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Medical Marijuana Mecca

Dec 3, 2012|

Two medical marijuana clinics are opening in Massachusetts in the towns of Framingham and Cambridge. As luck would have it the new medical marijuana law takes effect in the Baystate in January. Those against the law, including Howie say the new law will encourage doctor shopping and make Massachusetts a marijuana mecca. Howie asked are they right....

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Now remember last last November last month it now it's last month one of the things that the the voters of Massachusetts did in there infinite wisdom. Was two it was it was two -- approve the use of so called medicinal. Marijuana. So now -- that -- the marijuana and out of medicinal marijuana has has been approved. They're -- it's going to be sold in 35 locations. Guess what's happening now. Can someone say there's been an outbreak of nimby ism in the common and yet another outbreak of nimby -- in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts nimby. Not in my backyard. Didn't -- who who who. Apparently people press. Don't like them. Other than having plot he did me in the neighborhood mayor and they don't you know parents they have hit -- man and you know why they don't want to weigh heavily in their communities dude. A measure to legalize medicinal marijuana may have -- decisive support at the back. Where the drug dispensaries can be located or in some cases -- the mall together before the new law takes effect in January. This is once again an indication of the -- now -- Everybody thought the ups and oh yeah man. Saw movie once in the seventies about somebody. In jail for smoke and Texas. Yeah we can't have any of that. Now. Now. It's been passed and they gonna open a marijuana story in your neighborhood and everybody's gone a do food. Mean for one in my neighborhood manned. What I want I wish people would think through the consequences of voting. You know whether it's one or two medicinal marijuana are electing a -- is president of the United States. It's -- elections do have consequences I -- become cliche to say that but here's another example. This what this law was approved by more than 60% of the State's voters now as many as 35 Merrill pot centers can open open next year with a minimum of five -- centers per count. Given the uncertainty the mass municipal association coalition of cities and towns is calling for a six month delay in implementing the law and I usually don't go along with the -- -- -- association. Usually it's a group calling for a more locally mighty hand out the cities and towns. In this case I'm I'm I'm for them the listen that Geoff Beckwith is -- he runs the association of former state rep was in the history books and that -- he says they need this. The six month moratorium. Cities and towns need to have an adequate amount of time. Certainly no one voted for this thinking it would bring a dispensary to their neighborhood. A big -- are. Eight can't go to but it won't need. To repeat that certainly no one voted for this thinking it would bring a dispensary to their neighborhood. Well then if they didn't -- them why they vote for. If they wanted dispensary in their neighborhood. Why would they wanna put it -- somebody else's neighborhood. And -- they everything don't want to speed up process was made -- legal and wide open that perhaps it wouldn't be able to us. Said dispensary for -- candidate in their neighborhood. Mean these are very reasonable questions that people should have asked before the election not after the election. That another room another person says that that they are that this the cities and towns are hoping for safeguards to make sure the centers are not exported. All bill -- the whole referendum question was about exploiting it was about a it was about getting a budget the doctor feel goods. To write a bunch of prescriptions for pot heads so they wouldn't even have to bother going on on the street have to get the marijuana he as easy as it is. Did any wanna have to go to the trouble. They wanted to be able go to some store and -- have -- pot or Italy or get some. It's some dispensation. From some local authorities -- some duly constituted authorities as they used to say. -- while we're gonna let him grow pot in their backyard. And other another sale all -- we don't want and and neighborhood. That's. Well man. 1877. The somebody from the net Maryland Massachusetts campus reform coalition. Set cite studies that rebut claims that dispensaries are magnets for crime. What if there if they're not magnets for crime then why is LA cutting it where they've where there had a -- they aren't so many. So many -- -- Why is LA -- has LA been trying to shut them down I think the whole state of California has been trying to shut down these medicinal marijuana centers right. Mean have they got to be a role paying. 880. I don't think they're real good for property values. 1877469432218774694322. Howie I take chemo I can't sleep worried about pot the -- Pot makes me eat sleep don't lump me in -- the dumb fastest two or seven you're you were a member of a minority group well I mean I would give I would give it to you and you -- what -- -- talk about the -- splash to last a month. Before the vote. There's a new THC like substance TH C being the active ingredient in the campus Tivo that provides you with peace -- high so. Now. There's a new would drug that's about to be approved by the FCC. Or the the FDA excuse me. Ed that's that bits has all the effects of TH city without the -- that went out any of the drawbacks of -- having to smoke pot. Mean well when we just wait what can we just wait until two we see how this drug works. 18774694322. How about honest how which -- marijuana dispensary -- that's putting it in a whole new light you know. Honest -- marijuana dispensary I'll I'll make sure that it will go to the right people. In the will be any warrior were around in an honest outweighs me one dispensary. 35 marijuana dispensaries. I can see the other pony tail on shape and that stirs on crutches descending on Wellesley center. By the by the way -- by the way you'd you know how I voted on this correct I voted against don't don't tell. Don't tell me that I that I made at a stupid vote and I voted for this thing from now and am now what taking up arms to -- them from putting an idea. Putting putting in something next to the next to the White Mountain ice cream ice cream Marie or something like that. I I didn't I don't I believe me. I did noticed over the first -- play Calista sandy in The Herald today the first two places at that site it. That they've targeted to put these places and are two places where I have owned property are still do on property. First being Cambridge I don't own property that were used eleven -- I used to live and I used owned property in Cambridge in the other place being framing him. -- -- want to place. My wife supports. But I you know. I know where it's going to be in for you and yet you know where it's going to be in Framingham it's gonna be downtown they have all these all -- so low -- war how low house section eight housing and you know this housing forward recovering whatever it's. You know so this will this will help them recover even better I guess to have a marijuana dispensary in downtown night in downtown Framingham. 18774694322. And I'm sure that that none of the people who will get licenses to -- to sell one of any political connections whatsoever -- you can be yes you can be you can bet on that. I should get a Scripps -- -- safe medical great pot -- a ridiculous profit cut him on the scumbag dealers. 18774694322. All right what do you think -- like have a marijuana dispensary in your town -- you like are you like everybody else here 18774694322. What those were those methadone clinics. You don't have of the methadone clinics on Joseph a lot of places. They they get that they get the method home. And then they they take in west are forced to take it says some types -- but sometimes you know they've been the supposedly make you take the methadone right what -- you while you're in the center. But sometimes people. People somehow pocket the methadone. Where they get an outside and then they then they sell the methadone. To a dealer for smaller amount heroin because her when give UAE. 88 higher hot. I don't I don't think too many people happy about having -- -- on dispensaries in their communities. Number one heralded the big story about a mobile big big truck drivers we've we -- we took pictures of all the big big truck drivers going in to get their methadone. Be in the morning before they went to drive these huge trucks. They were filling them up with -- and fell. In in in downtown Boston and driving them up to Melrose remember that. 18772. We we will we be able to use EBT -- purchased applaud. That's a very good question 61 so when I. Actually I think you'll be covered not by EB ET cart provide mass health because you will have a prescription understand. So I don't think using the you can say you could shape you're right EDT -- the buy your actual Harrell one or beer. Or rolling papers for real pot you couldn't enact the -- that's gonna be dispensed you can -- with your mass self cart either with the taxpayers we pay pickup because it's only right. It's only right. 1877. Foresee. Officer mark says excessive pot use leads to a that the studio chairs I don't know what -- -- -- that the studio two years ago I think low ratings week that the that the studio chairs. One -- said -- just jealous. -- just jealous that I get you know get I get to work on and should modulation and it in the studio the size of phone book. Mark your next with Howie -- go ahead mark. Or a ball on a Bobble or what do you go all the old record output there by a boat or at all. -- -- -- You know what that is a real good idea mark let's let our -- back. For once put their money where their mouth so. -- more hot rock and only on our. -- -- -- Yeah oh dude I do is -- million to one a two bedroom content goal. Is. So obsolete solidly and more. -- -- -- -- thanks judge you're you know this is that the gonna claim they're disabled in -- and they they keep saying to. That some people wanna put this what wanna have wanna have that doctors all the positions are really. They're they're really concerned about this for any number of reasons. But there were they they're so. While the law. There's there's several stories of paper -- but this is the unintended consequences of this and again it at this point should there be and he's been such thing is unintended consequences of these weren't unintended consequences. Anybody who -- about this or or did any research about how this is played out in other states knew that these work. These were to be expected consequences in the and yet they didn't give -- While the -- opera by allows physicians to provide marijuana certificates to patients with whom they have bonafide relationships. The board of registration. In Madison which licenses doctors needs to better define what this means. You wanna know what it means it means that if it means the TV real doctors are going to continue to prescribe their Rio sparingly. And that is going to be a group of doctors who organ -- the fine -- defined bona fide relationship as as being. Do you have 200 dollars cash to pay me for a ten minute visit and if so -- -- your subscription you can get some marijuana. That's what it's going to be. The physicians -- -- organization has voted to push for inclusion of medicinal marijuana in the state prescription monitoring program. The program is intended to prevent potential abusers from doctor shopping to obtain multiple prescriptions from several prescribed virtual unaware of each other's relationship to the patient. The the medical society is investigating whether this change would require alleges legislation because of patient privacy protections. So again this going to be like you -- to claim than did in the big pot advocates are so called an -- And you can't do this last may and we have rights of privacy were covered under hit it do you. You can't turn over our records to those pigs may and ended he'd been our units -- -- Michael your next with -- cargo ahead Michael. Low prices. I don't straight strong I was thinking you could. It is I think whistle but I got. That I about it. It's critical Eric you know -- -- artist. But they were cute and that was a -- shall see all that they're escaping me now. I wonder why Michael. Couldn't. I've been off the block -- -- I do and I -- lingering efforts man. And I don't know and many here expect calls for me. Oh I'm not Mike I don't know -- not -- we're we're hopeful for a town in the biggest pot heads would prefer. Their -- thanks thanks for the call Michael. Ever poses a big liquor stores and -- in parts of Boston you know we're they have. We have to beat cops all the time. Think it's possible with some of these medical. That this of these medical marijuana dispensaries are gonna have the same -- Problems in both tell me that the people who was who smoked pot known get violent you know. This pot goes along with a lot of other drugs. And you know you couldn't. You could value could have 34 Beers union run out of pot and decide to renew your prescription the local dispensary. In bed and get into what GM will fender Bender. You know argument over parking space at the at the local pot dispensary in the way of the pot dispensaries also going to be allowed to was a cell boost. Be very convenient witness. You can everything all at once won 8774694322. On our car. 1877469432218774694322. Two medical clinics that will assess. Patients for medicinal pot. -- will assess I mean do you think you'll get a say. What how many people gonna be turned down. There will assess. Patients from medicinal pot are opening in Framingham and Cambridge in time for the new law that takes effect in January. Proof foes say the ballot measure will encourage doctor shopping and make and -- Massachusetts of marijuana -- We'll -- was -- Mac for weeks last forty plus years. Even more so I guess while proponents insist they are just filling a need for alternative medicine. We're really in a place where the billion dollar businesses about the takeoffs at Massachusetts prevention alliance president Heidi Heilman. The increased demand for marijuana will put us a place where we have a soaring increase in supply it's about greed and it's based on money. Last month voters and overwhelmingly approved the plan twelve state regulated marijuana dispensaries. Think about those words from state regulate it. How I want worked out with the via Framingham compounding pharmacy what could possibly go wrong with the state regulated marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts. Think what happened in the crime went up. What could possibly go wrong with the state laboratory and regulated marijuana dispensary. These will be disbursed to state approved patients who were suffering from may of an assortment of ailments. State approved patients' mean the same people who get state approved the BT cards in the -- for bail money and tattoos and seldom in the parking lots of supermarket so they can get cash to buy more drugs. 187746943221877469. From officer Mark -- every parking space of a pot dispensary have to be handicapped access only. It's funny you mention that officer mark Jason and Bar Harbor sent me an email and he said that they indeed the pot dispensaries in the state of Maine. Have twice as many handicapped spaces as required for other businesses of the same size because of all the handicapped people but will be coming in to get there camera -- -- Eva. Boy in May and here's what here's more on main in -- the state pays the junkies mileage to and from the -- methadone clinic once -- awhile we're lucky to get them wet nabbed for oh you why when they leave. Well boy 187746942207. What about alcohol when they're not more deaths and violence with that the campus. I agree I've I've always said that there I always said campuses are less dangerous drug and alcohol. But just because it's less dangerous do you wanna approve another another drug the society really need another drug and Eric -- decides which. It might as well be legal now why why don't we wanna make it even easier -- yet. Would you want for the other lowering the drinking each worked out it didn't work out well they couldn't all. Just about everybody would agree that it didn't work back in the seventies. So. Why are we are we putting and other drugs over the basically over the counter -- what amounts to. 18774694322. With a problematic -- of the -- keynote tickets laughing out why. -- -- Why -- -- what can be it makes it pot. Pot makes makes -- athletics watch on TV more exciting it would make -- more exciting. Why you're sitting there waiting for your -- your I'm prescription. You can play key now. Timothy your next with how we cargo ahead Timothy. -- now. Mary Christmas tree Christmas to YouTube. Are Jewish to go science being magazine that article -- -- -- -- -- from Britain who would develop marijuana which has all the additional well approach there was no. Getting the CHE has been removed yes. Part of the -- should be -- -- just -- -- -- -- forward choir at distribute marijuana national poll. This is the one that I I'm sure this is the same one the people there were opposed to this referendum question were talking about wind and when they were rough. Campaigning against it and you know damn well that who's -- who's gonna want a get together marijuana that doesn't give you a highlight what's the point Timothy. But -- shocked the whole purpose -- the New -- -- Well yeah the -- vote. -- and George Washington used him to make his uniforms back during like beat the win whatever war he was in the civil war man that you know. Thanks for the call hope Timothy one how -- your social cynical. Yes I am. Will mass help pay for my medicinal pot of course Sidwell. Now that's a -- that's a pot smoker question of course it pays for everything else does and that. We're paying for a sex change operation for a convicted murderer why would -- pot be paid for by the state. 18774694322. Will pot be covered by obamacare. And if so to to a seventh says model pot smokers are boobs now. Yeah no they're not blocked. -- But more pot is smoked the better the odds are that you wore -- let's let's be let's let's let's be blunt about. What's not kid ourselves here John your next with how we cargo ahead jobs. From a -- of -- Coakley it's really not illegal to be stupid in Massachusetts. And you know what it's not illegal to smoke pot Massachusetts as far as I concede -- how great would it would attempt -- look at him fast public. You have to practically you have to practically. Urinate on cops -- to get arrested him -- I interpret things for you. Number one. Gotta love that about -- the other one into people's grateful. And pupil won in between struggling restaurant. -- restore -- so lazy boy recliner. About it. How about a story that -- ultimate plasma screen TVs to John. Don't pay -- taken all the fun out. That's what it is you know back in the day around. You into the woods cemetery where it's a little thing idiotic and accept a lot and guess what. I'm not gonna give you fifty dollars more we debate this is eroding we're on the -- We had to it was together in the worst that element that there was that Smart you're right the worst that's -- as as tiny as it was here in Massachusetts she could convince yourself that you weren't taxes and that you. We were in danger of being locked up but they found a joint in your sock. You know picked -- -- time for a long time until. But I thought maybe we -- Florida. Thanks for thanks for the call John 18774694322. How we at the Border Patrol checkpoints and California those idiots with prescription non marijuana failed to realize the federal government doesn't recognize that which take it from them and arrest them. One dates will my co pay cover week. Wait that's right well how is how is insurance gonna cover this is what they were what they need to be do was Newton -- while laws covering whether -- -- insurance covers -- marijuana. It is NC you know it's it is medicine or it's going to be Madison as of January 1 right. HI worked at a bar take pot heads over two months. Somebody want I don't think though that you. I don't think that you you can sort them into into two distinct categories. And a lot of people would come into your bar. Have they don't really have before and load in meeting alcohol but they also been spoken -- on the whale rebuttals license plates -- idea. In the in the seventies and eighties the front license plate there was a marijuana we for an amendment which they arrive stone. And the way they they the kind of died out because it was kind of like giving cops probable cause to searcher vehicle alone you know those that doesn't matter anymore because. They just -- citation you give a fake name and -- that I want to replace the citations. When they get stopped but. You know I think a lot of peoples and -- I have seen not not often but I remember one time in east Cambridge I walked into small bar and it was a guy rolling a joint on the on on the bar on the counter the bar. People it was a big. Headache coming -- A couple of people racist. To add to wasted that out can take a couple of hits and tell me if this is -- -- -- he was dangerous walking character. Had no choice but to. But to take him but to take him up on his offer and test and now. Tell me that's like I happen to you can't you can't smoke you can't smoke cigarettes in a bar anymore but marijuana is is is a Madison. For Christ's sake alchemist welcomed the bartender prevention for -- taking some mess. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Alan. -- we we don't. Get a college you know that. See my -- that your account name with -- do line probably about now passing along not allowing this and certainly. Yeah no there there -- several -- there several I think a wave at this one of the places that's already thinking about it let's try to look here to see in the story what counts are they. That are thinking about it but -- -- but there's several your right go ahead. You know so and then. But so -- it as my our -- overwhelmingly. Out voted in the red as low -- will know all the questions so I wonder. It's unclear if your town voted against the marijuana than I think they I mean I think they got every right to stop -- don't -- I mean they. So -- that. That people outspoken mission to be a lot of the people are -- Don't put an end here. Right right I'm surprised so that I did note there were many towns that had voted for a -- when you don't when he got up over 60% of the vote most accounts have voted. Most of the places in this in the state I'm sure voted for it but -- I guess there must be few places have voted against that thanks for the call elegant look for the list of the towns that are already. There are already going -- here I got it to suburbs north of Boston Wakefield and -- have already approved local science. In nearby Melrose and -- are considering similar steps. A Peabody that's kind of weird -- the of the golden banana strip club but they don't want -- marijuana distributors. Many other communities including framing him Quincy in Boston are studying restrictions Framingham better study quick as they got that one opening on January 1. I'm now car. This is one that sums it all clear we remain here to -- knows he beat three and section -- not paying for anything. -- starts. Priceless. Yes indeed. 187746. If you if you like patches and live every day with the disease of alcoholism will you be able to get a prescription. These are all excellent questions none of which have been considered by anybody and we with the answers how to get high and make money --