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Chump Line Thursday November 29, 2012 - Why Oh Why

Nov 29, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a rendition of why do fools fall in love with a veer toward why should I pay taxes.

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Heading south for the winner albeit chump call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. -- And. I work at it thought might well. That's easier said than done especially when they give an -- -- cards like their amounts. Events. The years well -- -- holy holidays. People and it. Yeah. I know some may want -- Abington too far for 95 point one or use we lose you about 530. -- -- Support of -- you ask. I was at school today. At all where the other I got a great story for you about the here's the headlines after the next break immigrant welfare of the new colossus. Yeah it is a colossus. A colossal headache for the taxpayers. Or how it. At least he pulled from -- struck terror expert thinks they're good candidates and it smells like pain and great company directory. -- -- -- -- -- by the way anyone who is any inning moon bats were offended by. India references to voice any supreme beings. Especially on currency. You can send the you can send your were -- -- currency you're not so loose currency committee and I will -- I will be glad to burn it for you. And I will send you back actions to be as -- -- and with a proof with proof. And a 888 notoriety. Sports. Statement that that I have indeed born in the currency. -- no right by me. Say you women would do nothing to do so they. It. Got some good those were all you voters up in Nashua, New Hampshire Stacy. Lot has changed her mind. She is being urged she was being Sheehy was being urged to stay in the legislature which he she has rescinded. Her withdrawal and she he she will be sworn in. As a new state representative for the city of naturally in January. Bank -- Respective companies without barrier would vote them out there with wages. We've been on this thing we can take these. -- have a way of warning the most important. Man. A good boy I don't know limits it -- shape he's going to be one term governor. I'm surprised he was elected. Last time. -- -- It was it a beer summit. I know Mitt doesn't drink beer with it and then -- may be could be a near beer summit. Root beer summit. Not while howling because. On -- -- that night what that I mean in New York they would update quite a bit equity. And then Macquarie is ignoring all pro and I enjoy it to the World Series. Credit Matt -- What's this world coming to win. Providence, Rhode Island is more politically correct the New York City. People voted this year to get back to those people. But they sure -- going to become all of them. Yes they did. How we have coming in the Manchester, New Hampshire will start losing your station a few minutes however like go to 66 you can pick up WFAN in New York City. He you'll be able pick up for Y because WFAN as a switching to FM supposedly and the like Micah most of us stations wanted to remain in business. I don't care they don't print money. On the government EDT -- Yeah again that's that's why don't think that you know you don't you don't see a lot of concern among the Democrats. The that there are that there could be a a new recession that there is a new recession and it's it it has something to do with the fact that. A lot of their voters exist. Outside the economy. Not only do they not have a job now many of them have never -- That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you shout. -- -- Yeah that's what it is -- -- some. OK that's it for the chump like today the trump when is the recorded voicemail message service of our tertiary and call leave a message. At any hour of the day or night including weekends to jump on number if you like probably sector messages 6177793. War. 67617779. Report six. So the six not the 69 excuse me 617779346. -- we may or may not play your message at this time each week. And they. -- up towards the great news have news -- Now that goes to -- You --