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Rhode Island's Holiday Tree

Nov 28, 2012|

Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island is standing by the term "holiday tree" in refering to the tree being lit in the state house annual ceremony. He says his refusal to call the tree a Christmas Tree is in the tradition of Rhode Island's religious tolerance. Howie asked his listeners how they felt about the holiday tree.

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This is this is so this is this this. -- Chafee one and embarrassed that this guy he has and so happy. That he didn't go to Deerfield Academy like his brother and his father. You know he went he went -- over so we don't have that I don't have the war. You know picking -- Greek guff from anybody want the same schools it's -- -- the governor Alan. One one. To open its eyes. Governor Chafee is standing by that term holiday tree. His office used to describe the tree -- -- in the annual ceremony at the Statehouse. In a statement yesterday -- he said recently some controversy has arisen concerning the hope that day. Tree in the Statehouse rotunda. A tree that sit stands mere feet. From the royal charter that more than three centuries ago granted quote a full liberty of religious concern months quote and quote. The free exercise -- women of all their civil and religious rights quote to the inhabitants of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. Use of the term. -- day. Tree. Is a continuation of past practices and does not represented a change of course on my part. Chafee urged critics to volunteer to help Rhode Island me. Does anybody relieving Roger Williams back in the sixteen hundreds. Holiday. Tree in his in his. -- through his -- He -- -- -- a tree at all actually but I I daresay that Roger Williams I mean you -- Rhode Island was founded by you know -- ruby. The dissidents from from the Massachusetts Bay colony. And went up one point patient. But you know I don't think that Indy they believe the holiday trees. In -- this. Syndicate -- for that story for me this as the correct me if I'm wrong am I am I -- kind of flashback cured that they have this exact same controversy last year. -- Rhode Island. And they have every year compared. Why doesn't he just give BN and end and -- mileage that the majority of his constituents. He -- a you want the thing to be called Christmas tree. Or BD. Don't care one way or the other but they they really don't they don't want this kind of political correctness mean this is ridiculous. Do we get away years Leo wait a little while longer before we get it to the way today. Controversies but this year it's it's it seems to be starting early there's a there's a college in North Carolina that there was a student group. There was. Selling Christmas trees to raise money for -- for. They are actually at Christmas presents her holiday presents. They had the college administration told them that they could no longer. Call it a they can no longer column Christmas trees. They had to call the holiday trees so apparently. You know -- the ways of the ways of like Chafee of Rhode Island our era our our sporadic. But. You don't what's the what is the what's the big deal about the the holiday trees and I think the problem is that the it is that he is a press spokesman has has it they they've been giving that the conflicting stories about what they want to what what they yet what they want call this -- 187746943221. Nate says now what it would be a problem if they called little Rama on tree. I daresay if you called little problem about tree if you if you said the you didn't want to be known as -- a tree. You would be accused of hate speech and hate crimes. Xenophobia. Native is on. -- racism. Etc. etc. but called it Christmas tree. Is somehow one is is somehow a eight violation of political correctness. You would think that the the governor though given the given his son's problems this year with. You know underage drinking may be may be instead of worrying about the Christmas tree maybe may be linked. Ought to be speaking to his side. About the you know what the what the legal drinking ages in Rhode Island that may be explained to him that. You know that the you know when you when you get caught with a beer in -- eighteen years old -- you know. Maybe you should not take the Fifth Amendment remember that's his son was try to tell wasn't was at that -- Was it does show little White House's on the was with them without a -- the two cases one by one I was outside the what was outs I'll liquor store -- at Jamestown and the other was was that some party and the so the cops I think stopped stopped that Chafee. The key head and and it. And it's a couple of his prep school pals. They when they were that what do they weren't charged with impersonating cavities. And in a big cops say a word you guys get this beer and and the linkage governor Chafee east side said you don't have to answer -- you could take the Fifth Amendment. So this is this is you know this this is what this is the -- we shape this is what a great what a great following -- he's doing a fine job with two kids. 187746943. Tutu was that a Christmas tree years for a whole day. Tree 187746943221. Rates. -- the White House calling it a Christmas tree infringing on anyone else's civil civil rights have been again. It's too bad we can't we we can't hear from Roger Williams -- that defeat if he thinks that. Having -- Christmas tree in the it in the rotunda at the at the -- some kind of violation of people's civil liberties. 187746943221. Rates if it was a real liberal response Roger Williams and the way he was I just read it. Read a book. About the the colonial -- in America over over the weekend. It's called Barber's years. And then he when he was he he was about favor massacring the Indians knew he was in favor by going after the Indians when they -- but. He was he he was very much of -- War. ACLU. Colonial ACLU type guy but I don't think -- problem here being you're next with how we -- -- dean. That was so here we got that. Yeah. Yeah. I want just a quick hopefully kind of culture and -- ready -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about calling it a Christmas tree that's what it. People get offended when you call -- -- obviously enormous. Right now -- -- -- question as some people were pointing this out of the pro -- message board today. So you call -- holiday tree so -- what's the holiday. That's Christmas right so what's so what's the difference. -- Do it. Didn't -- -- somebody calls they a menorah on a couple of nor does have to be already in the war. No I don't think so now. I don't think so did I just I just think people need to get that. As I would have bought this time here and realize that there's a lot more thing could be worried about the called Christmas tree Christmas -- Exactly and and you know there's a lot of there's a lot of people say in the -- for differing accounts more recently have always said that you -- supposedly this is like left -- for pagan times that the the the original you know people live north of the then -- the -- Danube over the Germans. Would you know would bring an would bring in an evergreen tree just at at the winter solstice just kind of will remind him that the -- was gonna come back and -- I've heard stories that that's mop that out the Christmas tree started but the fact is the Christmas tree goes back. Pre Christian era so it's you know it's it's not a big deal something people have been -- for thousands of years and only in the only in recent decades says this -- common. A controversy. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Shape he's planning on change change changing the name of the of the capital the crapshoot. Yeah -- -- Providence. And Providence haven't. It is I believe yeah. If they the only talk about the isn't that the declaration of independence or constitution -- -- first of the divine. Divine hand of Providence I believe as a way it's phrased so I mean if you -- have pride if if it's Providence. Then would -- wanna change the name of the of the capital as well and 18774694322. I'm surely you aren't sure that it Chafee inherited a lot of money you know he comes from one of the oldest families in Rhode Island. You know I had I wonder if he's offended by the money in his pocket you know -- the the outrage and god we trust I mean that's that's kind of offensive doesn't have a mean may be a warrant to -- wants to hand over his money to. To walk up people who don't know don't have a problem with in god we trust I'm served well most people. To wants to give me is money Ronnie you're next with how we cargo ahead Ronnie. Captain Mary Christmas to treat ultimately shape -- Are they doing -- he. Writes from. Oregon I'm calling item in Salem margarine. Seventy pages here at Rockingham park. And as you know there is. Texas all the going on now a charity that -- that you raise a lot of money but it charities here in Salem interest so it's a perfect spot we're hoping that's gonna happen. Yeah. It's seventy -- sounds a lot world lot -- feasible with 35 Baker's dozen at. Exactly how -- about a mile orbit so. They have the price much else is gonna go up too so that's going to be preparing. To know when people stop will be embedded on the web that the -- been very strong. We put on I'm referendums on the ballot. Don't stress by sixty somewhat percent of the community wanna get in this don't want people more out so. And that's something he got you got to have the community -- favor of it you know army there was no way fox the people you know craft the wind could go forward fox brokers people that want it you know. They they you know if you if that if the community does a lot of the it's just there's just that's. That's the -- acquire bomb you know you -- would you can't even he can't even begin then to talk about it until you get the permission of. -- what's also great about it this is is on the does when they're gonna bring back the thoroughbred racing is all. You're the track along with the emotional which really got the community housing as well as that the commercial businesses are common at all we picked them as well Bechtel. Thank you -- 1877469432218774694322. They each were exported to the test -- a Muslim group put a symbol of their religion up at City Hall made the weakened enough that our exit at 187746943. 22 H holiday comes from holy day should we call now holy. Day trade. Exactly 18. Know how -- the provinces of Canada that's what bubbles that once he says he said that the tree. That the -- recruit the Christmas tree in the city of Boston had come from. I think for me he said New Brunswick one of the provinces of Canada. 187746. As opposed to the state of Philadelphia. What I heard that -- mobile will be back to work next week I don't know that's true or not but that's that's that's what they're saying at City Hall. 18 -- doesn't see I mean usually don't want that was Spaulding rehab or Munich beat back at work the next week but that's what they're saying. 1877469432. To fill -- your next with how we are going had bad. Bet you there. He's gone mark you're next with how we cargo ahead mark. Hello there Ali. Yeah taking Christ that -- Not a good idea. Tradition. Tradition should not be taken away from the Americans -- And I think she -- up on that as the Obama administration goes on and on we're gonna be living in increasingly secular society. Yeah it's just that the. I don't get back I think if these people don't like Christmas it's the same thing we said we set about Thanksgiving if you if you don't like Thanksgiving and you think it's a Nazi holiday and a white supremacist holiday. That you volunteer work in place of the people left the work. You know how I mean why why don't we -- off if these people like Christmas. I wanna see the first congressman filed legislation to what decommission Christmas holiday. You know I don't know I don't think it's gonna always it can you imagine -- the unit the liberal unions try -- fighting that you can use that. We value you guys are you know you support us secular humanism you don't want religion in the public square you know get out of my bedroom get your -- Pitcher morality out of my bedroom etc. etc. so so let's -- away with Christmas. At -- up like that. Well I was I was thinking when you were saying about. About about the Islamic symbol and I think about. But we have all statues of Buddha. Little -- smiling man. -- -- -- -- Thanks for -- call mark one. Pat hates each 1877469432218774694322. Of course they have to be you know they have to kind of stamps now they've had this for several several years. The they have the the secular. Christmas the Christmas the senate door. Today. Stamp in the they have a regular Christmas stamp -- -- Christmas -- myself just as a I -- -- I like to make my own little statement. Carl you're next with power cargo ahead Carl. Our critics. Good debt and its debts and -- -- Spybot and bigger review these people don't. -- to accept the holiday. Been by all means. Let them war in blades -- somewhat to. Like do enjoy the holiday and on top of that. How bout we just keep that money there and that the government doesn't pay you for the holiday. How that would be good -- bit that you would really be making a -- it would really be making a statement a protest you know against the against the the onerous. You you know burden of religion in American life in now. You'd be you'd be putting your money where your mouth is or your lack of money where your mouth is what you -- you know they should keep count all open -- town hall -- keep should be open -- the atheists in the people who who we don't complain about about the every you know one Christmas trees and read it's it Boras. Called religious let -- -- but let them work at. Like the pay my tickets off Europe in my parking tickets off on Christmas Day. 187746943221. Now we. 1877469. Worth every two. Obviously you -- it became the press release for. From Rhode Island governor's office about the Christmas tree. Only they don't call -- Christmas tree that you know what they used the word whole day. Seven times in this press release seven times. And the use the word Christmas -- CI a put clause and mrs. Claus will be available for visit with the children when they light the holiday tree. Santa I wonder what the what what the room -- that this could be saint. As in saint Nicholas. Saint it's okay but you can't say. Christmas state house holiday holiday tree a display of -- a national holiday. Trees. The trees will be at the state in the state room throughout the holiday season. There will be a large scale gingerbread house there will be holiday. Concerts throughout the holiday season. If you like more information you can visit this website. Art spot robot RI dot dobbs back slash home day. The state house tree will remain wide throughout the holiday season. For those that are not Christians it's a difficult time. When the state to the government it is. Supporting the religions and that's the that's the whole debate that has occurred over these years. That was -- last year it's a difficult time. Is it I mean I you know. I I if I am bomb only Christians I get -- I'm I'm a devout Catholic as I've told you many many times but. I mean it's it's is it could. As a in most of the people listening premier Christian or you wish I mean is it is a difficult time for you would during Ramadan. I didn't know it's not what why is it difficult for anyone else I mean gearing its Christmas. It's it's the winter solstice. What's the what's the big deal. How high it did does the does -- governor Chafee have a media statistics on this do do -- is is their idea. Is their higher rate of depression. During the Christmas season -- you meager holiday season. Charlie this is political correctness just I -- -- -- -- I think she wrote about this this morning. Linked Chafee may be the biggest -- -- knowing. -- and then this this region this week although teams with moon bats Charlie your next with power cart web Charlie. And now it is -- a liberal. Yes of course naturally I -- and that's sort of opening stems from I think yeah you want the vote. -- -- I mean but how how many votes you get for I mean this is I don't think this has anything to do with -- votes to -- all about political correctness is our. Evidence directly it all goes back devote political correctness to try. And I know you know I know -- of the supposedly one of the most democratic states in the union but it's also one of the most Catholic states of the union right. So I beat so what what exactly so -- Where exactly is the political ops I mean does he really need this -- this controversy every year. -- -- -- You know -- mean it's one thing to do one year but to have this thing go in two years in a row. However I agree but I think you know it helps every little bit helps just in case all of a sudden you know what it asks for at least they can say. Hey look you know I'm trying to help -- people and I got to help me photo lineup. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure showing it's going to -- -- I was up against this is what I was up gets the you know chilling says he was stabbed in the back from the but the the the financing of his his video game studio -- -- went under view the state lost 75 million you know per Cilic lost fifty million. 1877469432218774694322. They try to provoke us so we could complain they can paint this is racist this 978. 18 sevenths now what do you call it a Kwanzaa tree. Would it would what would it would would governor Chafee have a problem with all the ones that tree I don't think so I don't think I as a matter of fact I I think that. Anyone who complained about a quonset tree would that would. Automatically be. Instantaneously. Be called racist -- on your next with how we cargo ahead jobs. I guess -- island and all -- groups that are brighter. People don't understand well government. Like I'm nineteen years old my generation believes it's right it's okay for the government to take -- writing com. Income tax -- federal government. Obviously immoral stock -- people having jobs they carried over. -- other aspects of our life like Christmas capable. I talked to people who bought a 2515. Itself separation of church state that just means that they had other -- that had a job. America and the government given also manages the government can't impose a religion of the government can't start a state religion LC. Ordinary all the admired right how was assess how was having -- Christmas -- -- religion. Thought he should have any public forum to express any idea you are religious. Ideological anything they -- -- -- -- -- oppose it if they want to easily with the law. -- -- when you weren't high school had a rate Boe day right they had a big rainbow flag -- high school right. Now the other probably did have a lot. Excellent. 187746943221. Pizza pizza for six were three. Two to the founding fathers for separation of church and state as the federal one spot to which that -- yeah right at it like they like the church of that's it. That was the problem. That that's what irritated him that because the -- they said why should. You know where I've worked congregational us Baptist solar Maryland Catholics we should have the support and we should have the support the Church of England. That's when it was all was about Christmas trees. -- --