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Max Robins Tuesday December 4, 2012 - Duck Dynasty

Dec 4, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...including this week Duck Dynasty and Vegas.

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At this time music on Mondays. We have about Max -- join us he's a veteran broadcast journalist who was so worked for many years covering the TV industry and he has. Now well the executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City. We had a chance yesterday it would have -- someone from his home town on from four -- duke -- year. We moved when we moved Max to want to Tuesday. I didn't think you'd mind moments no I'm honored -- I'm. 14 tops. Yeah -- -- bite before -- he's had the best he's the last of the originals and they're still fort pops but the at their over their replacement for pops currently there replacement -- -- Levi -- longer I don't think so no. -- great event. Yes they weren't of the true great great yes they work spent -- fantastic group in my youth how you stood out to the fox theatre in downtown Detroit and yes. To the Motown revue it was a very chord he's thank you get to the city tickets were always very affordable. And man on the same night conceded temptations the Four Tops Stevie Wonder Marvin gay Tammy Terrelle marble let's. The supremes before it was Diana Diana Ross and the supremes. Which is right out of the Brewster projects and that it was something else. He said he -- I said he said yesterday that that they were the only group -- every Gonyea guy ever got an idea and advance 400 box 300 bucks he. I said is that the supremes and get an advantage that they -- High school that was just enough to bring -- a studio where -- morello. I think the only disappointment in the -- pop's career Edinburgh and up with duke was with the you know when Rick James was cutting super freak brought in the temptations rather than four pops. I would disappoint me by. -- To have the temptations. Incredible. Incredible. They were there to this day I I think you know. So the best music. Yeah no that's -- some of the late start was pretty good to listen to pay the first thing I wanted to say is two weeks ago we we neither of us knew what duct dynasty was or is. I assume you know now what is. Oh yeah. Max it was in the New York Times yesterday don't ask me why I was reading the New York Times. But it was in the New York Times just -- reality show. It's -- it's a reality show what it actually -- AD and actually beat all of the network shows on Thursday last Thursday night I mean this is this. I believe this is about as far from reality show was the Bowery boys. Give me a break Max how would they -- Korea they should put quotations around a reality. What we -- -- -- -- I know a lot of red -- Max I lived amongst the red -- for many years and nobody ever had a beard like -- admit they got this crazy at the Taliban doesn't have beards like that. It's. In May be easy top does the only place I've ever seen beards like that. So -- but it's mean it's the one great I mean this is how I mean I read the story yesterday the networks are complaining they're saying well you know we got screwed by the by its -- CNB that it. The debate speed the election night. I think it's just respect crappy programming Max that's why their numbers are down in the UK people when they're up against the amnesty you better become with your AKA. It is. -- are you why in this stuff but there I mean just do what a bunch of pathetic whiners they were in the paper yesterday making excuses. Like we said. Many times -- car radio program people vote with their remotes out right it's it's. -- I mean with all those options mean and that's democracy in action. It is. It is it's like Italian democracy you have an adequate given different party for every person now today you know. Yet you don't have to parties anymore you have 200 party. Are you suggesting that he -- And now. Yes that's exactly. And I think it's time for us. Sitting -- But the monkey business and it to join hands with the marshals. That's. Of media. -- we -- all together we just got to come up with good stuff that's well you know. That's what it's all about me it's about programs at the -- get people to 07 says one of the guys -- dynasty lost the starting quarterback job at Louisiana that the Terry Bradshaw. I'm not surprised if he had that appeared I don't even have a helmet again I was able to pass the Boller getter in the senate they're promised map. I just put it behind the book. That's his beard new meaning the quarterbacks in the I -- I -- argued I begin to question from a joke I heard I read last week and one of the New York -- -- -- most overpaid -- entertainer in New York City Max. Matt flour more or or Ross Sanchez star quarterback of the jets. -- -- -- -- A quarter and. That's a year you know -- you like Matt Lauer for some reason but I mean yeah he's taken 25 million a year at -- you know I mean. You don't like bill back used to say you know we finished last it to Ralph Kleiner after one home run championship for a fifth time in a row so we finished last with the F. We can finish last without yeah. I mean can we can't just say what's -- take a pay cut I mean they they may Jay Leno take a pay cut David Letterman take a pay cut but that. Is still strong still making a lot of cash. I think at times they -- come back to talent. It is. You know make it too much money because were making -- However. Com. Ours is one of real small group of people. It still. Puts it. Albeit Dicey move for four. You know. -- that at 25. We're gonna make you take about poverty and take. Fifty. Addicted to Lenovo electoral they did pictured it a little will make it more when I was like what thirty ripe yet make a lot -- -- plus I mean. With Leno works all the time he's in. Vegas to stand up all the time to work. I don't know where he finds time to drive a 150. Hours ago. But he's probably making double faults and how about homeland who's the mole. Boy that's a really great question you know on that somebody brought it up like a fantastic show. Right now that is -- the bench. It's amazing you would via. You know and and you know it each time victories could one season one on Netflix. -- -- Netflix is offering -- free free months about Las Vegas I hear that and that that cute little -- from Al contrast has turned up on Las Vegas she split means the show is. Planning plenty to. Put either recommend it to people like me yeah a couple. Of it. What a disappointment. I mean -- was -- Dennis Quaid Michael chick was really good actors. And its chest the most need -- did. -- -- -- really disappointed try to watch -- But those guys -- atlas Vegas in the sixties and you know how could you go online and our -- -- is -- doctor gonna get here. Hard to say on the -- -- is in his in curry still within BC yes. Power pawn stars and American pickers. Although as opposed. OK everybody's saying that that that I should watch yeah -- dynasty again why I did watch it how do you think I know about the -- and and I I stumbled across it. I said I don't like again it was like so many shows on in the cable world looked like it was like coming across a car car crash. Ash you know how you gotta watch. It and you got it and and they just concluded season three boardwalk empire. It is and it's gotten picked up for season -- he got it checked out via their terrific -- toll -- Dennis one hand with the honestly at what hand the Boston writer to be one of the writers for the next the next series yes actually this story was was broken and you kind of feel mostly via. That's good that's say that's good 187746943221. Even better -- to enjoy watching rednecks and hillbillies has called wild and rattlesnake republic. My kids at home this -- that's -- I think -- dynasty is about us is about as much much as I wanna take you know I don't wanna go for the -- 200 proof moonshine you know -- the prospect with the ones sixty. I think that's yeah Robert your next with Howie Carr and Max robins. Go ahead Robert. But one that you both the report's central Jersey Shore without all the while though how it. And at. Is that the one leasing is is that -- -- to replace Jersey Shore has replaced the gun nut sometimes. Have access in the bottom quarter of match and give -- considering inside of the characters in the shall -- will be such a decrepit. At this footage humanism as -- -- sure it is supposed to horrible so -- lost. I -- I think that's the appeal a lot of these right exactly yeah my doctor canceled canceled I mean I think that's the appeal -- these shows is it. I mean it's like it's in a way it's -- wheel of fortune has been for after. This is at an -- -- I know adds. Person. -- That adds I look I think you can go back to shows like Beverly Hilton Beverly Hillbillies. That's part of it part of the delay but you know -- I got hit hard. Oh boy I -- -- that's what I agree Mac. That's the first thing you'd think is you know I'm I'm better than this person I'm smarter than this person you know didn't but the second thing -- and the second thing that always occurs to me is. Why am I watching these people. That's the other thing you know Peter and others. Australia. Where. But he. It is those eight. It's extra. Ordinary people. I don't know -- Austria it. -- of Steve diamond could be an issue on the part I was thinking of Steve Dunleavy as you said that just as you said that watching him outside the courthouse every morning in West Palm Beach passing out like hundred dollar bills to all of despised. We go give more dirt on the Kennedy family. Before he went inside for the rape trial thanks for the call Robert nightingale guy you're next with how we card Max -- go -- nightingale guy. And how excited and -- -- are so albeit pledged to start watching it Montreal it is possible for the simple reason to persuade the actor's lot lot money to Obama. And the other what. It's got to be on alt Toyota any multiple -- right. About. It's it's it's funny although. What happens like this over the last few years which used to be like voice over work. That's what a lot of like actors or. Injured due to pick up the Jews in Israel. You know. There's so much. There's so many hours to feel so many different. There's a lot of work. You guys with yours. -- who got beaten out by Terry branch of Louisiana Tech 35 years ago from being in the starting quarterback. Listen officer mark says please -- Maxwell the military channels running shows about the Egyptian pyramids in mommy's isn't that what the History Channel is for. The ancient egyptians. -- The Pulitzer mean look the military jail trying to bolster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's our. Futures are you discovering -- -- -- the show you come up with a show you shop around right in the two and two of the people going to be shopping mature both the History Channel and the Military Channel and it just comes down to whoever patient most dollar right right I misspoke -- I'm sorry -- Military channels -- part of that is preached sweet and then of course it implies that the military history channels -- not to be confused with a biography trio. -- So if you make if you make a biography of general MacArthur Eisenhower. Boy -- places you could -- This history biography. So Sons of Anarchy. To -- -- show season finale tonight. She got caught up too late. It will definitely. Great ratings. The crowd on in Netflix bring back the crowd. I don't know. I don't know either. One it's like the 18774694322. As Max how we ESPN Sunday morning football -- in the ratings ESPN Sunday morning -- in the pregame shows. I noticed the number that the number 12 shows in the ratings last week with a two football. With two football games yet nobody's -- and let's see the the new show or the new shoulder played Jersey Shore is called buck wild. All man I shudder to think what that's about. -- a lock lock her up. -- your next with Howard guard Max Ronald you do break your medical plan has. Covers that your. -- I have -- I holing. I think aren't asked about that show up on Friday night I believe it was on ABC what -- -- -- I don't know what do. They have to when we're gonna check that when I think that was a summer replacement so -- No it's actually and it was on just about three weeks ago and -- it's not on anymore. Are detect that it's -- -- bully them being they lose with -- about the science at. 207 Maine I spent all my day working with idiots -- their brilliant but the minute dynasty for me is perfect way to decompress. It. How much upon -- storage people get paid that much -- not all they -- -- -- against the gigs they get the they get to probably get to make us today you know an appearance at the but dynasty county fair it. Sign autographs we talked about it for personal appearances s.'s. Day those guys and girls all right characters. Mean age up to 1015. And popped up some of these you know yeah. Whittier sweet sixteen. And that's a weekend that's one day weekend that's right. -- Way to get a car back into the city 187 what's that what's the complain about it. The only thing as you might get shot in the next best reason you know it's funny giving given in this type in your there's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bill your next with Howard Kerr Max -- go ahead bill. -- -- I just reduce you're really not -- yes and I was just wondering you have got to bring that back. I don't know don't know if it's coming Becker now. Edit the task trying to destroy property and state and its and the beer and and -- don't make a decision which when -- watching. I usually watch someone watch speakers on the mayor. I'm excited disagree I like to show. Well OK you know what can I tell you how about Monday night raw. Oh you mean WWF yeah it's that it's. Any news on game of drones. Yeah that'll be back we're gonna get it we're gonna -- it will trying to where my guesses were looking to some time. In the summer -- What will become of the Two and a Half Men -- guy that after that -- will -- the gonna get rid of him or not. I don't know I don't know good question state. Ralph you're next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Ralph. They -- next. Just a question. -- -- suck out their series and -- due date Patrick Morley. I'll check them both of those four I was on game with rounds gave -- fans good news for you back on March 34 hours march 31. How about the blue blogs another season. I think so I think it's 603 says if you want true reality in comedy is -- native philadelphians catch the Eagles game. I don't at the -- I think the jets went out do the Eagles this this year. Philadelphia and native philadelphians. Let's see here world will -- come -- -- Dick Cheney to a guest appearance on the -- show very funny. Tony Internet. I think there. Tony here and text with Howie Carr and Max Robin Torre had Tony. How we act a bit different in the area. Good man I'm accurate commercial I don't care anymore ultimate -- Nicole quite. Our topic -- great call Robert we're gonna make and he -- problem. The easy I just these -- have you seen those I don't even know what had started this city's Tony this is why god invented Tivo. And how you got he got a DVR so you can just like fast forward right through those things. Get your report become ought never got their -- ultimately got five minute commercial -- -- Can you -- you discover you just got to get away you gotta get away from all watching now live television I mean that's what everybody's going what do what do you think the percentage of people that are one that are not watching at though -- not watching a live broadcast that TV our -- these -- -- including cable. Boy I think I think it's I think it's I think it's pretty. Alitalia then you know the news. And sports. I don't watch a lot of sports. And exports mean you know I know a lot of people wait twenty minutes. -- It's. Actual percentage. Hearts but it's it's 1050. I was innocent fifteen or 20%. Yeah that's. Why. It. But it to us so how kind of technology changes. Affects kind of program it's because that's why sports are more valuable than they once were because you -- -- Up to date. The same thing with the -- what's called revealed like American Idol competition right. Right in my what does an appeal a permit to come up which -- receive something -- which like drift up mention she puts it back and show me what you wanted to what music we got to run Max thanks for -- what this party next Monday okay for a two and how he'd be well we're looking for -- weekend gigs for you to -- -- car.