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A Lowell Guidance Counselor has a mental disorder he says because he likes to flash people

Nov 30, 2012|

A Lowell High School Guidance Counselor is facing charges of open and gross lewdness after he was allegedly seen flashing a school bus.

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-- house GU telling the truth for thirty plus years we are Boston we are. 68 WRKO. I love I -- the Bible college challenge could go to break after the hour 42. President. What -- else. Is this is the volatility in the -- -- and all this stuff and a bit I was -- -- -- reviewing the last car. But it McDermott gave I don't even know what -- about a -- by the for the pageant but he's five and six year old girls would be good. Fat ugly mothers sitting behind the stages but negotiate curled up like prostitution. Welcome back to the corner reports this is Jeff Horner. In Boston from Boston for Boston. Here. His wife into all high school -- and guidance counselor. Is now facing charges of. -- -- thirteen year old girl riding a school bus helps police now the man accused of exposing himself to the kids on board. John so low low high school guidance counselor and a former Hampton beach New Hampshire police -- certain now faces charges of opening gross. Do you miss the justice. It he's got around our children every game read we got us whether they be Arab world this. You know he obviously has a problem any news -- -- That was from channel 7 NEWS. John Selma. Is accused. By numerous girls thirteen 1415. Years of age saying he keeps following us on school buses. And he keeps exposing himself. Is solid showing off his genitalia tourists. And this guy hasn't been fired. In fact. This has now been brought to the to jail -- deputy superintendent of lol public schools can always said we're looking into it. So apparently Silva is now on paid administrative leave. But he's still keeping his salary while -- quote in investigating -- So what do we need. A video actual video of what what more do you need to investigate. What is happening to our society. This man was a former police officer. This man raising guidance counselor -- -- public high school. And he's literally chasing school buses not wants this they repeated thing. And he waits and waits and waits until the bus stops he literally would roll his car right beside it so you when you're on a school bus your higher up you concede downed. And he waits for the girls to be looking Adam and then move. He has to expose himself. So now he's claiming. Literally in his defense is what he's saying he's saying what I have a medical condition. -- certainly collapse but. But is entitled says supported the American disabilities -- mid Michigan Social Security disability -- police say Silva 54 year old from west for -- just hard to follow the -- several times since September. Repeatedly showing himself to young children. The donations -- very serious pandemic concern to us this point. And -- sit. This is concerning to you are you kidding me so he says he's got a medical condition. As -- and I can't help myself legal as it's not that I want them to look I just need to flash. It just happens to be whenever -- -- a school bus route 1213 fourteen year old -- on board but I it's unbelievable. So I -- let me ask all of you this. Why do you think there're so many more incidents now. Of guidance counselors teachers. Bringing up on younger kids it's almost a scandal a week. Is this as I think the result of the sexual revolution. Is this the sexual -- nation of our children. I wanna hear from you and have you seen or experienced anything. Regarding your children or people that you know what -- 6172666868. Bob Europe next go. Plug ugly which we got here here is what are the administration limited preview come along way baby. Remember the oaks and what you should get married when I was trying to make you more actual research and -- hey that's the first thing for most of those girls tomorrow. They haven't been looking a lot revelations are still looking scheck's. It may eventually change what I should now they changed from a lady -- -- women that acting more like. How we usually bachelorette and now. An important -- societies global harmonization. And the feminist movement had been more destructive and this culture than anything else. -- -- you touch on something very fundamental have you noticed that men are increasingly acting more like women. You're supposed to show your emotions. Men are always crying. Don't be aggressive don't be assertive. Don't be the bread winner and women are acting more and more like command. And your right look Bob I am I work in a building can I looked like when WRKO a huge building above us. There are so many twentysomething women that work here women that work here. The promiscuity. Is unbelievable. And you can tell. Getting married to getting a serious relationship. How having a family believe me. Is the furthest thing on their mind. Sunny day today in the thirties on June -- W. For an old west for you. It's just hard to follow hamas' several times since September repeatedly showing himself to young children -- -- there's there's there's good news and -- this flight. How quick thinking kid helped police finally track him down. Shia user's head and she could result pulled into the -- struck him was we've done. Welcome back in the corner reports this is Jeff -- Liberalism -- worst nightmare in Boston from Boston for Boston. Can fax us at 68686172666868. Is the number. They lol. Public high school guidance counselor John Silva also a former call can you believe this. Apparently now has been accused. By multiple 1213 fourteen year olds. That he followed them around one they're on a school bus in his truck stop by would stop by the truck -- up by the bus and expose himself. And he's been doing this on multiple occasions. He says he has a medical condition. It had nothing to do with the girls he just for some reason yesterday flash every time we stop destruct. And that really he's a victim of some kind of mental illness psychological. Sexual disorder. If you were a parent. In a public high school if you're a parent and all. How would you feel if your daughters how to witness this guy. Constantly flashing his private parts. I mean have you personally witnessed. The growing objective vacation. Of 1213. Fourteen year old girls. 6172666868. Jason Europe next go. Eight AGF -- -- I've changed things. First off I don't understand why any of that bother us that. That it had just happened to their daughters -- in jail for breaking the legs. I don't understand how someone can sit back wait to be authorities to take care and it has been a lot. I have three daughter to somebody and that's what any in my daughter's. They're in big trouble and -- the general. This girl did that -- that aren't -- car. She policies or disagree voter -- No no I mean I don't just truly I mean is I'm I'm incredibly depressing on Friday morning but on as you look at the world to -- what's what's happening to the world. I haven't 23 month old daughter now. And I have a thirteen year old -- who were extremely close with her lover to death her name is Maria. If some guy some -- sure some guidance counselor in her school was flashing himself to her. I swear you've gone as my witness. You couldn't control me if I heard about that I said what PDI caller I call a princess now my main -- -- princess swept. This -- did what do you. I just a raging book. Via text message from 77 day. And they said if they did that's my daughter right flashed my Smith and lessons I mean it's and that's and and we're getting back to the feminization of man and have you noticed. Look at where the fathers were the man look how domesticated they've become look how passive they've become. And women on the opposite was a term cougars. Forty fuel hallway -- middle aged man the sex crazed middle -- man preying on younger women -- now it's 4045 year old women. As sexually going after 2530 year old man. I mean it's like the women are becoming more like men and men are becoming more like women. John Europe next go. Yeah I the biggest component job I'd look at this thing is no good. In all talk -- Logan police just standing and then another complication as you mentioned. Does no one it's educated. What he'll have to walk and I can't imagine. Beyond that the individual and -- can I ask you can't not go live you can make it seem. That's the majority of them -- this way. They can we just. Know that caught in the scenario that police are actually include. I agree with you -- join your right on not I'll tell you know what I'm when I'm worried about it is is growing trend but I'll give an example that child can't take your calls right away but. This was to -- an eye opener. About who eight years ago. A prominent education think tank in Washington. Said Jeff we want to bring you win as a consultant to one -- for how to improve our public schools. They took me on a couple of junkets to Ohio. Dayton Ohio. And there were a couple of schools borderline where they gonna fail or not and they were showing me around classroom to classroom. Are walking to one classroom. He was completely empty. There was about a thirty year old woman and I have to say she. I'm just saying this this not is a much she's more way. She is fairly attractive she was fairly attractive feature -- was thirty years old she could have had a lot of -- But she was with a fifteen year old teenage boy. I attractive fifteen year old teenage boy and they were just seated beside each other at her desk. For a Mormon I walked him. I don't know what they were doing but their body language changed they stiffened up they went away from each other. You when you -- somebody in a kind of inappropriate romantic moment. And they were nervous. And the principal was with us and another consultant was with us and I sensed right we could sense it. Since she's having sex with discarded. She's having sex with this fifteen year old boy I know what I can smell it and the moment we walked out. I said to the principal and the other consultant almost simultaneously. Something's wrong with her. Something is going on between her and not male student and you better look into. And you with the principles set to me it's becoming a growing problem. And I think there's no getting around it. When you have a popular culture -- Charlie sheen's. Okay telling teenage -- that league leading 21 half man look at though women I get. Look at the young bimbos I bring in let sleeping with a 151617. Year old it's fun. It's awaited goal life begins to imitate art. Brian Europe next. Did you joke about it they made up forty or 47 up 44 -- recently. 43 they -- they how different an important -- when we when we were younger. The thing is white towel there is no way to beat you off that they might carry more everything is acceptable. -- -- they think about it we have we have. We have. -- we don't women to say let's get a woman trapped inside the heterosexual male body and I want to exchange bowl -- eyebrow. Because you'll get eight. We have so they could go online. Order to go everywhere to charge -- Don't go to the -- hear what people would go up they want to have a not exactly after the court. Yeah I hit it might have been a -- pick -- abortion. I cannot there cannot -- against applicant and you're catered. If it were society away and were becoming a society of trash I hate to say that but that's what it is. We're becoming a society of its its. And Hollywood is the sewer pipe that just keeps reinforcing these realists. Do you remember growing up and actually you know -- date. Like it's another thing young people tell me this all the time nobody dates are we -- updates they don't know -- Friends With Benefits. The screaming Friends With Benefits you know all you all hang out as a group at the mall and then if you like somebody the benefit is you have sex what do. But nobody actually walks up and says hey like I did with grace you wanna go out with me she said no actually points literally she said no I had. I was literally I was sexually harassing her by today's standards are just a come on come I'm come on give me another reminder that you you don't know what your missing. But nobody doesn't anymore if people don't even -- They just kind of around hookup and have sex. Jim Europe next goal. Our -- but it does -- I'm telling you what what we're doing is actually a professional truck drivers like drive for Olympic. And of course we've ever try and. Medical condition -- Whoever medical condition you know I'm I'm just flashing you flush like that guy in his truck. The mode all the dollar bought I drive I drive a tractor trailer all okay I'll forgive me OK sorry go. So what happens is all day long as I'm driving it out in traffic if you look down. It's not just like if they want somebody says there is a rogue -- it's. I can't tell you how often. This happens I drive down the highway and ignorant people that wait for a truck driver to drive by -- they can rapidly and it's like -- you know stump than. But but now now let's -- 11 thing last night I was reading. Yeah I would law school. Right now is how are. They are allowing. Social groups now. For kinky sex excess social world thinking that they get blows my mind is now accept the -- Then -- somebody. Anywhere from freedom. Don't know if that's happening is that the quality are what gaining just -- -- Sodomy -- earlier. It is not always is not a around the corner is here we're living -- Sodom and Gomorrah look and had a darn good thank you -- -- and -- -- Harvard University now has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fully acknowledged. Literally were there to have -- -- kinky sex. Look I remember Betty White I repeated this story already. Couple years ago on Saturday night life 89 years old. Went on stage on a comedy -- routine. Dressed in leather and dragged with chains and a dog collar. Simulating -- masochistic sex. And everybody thought it was funny and I went on the air saying my god this is sick this is perverted and I was approached. -- call me crazy. Whatever happened to the met. Whatever happened to just you know a man and a woman having sex on a bad whatever happened that I I mean to me chains -- hurt. We did this hurt dog callers hurts. Bet that's painful. I don't know how you can find -- sexually. Pleasure full but that's just me I mean I'm telling ya know like -- I'm living in a different planet David you're up next go. Our country's masculine men are mostly in the military where they have been getting all go and order is still to be. -- yeah -- did coach really. I can't milk luckily wide open to new suggestion. By a commander in Haiti. And then you know -- true not discriminate. To conclude no not to show up get our military achievements would know -- and to do so. -- yourself at -- they -- except gays in the military are we are homosexual rising our military are so now gays are openly serving in the military. And I got to tell you I get tons of emails the most emails like yet. Are from veterans or people in the armed forces saying Jeff. We're not gonna re enlist. We're not gonna stay because now we feel uncomfortable in the show our worst we feel uncomfortable in the barracks. This is destroying morale and we're going to be leaving so. Chalk one up one more up for the homosexual lobby and the sexual revolution. They didn't they keep going forward not backwards saying if Europe next go. Hey good morning -- played going to use the I just like you and -- -- we 181000 dollars -- -- -- -- two years of therapy to get that awful image. That -- church. Out of my mind I want to thank you for bringing that back I can hang. So please don't mention very sorry I apologize that's all we -- our Oregon and again. Anyway I think what the big problem -- -- -- that it shouldn't delude servers are just okay so now these same people that having more kids. And there it you know put them out there. And that's because they're not paying far. And so you know it seems like you know it seemed like losing battle but the reality merchants is that these things these cases just -- on. Because it's so new source pizza I mean you never hear about this stellar chaired -- -- -- accomplished you know great stinks you only hear about the degenerates. So it's safe knowing you're right Steve you're rewrite the look have you noticed this. It's not just that there are breeding us look at the moral conviction that we that they have and that we don't enough. For example picked this guy in lol okay John Silva. All of this is disturbing. Were looking into this no one has said the obvious. He's a sick perverts. You're running around flashing herself to thirteen fourteen year old girls you say you can't stop you can't help yourself every stop slandering a -- got to flush yourself. -- -- That's -- that's the nothing else to say we don't want shorter school. -- he's on paid administrative leave we have to do when investigation. He's gonna get a lawyer. They have to make sure the bargaining your -- -- compensation package. The union's gonna get involved everybody's gonna get involved she has a psychological. Condition. You have to be more tolerant. Desk at liberalism but he's good about -- but the psychological conditioning that's. So look at this nobody can even say the truth anymore. For fear of morally stigma rising people you're pervert okay period and the story. And we -- you don't belong in any public school Mike you're up next goal. Good morning Jeb -- bit about -- Obama I'm noticing out -- I was also a local suburb here. And -- local high school that is a scalpel. Well -- coaches. In a little lesbians. -- really that big getting independent giving birth to children and women. And they all wobble or change that I see what would you treat bush he's trying to entries are lesbians -- I don't know what my. I mean how are they getting per communion vitro because they can obviously do it naturally. I pick up I don't know the plumber and Greg Little. We -- media relations duties so that up and down -- was that -- small children it's a whole move. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is flies in the face of the traditional. Historical. Image herbal gramley. Mike I was in target two weeks ago. On a Saturday on the I won't forget which two almost two -- -- thirteen days ago two Saturdays ago. My wife was with me and my little -- to neighbor were -- me. And you know we're buying stuff for the -- groceries. I -- two women obviously lesbians. With a 45 year old boy. -- saw that one was sort of like the the mail I guess there have been grooming their relationship. She looked half man half woman and you want to see it was just bizarre. She first socialist physically stronger than I was she was -- during muscles -- it and the other one looked shriveled and small. And I'm looking at this and I'm saying how is this kid. Growing up with this -- mother family. How is this kid going to grow up well adjusted how can this kid not be confused. I mean is it daddy and mommy is it mommy and mommy what. I mean this -- We are unleashing moral anarchy and social chaos and it's only the children that suffer. Six CD WRKO. Talk station talk we've added. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the win now he's Cadillac contest either listen how we -- our weekdays December 4 through fourteenth at 4:20 PM and 6:20 PM predict QB six -- or go to -- Cadillac in -- on December aged between 10 AM and 11:44 AM register and be one of two people randomly chosen. And you'll win a fifty dollar gift basket to -- Libby candies and the opportunity to participate in the grand prize event. Kowloon restaurant inside his -- December 20 qualifiers must be present and checked -- by 3 PM to be you know first prize the winner gets a three night getaway to the lamb and -- and I -- -- Valued at 670. Dollars and should choose a stocking off back. 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