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Paul O'Neill Of Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Nov 27, 2012|

Paul O'Neill, Composer, Lyricist, and Producerof the Transiberian Orchestra - TSO- joined us as they begin there Christmas tour and the release of their new multi disc holiday set.

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It's the holiday. Season of course. As you can tell by the fact that too dark outside and at 55 little after 530. And that means it's time for the that trans Siberian orchestra to be hitting the road and and becoming -- way city -- town near you an arena near you and we like to speak -- yearly with Pope Paul O'Neill whose idea whose founder of the speech trans Siberian orchestra say yeah it's a great it's a multi. Media show. And that say you just played to two great done great. Paid for us for a for anybody who hasn't seen it it's -- -- it's amazing show. And -- we just wanted to check in with them to what was going on going on this year Paul thanks for being with us here on the Howie -- show. Told her pleasure Howie and it's actually you know forcing a great show this year it's literally has received he ultimately third you know he shows. -- and for the effort thirteen years of touring you know -- original. Part of the trilogy which we never intend to do how we just kind of accidentally happened. You know this year we decided to us which have lost his perceived as the -- rock opera. -- completely you know freak out my -- we morsel like Paul this is like for Carlton to nutcracker it's a tradition don't mess with that. Right like that's like the new -- why why mess with -- who deepening broke don't fix it right. Well I just. What that with what's going on the world is so doesn't exist the vacuum. And so where we finished terrain vehicles less like this here we decided movement for change both the summer and the winter rock operas. And we also changed labels more -- the NCA. Or for sports on BP didn't support flies in on October 30. I'll always think things that stands as the NCA news. And a great job well. The CNET -- -- support -- need support Altman -- central west which means you know anyone can afford these economic times. Tickets of course you know keep in between you know 4560. Samples cities and it's seventy. And but you know the main scene of the original. Or the trilogy. Was you know what kept each other going to be kind toward the right thing is -- about it fifteen year old Robert from the west to a -- -- potential for their home. And but the finals over the trilogy abortion fascinated how we with Christians see. In that it seems to allow human beings to undo mistakes that you know they never thought they could undo. And the main theme on line that story is hope and redemption. And persona as part of the story and think you know it will be one of the biggest mistakes human beings do. And -- just -- -- -- -- once you know it in trial. And it's kind of ironic as the go to 2004. And -- the match in the bank and plot to 2008. And the main -- at fault or is the Wall Street banker make a billionaire. Who for decades earlier abandons -- you know infant newborn child for the shelves of reasons. And now forty years later you know it's because receive he's looking realist would say it is the only thing doses destroyer -- not they're into the kept snowing. These sorts of towards you know. All sorts it's a combination of of a Christmas Carol it's a wonderful life. In a pretty much. And you know and just like Brett thanks very capped movie when you know my stories if it's not happy -- the Andy and I also think that a final bit ironic. You know present live long enough you know I think also people who have a very wealthy at the track -- so well because the houses. But sadly they're not happy people and and sometimes a truly miserable. Also people live paycheck to paycheck. That basically been you know happy there are -- -- -- Bob cracked chipped. There's days ago an academic thought that mr. right and you know when all the and so -- probably be united. You know the billionaire fault -- the grad Harvard grad. You know the great athlete bosses like he's been miserable. But his son used to -- you know listen to whatever -- we can -- room you know hotel. He's happy and -- I think if anything good comes out of you know the financial melt you know that has gone down -- sanity. And you know all. Is. You know get back to the fundamentals you know it's so. You know it's I think it's you know I'll -- pronouncements as you know. The only way to have -- -- -- -- look for others you know such as those protests going -- ways. And bomb and even on the news BP's dreams of fire was. -- what is once -- someday and bill. And it's you know kind of like our kittens for the stories with console. -- focus in the long enough. There's somebody with a cool -- to say banks were there to teach or right but did you know heeded by she needed or you know all of it's a slip and you did have or something and it was like you know would make an old sanctum but like a New Mexico that would you know -- small and just keep putting at all. And you know then it's too late sort of you know like where all our immigrant her predicament plaza TV and reality. With the brother had like. You know you all the for a couple oh lead dropped by for a day and it's you know getting back to you know the fundamentals of what it's like which is you know. You know all the people and and and also backed the -- concert. You know I think what music you know. How we use. Probably more important than it's ever been before just because them. I mean the Internet you know like -- vehemently humans as a good and bad side I mean. The good is that -- sitting Kenya has access to books that he never would you know in the old days. The bad side is that. Bomb besides eviscerate the record industry. -- know what. What I could not just the record industry Paul you know working all radio and newspapers it's a -- or knowledge and both of those industries. I mean they -- children when US news and world report went out of print news we just don't have this theory it's like it's it's just that but beyond. It's one of the more dangerous things I think is that all. When I was going up the average kid been fourteen and -- half hours the day outside playing with all the kids. Now the average -- and 45 minute and it's not a day a week on now the average distance 45 minutes a week. And it's not only just the kids it's spread to the adults. You know when I was younger your parents -- all the came home you know when it. He's in place hopeful local its neighbor team or coach you know Little League basketball. We have a barbecue or is that -- you know. -- in the back. Now they come home. And they sit at a computer that the World of Warcraft or they plant imaginary terrorists in imaginary garden bright people imaginary rabbits and -- but you. -- people don't even watch TV together anymore and I were read something this week about cross -- you know there's a big dispute between the hunting hunters outdoorsman and they. You always -- as a crossbow sporting way to hunt that deer. And they asked that Ted Nugent and he said he saw I see both sides of the issue but anything to give a kid off the couch I'm in favor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He he he has the points and you know it's -- people -- human beings by nature like. That they signal from the -- this isolation of prison which is you know -- for -- obvious. You know prisoners say you know what what to say you know can it affects the brain but to do to yourself and yeah. You know I read this a couple of years ago world on the second anniversary some woman got for us and the world warcraft and did two years later which is divorcing him -- his field of woman's world warcraft. And these problems. And it's. You know anything it just gets people out together interacting talking right I just think it's healthier and also. You know basically it's or solely Rupert locally secret performed on on he vehicle. Get a precedent for prince and his cool. But on when you do what others. It's it's it's more manageable and action on not a super big helps in sports fans. But you know last year during the World Series. When cardinals or. -- strike for being out in the six game. And we're in the studio -- promotion won't be. And I go out and they're two strikes and being you know out of these series and -- psyched me out of the series then when we get to signal a single and next thing you know they tie it up. And then it goes into extra innings and you know tenth inning. The other team it's two games two runs ahead and and portals tied up and upping its game it. Kinda reminds us of the 1986 World Series with Boston in the New York Mets and the bureau under the Euro. Under iron Euro 100% correct. And it was like something right at the Hollywood and the announces that going. The court should be dead but they just won't die right and it was just twelve was watching in the studio and you'll -- electric in the rule. You know. Honestly how we like it I can imagine what it like it did in that stadium. With or most people. Hanging on every pitch. -- So while it is and I've -- don't think I've been to a couple of Celtics championship games in the bird here and I saw I saw the ES INC state knocked out. UCL way in 1974. And yeah you're right I mean this -- and there's nothing to beat it there's not that we're developing as a just -- it's. It's just it happened so -- Paul you know I you know if there's somebody did this just so every time -- -- game and it's just there's just not that happen. But anyway listen to how many trucks do you guys have I was like to ask how many traction and the following. Well. You know I stopped counting after you know. It was like between the trucks and bosses it was over yeah I just gave up but just like OK -- that your performance and -- The only thing actually believe -- -- I actually pay attention to how -- say this as like. I get -- reports from my counsel I'm. -- -- Okay this is the book to budget it or it was just such a barrel. This is what disloyal and that's -- a barrel this is an oil well you know just be aware of something happened to Syria this could seriously affects you know. The you know so. The -- and you know things. How what how what do you think of these -- what do you think the raw means you said your top ticket price -- even like the the real high high cost. Continue to seventy. Mean what do we get these Rolling Stones tickets you know like we would a guy column -- -- were talking about The Rolling Stones. This guy's going to see him next week he's Tennessee three shows the tickets he's got seats up front for 18100 box. If he owe a lot of it also can be confusing a lot of but I actually blaming the government -- The you know we agonized and make sure that anyone who wants is seeking -- can afford -- and you know this show second to none as far as production. But you know the other day it was -- show. And it was a couple innovate you know and -- you know this is under program and a ticket and you know that says you know. They spent you know 2000 dolls for the tickets. And they said that it was worth every penny and like. We don't have -- against the in the thirties I'm single ticket that's over 59 dollars. And it's -- your tickets. And if you look at their that -- site of the tickets for fifty dollars. The rest was service and shall do what they had done was state -- there's the colts secondary. Ticket brokers. But when you go to their web site that web site is like. And security official tickets dot com and it looks like it's or web site. It's not. And it got point that your website we've got your website on our if you wanna go -- how we cart dot com you can you can check out we don't have to fake website. But it Eagles fans -- orchestra you'll see. Hundreds of fake web sites. And you know. You -- -- was illegal you know for ever and then in the new millennium. It's just you know. These people got a ball they hired law obviously -- every single state legislature. They were around them on. Why -- other the other was there were some -- there -- some indictments here in Massachusetts. Over the hope the scalping legislate -- -- know that oh yeah yeah there were say yeah yeah there was -- there was there was a lot there was a lot of -- scandal involved the guys who were exposed to be lobbyist but close with the speaker you know the usual stuff -- wants to know if there's ever going to be a dvd but trans Siberian orchestra. It's one of the -- -- so is is. Captured on -- there are more to do is because it's so multi dimensional. And also oh. Orbital cameras. Because -- -- some -- will go you know to. If he -- power you know to. 500000 and Howard impacted and now and the human like actual. The temelin just weeks out. Like. -- you know an area and let's stick to that and calm and weasel which pyro. That. On pyro is a bad word here in New England. You know it's. Even even in the big even in the big locations. Now well you know we you know dog of course myself which. You know we've never had an accident you know say he's super super you know. You know and tough and I know I've been in Iraq for forty years and never seen a spiral accident. That involves professionals. And involves nobody being on or on drugs I've never seen more on. The got -- that was -- pretty appalled with that would have much time what part of this kind of -- and he's been waiting here hole hole -- us outcrop Sally you're next with how we card -- -- trans Siberian orchestra collapse now. I don't agree shell out good Manchester with -- Saturday night and it was just completely off of for the first time ever have a chance to see guys library and it just -- all the senses that that leadership is second to none. A logistical question -- you -- some people that were actually playing strengths. Are you in advance that -- -- -- so who's got some immediately. Yeah we got -- we have someone -- scouts them out and it's all way of you know. We like to get -- musicians balls as in the string players just because we've been involved rock -- whole life. So bad for string players in the monsters they have to sit here isn't allowed to move. -- they don't you know like this and you know if we put you know we put on the stage like you know approximately. Not -- -- like no supposed to move. And it's -- also occasionally you know as murder you know starting from the younger talent it would -- something that we get in the band. Yeah thanks thanks for the call cell and I. Myself thank you so much you come again and it showed again was of people like you would have to get a real job so. I'm thanking you -- There's another guy says oh you saw it was excellent show someone else says World of Warcraft as the most dangerously addictive game ever made. -- Is it the funny thing you know. It's sexy you know funny you know that fifty years ago so we got the well. The -- World War II game and summary game and I spent an entire weekend -- fighting World War -- Like what the heck am I doing this couple I -- wasted like you know 48 hours I was. We realized from one -- you think you could have that on the Internet on doing anything you know we just started -- -- time you see something your interest that in the news just keeps skipping from one thing to the next -- year old boys three hours is gone and you know what I really learned here. And just I think you know lots and its like again you know it. They think it's a dangerous thing yeah I think again insists both physically to -- it it looked -- Okay it was a -- we literally -- we got to wrap it up but trans Siberian orchestra you'll be in Boston on that December 23 at 44. There's number point guard -- some shows December 23. This is CC. Okay great thanks a lot Paul from the trans Siberian orchestra -- that you avoid thank you and that's good check out on our web site -- only two portraits are buried orchestra the real website on how we --