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Laurel Sweet On Winterizing

Dec 4, 2012|

Today a Massachusetts Judge impounded the DA’s statement of the case against Winter Hill kingpin Howard “Howie” Winter and a co-defendant after their attorneys argued the alleged facts were prejudicial. We were joined by Boston Herald Reporter Laurel Sweet who is following this case.

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You know before there was a Whitey Bulger there was -- -- McClain and he was they have a winner here we hang in. When he was killed in 1965. The -- was taken over my idea how we went there. No relation. From Somerville if you live on them to upon mass street with one street over more Montrose street. And he he re and the gang and then no later on John he'd be joined up with Johnny -- -- now on Whitey Bulger came to how we went there and a when he was being chased all over South Boston Dorchester by the Marlins and a asked how we went third to -- intervene with the Marlins who was outlawed weapons stop them from killing them. And how we wondered did he saved his life and I think probably customer Brett about that now I think he just some of would of let the if he had it to do over again at what the Marlins finished the job. On the kill leans including including Whitey Bulger. Anyway. How we went there is the same ages waiting Baldridge 83. Cook but six months older. And he was recently arrested at the -- after ross' support and being taped to the sons of Italy hall in Medford with another guy -- a former armored car harbor. Named Jimmy malformed. And they were wrong they they were charged with a trying to extort money for from a these two guys they claim they were just trying to get money back from lawyer that these two guys and extort money from. So today how we went there was back in court he had some uninteresting things to say weren't talked. Gonna talk now -- -- from the Boston Herald she's got a story up on the web site however another story up in the morning. Laura what do what they've got to wonder how we want -- target today. -- -- excited -- kind of a thrill for me it was like meeting Keith Richards of the underworld. But I think any he looks I don't know how we -- it looks fantastic but. I was Saddam -- actually wanted to get inside and ask him what he knew about culture is alleged immunity deal which is. Right that's that's a cornerstone -- corners the other cornerstone of his defence he says he had -- He had a deal with the feds to up to and including murder like he was James Bond of the underworld. Well it is and I brought any -- it was a very friendly -- you know very jovial. And involved his name on. It's dark -- came over its base and in very quietly said to me you know I would known involved. With no. And and I asked him if he's being called is they witnessed his trop. And as -- and without the basic. Just a political football you know. A political football I don't think he's not only -- we used on that list we have dollars in. Well I mean we have seen some some preliminary and I hopefully it's also obvious need -- -- this of. Not a rock whole week X some some of these so everybody that still -- on the winner organizational chart. Right let me. Actual but it exposes a preliminary to the actual preliminary -- finished. Government witness list has not been released -- the public. Yeah so he's so why how how he is now while in the UC amused but some some serious time disease are the or is the state still still pushing this case like its release would like it's significant. Apparently sullen and you know I don't know how much that might be related to. You know in. -- and waited to all distraught you know it just needling him that I mean he is facing some. Serious charges are in serious allegations at eighty very if you mentioned. -- he but he unity you know whipping us army it's just cut it to me sometimes it seems like it's just the state the state wants to get get get get into this thing somehow you know they're not really. It's this have been a federal thing from day one even though the mass state police have certainly been involved with the various especially the day. But it's it but the the prosecutors these these state and county prosecutors have just been trying to on the sidelines here and now they're finally into it. Yet a number of them has -- you know -- got a piece of a lot of these cases you're right. And in this situation and you know they're alleging net. Belt and in winter when after the two businessmen who it's 7000 dollars between to a bomb. To get back money it had been -- -- them -- -- and -- that they didn't tea they were gonna bring all wrapped the north bend. And -- yes supposedly they weren't they like they were doing it for friend it's you know they -- -- of the -- always say they're doing something for friend right let's let's that's one about the lines they use my guess how we. You know it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I'm curious that the attorney has. Yeah I know we all want that we all wanna know values -- say it's it's a the big the -- a lot of -- stuff under wraps they have anybody notified the victims yet either so we would have if we knew who did quote -- victims were. Would have a lot better idea or whether Ramallah lane and -- Weinberg two lawyers for these guys are rough. Are they're basically saying that these guys that they that they were rock that they wash ups Ford unquote shaking down were bad guys themselves. Is this the sort of a somewhat comical moment in the courtroom today see the prosecutors asked the judge. Because winter -- belt and around -- and 25000 dollars cash bail for the prosecutors it will. At least make it part of this -- that they stay away from the victims. And Molina Weinberg piped up and said that they want to make sure optical -- -- that the victims stay away from the quiet. And I thought we will get a side of the knicks forward David and swine -- and going meet these. Successful arguments to at least temporarily. At this. -- prosecution statement -- case. Impounded which -- in the dark side. I know I mean that but -- they said that there was a very very reviewing IU was being would make good copy for you when may Mena one I don't I hope that this would just be a temporary setback and we get this thing pretty quickly. Well very few of these in -- orders. Survive legal counted by the media and in of course we want is because there are. Think for possibly train -- and I've seen a possibly transcripts in the air from wiretaps. What you want. We see him what we've seen a pretty hilarious. Yeah. Yeah I know I mean how we went there hasn't lost his gift of gangster gap there's no question about this case is -- he still he's still parts like it's 1977. And you know he's he's now. -- -- in the garage on Marshall street. Now he. Eyesight student and I felt a little bit accompanied pride when in his wife watching the courtroom this morning herald under their arm. Of course they read The Herald they -- they still -- this Cambridge -- addition which went out of business around 1981 you know how's -- -- you're looking by the way. You know again amazing. -- I don't I'm not quite sure how -- the woman is but. You know he doesn't let that far removed from -- school girl. Should fifties I would -- Mid mid to late mid to late fifties I would say and if I if I got a wrong I'll hear from believe me. It can take very good care and -- should keep in denial for album you know it's people like me away. Yeah so way and and so what did you Jimmy Melvin that he of anybody with a. I'm not I thought it effectively came and you would very much like one of the lawyers. -- Dark in this city -- legal papers with them. How he walked in went down in a lavender. The pressure on them. Great -- and -- break running share. A baseball cap. Baseball cap Boston Red Sox or something urges. Who knows he who was no no team promoting that you that you noticed. The words believe violates so I realize that did not make -- -- what the logo was on it now kicking myself. Now it's when he kid -- when a Wal-Mart -- do we concealed on the TV tonight though we we see of them -- could come out of court. Anyways so when's the next what's next a move for the trial. I will the next move is that on -- December 18 you can have a hearing in anyone's -- -- -- to quote this. Commodore get a little bit from the statement of case had a chance to go in the courtroom and argued that was. All right that's good we gotta we gotta get that before what do Chris what do makes Christmas present for us. I get that unsealed. And don't we are then that's how cute is that we don't deserve switches and -- we deserve the unseal transcripts. -- -- or -- all I want for Christmas Santa OK Laura thanks a lot for be -- -- I appreciated. OK you know by about.