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Illegal Alien Welfare

Nov 29, 2012|

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl is putting forth an immigration reform bill that would let young immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents before the age of 15 become citizens. Howie was not supportive of this or any amnesty or benfits program for illegal aliens.

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This -- Vermont national review on line this is immigrant welfare of the new colossus. I this -- the much of this will be familiar to you but it's it's it's an interesting. Assortment that statistics in one place. By a woman named that Gillian K Mel short. Here's a perplexing pair of statistics compared with -- native born Americans immigrants are more likely to start a business. And they are also more likely to depend on welfare. I'm shocked to learn that. I didn't know immigrants on welfare who would have food water or upon. Immigrants are disproportionately. Dependent on welfare again I know you for this. Senator Jeff Sessions Republican Alabama crunch numbers from the department of agriculture and found that the number of months citizens on food stamps has risen to one point 634 million. Roughly quadrupling since 2001. In August the Center for Immigration Studies found that 36% of immigrant. Headed households received at least one major welfare benefit. Food assistance and Medicaid have become especially popular among immigrants. Our immigration rules are not crafted to weed out would be freeloaders and give preference highly skilled highly educated applicants. Thank you Ted Kennedy for that. Did the -- expansion of welfare has been particularly targeted at emigrants and that represents a major cultural shift this is this enough this is not Ted -- doing so much as Barack Obama -- meet Ted Kennedy got the ball rolling but. It's real the it's really become an avalanche cents a Barack Obama and he wants he wants these people depend on welfare wants new people and using government services they need government interpreter is whether they're being arrests that are there were in the emergency room where there were in prison. But there are in school these are all lot of people who watch the people local service serve the illegal alien population. They all become members of the public sector union contributing of their dues which are than. Wandered basically legally to the Democrat party. And this is how they -- elections now. Govern government marketing has shifted. In any number of so called outreach programs both public and private now seek to persuade immigrants to utilize the benefits newly available to them. Legal immigrants are potentially eligible for dozens of welfare programs and you'll even illegal aliens can benefit indirectly provided at least one member of their house sold this year legally. -- program established in 2004. Insurers that Mexican consulates on US soil promote food stamp benefits to immigrants. He imagine any other country in the world I can imagine an American. Embassy in any any country in the world but telling American immigrants by country how to get welfare in this country. Can you imagine American Consulate in Mexico telling American how to get on welfare and Mexico. Earlier this year the Department of Agriculture created a span Spanish language Novella ad promoting these snapped supplemental nutrition assistance program. It featured a character who was initially reluctant to go on food stamps because her husband brought home -- sufficient income. Finally bending to pressure from her peers. -- -- party your peers belong to so she enters the program and words to -- welfare. Well who could learn from welfare. Federal law states that the United States should not admit emigrants were likely to become public charges. Yet the Department of Homeland Security in the Department of State examine only the SS guy in temporary assistance for needy family programs -- making this assessment. State Department data show that only. Point 068%. Of visa applications were tonight in fiscal year 2011 because of perspective immigrant was at risk of becoming -- dependent. While. Point 068. I'm guessing none of them were Mexicans either current not a home for a Spanish -- The federal government also largely ignores educational achievement. Which is probably the biggest indication of whether an immigrant won't become a the burden on the state taxpayers. Immigrants without a high school education dropped three dollars and benefits for every one dollar they add to the public purse. And those who hold that diploma but not a college degree aren't much better says Robert Rector an expert on the US welfare system and immigration. At The Heritage Foundation. Such uneducated unskilled immigrants quote are just a huge drain on society basically from the moment they cross the border. Said Robert Rector. He's one of the it is people who studies immigration. Steve cammarata the director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies says if you're unskilled native born or immigrant you're going to have a hell of a time in the US. But our system is certainly not designed to bring in highly skilled people that's for sure. Why don't we wanna when courage people commend the country if they're gonna become burdens on on society. There's only one possible reason you would bring them into the country and that's so but they would die so they could vote. To continue the a redistribution of wealth from the people who work for a living brought to the people who don't work for a living. That's the only possible reason. The congressional research service found that between 2008 and 2011 since -- president. Federal spending on welfare programs increased by 32. Percent. Hong -- is now brimming with foreign were born entrepreneurs won't consider starting a business in the United States because of the growing tax burden. Some even say that for for the economic freedom of Hong Kong to the political freedom of the United States. Yet those are precisely the sort of -- the United States should be welcoming if you don't have. Economic freedom your not gonna have. Political freedom for very long if you haven't -- We're expanding welfare among native born and immigrant Americans alike and pursuing an immigration policy that doesn't draw the best and the brightest it would indeed be tragic if that indeed if the United States went. From being the land of opportunity total land of all votes well I guess we we've already done that I mean we've gone from the yellow where the land of the free anymore where the land of the free waters. We're going and that the freebies. 187746943221877469. 43220. Do you think the -- well I do think disproportionate number of illegal aliens are on welfare. -- -- hostile questions John your next with how we cargo ahead John. I outside to take my car note get these really presided as people ought to get a body it. Took them back probably been -- All right you heard you know we at Rand Paul won yesterday we've got to -- out that we can't we can't be about deporting twelve million illegal aliens why not always I can't what do you mean right. A -- a journey of a thousand miles starts with a -- a single step you know -- -- and getting -- getting a handle on illegal aliens starts with a single deportation of a bike even new pavement. Right get a body. Thanks a lot. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432286. Sosa's point. Point 068%. Are denied admission because they're gonna become welfare dependent that's higher than I thought that you actually this higher than I thought I didn't think they would -- and I didn't think they stopped anybody from coming in the country I thought they were. I think we're looking for welfare or welfare recipients. I thought I thought you know the more antes at Tony's we have the bad the -- the stronger and more diverse our societies. 187746. Seven they won they need to start taxing western union transactions AS AP all they do with squirrel their money illegally and send them home yeah they they it. I agree I would put a 50% tax on India. Western union transaction by sending cash out of the country in any any transaction south of the border especially. 1877469432218774694322. 71 I checked the requirements live in Switzerland a pipe dream of mine. They require you to have -- care among other things and that's just the live there. 1877469432218774694322. John your next with how we -- ahead John. Ali you being so mean everybody today these people they wanna come here. -- order it from the outset what what a little bit more due to -- okay. I know they -- and they wanted they want does some you know some pizza delivered when the game starts they want somebody wanna buy some beer some surveys -- You know I understand that. I am very mean spirited to deny him. I'm meeting new -- And that's what you I mean that -- -- there and. I I AM and you know what else like -- John I'm tired I'm tired of working. I wanna take a few decades off -- -- -- -- I wanna move the Mexico and get everything everybody speak English when they give us. How the other 47 that didn't win. It's if they do work here in LA forget pretty damn tired. And it's getting very sort of depressing. And -- that -- what for like it's crank pin would only it would keep ticket. In a while Buffett himself more time and screams. About how we should you ultimately. Want is money it would write what they tax what think Texas does -- the bench you -- generating well. Well aren't the money immediately to our ultimate -- It's his right all the trucks but he's related Riley did go to keep their money uniquely well. The actual well Ali the taxing income in older with income do you believe in create something -- people. -- -- -- -- That's why did every year John Kerry talking about it a wealth tax and your job. You know it's always income tax you know why because he has wealth to resolve -- -- -- -- -- -- trust fund. He he doesn't have any income to speak out. How do you -- that you and I guess they're that good. And now 18774694322. We asked me over the weekend what do you consider John -- of the the grit the best gigolo in the world most successful gigolo in the world because he Mary who. Scarce it's worth in the nine figure range. You know. Mean most 99.9. Percent object to -- would be happy to marry one. Airports with back kinda doe John -- -- and among whites only do merry one year old Lincoln's one is and that's your whole gone like this just one. -- -- I know she and I mean it if it if there were up to me if I were on the board of the gigolo hall of fame I would waive the five year wait for John Kerry and I would immediately waive a man. Just like it there with Thurman Munson in the baseball hall thing. Michael your next -- how we cargo ahead Michael. I know it may -- -- -- the country. Is this country and in light colored become citizens. Get preferential trade. And never been discriminated. Like you come here. -- -- We sure it'll become citizens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they do. -- Ali and that's. Where we can't deport twelve million people. You know -- worked so much. But process. Million people without computers that lasted three years and new out there and in -- we should -- Up with the computers we got. I don't we will obviously they don't wanna do what the powers that be don't wanna do it because they're counting on them the -- to reelect them in perpetuity thanks for the call Michael 18774694322. On -- car.