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Avi Nelson Show Hour 2

Dec 2, 2012|

Callers way in on politics

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Welcome back our number two of the program this is not Nelson. -- to have you with us we'll be with you until 5 o'clock we have no -- schedule so. And cause of the stars program 8774694322. Is that phone number. The email address a Nelson at WRK -- dot com. Text message code 6868. But I do want to comment on. What gave shed his parting shot about Thomas Jefferson. Get to that in a minute shall be able banging on -- go back to the telephone lines Jimmie are next on the program good afternoon. I don't know it would be funny if they found out it was direct descendant of Thomas. -- that there is a that there's a whole line of votes of people. Unlike descendants of Jefferson knew you probably know this -- -- -- they get together what does it once a year all the descendents and because. One of the people who produced a descendant of and of Thomas germs -- more than one was a slave a black slaves there are whole bunch of black people who are part of that group now. So yet jet set I can't imagine wish that -- would be a part of that though right. They are there IQ considerations and I just. Then -- Mellon institute considerations. It has had an inherent talent also. -- only match tomorrow bragging he gotta remember Ronald Reagan today he came and talked to hostages -- freed. And the last David not a person that the biggest threat to the world was under the -- -- BB. You mean the Soviet Union into Cold War I tried a lot a lot of accomplishment ten and by the way this stuff about the touches. So I mean there's a one point one level Jamey Richard pointing out is that. Even if people are not perfect that -- they have accomplished alive. -- indication of the touches. They disappointment that Reagan had -- with the Democrats did not follow through on the spending cuts in there for government continue to grow. Just like now. Changed. Political erosion as I concur completely -- that's another drug to cover all the bases pretty much put. We think about it how like. People's lives of -- loan because of like possession becomes -- challenge for life. And how to alleviate the criminal justice can present system. And -- of the election as a kid that aren't silent we can cook Felton my uncle about well are drawn to both of -- held a -- in the wives -- And of those so we will go we'd like FBI statistics on how. Like the majority violent -- cry and no alcohol and Forbes automobile accident fatalities. When they had really terrified that home financial -- somewhat alcohol involved until one. Itself and its -- they spend the fraction of 1% on the mechanism of biology whatever chemistry of objection. Would be -- better. Way to go and however our education like the gentleman the quality of a lot of credit. I don't have -- bureaucratic project -- educated people you know. Right who knows maybe Jimmy the antidote here is that you have to listen more to talk shows should get your mind dolphin. In a positive direction. They're really does some -- -- social scientists and historians look back to us. We like Scranton has. Let's try. -- want to again thank you during. 8774694322. Is a phone number Barbara email then. I -- and him both her name because she's a well known figure Barbara Anderson. Sent an email shared with regard to the marijuana question. I think that because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Hospitals and pharmacies. That have Medicare and Medicaid patients and are therefore clients of the federal government. Cannot risk dispensing it. And you know that's going to be an interesting question that's going to have to be adjudicated. Because it's now legal. In a number of places -- -- but they're a number of states that allow for medical marijuana. Meant matches is just the most recent to join the list I don't know how they've worked it out but I do know that being dispensed and so far. I don't think all the people who do that have gone to jail but it is true that there's going to have to be a a new. A new addressing of that in Massachusetts because of the result of the last election. Before -- go back to the lines let me. Addressed now what I wanted to get to with regard to -- Dave wrote to says to us spoke disparagingly about Thomas Jefferson because he he owned slaves. You know that that's the wrong thing to do. In -- -- understand here these are real live human being she if you read some of Abraham Lincoln's work you'll find that some of the remarks he made. About black people they weren't called African Americans and are called negroes or colored people. Some of those comments by today's standards. Are really. Off putting. The point is simple with -- Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson and others. It's that they accomplished so much else. I don't expect people to be perfect what is impressive is when people do things that are so good. So important. That. Hundred years 200 years after their death -- we are still reading what they wrote celebrating what they did and trying to follow it. Now there -- some people can always focus on. The shortcoming of any individual and say Aussie weakened therefore demean this at this person completely a thing that's absurd. -- the great scientist Steven hawking. Who has Lou Gehrig's disease AL last. I suppose you could focus on his inability to get out of the wheelchair. You know you could focus -- on the -- diminished. Aspect of him as a person. But we don't we focus on the contribution to physics. The trouble with Dave years that he's got nothing to offer of the level of Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln. And so for him to just simply try to Derek great interrogated and denigrate. Other people. Is a a whole. Insensitive. And useless activity. Got a text message here. Are 617. Says Dave not happy should leave the country. Yeah but big doesn't leave the country and you know why is Dave knows that for all his disparagement. And he's. He is vicious attack on white people you know using data as an example but there are others like that right look at Al Sharpton. And some of the others who just. Endlessly -- white people. Jeremiah Wright but they all stayed here you know why. Because if they went to Africa where the block action are predominant. And where presumably they therefore wouldn't have to worry about discrimination on the basis can tell if they went there. They wouldn't be as happy and they wouldn't be as well on. They've talked about Thomas Jefferson owning slaves in that -- he what was remarkable is that Jefferson could foresee a future. Which had a much nobler. Foundation. Than what was going on there and at the time that Jefferson had slaves you know what up for who was like. Africa was an entire continent run a slave economy. And that persisted well into the twentieth century and some people say it's still going on. Have enjoyable wondered how those black people got put on slave ships. They were sold there by their Brodeur and in Africa. And you can go and they still exists to this day populations where. The blacks brought other blacks to be sold to the Europeans to be transported -- This -- -- slavery has been the mode of operation for humankind. For millennia. It's just recently that we've gotten passion and not everywhere then as well -- context is important. We can't allow that Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln not being perfect is grounds for dismissed -- completely. Now with the Davis still listening or not. I don't know and it doesn't matter but these arguments are important because other people. Will rise to make the same kind of critical and unfair -- folder. The integration of people who have really made major contributions. To the status of human gone. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Your thoughts on this are welcome so. Please feel free to join -- let's go back to the telephone line Alan you are next that he. I haven't. Always play. Real -- on Jefferson is not really -- called that. Justin paid his slaves. He gave him wage. Also. -- Jefferson lived in Virginia. It was against the law to sell you -- slaves he would've gone to jail. And he sold as slaves. And thirdly. He -- once purchased. Slaves the police say he had were inherited from -- spam. Though it was either consciously. Redmond as other -- Cole Allen you know don't have this history and for enemies or call even when he died. He didn't free the slaves and gone wrong -- do it. A -- He was not allowed to in state of Virginia -- It was against the law to previously. Well certainly when the constitution. And the declaration an intentional during that era. In the late seventeen hundreds when now is being debated in of course was a very hot topic. And nearly led to the inability to form a union because there wasn't allowed in the constitution would have had the southern states. That's like these were giving given three tenths of a person. That so that they themselves could not stacked the congress. But the point is of course any evaluation of what people are doing what they're saying with their -- Has to be done in the context of the era of the times in which they find themselves. Well that's a great book called the Jefferson wise it really gets in tapped for the -- -- talked about with the resource ecology of these real quick. Your your discussion on the the baby that was born handicapped. It and maybe the and we should have aborted. For the the greater good will say. Is that not the same argument people used to justify eugenics in the thirties and. You know -- I that you and I have a different point of view here with regard to warrant a hole right to life to it it's a matter of degree and your position I must admit is a pure philosophical position you take the position. That this is a human being from the instant of conception. And -- down the road all rights and privileges apply to that human being. -- -- That's inconsistent position and it -- the rush of us who don't hold that point you -- Left with the awkward gosh I've got to decide somewhere in the -- Our money my point is I guess I want to go back to the instant of conception. At that point you have an old woman egg. -- it is so small that I don't think you can see with the naked I think it's about the size of a point of opinion. I want you imagine first second. What technical beyond the first trimester. Wait a whole week that because apparently the paint me. Thank you we're discussing. What is known to be retarded and -- these reforms. So felt it was far beyond the old lament that point it was understood. That this baby was going to be point handicap. So. Your argument was shouldn't he have been terminated for the greater good. My view on that is that -- the same thing that was used to justify future and it's in the thirties and -- I understand OK well thank you now elect. I understand that and therefore you have to draw a line somewhere between spending time -- over a million dollars. To bring a retarded deformed fetus to term. That is then going to cost on additional amounts of money and by the way not paid for by the family paid for by you and me. That that is not the decision where it happened. Saying that someone who has an IQ. Under a 110 should be exterminated. That's also a decision made and I think it's the wrong decision what I'm saying is. We have to make the decision in the great. It's true that we have to draw the line the nickel back to the point that was making. About the fertilized. -- that the instant of fertilization. Is this tiny bit of pro replies. -- -- you imagine it's sitting on the counter and you hit it with a hammer. Killing it. Is about the same level of crime. As taking a newborn baby who say we gold or for that matter the person who's 1015 years old and hitting that. Person with a hammer killing. Now for those who say that human life begins at conception those crimes are equivalent you've taken human life. Quite frankly although I can't tell you the day it crosses over. I just don't see it that way. I just don't see that destroying that bit of pro replies and is equivalent to murdering a full human being. Now. I don't know when they -- is over we have that problem in the human condition all the time. For example we say eighteen year olds can vote. Now what does not mean that all seventeen and a half year old are incapable voting. And lord knows it doesn't mean that all eighteen year old. Are worthy voters we know lots of them a lot older than eighteen who really shouldn't but I don't bode very well it shouldn't be able to vote. But we -- that arbitrary distinction because we have to do something. And it would be incorrect to say well look. People get to vote there for two year olds can vote. We make it different distinction when it comes to cigarettes. Alcohol we -- 21 not eighteen. Doesn't mean that all twenty year olds are incapable. Of handling alcohol correctly or that all 2122. Year old are capable. Well we make the determination. Because we have to make it practical decision and it goes in the -- is at war. And the same thing has to be done here. Now somewhere between. Saying that unless it's a genius IQ on -- which stern stern and exterminate him in the name of eugenics which means. Trying to. Have a better race by by -- policies of of usually killing off people that you don't think make the cut. Somewhere between cutting off that I didn't twining IQ. And keeping. A deformed. Compromised physically and mentally baby alive with extraordinary resources. That will be requiring of resources all through the life compromise that -- move them somewhere between those two is where we make the determination. And for those -- you are because of religious belief or whatever saying not only can't do okay. I understand the point of view I don't agree with it. Because I think the practicality of the world require that we cannot spend eight billion dollars. On deformed retarded -- issues. I know that doesn't seem to capture the full Christmas spirit. But but there are realities in the world that have to be interest. Okay. Got some other stuff -- -- -- he emailed and texted in thing called then we'll get to them we have the it says we need to break which -- do now. I'll be back with you. In just few minutes I'm having some. Welcome back this is Donnie Nelson phone number 8774694322. Text message code 68680. Email address a Nelson. At WR KL dot com. Let's go back to the telephone lines Brad you're next on the program good evening. Yet I'll probably because of the -- of the statements they've I have to I have to many -- a few remarks about the unfortunately. Out. About it. You can talk about the. Well that games. Say that Jefferson had relations with slaves -- one of them. I think he said no he said that CEO he cited some book I guess brought about Jeff ocean owned slaves that that's where I think. That was his parting shot. Oh OK OK but I want to mention that but you realize that in the first draft of the constitution Jefferson. So loudly blasted slavery. And also -- the words life liberty and property. They brought you revise that to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and Georgia. I think South Carolina objected to that thing -- -- and yet to take that. There -- things where you say unfortunately. You know. Unfortunately by our standards are standards are very different today from what there was couple hundred years ago. And again you have to view these things in the context of the time that's why I mentioned some comments by Abraham Lincoln it's not it's well these people didn't get right. That is what we focus on it's that. They were able to do so much they were able to. To propose. Things for your whole concept of government. That we recognize now a couple of hundred years later. It is remarkable. And Heidi the highest achievement of any. Country in the world that we set the standard for other countries so. -- just it's really impressive that they were able to accomplish that much and how many think how many things are being said now or propose now. That 230. Years later. In the into the future will still be regarded. As extraordinary. Achievement. Right -- that that's the kind of that's the kind of a measure that we have to try to apply. Yeah but the point just tried to make with the writing of the declaration of independence Jefferson was a better man -- statement about to -- That's a lot better. And the choice between founding the country with Dave from Brookline or Thomas Jefferson I think we got lucky that we got Jefferson. Yeah -- I think Frank Marshall Davis is significant. I mean I was I was I was watching a dvd -- bottom that is a cool guy I mean with as a poet. Swing a pornographer whatever and down. And in and I think with his Communist rhetoric he really influenced. On the president's. It may have. Now -- I'm not doubting that all I'm saying is that. Davis is contact with a bomb wars when Obama was young. There are a lot of things that you get exposed to when your kid and then you get to be an adult and you make choices about them. It would have been possible for Obama. To say I reject what Davis taught me I mean I think that to my own childhood I got exposed to a lot of things shell of the Mike kept a lot of them I didn't. And there are -- I don't think. It tells us that much about Obama to say well look what his teacher said when he was youngster because it doesn't necessarily. Follow that the youngster is going to absorb what the teachers said. Much more she'd -- into mini. Is that choice made by Obama when he was an adult as to who is meant -- -- was because now we're talking about a mature individual. And those choices are significant but I you know your point is well taken -- make it may be that if you could sit down with -- Obama and really have a are an honest conversation when they would tell you a lot of we supports communism because of all Frank Marshall Davis. Okay thanks for calling. 8774694322. Is the phone number. -- she had some. Interesting things that I wanted to. It to -- -- confined in here now hear from from Jenny. And email. When Obama invited Romney for lunch here at such an Irish common she knows the economy's great businessman. During campaign there's economics and business. Would be the worst way to handle unemployment you know he was dog go about it. And and not so -- languages of course as is her characterization. -- Obama. Characterizing Romney. Always misses her she would have refused I wouldn't give him Obama anything and a photo -- to -- -- she refused going to launch. Although she only guy a raise the issue as you know Romney and Obama -- the White House and well there's no wonder whether from the should just said bill after the vicious personal tax all the way through. But did should they Rodney Leisle she goes on skip her long hair. Israel's refusal to talk about and -- Chris Christie slobbering all over Obama and because Romney was a gentleman. Then and I think there's something to be said for that by the way and then guys you should have been brought up. I for one will not support Chris Christie in the primaries because of his. His bungling of that and costing us politically may be the election. Over she says slobbering over Obama. It's a good word. Then Jenny writes. Told to go to -- sadly missed the rest of your program mission my daughter's birthday. So lost a listener. But thank you for writing injuring somebody can tell you that I did mention it. On the year. 8774694322. The phone number from seven anyone how much could the government -- that legalized pot and taxed at lower find out a little bit. Does that Schwartz. What's being proposed. Cholera or Washington. Drums and a different 781 of the clean air was so great that much returned to the Clinton spending levels to I think that's an excellent point to talk about how. These with a tax levels. When Clinton was president yes. But it was a very different world we had the dot com boom remember that we had -- known. Ramallah jamaat al-Qaeda gathered in the World Trade Center. -- bombing. By the blind Sheikh -- the attempted bombing that. Then we're really -- out kinda Cold War was over we were young we were quite high psychologically. Totally different. Situation but you're right the spending levels for different financial legitimate point you wanna do Clinton let's do Clinton was spending too. 8774694322. Mary good evening your next on the program. High on the subject of the war on drugs people seem to think that -- only alternative the war on drugs either but he failed. War that we're doing now or legalization. And I wanna suggest that there third alternative. Think of the fact that over the past 200 years millions of Americans have smoked tobacco. That was the last ten or fifteen year commitment that Americans have voluntarily given up smoking tobacco. And they feel really proud of themselves for having done it now that they found. Fanciful now but I think at twenty years the ideal world. Not sounds so silly. I think people are a lot of the people of America can be partly it's to voluntarily. Boycott recreational drugs. Because people can't be marketed into doing absolutely anything. Think that the bottled water that we had we all marketed to buy bottled water outlet mall marketed out of buying bottled water that is bad for the environment. They were all market into. What -- natural means that even the weapon when that was poison ivy and -- that for. So I think. It was like it that I've had not -- yet. The only problem until I think people can be sold on the idea that the marketed properly but boycotting drugs. You know they be able to do it voluntarily. Anything that would stop is the fact that they've -- it can be made some legalize drugs as well as illegal drug. And I don't I don't think at the bottom. The proud that he really wants people to get up -- and. There first of I'm you all the is -- that poison ivy is not good analyst. Have been laboring under I didn't -- that is natural. You know but but she Reagan tries this year and the -- saying no campaign. Didn't -- -- -- about why don't they get that college is the big revolution. As a revolution and it's a boycott. You know both -- that really -- on. I think maybe you'll be popular and you'll be beautiful it is the athletic and you'll be sexy and attractive there's blood drug free. That to me unconvinced. Well ultimately about a lot of money. In this -- -- the sex -- -- -- -- Well everything that comes on the on the act about a -- -- they're selling. That our. I have been retriever that music Donald. Duck status thing. Thanks -- -- I certainly can't offer the Golden Retriever Border Collie is what I have little precedent Golden Retriever. Great dog she's right about that. Let's say -- 8774694322. Is the phone number. The text message code is 68680. Email address -- Nelson and wrko.com. I'm an email from all -- which is cute shall myriad. -- bakery plants. Shutting down you know you've heard about that the result of a union strike. That is idled and therefore cost the job of some 181000 workers. Now here's acute part. The Obama administration will hire most all of these displaced employees. The State Department -- the twinkies. The Secret Service the whole Lowe's the generals were asleep with the cupcakes. And the big guns are going to congress. The bottom it says -- Irish ground in this message. -- close to. From seven they won the tree was -- initial history of that I tried to look up where the Christmas tree comes from and it's. -- rather complicated. And unclear history is -- where actually got started. But you're right there is saying there is some connection with the pagan. Background. And moon then make it. Better or worse. -- marsh area subjectively throughout the show will go back to belong to that there's some other subjects that I want to get too. Two in particular. Come to mind right now I mention about the questions in Massachusetts. And talk about one of them medical marijuana has been voted in. The other one was voted down a very close to lose something on the order 5149. And that was physician assisted. Suicide. Wasn't raised that way but if you were terminally ill and you want to do and things you could. Enlist the assistance of a physician that to do with pills. Through divisions -- limited measure. And I was very disappointed. That this failed to cash. Rather remarkable. And I have talked to people on the other side physicians for example that physicians were divided on this. But I have trouble getting by the arrogance of people who think that is their call not my call. About what to do with my life. The issue comes from this arrogance of thinking that. Some people believe they know better how you should live your life than you do. If there is a right to life that certainly means a right in line. And this nonsense about all what you're just depressed year rule of counseling with the psychiatrist you feel better. But that's not what it's all I should have a right to make that call this was a very close. Must own election really influence that question goes unfortunately went the wrong way. And disappointing. Failure to understand. What freedom and rights are all about. Okay your thoughts are welcome we're gonna take a break back on the other side. -- -- Welcome back there's something else and there was a second issue I want to -- rumors that there were too serious issue one -- The disappointment that some people. Claiming they know my life better than I do especially if I'm in terminal stages. Others very different asked to do with the iron dome system that the Israelis have perfected. Presidential legacy United States will get to iron dome. Is it affecting real version. Of what -- was proposed by Ronald Reagan thirty years ago called the strategic defense initiative the missile defense will we could shoot down. Missiles and they were launched at the time the concern was the Soviet Union. This iron dome defense the recent onslaught from the Hamas missiles and Iranian missiles that Hamas is terrorist organizations. Launched against Israel. This iron dome system was very effective and shut down most of the rockets that all of them that were named to a population center. What's impressive about that is when Reagan proposed it to a whole bunch of B was all notable level works very much in your member. It got the moniker Star Wars. That was proposed by. Ted Kennedy. As a disparaging way. Of denigrating that system -- Star Wars and was picked up by the media so it became almost the standard -- for the system. And it's just important now to be aware that Reagan was right that defense technology. Is possible it does work. And Star Wars is no longer used board now right iron dole more. The earlier terminology strategic defense initiative. 8774694322. Text message code 68680. From 617. He writes -- texted. 44 years old wife is pregnant we all kinds of blood work early in pregnancy if genetic testing wasn't good. We would have terminated. Let's try those the decision the real decisions that I have to be made. With people who have to decide whether or not to bring a defective. Pregnancy to term. Your thoughts are welcome Steve. Good evening your next on the program. Yeah. Tax. -- I sort of a two pronged. Question and the first part of it is. I understand you know the Obama upbringing in the system but you know. Secondly that there have to be in -- -- of them Democrats realize that you can only put so I can't take the system to complete collapse where. He producers are so far outnumbered by the take. And got a capitalist about the people producing the money. It just isn't any thing to take so eventually you know it -- the dumbest of people snapped back alive. -- In my second point is it 11 -- most basic and out of the election and that's the people. A couple of credits to people who work -- acres it's well. But I think it's sort of -- out that well you're saying and and to get more out of it. -- -- not thinking why not just say they vote for him as well keep a lot more like them. Then why outreach that they put it that you -- the black vote and it is possible it was more like them. Then -- rock and that's the case in a significant percentage did that to the Democrat not feel like we are one. Well are -- going to be old money minority candidate outlawed. But Syria. More of the much -- in in Romney. I mean it would depend upon their vote number would come out why does not what do that now. Thanks to Maria. The -- all these things. With regard to the second one. You're memory -- election and Shirley brown and there are a lot of white Hispanic shall. I'm not sure that that's why the Hispanic vote was overwhelmingly. Democrat. It's been there before it will be there again and the reason is because the Hispanic community by and large is a poor community. And the pork haven't sold -- bill of goods that the only way they're running out of poverty. Is if they are going to. Be given a handout from the government say they were the black community black community's overall -- democratic doesn't -- as as a black candidate running. But because page in the gaming. -- -- And the party of the hand out is the Democrat party. And she is not going to. It's not gonna change anytime she doesn't like everyone. About a third of the Hispanic community votes Republican. That's why we like to think that that would grow as a Hispanic community becomes more and more in tune with the economic. Mainstream of America and begins to become a little more affluent there's nothing immigration issue -- a little bit on the head coach. Mean Republican by the we're proposing something with regard to the immigration issue they'll change a little bit not much. And by the way speaking of that in the gears and -- Obama. This proposed not only the 800 billion. That in tax increases that he was talking about during the election but the most recent proposal. -- -- one point six trillion he doubled it. And if you remember I said earlier this question in. Of whether. You can trust the Democrats. Should we have the taxes go up in there well maybe you'll get to the the are spending cuts later you doubt this here's Barack Obama speaking just I think it was yesterday maybe the day before. In terms of the his. Already shying away from the -- minute -- we. Run that. We were on the cut with a Obama. Would give us more time. That next year to work together on a comprehensive plan to bring down our deficits. To streamline our tax system to do it in a balanced way. Today already he was talking about all next year we'll get to the -- taxes now and next year well we'll. Will come up with a streamlined. Way. Yeah right same game. That they have they have played before. Okay issuing -- one -- julliard next in the program. Yes. I'd ask your point gold -- to radiologists because he -- Let's start there certainly are stationed. Good idea. And only put it can't just smile and -- -- objection to being. Jeremiah Wright. As they wrote Erica. That's one heck of a line of Joseph. -- He -- but you know of course you've hit on something important and that is. The days of the world don't. Don't seem to be able to put things together to be able to start their own station does that take some risk in some capital. And trying to function successfully. In the in the enterprise system and then not very good at that. -- had a family did English it is about being back relates speaking of last month. When a fighter. -- -- -- let me speak about and the dramatic. Cool Bob. He's not a government effort. I can assure you as well about his month. That's very often seen -- out of that. Typical like grant about erratic typical like bombings in Baghdad because -- and I don't get or each cabinet that. My health. Yeah only through these is grandmothers white grandmother under the bunch of -- And crawled or racist and. I got a -- yeah -- people who Obama yeah. -- people that flat left and right about where their brains are. They do thanks Jill thank. 8774694322. The only throw something out here do just quickly. Got to -- in an email. From man. Talking about you give -- much the president makes Obama makes 400000 dollars a year. That there are probably hundreds. There are thousands China and thousands of government employees. Who earn more than Obama. In 2009347. -- state employees earn more than that. 53 of the main more than 600000. Dollars a year. In New York 35 employees -- paid over 400000. Since 2005 the number of federal employees earning a 150000. Plus has jumped ten fold. Ten times as many. Just from 2005. You know attached dollars in work 877469. 432 to the phone number Jeremy you're next on the program that he. -- This you a quirk at comic book Governor Christie and I just wonder. Yeah times like the hurricane landfall period put aside. And and secondly. This has -- god you guys lot. It uses -- up -- commerce because you don't care -- Talk openly and I'll let you know he gave you what you want you know like. I don't know -- -- I -- you -- I know you you may be on the other side that you -- pop politics should be sent -- I guess and that's that was his argument. He said if you think nothing about politics it is time well then you don't know me. And my point with Chris Christie is that you gotta be able to do more than one thing at a time we got to be able to walk and chew gum I didn't expect him. When Obama comes in to look at the damage I didn't expect him to -- the President Bush say I'm not gonna talk to him because he's a Democrat I. Well I expected that he would be she -- they would have a professional relationship I did not expect nor do -- necessary in -- fall all over his one. Email writer says slob roll over and what did you think that if he if he grumbled enough. And only then would Obama released the funds of course -- we're gonna get the funds to New Jersey New Jersey was a disaster that's what the federal funds or four. I think Christie had to keep an eye on two things one is that yes. You have to take a look at the situation. And be accommodating to the president and secondly there -- presidential race going on. And there are for the future of the country has to be kept in mind too. And it was more important not to have Obama be reelected for another four years then that Christie somehow. Make make believe that -- that he should grovel. That is is once again you guys -- your -- by the Republican Party is -- how would disguise they know he's a loose here you don't below. And it is in how it. Oil we impeach a governor of New Jersey was voted by the -- England college. He is empowered. As -- in calmer in the party in the way. As a potential market potential -- in an -- elected yeah he's also thought that was a potential -- -- there -- it's what you can outward. It's what he thinks -- incredible odds. On on every hour as the years but he knows how to be able -- Yeah that's who I -- bound to be a blower but you're right Jimmy I changed my opinion because of that. You know I had one opinion and based on what he does not on what people do in public life I really like to make it much. But -- well -- caught election because we're going to virtually every battleground state Obama -- in the script he has that it is Chris Christie turned that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I'm glad you're back on their own TI where Jimmie -- the lunch hour thanks for Iran is surely well. You can find it everywhere and nowhere -- three -- what's gonna do for us and thank you for producing. Hope to see in action out today joy of the weaknesses are being -- Boom. Boom --