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Chump Line Friday November 30, 2012 - Otis The Dignified Dog

Nov 30, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a remark on Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren's dog who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Warren said her dog was dignified. The caller wondered how a dog maintained dignity while cleaning his jewels.

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Heading south for the -- don't be a chump call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. Always. And white men who maybe it was a bit Warren didn't. That's an interesting point you raise though I mean that we know that she didn't pay or excise taxes in Massachusetts she did not have all licensed to practice law in Massachusetts even though she did what what makes you think that Otis had -- Had a license. From the city of Cambridge I don't I am gonna so I'm gonna say. He probably didn't. There is one thing you know he -- really enjoy. That is raising taxes done or people always make sure we pay walls and away. That's another -- toward employee. Exactly who have anything more from mr. Senegal. Sandy. Now OK I do if you find anything more give us you know did it it really it really irritates people. Like to irritate people on the show. -- -- -- -- About Barry. Listen he's got a he's got a signed sealed a motorized letter for -- pro parole officer saying that he can own a dog that's what they they made of mud that they made him get that letter before they would give -- a dog. And people pretty angry about it too from what I've seen on the media on the on the Internet. That's appointment for. He was a very dignified dog. That's what the throne sniffer is in the globe said that I. -- Christian. It's a shame that Otis didn't live to see his phony baloney masses master. When the senate race you know. -- he helped her you know wouldn't win Scott sort of putting out the pictures of himself with his little yapping dogs on the Internet. Then she'd she'd decided about ten minutes later to start putting pictures of Otis on her website. It's true. But it is literally took less than half an hour for her to get the pictures of votes up there -- from the -- oldest was a it was a fixture. On on her web site. But it. -- I forgot all about the doors tuned. That he adapted. For the occasion. But. Equality for being so -- is. Hit sacrifice world. And now I I don't understand that you know especially with increasing numbers of state and federal workers don't. You know they they don't like Columbus today because that's that celebrates. The beginning of the the your -- year old. European genocide of native peoples than they don't like Thanksgiving because. That mixes -- and genocide. And of course they don't like Christmas because that's Christian mean. All these holidays I mean you would you wouldn't think that the -- workers and federal workers municipal workers would mind losing you know -- -- certainly that may be there's still some. Some practicing Christians and some some people who want. I don't think that it was genocide we arrived here -- and 1492. But. Hole all the union leaders certainly think it was genocide and none of them believing do you think they would be willing to bargain this mean again the world we're all in this together. You know some of us is somebody's got to get out of a car and start portion with the rest of us. -- formula in the the president gonna give my family and -- -- four million dollars. One day Hawaiian vacation kids. Yeah taxpayers. Did you see that the they've hold the neighboring. The neighbors next in the next the Obama's on either side that they have to work you know. And that -- usually lights -- -- they have to bring it in the gonna have all you have to bring in Secret Service people altogether 21 days and cost. Four million dollars. By the way there's a quote from President Obama today was in the it was a ticker sports factory in Pennsylvania said. Want to reward manufacturers like this one and small businesses that create jobs here in the United States or not a overseas. Moved from -- is. Nice enough to send me an idea and -- underneath here's another story. Remember said he wants to create jobs who wants to work manufacturers agreed -- United States. There's no story from today unit Gigi and two Chinese airlines are placed orders to buy a total of fifty C 919 passenger jets from state owned commercial aircraft or China limited or -- Bringing the total war orders for China's first homegrown commercial airliners that 38. CE GE capital aviation services the world's largest aircraft -- likely value when the air aircraft. Financing arm General Electric has committed to buying -- C 919 aircraft from Coleman adding the ten jets ordered in twenty. Isn't it isn't. Jeff Immelt the head of the REG the head of the job counsel for. President Obama. Who says he wants to work manufacturers and small businesses that create jobs here in the United States -- guess maybe China is part of the United States now I don't know. One Warren Buffett pays the billion dollars the -- the government I will follow through. Exactly. Exactly no more op Ed in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about anonymous pay our fair share. And again one award Buffett's. Cold holders is on the board of Costco which you just took out a through which just sold three billion dollars in on -- can give all of its liberal Democrat. Boredom that. Directors. As special. Free Obama. Increase in the dividend tax dividends. It is Apple's -- that we have in your pocket -- discrepancy. Just some text there says that if we're gonna make if we're gonna make a new world points. To replace the currency the won dollar bills. That we should put Elizabeth Warren in place of sequenced to -- hole. -- she is an Indian -- to win a second -- whales should sushi is an Indian after world. One dollar point. Are they pulled it and -- more accurate and. Their respect to open. But but not the way I wouldn't trade -- -- water enterprise -- at all my fault -- be able. -- no problem. I know and star in and and in star blackout in Cambridge last night. Was. That's what that's what the moon bats are looking forward to a you know they don't want it they don't wanna use cold I don't wanna use war they don't wanna use oil. They don't want nuclear. Get used to -- Cambridge. John Boehner has been crying yet. If that's a good time. Wearing that pink tie it and that's that is not sign the pink -- So what should have told them don't Wear the pink ever again. What's -- -- on TV were once. It was too flashy for the camera the -- started making strange you know splashing on the screen. After the after the election the director of -- that side. Fortunately I was fired a couple months later and like it where whenever he damn well please. But boy quote from my. What particularly. If they're -- probability of Tampa -- White Turkey chili I didn't even read I could even bring myself to read that story today in the paper. It is it's definitely definitely racist white. -- remember remember when Jesse Jackson was. He when he was. Smoking the peace pipe -- your pardon the expression. On several different levels without Mike Dukakis and in 1988 and he humanity was demanding that he have a private jet all the way through the campaign that you go around campaigning. In places like Detroit and Perot for the Dukakis Mondale ticket and so to caucus says -- -- out from a from legal and get him some some some nice seafood some of the best seafood around. And they brought him back some -- New England clam chowder and he said it was he said it was less racism. Because he was lactose intolerant because he was black and that the Crocker should've known that. Remember that. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling Kelly Connor you shout. Okay that's already that's that's it for the at trump went through the chaplain is the recorded voice mail message service of we are sure you call leave a message -- any hour that there and I including weekend. The troubling number if you like to leave such a messages 61777934696177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time. Each -- Heading south for the winter won't be -- -- all American auto transporters in the -- ship your car for you go to ship cars dot com. Well. That. Will -- You.