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The Felon Transexual State Rep

Nov 28, 2012|

In New Hampshire the newly elected transexual state legislator who hid his felony record will not be seated at the state house yet. Howie asked the people of New Hampshire how she ever got elected to begin with.....

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The reason why battery let her play that are wrong. That will Rand Paul excuse me that Rand Paul quotas because you know it's talking about the Republicans becoming a dinosaur. Party. Like the wigs and you know. I wanted to do I want to bring -- in the context of this. This this. Transgender. Fell one and New Hampshire this is the most -- this -- you know say what you you know I know people from New Hampshire give us a lot of grief. Here in Massachusetts and about our era. How well -- Sticky fingered. Politicians who won who need to corkscrew to give it to their pants in the morning so crooked. But you know I don't believe we've ever had somebody -- elected here in this state like Stacey Marie Lott and Democrat natural. State representative elect. He she is not going to serve now why he she has withdrawn but he she was -- it. And this is just this this per I would we've had we've had transgendered people elect at least one in my. Experience in Massachusetts. But. That person was a law abiding citizen. This us Stacey Stacey Marie -- She has a she has a record. Four win she would he she was AM may. This is a so she. So she is now following a storm of controversy -- -- criminal background the first openly transgender person elected to the New Hampshire house. Will resign her post. They want to do this. Representative elect Stacey Marie Watan said there's a lot of people would have said stays strong and keep your. Head up stay -- In 2000 a lot was convicted of credit card fraud falsifying evidence of identity fraud that a male she accepted a plea bargain that sent him. -- I misread that -- a male he accepted a plea bargain that sent him to jail for four and a half months. -- completed. His. -- her parole in November 2010. But the senate requires to ten years of good behavior throwing -- the question. Whether heat or is it sheet is legal was legally eligible to rotten. She. Also rose. 18116. Dollars on an original restitution bill of 19192. Dollars bills she has been paying regularly since 2008. A spokesman for the corrections department set now -- wonder I did the map format so she's paid back a 176. Dollars and four years. That works out to what less than. About three to four dollars a month she's been paying tax -- really serious about this. Gore coney -- daily sun published details -- -- background while she was still living as a male. Under her given name Barry Charles Lott junior. Barry Charles watt senior must be very proud of his daughter slash daughter's side. She is lived primarily in public assistance housing and she is engaged in a number of small home based businesses including selling vegetables she is also by the way. At the age of what what is she -- machine 28 she is twenty he she is 28. And I guess what guess how why he she is a supporting herself now. If you guessed SS DI EU -- Social Security disability insurance. I know while Michelle talked a little bit about this but this is just too good if you -- her -- -- this as the -- you know Rand Paul says that the Republicans are becoming dinosaurs I guess they're being. They're being pushed aside by the -- the likes of the new breed of politicians says as exemplified by. Stacey Marie allotment formally known as Berry Charles watt junior. On July 5 2006. Walkman to her now ex wife Lisa went to -- beach for the annual fireworks display. Police reports obtained from -- Colonia police said a lot it's called city police at via -- 11 at 230 to thirteen AM. At 3:16 AM and at 3:45 AM because they were -- that. There were told city police were not a position big. Of them will ride back to look Colonia platform. About five miles where the two dim -- On the last call to 911. -- stated she was suicidal and at least a lot and had fallen. We saw a lot being apple -- wife. Whom she married as they would -- -- This is the person was elected state rep formed natural. Earlier this month so don't -- -- I don't conflict in the grief from people from New Hampshire today about our crafty politicians. Let's see. So when they when she and so the up police responded with two win ambulances in the two were sent along with a city police -- and to add to -- sent along with a city police officer they were sent to the hospital the lakes region general hospital. Lot until obvious -- attending physician. She had that he would call the ambulance because he couldn't sleep but suffered from depression in the next breath to reports indicate Lawton said honestly -- I was a -- at the -- fireworks and that never arrived home. The doctor then refused to treat a lot further assess. I think it was a good move on his part -- true. And up police said they were unable to drive them home they called the taxi who took them a short distance for a mob hospital to their home. Pull the driver they needed to go inside to get the four dollars fear and never return to the waiting driver who called police. I mean is this person this person should be be Democrat. Of the year. Laden was charged with one felony count of creating a public alarm for calling emergency services and for theft of services that taxi -- from hospital. Also -- 2006 slot was convicted of misdemeanor criminal master of for slashing the tires of another resident in her apartment building with whom he had a longstanding. Feud. He she or he they can go back and forth -- he was awarded the pace 647 in restitution. In 2007. Stacey Marie who was still -- see at least a lot and ran afoul of coney cops again. This time it may or Colonia police work for -- woman at the church street apartment building where the couple of live. Prior to moving to another public housing project at a Citibank credit card had been opened in her name but she didn't open it. After an investigation police detectives determine -- lots of open the credit card account the woman's name and it purchased electronics and paid bills with that. Want I was invited on one felony count of conspiracy to -- commit -- fraudulent use of credit card. One count of conspiracy to commit identity -- bush should fit in great in the debt in the Massachusetts General Court not to mention the New Hampshire assembly. And one count of falsifying fiscal physical evidence for disposing of two of the computers to cellphones. And a -- after learning of the police investigation. She was sentenced to seven and a half to fifteen years for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud she served one half months in jail and was released. Lot and was given a primary diagnosis of ADHD and some associated learning disabilities as well as anti social personality disorder. A Democrat. But he said but the with the doctors said the both the doctor concluded that she was a bowling you're. The -- pejorative phrase this and at a bowling gore. Defined by Webster's dictionary as someone who feign illness to avoid duty -- service. Julliard next with Howie Carr what do you think of this it would be solo on from a national. -- our right we shot news in my wife and I were kinda like. OK. What what -- are about how. -- -- You have to if you haven't seen a victory over folks you you'd do about it's it's even worse than that -- the big newspaper accounts make -- -- today. Well -- natural but I'll tell you why. -- -- -- -- -- time we had them come that your elected via. You know it's office where they come up and sir there's a few others by. You know we were talking about it last night -- -- you know have a look at this whole thing. Vs Obama -- your picture that I had to go to Vermont spent Thanksgiving relatives. And I get all the watched him in a lot on TV. That's about not sit and -- over -- spoke. But you know it's just crazy. I don't know how. This person one. I mean it's it's unbelievable. We want to vote for her -- him. How it it's a lot from what I'm sorry -- -- sure. -- I arrived here in the last forty years as treat it chain locked it and now we have no luck. -- -- -- -- -- That would not armed and here. Got to make me L yes. It's almost like it's -- add injury it will happen that would lead not everyone thought I did that took it's -- mayor that the nightmare you're Europe's. Thanks for the call Joseph bill quickly your -- with how we cargo ahead bell. I've got to run for Rockefeller you weren't supposed to be first of all our second of all. All the -- about it wouldn't it would present but certainly somebody wouldn't it would themselves. Intransigent as -- in a sheet is that yes and. About I you know building they always claim that their transgendered but there I think they're very few people have actually. You know god the full room. -- -- -- -- -- -- It can't hurt that -- that many pure boredom and ornamental. Light cannot do. You know what I'm saying is we don't know -- this person has mutilated her him or herself you know or whether he or she just claims to be a woman. Okay about -- car.