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Kuhner tears Brian McGrory apart over his Elizabeth Warren column

Dec 3, 2012|

Brian McGrory wrote a joke of a column about Elziabeth Warren, and Jeff Kuhner mocks him.

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Of Elizabeth Warren. Is because is an embarrassment really he should be embarrassed. For the latest column that he and it's called Elizabeth Warren I kid you not private agony. And throughout this. She's making her seem like -- a profile in courage. What she's a female Churchill. As if she's like Churchill with -- -- breasts you have to see this this pieces. The column is called Elizabeth Warren's. Right it's -- To understand. That the servers moral. His best understand the source of her pain. The Blondie bear of a dog. With an unimaginably large head. She -- ties applause. And a habit of making such -- -- whenever he sprawled on the floor that they sounded like a building tumbling down. Ole miss was a Golden Retriever. But remember that night the bound across an open field after a ball. Pete chased it may be wants and just stand and boldness and send his lifelong partner and Elizabeth Warren. This sorrow. The neighborhood where he didn't so much live -- preside will never be the same. There were hills to climb and people to green -- favorite body of water fresh. Just slowly circle in the first leg of the morning. And as the last red light faded from the evening sky. This. Is -- this is -- He was virtually inseparable companion I'm -- and and a husband Bruce man them certainly. Mobile presence in the offices Harvard University. All of this went to Washington with Warren. During the depths of the financial crisis. And he loved it. Not because it transformed his master went to a national figure and because -- apartment building -- elevators. He was with Warren in the fall of 2011. When she declared her campaign for the senate. He was banned as controversies slam. As accusations were level. As attack ads filled Deanna -- Always loved Halloween. -- I swear -- oldest loved Halloween. It would come to his door and inevitably one of them. Article does he know -- Islam while we spoke with the dog. But his most recent Halloween was different. -- had been diagnosed with lymphoma in -- -- Chemotherapy treatments that -- that first losing their effectiveness. Warren in the throes of the campaign. Tried to will await the inevitable. -- little house. On November 1. In the closing days of the campaign. Warren oldest angle memorial hospital and sound on the floor. As a veterinarian euthanized on -- -- the -- -- But what she wouldn't give for one -- afresh on with folders. On another afternoon of him smiling on the kitchen floor. A final evening on the couch. It's the misery. Of the ever loving -- Smart guys -- -- guys give you my word on like I literally read almost verbatim from the call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hate to and from people like -- -- my doctor holder's chief spring ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- She fought for the 99%. And women. What you soldier gone. Along with Deval Patrick meaning me. Tickets -- right -- forces essar global. If Gruner and how we. Pulling her fake Indian at every turn. But like Churchill. She said this will be our finest hour. I have nothing to offer. But blood. -- -- And pierce. This. Is what passes for political punditry at the Boston Globe. This is. God as my witness. I used to go my parents were dragged -- to be iron curtain. I read Communist propaganda. Okay. I mean literally when the Communist regime was in this battle. VA never rolled drivel like this. This is pathetic. This is hero worship. You wanna talk about. Leaking her shoes. -- -- -- If your mother didn't tell you I'm telling you. You're an embarrassment. You're an embarrassment to the newspaper profession. You're an embarrassment to the city of Boston. You're an embarrassment literally -- columnists everywhere in the country. You and you get up in the morning and call yourself a self respecting journalist. Look you wanna be a liberal be a liberal. Even wanted to defend Elizabeth Warren B a defender of Elizabeth Warren but for God's sakes. All right like a six year old child. Turning her into a Winston Churchill because she had a dog that bought bought bought. Had a lot of breaking news the and this is ridiculous. I mean this is this is hero worship at its worst. I'm telling you I mean I should I just some I should have them write my column today -- my stomach hurt in the morning. I had indigestion. All who but cornered sold is heard on some wood is indigestion into the car. And in the cold chill of the win in the cold chill of the morning. He pressed his Lexus the start and he rolled out the right way and he said I shall do it for the people of Boston. I -- show up in the studio general watching that -- -- Washington has been reborn. Paul Europe Mets go. Yep you're my hero per per coming in the work that I that's and that's that Scotland and. I gotta I gotta -- I want to quick I don't read all of that often it's so in my lobby I answered that one page for some news that. I was actually digging through -- sports section which is indecent most of the time but. I stumbled upon Michael and I days. You gotta be talking about this actually protect it was that I thought it was I honestly thought I had to be okay. And I was. He's really is. And -- and a moral I didn't why they still trying to -- some -- And promote her. But not matter. -- It's as you could make -- -- -- -- it is I mean -- is she paying insurance I mean I don't know. -- yeah I and the thing is here's the kicker. They're getting letters to the editor saying I kid you not it's binding us together as a community. Brian -- glory thank you for that column. We feel Liz warrants mean. Frank you're up next goal. Well brother -- trying to. -- Should be should be as solitary confinement at -- as -- as journalism or political and other political insight as ridiculous. You've got a drug like scandal you've got the Probation Department scandal you've got meaning he basically running this state like his own fiefdom. You've -- corruption after corruption after corruption. And I really -- about her dog owners. Q are you get a Republican majority of the Republican version of that radical. They would go delineate that. Big -- Stupid bit liberal block liberal all about more aren't big -- stupid liberal blog. Because -- automated dark page at school but the 800. And any way to -- big too liberal all these. Luckily. I had written fired. Andre inspired by our Labrador. Bowl 0800 to 270. Proud as I got it fixed by did just that -- attacked Obama dictated. Already lost. -- by the way how does he know that Otis likes to Washington. How does he know that -- loved Halloween like -- liberals can communicate with animals. I -- Bob -- McMurray the dog whisper I should be his new title the dog whisper Brian glory. Jeff corner on the corner report.