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To Deport or Not Deport, That Is The Question

Dec 4, 2012|

President Obama’s uncle Onyango Obama has won a new deportation hearing more than a year after a drunken driving arrest and decades after an order to return to Kenya. Howie felt that Uncle Omar will never be deported.

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Poll question. Today concerns. Uncle Omar yes he's back uncle or more. President Obama's uncle has want a new deportation hearing in Boston immigration court more than a year after a drunken driving arrest in Framingham revealed. That he had violated a long standing order to return to Kenya. Last week the board of immigration appeals granted. On Yang goal Obama's request to reopen his immigration case based in part on his contention that his prior warrior was in effect. His prior warriors now deceased so he's unable to defend himself well. A very convenient. For -- more. -- what's today's poll. Do you think that president. President Obama's uncle Omar will be deported. Technically it's not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts. Only 11%. Think it is -- Shaun Hill uncle Omar is gonna leave our shining shores. He was again. Ordered the port it. He did not. He appealed his case to the board of immigration. Appeals. His. Appeal was that not. He did not leave he continued to appear. You know you could say that you know that he's being protected by his is his. Nephew -- Maybe he is being protected by his nephew at this point but the fact this is -- could protect him in nineteen all the way from 1970. All the way implement any pieces his nephew wasn't even this wasn't even an Illinois State senator. And -- the year around the year 2008. So. You just don't. Then you're not supposed to give you not -- it's against the law. For in the illegal aliens have a driver's license in Massachusetts. Bat that's just the way it is that's one -- haven't changed by. Executive fee I eat Deval Patrick to whatever it pleases. -- Uncle Omar has a driver's license. I I called up the registry of motor vehicles and -- and I've I've tried to find out how did he get this. Driver's license. -- by the way he also as a Social Security number. But nobody knows how we got a driver's license and I said well why don't you check the record to -- the records are gone these rate would have to go back to the 1980s they're not on. The one he computers in 1980 your mortgage computers -- a registry of motor vehicles anyway. So they don't know how we got the record so the -- so we gonna give him they -- when they took away his license after it was after he pleaded guilty to sufficient facts. In a drunk driving he was given what they call -- Cinderella. License. We meaning he got to drive from his a bold in Framingham. Took it to his job at a liquor store ironically enough he's working liquor store guy is convicted wrong basically convicted drunk driver is working liquor store. So he got is so even though he wasn't eligible to get a regular driver's license he had a Cinderella. It's shell. Drivers stats. But of course this is nothing no UC because. He's not the first member of the Obama family to too lenient on the shores of the benighted Commonwealth of Massachusetts. At least say what you will about uncle Omar at least. He has a job. Unlike. -- that Tony. Member antes at Tony. He hit decent Tony is is is a Obama's yet she plays a much war -- Central role in whatever his autobiographies. Or ghost written memoirs when every wanna call. -- -- than uncle mart it's maybe because she was on welfare you know she's she's more frequently. -- the freedom we -- -- are being on welfare well being and it works reliving kinda weird. So she so she was on the she was living in a in a public housing project. In Boston in Boston housing authority's South Boston. Where there was a waiting list of Americans but somehow she jumped at the waiting list and and an illegal alien was there in the housing and she was also on welfare. And and I was so happy couple years ago when she admitted on TV that yes I'm on welfare I'm an illegal alien and -- on welfare. Because now we used to get these calls from -- somebody asked liberals say. Why do you want this -- that the only the only audience around welfare when you know that's not true. I say I don't know that's not true it was a matter of fact I think yeah I think illegal aliens are definitely on welfare IE mail via its. And that now since it he's a -- he -- to let no one can. Note now's not the asked liberals of comedy complaining. Because they can't complain. So here you have uncle Omar is now he he is he has been 42 years and -- law in America. Unwanted and unwelcome. But mostly I'm afraid. Of American justice. Because it. -- gonna throw him out. Who's got who was gonna pull out before. His nephew became president of the United States. Let alone now that his nephew is the president of the United States. 1877469432218774694322. If this were a newspaper story would begin in a move certain to raise eyebrows among conservatives concerned about lax immigration enforcement. No that wouldn't be either. With how would how would that possibly legally. But believe is what the lead is in the in the Boston Globe present Obama's uncle has won a new deportation hearing in Boston immigration court that's. It's a very basically. Because absorb because the -- does not want to surprise no eyebrows have been used in your eyebrows raised over that's mine aren't. -- -- have been -- of that -- said hey look you but you've you've been 88 scoffed -- for 42 years you've been -- enough -- out of Boeing and here for 42 years it's time for you to go back to your Third World at all. Go to see your nephew George may -- Scotland in the box for Euro. 18774694322. Should uncle Omar be deported. 18774694322. Joseph you're next with allowing cargo ahead Joseph. -- -- -- -- I'm very pro immigrant. Or pro immigration. You know -- a friend who into America and China. -- was dismissed out of their own -- And every week -- complained to me about all the the harassing our. About -- status here. And it you know it's it's almost like a middle finger. All the immigrants from Europe. China India and South America from Mexico. -- come here. And they put in their effort or great. They go by the book yeah it's just outrageous. Oh. You know that Republicans that -- -- the yesterday in the great -- the only problem is that it -- or not you know we should be offering half a million pieces. 50000. An outrageous to your respect saying oh well it's who we -- they know -- the other illegals. Yeah I know he says he said how dear how -- the United States of America pick winners and losers. If we if we technical officer is just what Joseph you and I and all the naturalized US citizens are gonna be paying for the losers. I want to pick the winners I want your -- I I -- exactly I mean I know why they're doing it but the the in the astounding audacity of them. To say that it's it's somehow a an unfair thing to want to have skilled immigrants -- it's coming into the country and it's discriminating against. People who have contagious diseases who can't speak English who have criminal backgrounds who can't speak the language probably can't even read and write in their own language we're supposed to take them over guy that's got a doctorate in non nuclear physics. I mean what the Democrats. No. And skilled immigration all over the world. And to seal the way it is ridiculous. What other we're gonna go the -- -- and immigrants in the mature people want to want to come here at work who have skills right foot. -- -- joyous thing -- this this bill by the way is going nowhere it's called the stem jobs act and that stem the stem means a science technology engineering and -- step. Merely -- Exactly it's just exactly will we -- so this is what Louis Gutierrez the congressman from Chicago said. If you support this bill you were saying that one group of immigrants is better than another. Yeah I guess we are yes in -- one type of educated degree holding person in their work is more important. That and others. You know like this -- -- yes they are saying that aren't. It even matter if you -- advocate you wanna come your work. Put in the effort and go buy the book that's great. People probable that you're about. Illegal getting in state tuition when my friend from Vermont could go to UMass and it was. Right talk. That I've been my favorite part is here talk about picking winners and losers. I mean doesn't every other -- in every other nation on earth use its immigration policy to pick winners and losers. -- make Americans much more liberal remote. I mean it it's beyond liberal it's insane it's it's insane when you know he of people like your friend are -- Are harassed by immigration authorities. And in people alive people who just come across and immediately go to the welfare office are treated like kings and queens thanks from a college. 18774694322. See what they see what what they really hate -- they hate the -- here obviously bringing in people work I mean that's that that's that's that's that's anathema to Democrats. They don't wanna -- -- and were they want people aren't. Work because those are the people gonna. Be the next generation of Obama orders. And the other thing that we -- week. Really bugs me is that they -- they want these people they wanna take the people or would the skilled immigrants. And will place the the the beat -- the lottery but will be a visa lottery with the -- with these people so the people the lottery the lottery. The visa lottery is for any. Is for anybody so people win -- -- the the visa lottery and they come over here in the pop up kid and their welfare war. This is news and I'm going back to go to the beach congressman from Chicago. In order to get visas to post Ph.D.s and master's degrees -- make -- it's Alec it's a bad thing that a Ph.D. your master's degree. And these are Ph.D.s by the way art history something these these are these are Ph.D.s. In. Fields where they are they can be you used to create wealth and to create Bally. And to improve technology. In order to give visas to those with Ph.D.s and master's degrees. -- Republicans make -- demands. First we take away visas and the only means of illegal immigration most likely from 50000 people who may not. Have Ph.D.s. Or masters degrees. Now. If -- average up. In MIT. I wanna teach I don't polls. And astrophysics. What would I be discriminated against the space and mr. -- You don't have a PH. Do you have a master's degree you don't even have a Bachelor of Arts earth science in an Astro physics. Now what would I be what I have -- standing to sue them for discriminating against me I don't think so. Soul so why does the United States of America have eleven people who can't read. -- instead of somebody who can actually do what job that an American in the words of George Bush can't though. 18774694322. I'm Howie -- 77469432. -- One for us as we don't need scientists and engineers welfare for illegals -- far more money into the economy. 413 so you're saying these people probably. Don't have Ph.D.s in black studies are women's. W a Y. WOMY. And -- -- know when they don't have -- Ph.D.s in years studies either. And 1877469432218. In a 57 Mexico loves our lot lax immigration there emptying their slums and sending them here. Mean yes indeed that's what to do when they were there were -- just telling their underclass Toby and -- the underclass is leaving -- -- -- what it is that you don't go to us go to American cities and that the slums almost all of a sudden -- currency. Everybody out there were -- Then -- come back. What are what are what a great thing would be for candidate the candidate to take all our -- unemployable. Lazy underclass off our hands. 18774694322. Fuse so wants is if you want a job at MIT just tell them your non native American I forgot that that that would be -- ago. 1877469432. Tuition should Obama's uncle uncle Omar remain here. Haven't siege heavens no we shouldn't and a -- again he. Think -- this. He was ordered to leave the country on Christmas Eve ninety -- Where are you on Christmas Eve 1970 I -- some people weren't a lot of people already on board. On Christmas Eve 1970 and he's been in the country illegally since then Ali who have been in the country -- -- his 22 the anniversary being in the country illegally on Christmas Eve. -- will be going down for -- going down to his favorite. Barroom -- and in Framingham. The chicken. 18774694322. Drinks are on uncle wal mart's his 42 anniversary being in the country illegally. With many many. Happy returns until all mom and we don't mean returns the kid yeah. Mike your next without -- -- -- Mike. Dolly in 1970 I was in Vietnam fighting for the right diploma this daycare. How could make it really. You think Omar has had a draft card Mike I'm gonna say no. -- say he never had a draft -- even though everybody in every male in the country's post the carrier draft card you now. I was -- the maker -- -- comic -- it's remarked in his insult somebody to tell Bob that in 44 BC went. And he's that was murdered there was no guns and retain skilled able when -- when was important killed their mother others -- month -- that we -- -- I mean it's a win win. Why not soldier when Whitey Bulger killed -- Davis -- posse there were no guns. It's it's it's a -- you know he's pretty Smart guy and I like talk -- you that late night talk -- he had any that's pretty good job but did he just stepped in it. And it's just been it's it's just insane but you know it was I both were one. I thought that they did a pact to attribute to the -- at the game now he played he played for the NFL seeded. They tried to make it look like it would do you know -- this that I have a moment sort of domestic violence but you know what it really was all about. About him I think there's a time in -- we don't say anything -- you know do. One of those those guys -- what -- on that sideline reporters was interviewing clay on the owner of the team. And they said why it went ultimately his number on the helmets and and hunt looked at him like you know you wanna say what you bleeping idiot. But he says he said he didn't seem appropriate I mean of course wasn't appropriate to just killed he would just kill somebody in cold blood. Right. In this in this and some summer TV reporters asking why doesn't have what they don't have that the council on like it's not like it's Myra Kraft or rod. You know or Brian piccolo and -- offbeat but how crazy is this. Thanks for the call Mike one. 77469432218774694322. Seven anyone moon bats like go to Gutierrez believed all the world's losers should be allowed in in the we don't have the moral right to stop them. -- you know what you -- Gutierrez thinks of himself as a spokesman for the illegal aliens but if you know what you if if the illegal alien invasion isn't stopped at some point I mean that the country is going to become. Just like the country's these people are fully. And you know totally Wallace even more so than it is today insurgents certain areas. I mean that is there's not going to be any industry here there's just you know it's it's gonna be just various groups fighting with one dollar like it's gonna be like Latin America. And initiative is even be happy then -- is -- gonna be good for poor. Who we Gutierrez and his family if if the country is destroyed helping so -- Dave you're next with Howard cargo -- day of. How it is -- no gun used on 9/11 either. That's true there were -- scholars. Right have a box I have a box cutter and mighty Indian mighty drawer and in my desk and I didn't have to go through a seven day waiting period together. Diego. Now -- said Tony Cho I think it's mean spirited to try to deport them -- that -- I've gotten employment suggestion that them. -- I think some political -- I -- them. To try to crash the White House gate and it is yet to put on cable TV -- that day. Reality TV show the president's family in Massachusetts why does -- by the way why -- uncle Omar -- now live with the Emmys a Tony in her apartment. I'll. Say we're -- got -- be kind of along commuted have to pay the whole -- going out on the map spike Framingham every day but still. You'd think you'd you'd think it would work out in the end for him to what does that they can bomb Coptic you know. How it gets its ten million Americans. Want a plus support and it's going to free education free housing. And for. Well -- hospitality. And and the declaration. Right it. I I know I I know I guess I. You know I I don't know I don't understand it I I don't understand why you're allowed in this country if you're going to become a oh lord of the state. An IQ IQ believe people are standing up in congress in over a hundred people voted against this bill. To make it easier for the -- for educated. Immigrants who would work for a living -- to come in to this United States ahead of people want gonna work. Mean how can help a 150 bet there'll Democrats obviously but how could they I mean how could even a Democrat be for this system. I've been sitting on alleged since Election Day how they just got meet finally in the window. And they do that going back out on the election. Don't stay inside stay inside today at 1877469432218774694. Victory. 22. Brian you're next with how we cargo have Brian. Yes. Don't know. -- Degree astrophysics it would have been. Yes there -- No I didn't. I. Yeah. We're between what it certainly -- approach and we got oh. -- -- -- -- No you can't end an ice and ice workers I'd made the calls myself I haven't had a -- I've gotten this from our other reporters at The Herald I have called up the registry of motor vehicles myself and dissent. What there's just there's a law in the state that says an illegal aliens cannot have a driver's license. Yet uncle Omar has a driver's license how did an uncle Omar get a driver's license. And they say I don't know. I don't know that's the answer. That doesn't mean and that I say I say why don't you take away from. Well we he it was it was it was issued to -- legally. 12 I would be issued to him legally hippies in the country illegally in the law says he can't have a driver's license. It's probably there's still cannot afford. Got there. Yet to get back to -- as soon as they -- finish the paperwork. I don't I don't that does believe that I I just -- but there's nothing there's no paperwork left I don't know. I don't know how he got a Social Security number he apparently has a valid Social Security number. Even though illegal aliens are not supposed to have Social Security numbers. You can you -- what their favorite person in the yes -- no they do this big archaeological -- they'll say to all these people work for the government. I don't remember was that that you tell me use. I. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. Tom Jackson on the ESPN and said it well when all the -- -- on NFL Sunday morning stuff -- he said don't forget he was a murder. What's gonna -- so I'm glad somebody in a guy a fellow linebacker. Said that -- -- on Wednesday a murderer because that's exactly what he was. In at least he did save the taxpayers the cost of a trial when no link the incarceration and you know in hiring psychologists to explain what date what Leah. Disadvantaged -- he was. He was a good -- very important was turning his -- for a the -- -- wasn't just his girlfriend she was his frequency they were planning on getting -- He for before making your next with how we cargo I had Mickey. Yeah well you're right he's no luck he's -- Brian piccolo a global bright adult match. You know Bryant political. Hey listen. Last night on fox they had Martinez -- the governor about New Mexico. She has submitted a bill. Just stop illegal from getting driver's licenses. Now this Saturday that she's had for years. They've been getting driver's licenses there and then go and other states. Internal licenses. Nobody ever checks -- it's a legal essential to call in if you don't have any offense is they issuing new licenses in new. Right exactly no I know that -- -- -- -- -- several states that are very easy on illegal aliens believe it or not to warmer North Carolina and Tennessee I don't and. Kid that you kind of looked and it would mostly be for this inserted the biggest stage should voted. Just this time around where where all the licenses had been switched over. To these people could go when it involves legally. You know after they go ahead licenses around. Yeah I know I I don't the other for a while they were donated Maine I think the may have stopped the man I'm not sure where I would doubt. Yeah yeah it's it's just the -- I mean without. We know I mean we can only guess I guess we know the a lot of illegal aliens -- we can only guess how many I doubt it swayed the election but you know I mean. If this goes on for another four years it probably will start -- in the election. Exactly you know especially when they let you know they settled down -- get a license. I you know a year two years at a time they sit on the certain states. Just the -- and license where they can vote in different areas. Not gonna take. I know that -- oh yeah and then they vote to give themselves more handouts and. And he had a place in California now it's an all motel they were shown an avenue to the other night up there have an anchor babies. Yeah -- them -- to have. And trying to two in China that's an added that's in a nice and a nice affluent suburb of love LA thanks for the call Mickey. -- how we car. Uncle Morris Social Security cards and number came from they're going to have I don't know where -- I know where row obamas came from McCain from Connecticut has -- never lived. A lot of a lot of unsolved mysteries when it comes to the Obama family. One mystery is whether he's not a -- uncle Omar is gonna study on our car.