by Rick sounded like about the unit and interview with the end of what yet but then again. The Fox News -- very politely says okay well thanks for coming on. And explained that the interview would cut down you know you on TV now you know they always promised you more minutes and you get this. Right -- -- with Lawrence O'Donnell he just talks he just talks all the way. Yeah it -- talking on all. Could possibly disagreeing with what went on Fox News and the pit brick and at least provide him in that you make talk about something else that did far more that just. But -- that we attacking -- Yeah but also now he's also saying he's also saying this was just another firefight I mean there was an impasse. Or killed here every -- -- and and also you know he's talking to pick -- it was Chris you got this got the thing. How many security contractors died in Iraq you know I don't. No nobody does because nobody cared. We note that several hundred time there was never an official count on the security contractors in Iraq so when I see this focus. All on what was essentially a small fire -- I think number one I covered a lot of fire parts it's impossible to figure out what happens and sometimes. The second I think that the emphasis on going golf is an extremely political parlance because fox was operating as -- -- the Republican Party. All right Tom Ricks thanks very much. It's -- later Tom you know. Not that does not sound like that you're being interrupted midstream let me get. I remain in the interview with only about point but but after bloody thing and it -- a little muddy. Comment directly is not a member of Rex he would he would he would be baffled. Why the story of Gabriel Giffords being shot in the head got more attention. They -- slaughter of children and drive by shootings in Chicago. Now in particular to contact numbers -- what killed in Iraq. It's a terrible thing nobody making life that it's terrible that small children living on the front of you get get gunned down. Up at every week in Chicago but having kind of official representative of the government killed in different. -- the company did not murder. An inning an inner city that the United States basically saved from destruction at against a small market poppy. Two years earlier and you know that whole al-Qaeda problem in what. And that -- and the other thing is I -- week we did of avenge the I said this earlier that we eventually contractors who were killed when we -- we well after around bush was reelected in 2004 the first thing he did was in the troops and the awful lot of the logic allusion to clean out that. That fight person -- you know where that where the four American contractors were lynched on the bridge. Yes the system. Utterly in apt comparison I felt like I would not -- the states didn't say much else that he does not see the difference these things. -- don't live not a thing that gets me too is you know now and again this is this gets to back to you know of the pipe you know the the subject of your your latest -- month. Here he here is Susan Rice you can't criticize her because she's. Right now now correct me if I'm wrong but was Condoleezza. Rice or white or black. And yeah. Thomas Michael Steele also. Yup -- was hoping it does not just that. Black conservatives. -- treated the same as like compared until they are much more viciously attacked if you wanted to be I've I've maintained that. You know we basically walked that hole racism problem we have -- more child molesters have been real -- of an America that. But if you want to find out what finding deep pockets of developing areas and an American go to college camp. You want to slide we await them and America prevent a liberal with a photo of -- competent. Well also you know. Whenever I remember that when that when she was talking about you know we you know we. We had during the run up to the war in Iraq you know talking about the weapons of mass destruction. Everybody was say what you know she doesn't have kids so she pays no personal price. For the nets and immunity. -- what it's like when they say you know when when your. What when a conservative says somebody is not married week we know you're immediately accused of by using a code word for fluoride homosexuality. Right here. When you don't they but. The -- is -- Obama. -- my you the one who raised the fact that Condoleezza Rice didn't have a gamble yeah -- -- -- remark was well. The ring the opening Aaron wasn't she pays no personal price -- like like she doesn't care like she doesn't care about lessening US troops in harm's way about hash it like it's just a an academic exercise. It was I mean again it's just it's just outrageous the the double standards that. No I know and it really isn't overwhelming and it really does influence people that we saw in the last Election Day is just astonishing that. A majority of voters blame the laboratory here is out of joblessness and and the economic disaster on George Bush and Al. He's you I -- did you imagine that they can carried on from four years. It really does make a difference and it's not just let me -- we're obviously crushing collapse in terms of talk radio land among the cable news stations -- crunches the others. But it really comes a lot out of Hollywood and television and stereo I I wouldn't know indirect. I mean you know you've got anything that you know -- It any message board after Maria after a story you know one -- -- newspaper web site. And you know there's always somebody says you know this it's almost posed as a joke bush -- it hurt somehow Bush's fault. But you know that thing as you're right it's not so funny win. Apparently a majority of people actually don't believe -- us all. Isn't going to want to let you know. It's the they it it's just its release -- but I site. I talked to -- you you know him I was down their -- I was down their Florida this weekend and -- pocket so you know people I've met you know people see. I know from up here and I just axiom down there and I couldn't believe some of the people who voted for voted for Obama voted for Elizabeth Warren I mean I was -- one that really shocked me -- Like she still. -- -- And people -- -- you know you're you're lucky to live in Massachusetts in because now people I mean it's like Ted Kennedy you know people always blamed everybody from Massachusetts for Ted Kennedy now. Now people from Massachusetts are getting blamed for Elizabeth -- missing out how can you people be social with. Vote for somebody like -- the woman isn't complete fraud. I say I. I did my part I -- my newspaper broke the Indian story I'd personally broke the story about the New York Times plagiarized recipes. Don't blame Manny. On Saturday are. -- -- one of the most unfair. Aspect of the election are real -- -- -- stopping fact by the way. I've been I've been trying to -- -- you know have a silver lining where I can minded I was enjoying the fact that all these young people who voted for Obama. Would continue to be unemployed. Its glory years. -- did you know that a majority of eighteen to 29 year old who were white. Voted or -- What we are seeing is the beginning of the I think. This is not young people at the beginning of the end of America. Well I hope I I just hope people will wake up I mean you don't. Italy in this whole thing about you know leave the leadership the story about the bit that the community college in Pittsburg. Where there were cutting back on on they're there. They're they're now cutting back the outwards so that all these adjunct professors are -- they they have they not not only are they not gonna get Obama here but they've they've cut back on their outwards and they're getting pay cuts right and so. And size of my column on on it's obvious I hope all these professors of queer studies and women's that. W all why. All of them why in no apostrophe S I hope I hope all these people realized they had this quote from an English professor reset our. Adjunct for adjunct instructor -- I have a vague hope. That that don't know I was gonna get us some better care under obamacare you know this and this is great -- -- professor -- as a vague hope America is a he really got a lot of scholarly research into the and the effects of Obama care. And walk at all these baseball player the baseball players even. You know and I don't think there's I don't think there's -- bombers but as may be like the NBA but these these baseball players are the freeagent -- -- we're gonna need a big signing bonus up front before December 31 right. Ali yeah. And all these companies you know you know with great liberals at the Helm. They are all gonna send out their debit their their quarterly dividend checks before the first of the year to beat the you know of the -- -- That the Walton are gonna side of the wall opens in a Wal-Mart -- gonna save a 180 million bucks 180 not that they're not that -- row. You know liberals don't like but. You know -- you know everybody thought they were school when the rich people I mean I had done just what the rich people have figured out away are going to be able to figure out a way around that it's it's it's you know Joseph. So while we waited the middle class that is what's so frustrating about this debate right now. Because I mean I must say I kinda think that Democrats have -- the Republicans at least that one small. No matter check mated and that is because that this bush tax cuts automatically expire. Unless the Republicans Democrats come to an agreement with. Everybody's taxes go up and Democrats say we want to restore the bush tax cuts but not for the top 2%. That's -- Republican and the position. I'm fighting -- war what will be portrayed in our that we powerful media. As as tax cuts for the rich and and with or without whatever happens -- the bush tax cut -- it obviously will be worse that the book was cut or are. -- -- But it just obamacare alone is going to wreck the economy. Don't look simple and not being blamed for the coming economic Armageddon the same way bush was blamed for four series. Of Obama's economic policies and I think Republicans. I mean I'm not put them in the -- may have to go ahead. And and vote to raise taxes on the -- than just they were against businesses in the states. Didn't going to be a disaster that you won the election and we know the media is is gonna blame mom for what happened. When the economy collapses at the bush -- -- -- -- we are rescinded because we don't agree tax -- on as they call of the rich. And and just make the democrats' own economy because they are not going to be good and the main thing Republicans are gonna have to avoid now is. Is making a mistake that makes it easier. The -- the media to demonize them we know what all the propaganda. Some -- we can win probably cans and and preserving tax cuts for the top of them which by the way. You know what drives me greatly untoward side UK. It's not the rich stick -- -- wealth tax. John Cary Harris who don't go up because well except on whatever he mixes the senate salary that we're not really into the city and. Which I -- pay the excise tax on his boat. Yeah -- come back and our taxes on people who are looking lights. We want to create jobs but they won't be creating jobs but -- be spending that extra money but profit from their -- -- the government instead of using -- to hire more. Or even the money that that comes from his second wife's first husband trust fund is I'll put into municipal bonds which don't have to pay federal or state income. And not move comes back -- the highest tackling that mean if anything. I -- -- attack on on anything over two income mobile backup would be better a consumption -- but that. What you're attempting to -- activity you're trying to -- Right well Warren Buffett today in the Wall Street Journal I must admit I saw the column I didn't even read it but I saw the headlines later on the Internet. He said that raising taxes on the rich would be good for the morale of the middle class. Yeah I need a little -- of -- Lexus and yeah yeah out while he hires they -- language only. And make sure he does not pay what DI Iraq between Tokyo that he loved going around -- and about how you market it more in taxes. Hey I'm await you could -- you get paid more in taxes. If he didn't hire all of -- despite what PIR and. Right yeah. There's there's no law that says you can't make it charitable contribution to the United States government I mean you just -- you know the George Lucas I mean this is another this is another great example I mean the guy the guys I mean we got I have. He's he's done a great job he's a he's a great movie maker EC's created this incredible franchise. But he sells out to was Disney. Two months before the fiscal cleft in the taxes are going up in the inning saved himself 20300 million box. And he says will taught you all the money is going to charity. But but I -- my question is. Does that mean that he thinks he could spend his money more wisely than Harry Reid and Barack Obama I mean I'm sure he's very very rarely would -- be all right. I I I think that is the implication of what's -- No I I think that's the deduction the Democrats wanna get that up most of all take away the charitable deductions so that. It will certainly cause on the increase in charitable giving. And then people will be required to rely more and more on the government as well. Yeah you know you know while big Notre Dame has this great great linebacker Kris from Hawaii from the same high school but the Barack Obama went -- An easy he's an all American. End you get what you care to guess what religion he is on hand. I know they're an awful lot of the Christian -- He is he would be a Mormon -- yes it would be a Mormon and I don't just read this story today and you know he he's he's he had a his girl his grandmother who was very close his grandfather died in January. His grandmother died of a lingering disease in September his girlfriend died of leukemia. In September -- -- very tough year. But you know what has helped him what is what is helped him get through these this this terrible year but he's had. More on his strong his strong faith. In the great Mormon religion. -- that never were hardly don't Mitt Romney was never given. Yeah you know Chris -- they've ever said Mitt Romney was able to succeed in life because of his strong religion it was a very strange religion when Mitt Romney. -- the you expect that this. And it and Harry Reid we don't even know what Harry Reid was just they never even mentioned that but you know it's only a negative thing when a Republican has a Mormon apparently. Film won't have really very conservative. In in the waiting of their lives -- they're never on welfare because the Mormon Church to take care of mormons or in trouble and people activists. Not that I think we know we need we can cut the government by about 80% and they'll have plenty of leftover food deal with the poor people with. You know horrible freakish medical conditions that's not what government money go do it goes to -- government workers. We've -- dependence. Yet and Brazil. To go to the other end of the spectrum people activated just madness that that you could get by with private charity and I don't know it. No Christians are required to tie. -- certainly do that many other Christians do what. There's when he of charitable money out there if we could just get it bridge liberals like Warren Buffett deprive the dark fish off their wallets. I have but it just so much more fun to write columns. To write columns in the Wall Street Journal ripping into people making 200 grand here for him greeting. Yeah you know it's. While he hit it straight -- -- and -- answer and you're right hires a phalanx of lawyers to want to dispute every every every bit of assessment that he gets from the government. And the only other -- too in is that. You know we keep hearing about you know that -- that they don't wanna change entitlements of all this I I don't I don't figures much of a sports fan as I am watch a lot of they weren't a lot of sports. There's a guy in New York every your mis call fireman Ed. He's he's like he was this he's the seven hugely amassed a lot of the jets are -- you know he where is this a green green hell -- diary did he he just resigned -- the jets are so bad. Hope he quit but he he's he he's 53 years old and he's a retired firefighter. Retired. -- -- Yet yet yet yeah I know. They had they had this story in the Wall Street Journal today these to the two differences between you know this family and I mean this from just the middle class family you know some Obama some of whom go to -- the older ones go to JC Penney's and the younger ones. You know you know and download their -- it was an interesting story. But they knew they had at one both the father is 56 years old -- he's a retired high school administrative high school administrator. I mean he's you know. People government jobs you know we yes we the weight liberal radio on our fun and -- The war you know fireman and policeman yup yup I I love them more than liberals do rivals attacked -- call rate that. What they end up shooting at black criminal. But that the company would be turning over you know -- -- -- that -- could rate them as they can retire at age fifty. Come and receive exorbitant. Pensions I mean it really map of the problem. The problem these public sector unions about what's going on -- like what their -- that someone like Scott Walker. Workers couldn't see is that they can only people and -- distinct but then people might find out what they make more aware of they always run -- -- and when people see. What what. Government employees are earning and that's what people think -- earn out they after they retired at age fifty. -- most people won't expect that. They haven't -- you know it's just it's just amazing because it's not like in the old days with Social Security went into effect than it at 65 in the average American died at 620. I mean -- you -- fireman -- went out it probably age fifty you're right. In an -- His actual worry all odds are that he's a -- to be at least eighty years old. Oh yeah Leon no that's the funny thing about the Ponzi scheme Social Security when it was. Enacted. The average lifespan I think the format wouldn't it could be -- war -- -- women what -- -- -- -- -- from New -- has to -- beating. Actuarial odds to collect the single penny of those it's one of the reasons that it it ends up being put on here and -- a a -- -- To -- but you'll never hear liberals complain about. Because black men die younger than that was certainly white women and white man on and black women. I'm -- I'm likely to receive their Social Security but we're a private account. They'd be able to to put their money in accounts say but it's there they are -- guy -- their children get it or they can depend entirely. I'd been right up until they died it died early you'll lose your Social Security benefit of. Yeah there was a there was -- story again you know about -- or Florida I am I read the papers lace up their by the pool and I just read the papers. -- the New York Times but I regulatory becoming the avenue for the got a new crew at. It in New York City cops transit cops -- after the fear beaters again. End and they said well all these all these guys were uprooted from retired new York city police officers. Soul something was -- what how how old -- these guys were retired you know these these guys you know you. You caught after a fear after your -- -- you ought to be able to run pretty strict. Jump -- the bus and take like a battle out I have all right. Big Q have they kept much more than fifty years old maybe younger than my. Well now what their work out of work. Artist second venture the other and I -- it's I don't we sound we sound like where run you know real mean spirited but we have to -- -- the -- and the title of the ends the book is mud -- and she is is she she's she's got many the books out there and the you can they're all available at fine bookstores everywhere and on -- is on another row on line accounts thanks for thanks for -- whether Stan. -- okay stocked -- next week. 18774694322. From now when car.